Coping: Are there “Temporal Agents”

The conspiracy mindset is fascinating.  In that many things in world seem to happen “by chance.”

But there are limits to coincidence.

One of our readers up in the PNW has been on the lookout for a major west coast quake, as have I.  But for different reasons, perhaps.

In my case, it is because of a vivid dream back in January and some new work from Chris McCleary over at the site, which seems to suggest that prophetic dreams are not likely to foretell the future in an even way.

For example, some “hits” in predictive dreams happen as little as two or three days before an event.  Yet others (well documented, like the Lindsay Wagner missing a flight in Chicago years back when the DC-10 crashed, happened only an hour, or so, before flight time.

Yet, in other cases, “word” from the future can spill out weeks, months, and in the case of a special class of prophetic/seers, it can be years and even centuries ahead.

This weekend, reader “Bill” up in the Pacific Northwest was kind enough to send me a note about what seemed like a conspiracy to occur in order to force a massive seismic event…

“…we just missed another False Flag that did not transpire on 4/11, last Saturday…

Instead, there was this ship with an undisclosed cargo headed to open waters where it never made it past Clallum Bay, but it was actually as far north as Canadian waters.

All systems on the ship failed simultaneously. It took a whole day to tow it back to Port Angeles. It was in the papers Sunday and TV too…

All news articles concerning this ship have since been de-linked by search engines…”

The balance of the email went on to describe how there were dark forces planning to drop a “special” into the Juan de Fuca plate convergent zone, thus triggering a quake.

Interesting theory because it is so difficult to “prove a negative.”

And now, it doesn’t mean we are “out of the woods” either, but more on that another time.

The point I was getting to is that temporal agency has shown up in a number of places in the Mainstream Media and along with micro events, the macro picture is certainly worth considering.

The Big Picture goes something like this: Let’s say for the sake of argument that there was a conspiracy to drop some package onto the Juan de Fuca plate in order to cause a quake.  (I am NOT saying this was the case, but go with me on it…).

Using the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, would could hypothecate that if there is any form of temporal control, then the ship going off to drop a “hypothesized quake maker” would have been a dandy point for a reality split.

Perhaps on one timeline, the split provided for a massive quake while on the other, the ship just goes dead in the water and nothing of consequence happens.

Interesting theory, I think you’ll agree.

The Little Picture is similar:  You set your keys down in a place you semi-consciously know you put them “all the time.”  Then you go back and look for them, only to discover they are totally missing.  And you go through everything many times over, but to no avail.

Then a week, or three later, for no particular reason, they show up exactly where you left them in the first place, or worse, somewhere you hadn’t been anywhere near.  Like under some frozen foods in the freezer.

The latter we just chalk up as woo-woo.  But the former is so big the mind rejects it because to have temporal agents running around quietly saving the world would be just too much of a mind twister to deal with.  Reality would become less real, and then we get into the notion that out of all the old time religions, there may have evolved two factions – both with some limited ability to control time – who are doing battle royal over earth.

There is a reason – however odd it may seem – to be influenced to at least consider the possibility that something like this “time factions” deal is actually underway.

One reason is how it “paints” at the archetype level.

In other words, I see a series of major media inputs that goes to the idea of such a thing being possible, yet never clearly articulated as precisely as this, when I look at media.  Let me give you some examples.

First, on the two “factions” concept, this one isn’t too hard to find.  Hell, just turn on television and the idea of good versus evil waging war over time is in your face.  Da Vinci’s Demons gets a bit of the flavor.  Dig has a touch.  The Bible Code and even the whole Raiders of the Lost Ark series carried word/concept of past “orders” running around and doing various…

If you accept the possibility that there are “factions” from humanity’s past that have differing views of our future, then tying in the loose end of manipulating events is time is also an easy matter.

A movie Elaine and I almost watched last time, serves as a fine example.  It’s called Parallels and as Amazon describes it “From Christopher Leone, creator of The Lost Room, Parallels is a science-fiction adventure series that follows the story of a small band of people traveling across parallel earths…”

If jumping across time in a mid-rise building isn’t your thing, there have been plenty of remakes of H.G. Well’s The Time Machine in media, not to mention Time Cop, and even the current series 13 Monkeys involves time jumping backwards to tweak with the past to change the course of future events.

Regardless of how you look at the two genres of film, when combined just so you get a very credible notion of factions over time and for my money, the best of the lot is The Adjustment Bureau, whether as a book, or the film, both were mighty entertaining.

If you don’t have time for a movie, the Wikipedia entry on this Matt Damon film is a spoiler, but here it is

Back to the idea, tossed in by out PNW reader about a conspiracy to set off a major quake and thus keep the attention off other matters.  Was it real?

Sorry to say, I have to come down on the side of statistics.  What’s the old saying?  “Have an open mind, but not so open that your b rains fall out”?

When Elaine and I have been cruising the waterfront of North Tacoma over past summers, on our way parkway from downtown up to what used to be Ruston (where out world favorite fish & chips are served at Harbor Lights) we drove by the Cape Intrepid every time.  It was painted grey and, if memory serves, it was part of some sealift command, or other.

Statistically, ships that sit a long time, no matter how well cared-for, do have problems.  They’re like airplanes in this regard, except the timescale is different.  Sit in Puget Sound and water intakes can crud-up, fuses can corrode in salt air…having lived on a boat for 10-years, I can tell you if you haven’t used something in the past 10-minutes, you really can’t depend on it.

As much as the archetype level suggestibility is out there that timelines of events can be managed, when a ship sits for years on end, other probabilities quickly arise.

Besides, the search engines have not unlinked the story:  KIRO-TV  carries the story in archives, as does the Peninsula Daily, and lots of other outlets.

Makes a fine speculative piece, to be sure…mind candy for the over-active investigator willing to believe the media breadcrumbs about timeline manipulation.

Me?  If this ship, or another one under the same command, was in the area east of Fukushima, then that would be interesting.

Until then, however, looks like the Schuster Parkway will have the Cape Intrepid back in view shortly if it’s not there already, as repairs are made.

Right here on this familiar olde  timeline.

Prepping:  Comms Check. Selfie Radio

Congrats to my friends Gaye and Sheldon…,she better known and Survival Woman of and he being Survival Hubby.

They both took – and passed – their ham radio licenses on Saturday.  So a couple of newly minted hams will be on the air Friday or so.  If I make it down to the Post Office tomorrow and mail their radio’s back to them…

My article on how to use CHIRP programming software to program the Baofung UV-5R is over here, on Gaye’s site.

If you have purchased the radios, which are still a bargain, they aren’t much good unless a) charged, b) programmed, and c) you get the license and figure out what you’re doing before TSHTF.  Don’t forget the programming cable and driver.

The nice thing about CHIRP is that it lets you collect frequencies and then load them into radios made by different manufacturers.

One item of interest from the CHIRP group:  The standard FM radio frequencies (which the radio will receive) have to be put in manually, not via the software.  That’s because the chip in the UV-5R that handles the FM broadcast band is not on the serial line…

Wednesday’s Peoplenomics™ report will be worth keeping if you like messing about with radios.  I’ll be doing a quickie seminar on how to set up an automated home radio station which you’ll find interesting.  We’ve been enjoying our 24/7 low power FM station with exactly the music we want on it for every weeks.  Not at all expensive and just one more thing to turn into a huge selfie.

One other prepping and comms note:  I picked up a new FTA receiver because our old one has gotten cranky.  But the amount of “Engrish” speaking content available on the free-to-air channels is dropping.  About the only stations with  decent content are China;s CNC World on channel 168 and Russia Today on 462.

If you’ve built the Home Intelligence System we described in a recent Peoplenomics report, you may wish to program a few additional push-buttons for your intelligence gathering efforts from the LyngSat Streaming site.  One I find interesting for an occasional scan is their Free-Speech TV stream over here.

The Home Intelligence Platform described on the Peoplenomics site is more geographically oriented, so this might go in a more general scan location, like OneNote or whatever you’re using for the generalized platform.

And So Another…

Well, well, lookie here…it’s Monday. 

Hopefully this week, our Designated Engineer Representative will sign off on the wing attach point bracket improvements we’ve proposed and we can get the flying money-sink back up in the sky.  In the meantime, we’ve got so much work to do around the ranch, it’d make your head spin.

As of this morning, the rain here has been 20.49 inches up in Tyler, about 30-miles north of us.  We always get 2-more inches than them, so around 22.5 inches year to date.

Seattle this morning sits at 14.83 inches, while LAX is all the way up to 2.11 inches.

For the sake of comparison, Boson is almost up to 11 inches for the year, Atlanta has dropped in 17.5 inches, while Houston is running 11.5 inches.  Chicago is less than an inch behind average.

And speaking of home information/intelligence platforms, one of the most useful/.interesting of the Google News Alerts set to “as it happens” is the “drought” robot.

Biggest ranch project today?  Figuring out how to change the cruise control limits on the riding mower.

More tomorrow…ya’ll come back, and bring half a million friends with you, ‘’y’ hear?

Write when you break-even.


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  1. We recently enjoyed the film “Predestination” starring Ethan Hawks as a time-traveling temporal agent. Don’t read any spoilers!

  2. For temporal agents and parallel worlds, discussed as ‘narrative shifting’, check out Anathem, by Neal Stephenson.

    ~From the Snoqualmie Valley,

  3. ….oh yes, temporal reality -there-is-a-portal-in-my-bedroom- is alive and well. Last Saturday was a day of high strangeness out here in the boonies…first, a copperhead coiled by the front door (?) bit our small dog as it ran outside (l saw this):hubbie went to get the snake charmer(gun)out of the gun safe as l held the snake down with tongs…but no snake charmer in the safe where we had seen it only 2 days earlier…instead, there was a pristine, dust-free( important to consider if you live out in the country) black box containing a night vision scope that had “disappeared” 3 years ago! we have looked high and low for that (expensive) scope and recently bought a replacement as it seemed obvious that the lost” one could not be found….the gun was later found in an upstairs bedroom (btw, l killed the snake with a shovel while waiting for husband/gun to come back) . Later that afternoon, we took our dogs out to romp in the field behind the house. We stayed out there for an hour, then walked back to the house. l was especially careful , considering the prior snake-event, in making sure that all the dogs were accounted for on the walk back…we have another very small dog ( the bitten one was recuperating in the bathroom) that had been with us on this walk…l obviously kept a close eye on her during this outing..suddenly, half way to the house, l realized that she had disappeared from sight..l thought that maybe she had doubled back to walk with my husband…but he yelled at me from behind that the dog had also disappeared from HIS sight, and since it was getting dark he said he would stay outside and look for her…panicked,l unlocked the front door and took the other dogs inside ….. l went into the master bedroom and opened the bathroom door to check on the injured dog and, of course, the “missing” dog was in there with her !!!! -smart little doggie (9 lbs): she unlocked one door, and opened and closed 2 behind her….this bathroom shares a wall with the closet containing the gun safe……hello, Rod Serling.

  4. a silly question keeps floating into my mind..during the dirty thirties and depression in past years.. the ones most effected were those that had wealth saved for future days..
    for the majority of the laborers in the us.. we have outsourced our economy industry has cut benefits to the point that we are basically back to the point of the roaring twenties.. where people worked at low income positions without benefits.. so Would a collapse of the stock market that seems to be coming really affect the laborers that haven’t any money invested in the market and work in the paycheck to paycheck world really affect those at the bottom and middle?..

  5. Could the disabled ship be related to the stories about the Russians disabling ships with some kind of EMP device?

  6. G –

    There is an entire sci-fi series that wrapped up a few years back that was all about a parallel earth in another dimension. It was called ‘Fringe’, and it’s on Netflix now. Replete with temporal agents… so is that another Hollywood leakage?

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