Boredinary Monday: The Gold-Whacker’s Notebook

Definition:  Boredinary  (BORE-deh-nar-ee)  Roots:  boring and ordinary;

What newsrooms are like with large segments of the US population are on vacation, in rehab, scouting other jobs, or calling in with the air conditioning flu.

As I told you last Thursday, gold is going down.

And we’re not the only ones to notice.

Take the article over here which blames at least some of the slide on an increase in Chinese sales.

I’m just a bit skeptical of such simple views, though. 

There’s also the reopening of banks in Greece, which means the world hasn’t ended, nor a Hellenic Revolution broken out over the weekend.  Even though the banks are open today, the cash withdrawal limit is still the equivalent of $65-bucks.

But other than this, there’s not much going on in the world any different from any other day.

Drought Hope?

More showers are in the forecast in the East L.A. area today.  This as a bridge on I-10 has been mucked up by a mud flow, the result of the unusual rains in the area.

Before making plans to buy a home in Palm Springs and put in a putting green, realize that the area has only had 3-inches of rain in the past 12 months.  And 1.29-inches since January first.

Just guessing here, but that’s a bit shy of qualifying as an oasis.

LAX is up to 2.91-inches year to date, but we shall see how the balance of the year works out, although cloudy all we at LAX is certainly a good start.

The Mad Shooter’s Diary

Chattanooga shooter diary is being sold by the feds as depicting a disturbed drug-user, with no ties to foreign terror groups.

Which is not surprising cover, given he wasn’t on the t-watch radar

That ABC story mentions “30 agents due to arrive today.”

Just between us,  I’d have through they’d all be flying in the day of, not how many days later is it?.

Cuba Flagged

New flag is up at the State Department this morning and an official waving deal will come later on today.

The real question to come is when and whether Nortes like Senor Ure, will be allowed to buy waterfront property on some nice Cuban lagoon for a few pennies…  Not likely: No doubt the well-connected already have their deals lined up.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice?

Immigration Data

If you’re keeping track, Obama et all have allowed 2.5 million illegals into the country now.

Urban Planning:  Super-Sized

Beijing is spreading out.  China has announced plans to toss in Hebei province and others territories to make a super city of 130-million, or so.

You ever pencil out what 130-million people need in the way of a food chain?

Urban Planning of a different sort:  A short report this morning because, well, there just isn’t much other than the S.O.S…usually that’s a calm before the storm kind of thing…

5 thoughts on “Boredinary Monday: The Gold-Whacker’s Notebook”

  1. Once again, the ultimate source of your immigration “facts” is that scummy outfit CIS. Be careful, or at least be aware that you’re spreading propaganda from a group of known liars.

    • The CPB/ ICE Stats are equally depressing. I notice the prez didn’t fire up AF-1 to go to the murder vic in SF’s funeral.

      Oh, wait, what was unfair of me.

  2. “The rainfall is almost non-existent and the humidity is low in the Palm Springs area, reflecting the minimal annual rainfall total in Palm Springs is limited to about 5.8 inches, with 10 or fewer days each year during which rain actually falls in Palm Springs, Ca.”

    Waterfront Property for sale in Cuba – Gitmo should available soon. Hablo Espanole?

    “keeping track, Obama et all have allowed 2.5 million illegals into the country now.” assuming the et all = the fools on the hill?

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