Breaking Through June Lows

Henceforth this may be called Red Friday.  June lows fell, but now trying to bounce a bit and kiss the lows again.

While our lookahead allows for a modeled rally after today, the larger picture remains 50-shades of grim.

About the only other counsel worth keeping is my consigliere, some colleagues I’ve worked on theory with in the past, and Mohamed A. El-Erian  (Mohamed A. El-Erian (@elerianm) / Twitter) who has one of the best “economics bullshit filters” of any human on Earth, as we see it.

If you’re not reading PN or at least minimally tracking El-Erian’s feed) we have to ask whether you sing in the Biden “No Recession” choir or are you and understudy of Hecklefish Moriarty??

Well, been telling you… Kids never listen, though.  Just the grownups.

Write when you get rich,

5 thoughts on “Breaking Through June Lows”

  1. Forgive me if I missed any mention of Mohamed A. El-Erian in past commentary by you Mr. Ure, but I am so glad to mentioned him today.
    He deserves attention. Thank you.

  2. In reality, the equity, tangibles, and crypto sell-offs have been quite orderly in September, compared to what the perceived Elliott wave counts suggest we should be seeing. We are now into the last seven days of a September that has been billed as being apocalyptically tumultuous. This should be an interesting week as fear mongers and manipulators attempt to seize the moment and incite panics (present company not included in that remark). Despots and grifters play the fearful like a f’n harp.
    I have a few things that I need from a couple of grocery stores. Maybe I’ll make an extra cash draw. Hopefully I won’t walk blindly into anything resembling the Covid Saturday panic. Fearful young moms and dads are exceptionally dangerous, especially when formula is in short supply.

    • “Fearful young moms and dads are exceptionally dangerous…,”
      Or, fat ladies in the toilet paper section.., talk about ‘dangerous’!

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