BPR the Federal Government!

I don’t want to be a whiner who sounds perpetually negative about the outlook for America.
Our outlook for coming years is great, but ONLY if we actually figure out what isn’t working with our present system.

Using a formal process called “BPR” – business process re-engineering, we can quickly see that there are many ways to improve the caliber of government – and make it more responsible to the middle of the American political spectrum.

But that isn’t happening because the current system is – to put it in computer virus terms – easily exploited by special interests who have massive financial horsepower.
This morning, a short description of the problem, the tools, the obstacles to organizational change, and why we really are hopelessly screwed.

We’ll conclude with a short discussion of faux choice.

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George Ure
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6 thoughts on “BPR the Federal Government!”

  1. You are absolutely correct about the need for BPR. Not only our political system, but our health system is broken as well. I am working at the ground level, as a volunteer in a city commission. The commissioners have very good intentions, but continue to apply the same concepts and approaches as in the past. I am trying very hard to get them to consider a fresh approach. We all need to donate time and start at the ground level (city level) to force new ideas and BPR into our systems. Otherwise, it will fossilize.

  2. “the current system is easily exploited by special interests who have massive financial horsepower.”

    SO, THEN WHY NOT FIX IT FIRST? Therein lies the problem, because everyone “has to make a living,” so to speak, WHO is going to fix this foremost problem?? Case closed. The rest is just banter.

  3. Perhaps it would help to address the longest-acting, most destructive systemic problems first.

    Look at the budget that just passed. While many are distracted by small (under $100 million) “shiny objects” they like or dislike, the biggest change, and systemically worst, was newly permanent changes to the tax code that cost “only” $700 billion over the next ten years, and who knows how much after that. We already have trillions per year in “tax expenditures” which are simply another way to spend money we don’t have.

    Be especially careful not to fall into the trap of insisting that government bills be paid by shifting even more of the burden onto labor and off capital (eg flat tax). That pendulum had already swung too far by 1996, and keeps going in the wrong direction.

  4. I live in west Atlanta, Georgia. My Congressman is David Scott, he is in a district that is 65 percent minority. Nobody runs against him, he will die in this district. It will never change, he gets 85% of his campaign contributions from outside his district. Had 97% Democrat voting record, we have 3 Congressmen in Georgia that are Gerrymandered in like Scott. We must stop outside contributions.

    With vote yesterday who can you trust? As a Retired Commercial Pilot I have a similar background, crop dusted for 12 years, flight nurse 4 years, sold very high end Medical Electronics Laboratory Equipment for 27 years. Have seen massive changes in Medicine and Aviation. I hold STC on Cessna 182 conversion to French SMA engine. Ignition Combustion engine, economy killed market… Sell plane now, or get less later, Avgas is under direct fire from EPA.. More later..

  5. And so the next quadrillion years is it possible come come come it’s beyond probable,,,,,,,, you my friend I love you have control over your is be life

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