"Building a Real Time Machine" Part 1

We pick up where my book Dimensions Next Door left off.  Sure, it sounds like raving of a nut-case, no question about it. But since subscribers get to put themselves on my “science advisors board” maybe not completely irrational, after all.

Over time, we have a modest body of evidence that suggests manipulation of space-time not only could be real, but there may be enough “clues” as to make some experiments worthwhile. All that’s missing it to find “the key anomaly.”

Today we begin exploring the non-mathematical, anecdotal reports and literature in the field, From that, we figure to work up some proposed “new phenomenon ideas.” From there, logically, we’d design first instruments and then some test beds.  Adventuring we go…

I’m sharing this with Peoplenomics readers because in many ways the finding of the “keys to the market” involves similar methods. I began by reviewing the literature, coming up with a few testable ideas, and then employ a few winners.  Fair to say it hasn’t been totally unrewarding.

More important personally, as a writer/researcher (and every once in a while day trader) I that Peoplenomics readers are a group of generally well-above average income and IQ people.  It’s be a waste not to invite such people to contribute some thinking and offer criticisms.

All the fun stuff aside, we update our Replaying 1929 series of research charts.  Then (and you may not like this) explain the three-reasons to crash that could show up as early as next week. 

Today, a deeper discussion of that “damn self-similarity of economic declines” problem in a bit more depth.

Wheels up after coffee and the charts…where I’ll show you how we compare with the 1929 track.

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George Ure
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30 thoughts on “"Building a Real Time Machine" Part 1”

  1. Maybe OFOs don’t have a “Space-Bending Drive,” but, instead, have a “Time-Bending Device,” which would allow for “Space-Time ‘NORMAL'” accelerations and velocities, which would just APPEAR to be hyper-fast to an observer exterior to the UFO’s frame of inertial reference when running its drive.

    It would seem a Sci-Fi Starship Hyper drive is a SpaceTime altering device.

    …or something.

    (Maybe it would leave a short-duration “wake,” and that might explain Long Delay Echos in radio propagation…)

    (“Space” isn’t empty nothing. “Space” is a “stuff,” and has properties all its own.)
    (“Space” itself may BE the invisible missing “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy.”)


    • William, I’m impressed. Yes, The material of space is micro matter.
      It is the dark matter the idiots are looking for. To create an FTL ship
      you create a wave in front of you compressing that matter, This creates a low
      pressure area in space in front of you. Your ship will then be pulled into
      that low pressure space just like a plane wing is lifted into a low pressure area.
      You then ride the wave.

    • William, regarding your comments on space – I think they’re right on. The theory of dark matter has very little merit IMHO; it’s a contrived “thing” to fill in calculation gaps in mathematical models of the universe, the so called “standard model of physics.” If you want to consider the properties of empty space, you might be interested in researching Electric Universe Theory. A great place to start would be Wal Thornhill’s excellent lecture presentation “An Electric Cosmology for the 21st Century” found on you tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoNaVb7b-tg

      • And a further note from same reader offline:

        Long ago, as a Tiny Youth and a newly-minted Technician ham, just up from Novice, I had a job as a field test “engineer’ doing specific in-field RFI testing and certifications.

        In that job, one of our trade magazines was “Microwave News,” now defunct, I think. (Extant, circa 1970s, plus or minus)

        It had some little “filler” newsy-notes short-short items placed in unsold small ad spaces.

        One such newsy-note recounted an incident where a tower facility was getting some ML radios added to the Comm systems, and how accidentally, a Singer-Metrics RFI meter and analyzer, namely an “NF-112,” had been left on overnight when the Air Force installation crew went off duty till the following morning.

        That beast tuned up to 10 gHz, but was notoriously drify, and unstable, the technology of the day being somewhere between piss-poor and non-functional.

        In the general area of the airport, there was that night a “UFO flap.”

        The guys working the tower watch overnight noted the NF-112 started receiving stuff that sounded “buzzy.”

        It was on about 3 gHz, and was modulated wih a pulse rep rate of around 10 pulses per second and a duty cycle of around 20%.

        For YEARS, I’ve been searching for that old little article, but it is not anywhere to be found on the ‘net or in any old periodical library I’ve ever been able to find.

        Many, many years later the highly questionable Bob Lazar (of Area 51 fame) referred often to the “Sport Model’s” Microwave gymballed “drive heads.”


        Wish I had more on this, but there it is….

      • Ben over at Suspicious0bservers.com has been kicking the whey out of the Dark Matter theory for a while now. Aparenly it’s on it’s last legs – or last few grants that the science guys can get out of it. Too much evidence to the contrary. And Ben and the Electric Universe people are good friends as well. I believe some of the founders of EU have spoken at his yearly conferences.

  2. Let the stock market carnage continue. I actually had the balls to buy some SQQQ yesterday which is not in my comfort zone. I am a long term investor. Hope I don’t screw it up; I don’t follow the market much during the day. Everything was pointing down so you have to follow your convictions. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  3. Thanks again George.

    Damn what a ride that was to read.

    My mind kept reminding me of Nicola Tesla’s experiments in harmonic resonance as I read that.

    Well worth one week’s worth of beer money?

    • Like I’ve said, there’s a fair bit not on the free/public side.

      Part two is coming Saturday and I think you’ll find it just as challenging to how you look at the world…

      • dam…. I enjoy the topic to. Like always you keep a persons mind busy… if I wasn’t stuggling so bad with the budget right now with the new increases of everything for this year.. I would sign up for peoplemonics just to read it.. its funny how that works.. everything going up but income stays the same and the yearly juggle begins.. theres NO BLUE SKY .. at the bottom..LOL

  4. Hi, George,

    What a fascinating report on time travel you have composed and arranged. I believe that there are other factors to consider. These include: Ley Lines that cross and crisscross the Earth; the geology of a particular area where woo woo events have taken place, as the composition of the rocks may play a part; and the speed of air travel. Also, we might ask why were major temples and monuments built on a certain line that travels in a complete circle that goes around our earth.

    It is also interesting to surmise how the Veil between worlds operates. One dear friend of mine nearly lost his life in an avalanche. He remarked to me that he could begin to see people sitting at cafe tables across the Veil as it thinned, and they were all wondering what he would do. One of his companions on that day dug him out just in time and administered CPR.

    This mystery will continue to inspire. I look forward to the comments and thoughts.

    • Nancy… get a map of the world.. then put a marker where the temples and pyramids are all around the world.. it gets even more interesting if you put ine the area’s where woo woo happen and things like the bermuda triangle etc..
      It looks as if it is laid out that way on purpose.

  5. You don’t seem to have won the lotto, yet, so for the present moment, I think can we can rule out that you actually have a prototype in operation. On the other hand, if you did win the lotto, you’re already livin’ the dream, so what would you do differently? Maybe do some travelin’? When and where?

  6. George, a couple of thoughts: If you’re not thinking out of the box, you’re not thinking. Curious that the whole Epstein affair has been forgotten, misdirection by the main stream media with this impeachment debacle. As far as TV is concerned, why do you think they call it programming? See the majority of the country being played like a fiddle. Bernays would be very proud.

    • Mark in shady side…

      Stew had an interesting article on just that subject and how it is being treated.. you need to check out stews site http://www.theageofdesolation.com and what the new rulings by the alphabets are to question those very topics.

  7. Taking the Linear Diagram of the Present, Near Future, & Distant Future…. if time can be shrunk, you can pull the the Near & Distant future into the Present. Maybe this is how Remote Viewing works.

  8. George, maybe can find you something a little more interesting and with much more frequency data. I will be having breakfast with a knowlegdable source in the morning. I suspect the recording you’d want is online. At least I hope so. If not it might be more difficult. But I do exactly what I am looking for. Will keep you posted as I search.

    • Morning George,

      I will be searching for the audio track of a Pleadian/Plejaren Beam ship recorded by Eduard “Billy” Meier quite some number of years ago. I too will be having breakfast this morning with a friend who may have that on a CD or a video. I’ll let you know as soon as I have a good lead.

      Next. Trying to put an exact day, date and hour/minutes/seconds to an event does not work in time events. Meier was told that to visit the great quake which destroys San Francisco, or say Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, the events happen at different times in different time streams. So, it depends on which time stream you are in as to when the event happens.

      Here is a true story about different time streams. Back in the late 90’s on a cool autumn morning I was wearing a nice down vest to keep warm. I was outside standing in a circle of other men discussing monthly sales. The man to the left of me was careless with his cigarette and burned a hole in the pocket of my vest, causing the down to begin to come out. I quit wearing the vest till I could sew a patch on it.

      Some time later I began wearing the vest. I never got around to patching it. At some point I realized there is no hole in the left pocket. So, I can only presume, that sometime between when event took place and now, either I or my down vest shifted from one time flow to one where that event never took place. But, it did I was there. I know its a head scratcher.

      • Forgot this. What is important in events, is the order of events. If you have a prediction, what are the events that happen prior to the designated event? You have to track those in a 1-2-3 fashion to know when an event will take place.

  9. G… till I can find the data I think maybe of value here are some really practical research.

    The John Searl Story DVD Trailer — The Flying Disc – YouTube
    [Search domain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5QdrXkMeMI%5D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5QdrXkMeMI
    John Searl talks about his levity disc in flight over the township of Warminster, and the thousands of coinciding reports of a UFO later called the ‘Warminster Thing’ — The John Searl Story is a …

    John Searl Solution : Searl Effect Generator
    [Search domain http://www.searlsolution.com/technology2.html%5D http://www.searlsolution.com/technology2.html
    From 1946 up to 1968 the Searl Effect was referred to as magnetic bubbles in motion as it was explained in John’s early newsletters. In 1968, it became clear that these magnetic bubbles contained particles in a set manner and that there was a set pattern to how many bubbles were present in the material.

    5/6 UFO BUILT & FLOWN 3500KMH PROF John Searl SEG … – YouTube
    [Search domain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un_9IZV-ruA%5D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un_9IZV-ruA
    5/6 UFO BUILT & FLOWN 3500KMH PROF John Searl SEG Free Energy Magnet Generator ThankYouWhiteKnights. … Quantum computing explained with a deck of cards … Building an OFF GRID YURT in the …

    John Searl Solution : SEG Progress
    [Search domain searlsolution.com/members/technology6.html] https://searlsolution.com/members/technology6.html
    right side is the machining section, building up the electrical fittings needed for the heavy machinery and other dedicated power outlets. 01Jan2012. With a new epoxy floor coating and all wall freshly painted, the R&D machine shop will soon be moving the heavy equipment in and it will open up the needed room of the Magnetization lab area.

    John Searl – The Full Wiki
    [Search domain http://www.thefullwiki.org/John_Searl%5D http://www.thefullwiki.org/John_Searl
    John Roy Robert Searl (born May 2, 1932), a British inventor claiming that between 1946 and 1956 he designed and constructed an open system type electrical generator known as the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), variously described as an ambient energy converting device.

    This will get you started on Searl’s work.

  10. Interesting.. it makes me think about the studies done at duke and their cloak of invisibility..
    You read stories about the Bermuda triangle and an plasma fog of high magnetic properties planes flying through.
    Could time travel be a.magnetic vortex or a frequency that we are unable to see.

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