Breaking: [Russia:] Syria Nerve Gas Similar to “Rebel-Made”

Just breaking is a report from Russia Today that headlines “Russia releases key findings on chemical attack near Aleppo indicating similarity with rebel-made weapons“.”

According to their report there are three main points made by the Russian Foreign Ministry:

  • Shell used in the indictment was not part of standard Syrian military arms.
  • RDX (hexogen/cyclonite) was used as the bursting charge and is not used in standard military chemical munitions.
  • Soil and samples according to the Russian report contain “non-industrially synthesized sarin  and diisopropylfluorophosphate” which was used by Western countries to produce chemical weapons during WW II”.

Readers will recall there have been reports around the net of a highly speculative nature that the nerve gas may have been triggered by rebel forces attempting to draw the US deeper into the conflict.

No doubt this will be lightly covered if not outright glossed-over by corp-media, but the story that’s out in the wild now. 

We continue to await the UN report before drawing conclusions, but this is a troubling report indeed given the “rush” being made by the talking head crowd to whip up war fever in the United States.

Even more speculative:  Leftover Western arms shipped to one of the world’s largest oil countries, infiltrated into Syria and then popped off to draw the US in…

The US media is beginning to widen from simple “must go strike now” talk to some in depth reporting like this, but the real question is when does the UN come out with a report and then, if it suggests rebels were involved, will we really care or notice?