Bordering Madness, Trade Data, Jobs Week Roulette

We held onto a short position with our personal Gambler’s Stake over the weekend.  The core logic of which was the topic of the ChartPack on  The main idea, though, came down to “playing the Gap” between the U.S. Aggregate Index Oscillator and the Global Oscillator.

You see, Friday, the Red (US line) screamed higher than the Rest of World [RoW[ blue line like this:

Look at the gap between the US (wildly bullish led by an inept financial press and sheep-shearing trading outfits) on the one hand and the more difficult to corral Global flow of “hot money” on the other.

The bet – as we strolled the Big Casino Friday was “Will this gap close with the U.S. falling badly Monday – in which case we hold short.  Or, is the other side of the bet more appealing?  In other words, will the gap close with a major U.S. decline?”

The Futures telegraphed a (possible) answer with the early (7 AM E) futures plugged in:

The red line seems ready to fall back in-line with Reality.  Nice.  (A soft kah=ching is heard from the speakers…)

What the Hell is Going On?

Well, understand that this is ALL ABOUT MONEY.   Because?  (A chorus line please!)“Everything is a Business Model!

The comprehension problem (in order to harness some of that wild money) depends on your mental toolset.  Really dumb people shouldn’t play this game.  Just stay out of debt, work hard, keep your nose clean, and work on becoming a “Life-Long Learner.”

Some portion of people will pick up a dime store degree in finance.  To at least one such person, ahem, that education frames today’s dart toss like this:

(That funny descending squiggle left and above the big 5 is our “Don’t let widows and orphans get bullish” indicator.”)

As I have often touted, Gilbert Raff’s book, Trading the Regression Channel: Defining and Predicting Stock Price Trends, is an outstanding adjunct to basic Elliott trading.  Please notice, even with Friday’s manic move, we did not “bust the channel.”

Another great book – which at 63-bucks is one of my more expensive Kindle books – Evidence-Based Technical Analysis: Applying the Scientific Method and Statistical Inference to Trading Signals.

Perception Frames Your Tools

While my personal choice for trading decisions would be hard to explain, since it’s part intra-day technical indicators, part Elliott, part Aggregate (hot money flows), part Channels, and so forth, it fits ME because that’s who I am deep down inside.  An information aggregator.  If the Aggregation says stay short, that’s what I do, although with far-from-perfect results.

Aggregation is not the ONLY path.  Excellent results are claimed by Fractal traders, as well.  Again, since I aggregate inputs, the latest from my fractal friend the Economic Fractalist is yet another pennyweight on the short/log scale:

“The nonlinear end of the 33/71 week March 2020 low x/2-2.5x fractal will end on Tuesday 1 March 2022 completing a 5/12/11 day three phase decay fractal series for the US SPX/Wilshire/NASDAQ/Russel composites; a 5/12/12 day three phase decay fractal series for the French CAC and German Dax, a 4/10/10 day three phase decay series for the Nikkei; a 7/17/18 day three phase decay fractal series for the Shanghai Composite; a 3/7/8 day decay series for the CRB, a 11/24/26 day three phase decay fractal series for the M-F trading cryptocurrencies/ cryptocurrency proxies and a 4/10/10 day caricatured three phase growth and decay series for gold.”

I know this is pretty intense (it is a Monday, after all).  But our point is that there are many ways of “getting at Future” and – since it’s a voting process defined by the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics – intuitively the “answer set” to “better trading results” is better comprehension of Future.

Now, let’s go work on that a bit.

War – Talk – War

There’s a cycle here. 

Each of the sides plays it, the media follows, the markets then rally, or tumble based on the spin.  Simply put, however, War is just Economics by Other Means, to bend-up von Clausewitz a bit.

Easiest way to sense the flow is to read both the Moscow Times and the government Ukraine Inform websites.  Let’s do Ukraine’s view first:

On the Russian side:

With all this flying, we have absolutely zero expectations of genuine progress on the Belarus/Ukraine talks ongoing now.  Anyone who believed the hype about “peace” going around Friday needs to have their head examined.  Especially with Vlad Putin saying:

“I would now like to say something very important for those who may be tempted to interfere in these developments from the outside. No matter who tries to stand in our way or all the more so create threats for our country and our people, they must know that Russia will respond immediately, and the consequences will be such as you have never seen in your entire history. No matter how the events unfold, we are ready. All the necessary decisions in this regard have been taken. I hope that my words will be heard.”

Underscored in today’s AP story Putin puts nuclear forces on high alert, escalating tensions.  One reason?  Russia’s Stock Market Closes and Ruble Crashes as Sanctions Hit.  Sanctions driving runs on supplies and such…  Gov. Greg Abbott asks Texas retailers to take all Russian products off their shelves (

As we collect “voting on future” inputs, sure looks like it could be a down day today and a Turnaround Tuesday – ahead of the “buy the rumor” since Wednesday Jobs Week kicks off with the ADP data, Job Cuts follow Thursday, and then the officious numbers Friday.

Fresh Monday Data

Call Dial-a-Train-Wreck.  Like so:

Advance International Trade in Goods
The international trade deficit was $107.6 billion in January, up $7.2 billion from $100.5 billion in December. Exports of goods for January were $154.8 billion, $2.8 billion less than December exports. Imports of goods for January were $262.5 billion, $4.4 billion more than December imports.
Advance Wholesale Inventories
Wholesale inventories for January, adjusted for seasonal variations and trading day differences, but not for price changes, were estimated at an end-of-month level of $798.2 billion, up 0.8 percent (±0.4 percent) from December 2021, and were up 17.8 percent (±1.4 percent) from January 2021.”

Stupidity Compounded?  Well, a monthly trade deficit of $107,6 billion come out to…um… a 7.06 percent gain month over month.  Which in turn compounds to 226.858 percent annualized.  Someone might want to sell some more of that BS NFT art, huh, Joe?

And in Other…

In our “Shut up Bernie” and “Shut up AOC” file:  Democratic Socialists blame US imperialism for Russian invasion of Ukraine (

Thanks in part to Biden’s open border disaster, Mexican Cartels Appear to Be Getting More Weapons From New Source (

Climate pitches continue as World leaders face ‘rapidly closing window’ to avoid climate change’s worst outcomes, UN report says – Chicago Tribune

Droughts in the Northern Hemi, but what about South?  Rooftop rescues in Australia as tens of thousands evacuated from floods (  Climate is still averaging out as we figure it.

Ure’s Bigger Ponder du jour If we can’t solve baseball, do you really think we can solve Eastern Europe?  MLB Lockout: Time running out for baseball to reach new labor deal. Time is running out in Europe, too, as we figure it.

ATR:  Gardening and Fish

Soil’s loaded, air leaks are staunched, and the square foot grids today will line up the Veggie Garden Room for planting.  Just a few for trips of UPS, FedEx, and the Postal Service to round out finishing preps.

On mornings like this, songs go through my head.  Like this one – theme from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Dandy piece of music and lyrics:

“You may not share our intellect
Which might explain your disrespect
For all the natural wonders that
Grow around you

So long, so long and thanks
For all the fish

The world’s about to be destroyed
There’s no point getting all annoyed
Lie back and let the planet dissolve.

Feels like this movie needs to be watched tonight after dinner.  Just in case.  You know…thanks for all the fish.

Unless the UFOs show up, of course. But so far, they’re running late.

Dow futures down 382 463 at click-time.  Are you herring me?

I figure when the U.S. figures out BTC is a sanctions workaround, that will be the death knell of the crypto bubble.  Watch for it to happen…

Write when you get rich (or peace breaks out),

86 thoughts on “Bordering Madness, Trade Data, Jobs Week Roulette”

  1. Upon waking this morning touched mouse to wake Mac.
    Puter was last on news youtube-immediately Tunes cue up War Pigs, followed by Buffalo Soldier?
    Had to pull up Tunes and quit!
    Just Sayin

  2. “we have absolutely zero expectations of genuine progress on the Belarus/Ukraine talks ongoing now.”

    IT DIDN’T go well..
    Fast tracked into nato.. and all the nukes in place and dispersed.. its going to go hot..
    I actually feel pity for Brandon.. He may be all of those things he and his family have been accused of.. But in the end I think he has some feelings.. and this is the biggest screw up in history.. Not only destroying the dollar bill but possibly mankind.. I wonder.. does he play the kazoo.. then he can go down in history like nero..
    except it is hard to sing and play the kazoo at the same time.. maybe they could get the pedo to sing..

    • – to which paedophile exactly doth you be referring too ? hole DC swamp be thick wit the evil-sick bastards.

      “blackbooked & controled” “honey holes” – just matta of size and or age..aint that right Ghislaid, often!

      • Not at the moment. [One will only be established] when Putin creates one. Vlad is not acting with his normal reserve, therefore he is either off the rails, or somebody did something to him, personally, or to Russia, which hasn’t shown up in any channel to which I still have access.

        If he’s off? Perhaps he’s dying.
        If he’s pissed? Perhaps a Ukranian ordered a hit on him or his family (heck, perhaps one of his fam/friends got whacked. We’d not likely know because that stuff never makes it to the Western wires…)

  3. I believe in Russia, like in the United States, the president has sole authority to order a nuclear strike.

    My real life experience is that persons with cognitive decline are not very good in multiple choice or high pressure situations. Since one or both these leaders fit this description, we seem to be walking a very dangerous path right now.

    • “My real life experience is that persons with cognitive decline are not very good in multiple choice or high pressure situations. Since one or both these leaders fit this description, we seem to be walking a very dangerous path right now.”

      Boy I am right with you BIC… the only thing is..
      I don’t think Putin is cognitively impaired.. Reading the transcripts of Putin and the kgb office in Germany will tell you a whole world about putin.. just viewing the actions that have happened in Ukraine will tell you a lot.. his loyalty to his people.. He has been going out of his way to avoid getting the citizens involved..
      The Ukrainian army has been trying to use them as shields.. there was a news blurp out last night where a woman chewing out the Ukrainian army because they put their tanks next to a grade school where children were hiding to stay protected.. there is nothing good about any of this.. He is an officer and will protect his people to the end..
      Now I wait to see if China goes after Taiwan as in the poison pawn trap.. we can’t be everywhere fourth move of the chessmen..

    • Oh.. yest a cognitively impaired man at the wheel of destiny.. and Congress is out on vacation.. Oh I mean work period LOL LOL they will be back sometime in March before the Easter holiday month off LOL

    • The question is: If the President orders it, will the generals carry out the order? Just ask Trump.
      The generals can’t be happy about being made to look like fools. Kids are coming home in boxes. Russians besides
      Putin are asking “For what?”
      Putin is trying to achieve a geopolitical wet dream while helping the Russian Orthodox Church settle it’s centuries-old jihad against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
      Here’s what Khrushchev’s granddaughter has to say:
      As usual, once religion got involved, all rationality went out the window. Can you say “unhinged’?
      It’s time to start considering what a post-Putin Russia will look like.

      • “jihad”? Now that’s hyperbole. Although (according to sources which are not specified, but might be sympathetic to the OCU) some of Putin’s fellow travelers in this “jihad” would be a bunch of Patriarchs of Moscow — and also a dude named Peter (later called “the Great”).

        I followed your link — and was amused that [she claims that] someone called her “Russian”, considering her grandfather’s background. Was that noise I thought I heard possibly an iron implement held against a grinding wheel?

    • BIC,
      Whatever you think of Biden, at least he has a pretty solid supporting cast to guide him…and more than likely, he will modestly acquiesce to the smarter people in the room…Putin…as basically a Egotistical dictator… not so much. Those that do defy or challenge Putin should watch their back and hire taste testers to test their food before consumption. (Trump had similar traits..still does with his off the rails insistence on election fraud and bullying of those that defy him )

      • When that most brilliant flash of light comes through your window, causing the drapes to burst into flames instantly, followed by all the furniture in the room, remind yourself you said in that in the interval before the overpressure wave arrives.

        It may be of some comfort.

      • You make good points Mark. The chance for Biden to have more cognitively equipped advisors than him in the room is much higher than Putin and I doubt Biden would make a first launch. Putin is just plain evil. My hope is that his taste tester has a day off when his cohorts decide its time to end his reign of terror. No one wins a nuclear war but then I have never confronted a cornered bear.

      • “at least he has a pretty solid supporting cast to guide him…”


      • I think you just show up to tweak the regular readers of Ure. When you type “he has a pretty solid supporting cast to guide him” I can only surmise that you want rational people to scream. Biden is a self serving non-thinking criminal who must be egotistical to stay in the White House after shutting down the Keystone pipeline project, and inviting attack by bumbling the worst military pull-out in the history of the United States. Biden’s supporting cast, including Obama, want one thing: to collapse the United States as a free and productive society.

      • “No one wins a nuclear war but then I have never confronted a cornered bear.”

        Exactly BIC….. My Daddy and Mommy Told me.. if you can’t swim.. then stay out of the deep side of the pool.. Slapping a sleeping bear… or threatening a momma bears cubs is not a good idea..

        If you look at it in real world terms.. at roughly two hundred hours of actual work time being a member of congress he only has about five years total work experience.. what he did do is learn how to maneuver his way around the DC feed troughs and gain political power..
        I am fairly sure that since he came from a working mans family his parents went out on a limb to get him into the preppy boy school to get him into politics.. and use that to help everyone in the family.. He does show devotion to family success at any cost..
        Putin on the other hand.. grew up in the streets has had to fight to get where he is.. and takes his job seriously.. from his devotion to his country and the people he gave every option for the NATO and US forces to back away from his borders.. instead we assumed he would cower under and submit to the Pack.. Now we wait..

      • @LOOB

        ” “at least he has a pretty solid supporting cast to guide him…”


        Biden’s “supporting cast” is very solid (as in tight-knit), and utterly, staggeringly incompetent. He is using, nearly to a one, Obama’s staff — that same staff which arranged the murder of Chris Stevens, then Ambassador to Libya, at Benghazi, and sent Iran a plane-load of currency and negotiable European securities and bearer bonds, and Mexican cartels, cases of weapons, weaponized the IRS against conservatives and created the majority of the racial unrest through which we suffer, today.

        LtC Tulsi Gabbard is the closest thing to “competent” the Democrats have anywhere in the upper echelon of the Party. SHE and Dershowitz get guest commentator spots on FOXNews and NewsMax, not because they’re conservative (‘cuz they’re far from it) but because they’re two of very few remaining Leftists who are not socialist/communists and who have any common sense. I’d be willing to bet that neither would join the “Biden team” for any amount of money, Unless Susan Rice fired his entire staff, first…

    • Biden has a temper and we’ve seen it recently. Probably wouldn’t take much to rile him into ordering a strike or two. He’s probably jazzed at being a “wartime president” as “W” allegedly was.

    • In the U.S., the president is briefed on various ‘retaliatory’ options to either a pending or expected nuclear attack. Options are provided by team of military advisors, who are trained to recommend the most appropriate responses to an attack, all of which are contained in the infamous ‘Black Book.’ The U.S. President does not physically push a button, or unilaterally order a nuke response. (S)He has a very tailored menu of options to choose from. His/Her choice is the result of a ‘war council’ discussion, the result of which is communicated by over a dozen communication systems (to included satellites) to all nuclear forces across the globe. Launch buttons for ICBMs, subs and bombers are actually pushed out over multiple comms systems by military men and women who are excruciatingly vetted and rigorously trained, tested and repeatedly certified.

      To execute a retaliatory strike after verifying an incoming attack, the most appropriate response is chosen and the President’s nuke advisor gives the Commander-in-Chief an alpha-numeric ‘execution code’ to broadcast his choice to the nuke forces, to include key pre-planned targeting options.

      During the 1960s, after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S. shared our nuke authentication process with Russia to help them keep their Genie in the bottle whenever diplomatic temperatures started to rise. Those outreaches, along with improvements in the US/Ruskie ‘hotline,’ reduced levels of uncertainty. You see, this all happened because, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the on-the-ground Soviet military commander had the authority to independently launch their Cuban based nuke missiles at the U.S. mainland. Of course, he did not do so. But that’s how close the world came to sweeping up a giant, steaming radioactive turd pile.

      This current system only has as much integrity as the regimes trusted with executing it. If one or both national leaders are delusional or pyschotic, things can go wrong, and quickly. On the U.S. side, the cabinet can quickly trigger the 25th Amendment to reign in a whacked out President. Whatever procedures Russia has in place are far less certain. That is of increasing importance in light of recent reports of Putin’s rumored dubious state of mind.

      • With all the other uncertainty and fake news going around out there Glenn Beck was saying several times yesterday that it’s rumored Putin has a brain tumor.

  4. Death knell ? Death scmell!

    Ure got to be kidding me – a death knell – FUD. Oh hell, at least you are a consistent FUD spewing spin doctor.

    The People of the World v. Darth Squab, Darth soreAss,Darth redsheild..

    Ure gonna love the new CBDC!

    – ZERO control over Ure’s Money..get ready to bend over and be Shackled wrists 2 ankels.
    No doubt – Ure gonna take all the CBDC he possibly can …”dont ease me in” – DS (darthsqaub)

    If TBM was running this Russian “peace keeping/nazi eradication operation” I would be ordering the Ruskie submarine forces to cut the f-ing transatlantic internetz/data cables. Personal assets froze, No BIS swaps for Russian CB’s = No Live Data for euro-dopes..after I turn off the nat Gaz & Crude spigots..

    Headshot (s) coming from ole Pooters, still feeling out the enemieS. Seems to be holding back on they thought they trapped Pooters, in acting out against nato aggression in ukraine – simpletons dont seem to understand traps-trapping.

    ? Can you eat USD’s, Rubles, can you eat Gold & Silver, can you eat Bitcoin ??
    No, No,No and NO – then how much is a sack of potato’s worth to a starving family of 4 ?

  5. Good report.

    Do you guys recall the mask thing and Ted Cruz sent his family out of the country on vacation to a place where masks weren’t required.

    Now U.S. government agents tell us to boycott Russian vodka. Meanwhile, that Canadian lady was trampled buy her government but drinking blended Canadian whiskey seems to be OK.

    • There is a difference in suppressing your own population vs invading another country? I know Canada does not have constitution as strong as US does, and the people there are part of the problem for putting these power mad leaders in place. But Ukraine citizens have no control over the politics in Russia, so I can weigh the Russia move much worse then Canada.

      • Oh, Joe Dish, Haha Haha, you think the Canadian people AND the Ukranian people voted in THEIR respective WEF puppets????? Hahahaha!!! I bought both Russian vodka and Canadian whiskey on Saturday. Viva La Resistance!!!

    • Out of work,
      Clueless, feckless and classless Ted Cruz fled his constituents in Texas during a state power crisis due to a once in a lifetime winter storm. Horrible optics…very bad decision. Nothing to do with masks.

      Ban everything Russian shouldn’t be too hard. Nobody needs liquor and can you name one Russian made product…let alone one we can’t do without?

      • Ammonium Nitrate – genius, tween the lack of AN and your stated hatred of Fly Over Country/People – one wonders how your future self will ever find enough food to eat in War economy USA, dog knows you guys cant grow scheisse in Cali without fertilizer.
        Ure laws of unintended consequences is spinning up rigorously – bigger bank failures than Lehman from this short sighted decision – Ruskie banks closed books Friday – very flush foreign reserves held at CB’s in place of UST’s reserves they liquidated – ? some international businesses, banks,brokers opened today massively short/defaulting levels of reserves – Debit/Credit Entry – Ruskies banked ALL the Credits friday – fallout will be trickling out soonly..geniuses .

      • Please speak for yourself! If I go to town this week, I’ll be buying Russian vodka. Why? Because I don’t like dictator governors telling me what to do with MY money. Besides, I like vodka and it holds its value.

        The internet has become more sketchy over the weekend, and RT became hard to reach for a while. I go to foreign sites to get perspective, and that especially means non-western bloc countries. There’s a wealth of info to be found outside the USA, especially since the domestic media has closed ranks. There was obviously a serious security reason for the incursion into Ukraine, including the biolabs and corrupt dealings with western “officials”. I don’t love Putin, but I do respect him, unlike the guy in Ukraine. He’s a straight shooter, and if he says he will use nukes, I believe he will.

      • The one Russian product we buy a lot of, now that we aren’t self sufficient, is oil. Of late the tally is 600,000 barrels per day. Given price increases oil may be more expensive than vodka. Note to self, try running tractor on Stolichnaya?

        I made a point to go to a few internal associates and also messaged every trader I can contact asking they ID the Russian oil and offer “no bid” instead of continuing to buy from an enemy who wishes us ill and is causing many harm.

        We _should_ be smarter than to buy the rope with which to hang ourselves. Are we?


  6. Good Morning, every morn I go outside to feed the yard cats and sing to them,, “here comes the sun, little darlings”,, they don’t tolerate negative and grouchy moods. Spring approaches and gardening prep is on my mind
    I still have a little stake in SPXS and DWAC :)
    My x wife sent me this video about Q and Trumps and time travel,, a little science fiction is how I view it, but quite interesting, ya know, 24 mins long. Alice and the looking glass stuff. You can’t reach a synopsis if you do not view the antithesis of your thesis. I even read C person’s links.
    Waiting for a tap and die to arrive by mail today, so I can repair my Ukrainian built pellet gun, powered by Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) non-drug related. I screwed up the threads on the regulator, darn aluminum, galls easily. accuracy out to fifty yards, 10 rounds in a 3/4″ hole, good enough for dispatching pests. I don’t like Starlings on my bird feeders or creatures invading my garden, ain’t no groundhog shadows here, melon thief he was.

  7. War goes on, people dying while the financial deck of cards is reshuffled and stacked. Everybody scrambling …

    TPTB are movin and groovin … “don’t stop, doin what your doin. Don’t stop, keep movin, keep groovin.” Kinda like the Ukraine FM was saying about “traitors of humanity.”

  8. And another thing, the Ruble is crashing. Where can I buy Rubles? The Ruble is an assassination (Putin) away from all-time highs, but my bank doesn’t have any Rubles.

    I want a shoe box full, for $100.00. But when I ask at my local BoA they don’t know what’s going on with currencies. They’re more interested in standing on the side of the building smoking cigarettes.

  9. Maybe crypto helps a little bypass the sanctions, but not much. For sanctions to be effective they must prevent the access to “goods”, so perhaps BC could make it easier to “pay” for goods, it does not help much in actually getting those goods into Russia. There will always be smugglers that will take many kinds of payments, be that paper, coin, or other trading vehicles. I hope we find government does have a very hard time limiting bitcoin transactions. It is long past time we get past centralized control of our financial lives.

    • What sanctions? Russia’s principal trading partner shares several thousand miles of border with them, and would sanction us before they did, Russia…

    • George has written about Russia awaiting frozen ground to be able to move quicker, but guess it never got cold enough long enough to freeze deep enough through the surface and time ran out. Probably was last window to invade as all warmer from here and could not keep at staged levels much longer.

    • Where I’m at 750ml (fifth) of Jack Daniel’s goes for $29.99 and the same size Maker’s Mark is $39.99.

      The Canadian sophisticates are pumping Crown Royal into us for $25.99 750ml. Canadians pumped cheap liquor into the North American natives.

  10. “In our “Shut up Bernie” and “Shut up AOC” file: Democratic Socialists blame US imperialism for Russian invasion of Ukraine (”

    As Bernie will tell you: Russia has gone down hill ever since they abandoned hardline socialism. If we hadn’t broken the Soviet will to continue, they wouldn’t need to reclaim their sovereign territory…

  11. “Thanks in part to Biden’s open border disaster, Mexican Cartels Appear to Be Getting More Weapons From New Source (”

    Is the new source, Obama…?

  12. I was appalled back in the early 2000’s when April Glasspie? told Saddam that we wouldn’t interfere if he invaded Kuwait. She was some kind of diplomat for the USA. Of course, as soon as he did, we went in there with shock and awe and destroyed the entire country, creating a power vacuum that we had to fill at our expense.

    Now I see a similar situation. Idiot presidente mutters that he has no intention of getting involved between Russia and Ukraine and then when Russia decides to take control of Ukraine, the USA and the entire “free” world acts morally outraged at the action. The EU, Britain, USA and others have monolithically staged not only an embargo with “sanctions”, but are having the media drive this moral outrage at every turn. We are providing the means for Ukraine to escalate the war and the incentive to not negotiate at all. It’s obvious that Russia will never back down short of an internal coup, and Putin knows how to handle those. We’re providing NATO with lots of air/sea power that only needs a flashpoint to initiate. In short, the neocon wet dream of war with Russia is being stoked constantly and simply awaits its Archduke Ferdinand moment. This will end badly if it even ends.

    Unfortunately, WE get to pay for it.

    • Apparently Kiev has just signed an application to join the EU!

      This is a huge provocation, along with the arrogant speeches and arming of the civilian population. It seems like defense, but from my perspective, it seems more like the entire west is trying to escalate the situation rather than quiet it down! I’d love to see comments from those better informed on geopolitics.

  13. Bill,

    The pictures you linked to this morning yesterday are compelling evidence that the AN225 aeroplane was lost in the Ukraine fighting. Remember the movie “Contact” where planners built a second spacecraft that was only revealed after the first one was destroyed?

    There has actually been a second AN225 about 70% finished that was stored in a hangar perhaps similar to the one appearing in your link. According to msm of a couple of years ago, the Chinese were interested in seeing it completed as a space launch vehicle which was kind of its original soviet-design purpose. The official Ukrainian narrative of a hull loss seems credible. Last week a day after the Russians first allegedly took the airport, San Francisco-based Planet Lab publicly posted on their website a series of satellite pictures from around the Ukraine. One was of the airport showing what appeared to be the AN225 parked outdoors and complete. That picture was taken down while the others remain up. So one is left to imagine as a flight of fancy what might comprise a cargo uplift equivalent to 3 C17’s capacity and to what destination.

    As an unrelated aside, according to “Politico” the voting for a former German chancellor to the board of Gazprom will be decided at the June shareholder meeting in St. Petersburg. Mrs. Merkel is apparently not amused by her predecessor.

    We now return you to the tragic comedy “Servant of the People” already in progress. Russian blackout applies. However Mrs. Putin may offer mass entertainment through her media group. American blackout may apply. Please check your listings.

    • Decades ago I got to see the ‘Antonov’ up close in Honolulu. Michael Jackson had leased it to carry his voluminous concert gear. Like a monstrous flying whale!

    • That’s good to hear. Blowing that up, though, was like blowing up the Colossus of Rhodes on a weekend drunk with fireworks. War is Hell.

  14. Enter the Montruex Convention. Any new Kusnetsov’s that Vlad may have aspired to constructing will be restricted to not leaving the pond.

    But wait a minute, that’s not the only place to find new Kustnetsov Class carriers.

    For you home theater operators out there:

    • Ya dont think they already planned for such an eventuality ? Would not be surprised that those bridges across Bosporus Straights have been “Pre-Wired” for demolition, with about 10x xplosive force as needed – got to make sure they vaporize the Steel girders.

      – So OBVIOUSLY they prolly used JET FUEL tank Bombs like our resident experts claim took down the WTC.

      • I just went there with Brave. Brave has a rather tight security envelope for sites and I often have to bypass it. This was a single click to display the page. YMMV, but I feel safe there.

      • whois:


        Registry Domain ID: D3250252-LROR
        Domain Status:


        Registry Expiration: 2022-06-28 04:00:00 UTC
        Updated: 2021-06-29 16:24:51 UTC
        Created: 1995-06-29 04:00:00 UTC

        Contact Information


        Handle: 1
        Organization: Center for Strategic and International Studies
        Kind: individual
        Mailing Address: District of Columbia, United States

        Some of the data in this object has been removed.


        Handle: 3
        Organization: Center for Strategic and International Studies

        Kind: individual
        Mailing Address: District of Columbia, United States

        Some of the data in this object has been removed.


        Handle: 2
        Organization: Center for Strategic and International Studies
        Kind: individual
        Mailing Address: District of Columbia, United States

        Some of the data in this object has been removed.


        Handle: 4
        Organization: Center for Strategic and International Studies
        Kind: individual
        Mailing Address: District of Columbia, United States

        Some of the data in this object has been removed.

        Registrar Information

        Name:, LLC
        IANA ID: 146
        Abuse contact email:
        Abuse contact phone: tel:480-624-2505

        DNSSEC Information

        Delegation Signed: Unsigned

        Authoritative Servers

        Registry Server URL:
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        The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a think tank based in Washington, D.C., in the United States. CSIS was founded as the Center for Strategic and International Studies of Georgetown University in 1962. The center conducts policy studies and strategic analyses of political, economic and security issues throughout the world, with a specific focus on issues concerning international relations, trade, technology, finance, energy and geostrategy.

        In the University of Pennsylvania’s 2019 Global Go To Think Tanks Report, CSIS is ranked the number one think tank in the United States across all fields, the “Top Defense and National Security Think Tank” in the world, and the 4th best think tank in the world overall. CSIS has been named the number one think tank for Defense and National Security for the past seven years, and has been declared the ‘Center of Excellence’.


        CSIS is a major think tank which enjoys considerable US Govt “black funding.” CSIS is a left-wing organization, but not rediculously so.

        With that said, I doubt there’s anything on the site which would trip an antivirus utility. My Moz updated a few days ago and has shit itself again, which is usually caused by Adobe, Microsoft, or Oracle, releasing a patch containing an “updated featureset.” The browsers “update” to take advantage of the new feature, and somebody misses a PUSH or MOV, thus screwing up a bunch of stuff.

        The point to all this is: When you question the veracity or safety of a website, run a WHOIS search at icann, then run a googl search on the actual site-owner’s name. I used wackypedia for the CSIS info, because that’s one thing it is good for. The wacky folks don’t anticipate someone like me, who will research every person who appears on a letterhead or Board list so, unlike a lot of actual sites, they don’t hide membership rolls…

      • It was the virus scanner blocker and it hit half-dozen times before I shut’er down. I don’t like officious snoops any more than hackers.

  15. It will be interesting to see where the gold stock signal is today. Certain rules must be followed . All the noise is just bullsheet. I apologise George I thought you closed shorts and swung long . F that . This ain’t over

    • bbbbbbbBreakout !

      Buy em and Ride em, dont forget the dismount, before getting wrecked by the poofter “traders”s at bigbancz.

      Still liking Oil, Rogers Commodity Index (s), need confirm in GDXJ above a coiled Ure/sidewinder I be waiting…

  16. As the Ruble/Dollar ratio goes so the Global Asset-Dedt Macroeconomy …

    With a base of 5 days, there are two possible fractal mathematical possibilities for fractal progression:

    x/2-2.5xy/1.5-2.5xy and
    x/2-2.5xy/2-2.5xy/1.5-1.6y. or:

    5/10-13/7-13 days and
    5/10-13/10-13/7-8 days, respectively.

    The ruble/dollar ratio is collapsing. To offset the precipitous crash, Russian interest rates were increased over two trading days by the Russian central bank from 10 to 20 pecent. Western Euro and US central bankers, unequivocally supported by 95% of United Nation members, even neutral Switzerland, have ‘iced’ the Russian economy through their excercising control over the crtical Debt portion of the Asset-Debt macroeconomic system. Against the world reserve currency, the US dollar, the Ruble has fallen within the last few trading days of 30% of its value as of 400PM EST … That ratio will fall much further.

    What is interesting is that the Ruble/dollar ratio is following exactly the same fractal pathway from the March 2020 global equity lows as are the Western and Japan global equity composites: a 33/71 week first and second fractal series. The Ruble/Dollar ratio fractal pathway provides predictive clarity for the future of global compsite equity valuations and commodity, and cryptocurrency valuations.

    Using the fractal progression from the March 2020 global equities and ruble/dollar lows the target date now for the nonlinear low for global equities, commodities, gold, and cryptocurrencies is Monday 7 March 2022.

    As implausible as it sounds, it is the Chinese galactic property bubble that is driving the global asset valuation collapse. Putin’s timing for invading a nation recognized by the world community as a sovereign nation could not have been worse. Sometimes entertainers like Reagan and Zelensky can exceed all expectations as Braveheart great leaders. It was Reagan’s campaign that coined the term MAGA… And sometimes reality show host entertainers exactly meet expectations.

  17. Vodka is just branded and diluted white lightning/Everclear.
    Just put some in your old Stoch bottles and you’ll never know the difference. But your wallet will.
    Putin’s looking a little peaked. I suspect he’ll soon be diagnosed with some disease requiring him to temporarily turn over things to the military. You know, just until he gets “better”.

    • Glenn Beck says there’s some possible information that says he has a brain tumor. Great. An incompetent with traitorous twits in control of The Football, or whatever they call it now, on this side of the pond and a dangerous, brain damaged dictator on the other side.

      What. Could. Go. Wrong. Don’t look up Babylon!

      • “Glenn Beck says there’s some possible information that says he has a brain tumor.”

        I shouldn’t be surprised. That’s one of the possible conclusions I came up with, last week, to explain his sudden uncharacteristic irrationality…

  18. sorry folks . sell signal level 1 approaching . stay short selling gold . no emotion or hunches . just signals

      • Yeah, for real. I think the real reason is that state inspections were stopped for about 2 years and during that time, I’m sure a lot of people didn’t dot their i’s and cross their t’s from corporate to staff. And took advantage of those money making covid guidelines. They’re gonna be audited and have to answer for discrepancies which could get so costly, the businesses might have to just hand over their keys to the gov to stay operational.

  19. Comrades,

    Pardon this ramble from the armchair, as it has no doubt been accounted for by the “sanctions on Russia” powers-that-be. Reuters has pointed out today that three quarters of 900+ active Russian airline passenger jets are leased from Western companies, and sanctions apparently say rip up the contracts by the end of March. There could be Siberian parking lot gulags full of stored jetliners soon? Nato/EU finds $–billion from somewhere to keep leasing companies viable? Serf the wave or pound sand?

    One interesting example of democracy inaction with some consideration to Ukraine was the Dutch referendum 6 years ago on the Ukraine-EU association agreement. Dutch voters rejected EU association with Ukraine. “Yes in favour” camps claimed Russian interference. A year later the Dutch government passed the legislation with the following addendum per Wikipedia:

    ” 1. no establishment of EU candidate status to Ukraine through this agreement
    2. no guarantees of military aid or security guarantees to Ukraine
    3. no freedom of Ukrainians to reside or work in the EU
    4. no increases of bilateral financial support to Ukraine based on the agreement
    the goal to work towards reduction of corruption in Ukraine, and (as a last resort) to suspend the Agreement if not enough progress is made.

    The addendum was approved by the EU member states, but not by the European Union(Commission?)or Ukraine.”

    There you have it. Nothing to see, folks. Keep those goalposts moving.

  20. Li Yuan has an interesting piece out in the NYT about a non-covid contagion. Amid mention as “Putin the Great”, and “the best legacy of the former Soviet Union”, the Ukraine invader has been embraced by “online warriors” on Chinese social media. Apparently a Chinese translation of Mr. Putin’s 10,000 word speech from last Thursday went viral allegedly to the tune of 1 billion views. Have any of Mr. Biden’s pronouncements similarly moved anyone to tears?

    Don’t poke the bear? The tiger will roar?

  21. If we cover and believe headlines for everything then why aren’t we covering headlines that show Ukraine is not an Ally for the US?

    Like Ukraine fighting for the New World Order:

    Soros stating he wants, err, must save his assets, err, I mean, Ukraine:

    The LA Times a$$ wipe rag stating Zelinski is George Washington:

    Now, let’s cover the fact that the 0’bidet administration and the EU are supporting Ukraine which means Americans probably shouldn’t.

    Are any of the stories coming out of Ukraine actually true?

    We know we are in a total scam propaganda world right now so let’s just consider one thing: What are they doing to us or preparing to do to us while we’re focusing on the latest bouncing ball scam in Ukraine?

  22. Oh, and how does Elon Musk get satellite systems into Ukraine? I thought they were being invaded and airplanes would be shot down. Not much of a war if air space isn’t controlled. Did he phone ahead to Putin and ask permission? lol.
    However, Musk’s starlink gets one more nod toward being the savior of bitcoin as I suggested would happen a couple weeks ago on here. At the very least, we can see his ability to turn it on an off as oligarchs do tend to have power like that. Time for a nap before US markets open.

      • Mark, the Starlink sat system is global, but the transcievers and dishes need to be installed near the point of use. Generally one per user.

  23. yep 2 good for me . total madness . thats the only constant in this . and shheetcoin back up saving everything . you know its the only way . short short short . do nothing listen nobody . absorb and avoid madness . even poor old yella behaving psycho . yep all 2 good for me . short till indicators say close

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