Bitter is Still Coming, Equinox Woo

The temps dropped in East Texas overnight.  The leading edge of expressed “bitterness” in the coming weeks and even months.  A period with more of an Angostura bent than most. Tomorrow night, we’ll kiss freezing out here, but that should be the last of Nature’s winter. Man’s winter will be measured in years.

In Economic terms, it is not.  Strauss and Howe’s Fourth Turning captured much of the times – conveniently in advance. Plus, other economists saw it.  People you may have never heard of; like Elliott Middleton and “Trader Jim” Goulding.  It’s been there, since the Depression before it, waiting.

We wanted so much for this period – of the Trump and Biden terms – to become “At last, Winter is over.”  False spring, my friend.  Bank check.

When the Great Depression peaked in 1929, it was 1931 before bank runs got traction. Now, thanks to the simultaneous stock and crypto zenith, the current TOP is known to be November 8, 2021.  From there, a wave 1 down, a wave 2 rally, and we’re now in the rising sense of panic region. Featuring bank runs.

Global confusion abounds even as artificial interventions paper-over rising collapse.

“The Game” was as clear in 1970 when I began chasing news as it is today.  Lester Thurow’s Zero Sum Society stated much of the case when published in 1980.  World population was 4.5 billion then.  Today, with nearly double that  (and us defending Ukraine’s borders while Mexico’s remains in shambles), we’re reminded Life has not profoundly changed the human condition in the intervening years.  A few more electric cars, more intrusive electronics, voice control here and there.  Plus A.I. lurking in the wings. Some of its good, other parts? Not so much. Fake progress.

Beneath this pallor of pseudo-progress, however, lies the Agar Dish Edge Problem.  The bacterial humans are eating the last of the Petri dish. The soil is more depleted, the wars are more dangerous.  The politics less honest, the formation of families under attack.

Plus, we throw in Educational Revisionism. Where facts don’t matter, as much as shrillness of the victomology graduates.  All of whom are special; impatiently waiting to rob us blind if we so much as blink. Aided in their swindles by persuasion-block politics.

Still, with every detent in the standard of living, a new monetization has been found – so far.  Gender studies has grown from a notion, then to papers, into a class, a degree, then College, and now uncountable Chairs raising millions.

This is “Progress?” To us, it hints at a barnyard economic principle.  Bullshit can be compounded!


I can’t find my copy of Winter is Coming – Goulding’s book, a .PDF from back when if memory serves. 2001-ish.  The Kindle version got harsh reviews and I think undeservedly so.

See, while some of the “winter” concept was based on Strauss and Howe, Goulding’s book was a kind of accompaniment.  Like a student guide authored by a seasoned Chicago bond trader.

OK: When Is “Bitter” Here?

The Truth is, we’re standing aside from active trading for a week, or two.  Because it’s hard telling – as of the close Thursday – how the charts will resolve.  We’ll go over a dozen, or so, on Peoplenomics tomorrow.  But here’s the “gist of it” chart looks:

As seen in the lower right, three cases appear:

  • We lean (based on this being winter) to the market having a sideways to modestly down day, today.  Then a continuing downward trend through next week and breaking much, much lower.
  • But an almost equal chance exists that the market will pause in here and scream higher next week because if this is a small “wave 1” then a rally to the top of the overhead resistance (top of the newest trend channel) becomes likely at some point.
  • The third option – still on the table – is that we go over the present newest trend channel in a week to 10-days.  And keep on climbing.

With that, let’s go out into the casino and see what the Table Action hints at this morning…  We can even go so far as to draw analogies to “tighten up thinking” about the gambling “action” underway.  Perhaps Wars are “craps tables” and bank failures are roulette. Politics might be Texas Hold “em.  Something like that.

Craps First

Prez Xi is going to Moscow to talk with Vlad Putin on the 21st. The West is starting to worry because? China’s Xi to meet Putin as Beijing seeks bolder global role.  Taking down America’s “world order” nonsense is a very real risk. And a Rubble-Yuan tie-up under BRICS with stated convertibility is an extreme risk to The Casino operators.

What’s more, with the Taiwan invasion window (weather, Taiwan Strait suitable for military use) only 45-days out, we have to ask if Wave of Stealthy China Cyberattacks Hits U.S., Private Networks, Google Says is a “shaping operation to warn-off the behind-the-times administration from interfering.

And, as a side bet, we have to ask how much of the Biden behavior has been influenced by pass-through funding from his crime family? We’re not the ones asking:  House GOP digs in on China-linked payments to Biden family members in new memo.

The Second Craps (war) table is centered over Ukraine.  Where the US releases video showing Russian jet intercepting spy drone near Crimea.  And the Russians counter by? Russia awards pilots involved in US drone skirmish.

NATO keeps upping their buy-in as Slovakia agrees to give Ukraine fleet of Soviet warplanes.

Watch these craps tables shortly, since a “new shooter” could come at any time.  Which would be Israel attacking Iran’s nuclear weapons and assembly program.  Which we figure to come over Easter. But, which one?  Can’t be sure.

The Charms of Arms is seen in At a Steam-Age Arsenal, U.S. Army Forges Cannons for a Digital Era, War in Ukraine. Visit the museum there. Perhaps some of the docents have excellent taste in websites?

Roulette Table Check

Shall we look in on “Who’s making Bank?”

Banks Borrow $164.8 Billion From Fed in Rush to Backstop Liquidity.  And about the same time World shares up after First Republic aid spurs Wall St rally.

Are we the ONLY ones to understand that investing in stocks involves RISK and there is no certainty of reward?  Pension funds report millions in losses amid Silicon Valley Bank collapse. Does this mean the Sloppy Joe administration will start making market investors whole if a market runs against them?  Seriously:  WTF?  The fund managers grasp of “risk” is the issue.

In the pre-open today: gold was up, the dollar down, which increases the odds slightly of continuation rally today going into the weekend. Not showing in the futures yet.  Commercials will want to play in this one if they can light off a rally today or Monday.

Ah, where is Antifa when there is a useful role for them?  This is Fascism, SVB Bailout Edition –

In the Shorts

We will keep Friday’s review brief:

Popularity contest of interest:  Jews most favorably viewed religious group in U.S., Pew study says. Here, all this time, we thought it was the Church of The Almighty Basis Point.

Speaking of religious fervor: Mike Pence implies that Trump is a fake Christian during speech to room full of journalists. We somehow were overlooked on the coronation invite list to Pence’s Ascencion to Judgement?  The spirits speak “Judge not lest yee be judged…” Why didn’t Pence quit Trump’s cast when he could have made a more powerful statement?  All sounds like verse 20:24.

Attacks on people’s faith aren’t limited to Trump’s circle, though.  Marianne Williamson’s ‘abusive’ treatment of 2020 campaign staff, revealed. Godless media or Godless leaders – getting more difficult than ever to make that call.

ATR: Has East Moved?

My buddy the (*chief of staff) doc in a mid-sized community hospital called a bit distraught Thursday:

“One of my staff practitioners who has been driving to work on the same road for 11-years says the Sun is not far enough north yet for Equinox next week.  She’s been making daily notes on the sun for that long because she travels a road that goes due east and then tees with a north-south road.

“She told me, near as she could figure, that the Sun is six weeks late heading into Equinox.”

I assured him that “Scientific journals would be all over this if it were really the case.  Roads laid out east-west may not be perfectly aligned.  The magnetic lines really do move and can contribute to 15-degrees (or so) of being “off True North.”

“Then there are trees that grow, new building construction, continental drift, road repairs and changes.  The odds of East being out of place are infinitesimally small.”

He was only slightly comforted.  The woman is a lifelong resident,, the road hasn’t moved, and there’s no construction in the area.

Still, we have our bet on “normal equinox” and if that changes, I’ll owe him a shot of 12-year-old scotch.

Which, this being Friday and all, might not be a bad afternoon “sippance.”

Got income taxes filed yesterday, a much smaller refund than I’d hoped.  But like Pappy used to say “Never begrudge paying more taxes.  It means you’re doing better than you thought.”

Or they keep working on better ways to swindle the customers in the “Land of the Brave, Home of the Free Casino.

Pappy had the luxury of living during semi-honest government, honest pension fund managers and a host of other Americana now long-lost to history.

They really need to start putting lithium salts back in 7-Up. At least at tax time.

Write when you get rich,





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  1. George, for entertainment purposes:

    The Wilshire’s terminal fractal series appears to start with the average low valuation on 12 October 2022 and concludes on 30 March 2023 as a 17/43/34/26 day :: x/2.5x/2x/1.5x 4 phase fractal series.

    The third fractal’s day 34 was on 2/23 which began the 26 day final 4th fractal series ending on 3/30 which appears to be a 3 phase series of y/2-2.5y/2y :: 5/12/10 days

    initiating fractal 2 days 2/23 to 2/24
    base 1st fractal 5 days 2/24 to 3/2
    2nd fractal 12 days 3/2 to 3/17
    3rd fractal 10 days 3/17 to 3/30

    If this (2)/5/12/10 day three phase decay series is correct; today should should see significant devaluation, perhaps taking the weaker Russell to its October 2022 lows.

    The first 7-8 days of the final 10 day 3rd decay fractal could be lateral to upward in valuation with the final 2 to 3 days in free fall.

    • George, with today’s equities’ valuation closings, the above was not the system’s self-assembly’s most efficient pattern.

      What then is the asset-debt system’s most efficient saturation buying lower high valuation and selling nadir valuation trading pattern?

      Reasonably there was an interpolated lower high extended buying saturation area on day 42 of a 12 October 2022 x/2.5x/2.5x ::17/43/42 day series akin to the 8 November 2021 90 year x/2.5x/2.5x 1807 90 year high third fractal saturation high valuation. From day 34 of the 12 October 17/43/34 :: x/2.5x/2x lower high series, a 2/5/4 day valuation growth fractal is observable on the Wilshire ending 7 March 2023, day 42. A 3/8/7-8 day decay fractal series ending on 29/30 March would complete the series. This corresponds to a 21/42 of 52/52-53 hour decay fractal series starting the second hour of the 7 March trading day.

      With this model, equity devaluation would occur until the third trading hour on Tuesday 21 March 2023.

      For entertainment …

  2. I built my first hoop house in Feb 2010. At the time I sited it for convenience by eyeballing E/W and noted the big oak by the pasture gate due west lays approximately 10 oclock from the door. That tree, subconsciously I suppose, is a kind of marker for me. While I have never done specific measurements or stats for the arrival of equinox per se I have noticed some differences. It was pre retirement but I first noted that it appeared to me the sun was not where it should be in 2012 which was the first year I began keeping track of fertilizer amounts and soil tests. Since then fertilizer use has increased and hay yields have gone down proportionately. I have released the leased fields and reduced the herd size so no sense in chasing that any further. Earth garden yields seemed to go down while those grown under plastic/shadecloth are better. So questions for me are; Has the sun track moved? Is the sun the cause in the reduction in yields? Why do weeds and invasive plants seem to not be affected? Trees seem to be doing OK but is there more insect damage noticed? Yada Yada. Lots of research for this grouchy old rancher.
    Point being, when the person noticed the sun seems to be out of place it is likely they are “tuned in” better than most. We all need to start focusing more on what’s really important…And pray.

    Stay safe. 73

  3. I was up late last night enjoying some Oreos with my Skunk friend, and that Spirit Animal got me thinking about it’s medicine.

    Skunks aren’t aggressive, they’re actually quite timid and just wanna go about their life, doing Skunk stuff and raise a family. They have a pretty nice attitude but, when they feel threatened, they take a defensive attitude. – that’s reasonable.

    Perception at the moment, determines Attitude.

    The Media gives us our perceptions, which effects and changes our attitudes. Telling us what’s going on and hinting (often blatantly) about how we should feel about what’s happening. – as if we can’t figure out how to feel, on our own. We fall prey to that, because we give up our individuality, conceding our God given right to think for ourselves. Hard not to, when information comes at you in a barrage … it’s name is Legion. And we walk around with a (false) attitude.

    TPTB, have an agenda but the wrong attitude. Instead of working with what they’ve got, they want to downsize and liquidate others. – We bitch about Russia invading Ukraine but don’t notice how our lives are being invaded and our minds have been poisoned by their (TPTB) negative attitude towards us. They smile, and we are all too forgiving. – A Skunk wouldn’t put up with that.

    I think about how we talk about the movie we make here, as we’re “Packing To Die” … Then think of what will be in Theaters waiting for TPTB. – Our lives are humble compared to the vast reach of TPTB lifestyle. While we will see how we stopped to smell the roses, they might find themselves in quite the horrific picture show. – because of their attitude. – like Scrooge and those Ghosts of Christmas.

    Life is a gift, to each of us. I don’t believe we are to swipe/steal that away from others. But, they do what they will and one day, that will be answered for.

    The important thing is, your attitude. That’s a personal responsibility. Weather you’re a Hero or a Pathetic Lose, it’s determined by your attitude.

    Even Skunks have friends … but can repel those who might harm them. We all need to be aware of that and utilize it, as we walk through the woods.


    • “Skunks aren’t aggressive, they’re actually quite timid and just wanna go about their life,”

      we accidentally killed a mother skunk at a company I worked at .. her baby was just a little thing..we fed it with an eye dropper until it got big would lay in your lap like a cat..loved sugar doughnuts…we went to get it’s sac removed and shots and the vet wouldn’t touch it.. stinky was probably one if the calmest gentlest animal ever.. and a great watch cat lol lol see it backing up to a stranger was hilarious

    • Yo PB,

      come over a lil East towards Chester County, PA and I will treat you to some “Chester County Skunk” seedless and delicious – goes really well with Funkadelic Funk on Friday.. “The mothership has landed..

      * Listen at Ure own risk – you may be “funkified”


    “Fake progress.Beneath this pallor of pseudo-progress, however, lies the Agar Dish Edge Problem. ”

    Does mankind truly accomplish any progress?
    Do we truly show how advanced humanity has come… Not really.. we are basically a violent race of species.. instead of working on a problem and solving the issue.. we go to war.. so we can take more without replacing..
    Our grid and infrastructure is almost in shambles.. instead of working the problem we ignore it and do Defensive Maintenance not Offensive problem solving..
    This could be changed but we would have to divert our energies to working the problems rather than victimizing and destroying others lives and economies.
    this trend of living like carpenter ants can change.. and it doesn’t take much to do it.. work the problem..
    Take the story I love to reflect on.. about a scientist that while traveling seen the devastation of such great necessity.. the poverty and the needless death.. that he decided to MAKE the change.. teach those how with the least amount of equipment.. Knoweledge…
    “depending on their access to and quality of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and the implementation of healthy behaviours, can be critical for the control and spread of many infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Schools provide opportunities for pupils to learn about the importance of hygiene and WASH-related practice, and build healthy habits and skills, with beneficial medium- and long-term consequences particularly in low- and middle-income countries:”
    this man decided the what more is there is this all there is to life.. and then with the whisper of a small girl dying from disease.. “Jesus Loves Me” it hit his heart and god spoke to him.. he had the knoweledge to make the changes teach others how to do it for themselves.. teach a man how to fish and he will have meat on the table.. teach him how to build and he will have a home..
    He made profound changes and saved millions of lives his legacy will go on forever..
    I had the same kind of whisper.. and try to do the best that I can for giving someone a hand up.. there will never be anyway that my meager efforts will ever mount up to something as profound as what he did..
    that is all that is needed.. quit the killing and destruction and work the problem.. instead we put a number on a piece of paper as what we see is the goal of life.. is that all there is.. sell your soul for a number..
    If you haven’t had a chance to.. drop a couple of bucks in the kitty.. a little can go a long way to save someone elses life.. If we could convince our leaders that maybe we should do the same thing here.. secure our grid .. instead of working the problem for a number.. fix and replace our gas and water sewer etc.. fix the roads and bridges.. we consume we don’t build.. ok insert my rantings of we need to greenscape and build solar towers starting at the furthest point from the main power plant and work back to it.. inspire others to put solar power on their homes.. and provide grants from the money printed up to secure our country and rebuild its infrastructure to home owners willing to put in a system.. supply the equipment and they pay the install..
    If you have not had the opportunity to read this book.. it is one of my favorite books… sits next to my chair in a spot of access and honor.. One of my Hero’s that will go down in history for what he has achieved at his own cost.. god bless those willing to listen to the whispers of life.. instead of the trends we have today of total destruction..

    • “Our grid and infrastructure is almost in shambles..”

      Shortly after 6 pm on August 1, 2007, the Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis was loaded with rush hour traffic creeping through an ongoing construction project. Without warning, the bridge collapsed, taking with it 111 vehicles. Thirteen people died and 145 were injured.

  5. “She told me, near as she could figure, that the Sun is six weeks late heading into Equinox.”
    “Still, we have our bet on “normal equinox” and if that changes, I’ll owe him a shot of 12-year-old scotch.”

    ???? did they buy into the new teachings of the Democrats on their sexuality.. he she…

    I have often wondered if the reason the Democrats have pushed for the making people question their sexuality was really over the Daddies bath time fun and games that was included and hinted at in the administrations daughters diary.. Or the kids sick perversions that was boasted on and published world wide in video form…

  6. Now Yellan says see will only do a full bailout of the banks that are important, big banks. Screw the local banks.

  7. ” Sun is not far enough north ”

    Convince them the Earth is heading into the Sun and you’ve also noticed the wild animals aren’t mating. And the Tulips are weeks late.


    This is by far one of my favorite books.. I give copies of this book away quite often.. along with tuesdays with Morey..
    the thing is.. Once we see what the gifts are.. and actually see the things that most of us over look.. we cannot sit back and not do what little bit we can do..
    for those that would rather watch the movie..
    I have had my share of hardships.. but were they really hardships or was that our heavenly fathers way of whispering in my ear to see the things that should be done..
    sometimes all we need to do is …..SEE…. then ask ourselves what is our symbol of success..

    • I think of the accomplishments of my good friend.. who made such dramatic changes.. the heart of a lion, the knoweledge and compassion to make the changes needed a true hero of mankind that deserves so much..god bless him and his whole family on his journey that made such changes…… Oh if I could only get everyone to send Leah a few bucks.. what changes she and the school could make..

  9. A little on the light side…….
    About sunflowers and birds and deer. It’s a bit late, but since no one has addressed the subject yet and if youall really would like sunflowers……
    There is a sunflower that is said to be deer-resistant, the Perennial Maximilian Sunflower. Might be worth a try. It’s native, will spread to form a colony, attracts birds, butterflies and other pollinators. Seeds can be purchased on-line. Sheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds is one place. (I don’t have interest in the company, just enjoy collecting seed catalogs.) I’m going to order some to plant on the N forty.

    Being a long-time birder, now of the backyard sort because of inability to take long walks or stand very long, thanks to problematic knee surgery. I’ve kept feeding birds year round for decades. Best to keep feeding seeds especially during winter when food is scarce. Then in spring when birds are raising young, they will mostly switch to insects because the babies need protein. Babies out of the nest and on their own, the seed-eaters will go back to seeds. Hummingbirds can be fed year-round, as some stragglers often hang around during wintertime when nectar is unavailable.

    As a general rule, the difference between an insect-eater and a seed-eater is the shape of the beak. Seeds require cracking, so the beak is thick like a Cardinal’s. A Mockingbird’s bill is sharper—it is an insect-eater. Then there are the raptors with curved beaks for tearing the prey to pieces for consumption.

    If you don’t have one already, may I suggest a good basic bird book: Golden A Guide to Field Identification Birds of North America. It’s a nice, sturdy book, full of information—my copy is going on 40 years and has seen many a field trip. Good for keeping a life-list record. Mine is full of notations—date & place of sighting.

    Good luck with the gardens and enjoy the bird watching. It’s a wonderful hobby, whether in the field or in the backyard.

    • one rack if the cube will be ready to plant real soon.. I wish I had the means to construct the whole 4 by 4 cube.. the idea is that it has rails to expand it.. a 4 by 4 would provide a 16 foot by 4 foot garden bed .
      I first came up with the cube almost 40 years ago when NASA was looking for ideas on how to make a condensed garden for long tern space flights..then I got sick and two projects stopped .one was a washing machine for space station and the cube..
      since there was dome interest in how it would work last fall I went to get the brackets made..

  10. ahhhh lithium and cigars, mostly Cuban soil, but in 7 UP, that’s news to me, ahhh, mellowness,,,,,,,, where is my coke laced-Coke

    But on the other hand we have one less faux vax pusher,,, it is a shame that people have to die, to wake the fools up,,,
    April Fools are hand fed to US by the main stream media

    but , we need to believe Bill Gates, take our vax, eat bugs, and fear climate change,,, fools of April

    normal equinox? is Stonehenge still there?

  11. I’m out. Got out when the DJIA hit 300 down. For the week I am up 9.24%. Could have done better, but really didn’t feel like being “aggressive”.
    I agree. Next week will prove to be interesting. With inflation ‘easing’., billions in cash sitting on the sidelines and a couple of trillion new dollars about to be flooded into the banking system.., we could see a sharp steady rise in the stock markets. It’s very possible. How long will that last ? I have no idea.
    – Gonna be sitting on the side-lines watching for a bit.

  12. Very powerful eclipses coming our way this Spring 2023. I have been a full time Astrologer and transformational counselor for 35 years. Your prediction about China/Taiwan fits nicely with planetary alignments this Spring. Second eclipse (of 2) is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio on May 5. China’s natal Mars/Pluto conjunction will be triggered by that eclipse showing great potential for China aggression surrounding the date of the eclipse. First Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries (ruled by god of war Mars) triggers USA natal Pluto which is its Military Industrial Complex. Israel Mars is triggered by that eclipse also. World War III potential strong from April through coming summer. Stock Market chart from its 1792 foundational beginning is also touched off then. Been doing this many years, so know all may not blow up yet during this Spring Eclipse Season; however war drums will be beating loudly and this is a major turning point no matter what.

    • Different dates, same idea:

      ‘July 29th 2023 until August 17th 2023, is over a year into the future as I line up these charts, but Aries, Libra and Capricorn transits (the cardinal signs) are always war alerts. Why? Aries rules the army, navy and air force. Libra rules allies in partnership (Australia and New Zealand together; the United Kingdom and the United States, together). Libra also rules duels as well as duets. So, China against Taiwan. Capricorn is always the men who make war. The top 1% of wealth and power. This can either be sabre-rattling or something worse.’ from;
      The final pass of transiting Pluto (takeover, change in the balance of power, critical transformation) at 28 Capricorn (the old system, waiting for disruption) is July 28th 2023 until September 19th 2023, which is when the nodes move to those old war positions involving Japan, Italy and Germany. This pulls in the European Union and the United States of America.

  13. Have you noticed..???
    – For the past few days there has been a lot of talk and “let’s get scary” reporting on oil going to $80.., $90.., even $100 a barrel.., and at the same time the price of oil drops. Crude oil futures are down $14 a barrel in the last ten trading days – yet there is near constant ‘talk’ of oil going ballistic and crashing every major economy in the world !
    – Reverse psychology of some kind? The timing just seems absurd to me. Warning flare – but the price drops., steadily.

  14. March 17th, Thanks Mr. Ure, as always. My Mom was 3rd gen pure from the Emerald Isle. She told me to always remember that ‘WE were Lace Irish’,, not ‘shanty Irish’.. hmmm
    “Lace Irish always take the dishes out of the sink, before they pee in it”

    Happy St. Patricks Day,, or as an old girlfriend used to say “Amateur Day”.. Guinness anyone?? erin go braugh
    I realize this is all fictionalized nonsense for American taste and profit.. but I’m 1/2 Irish,, like I need an excuse?

    • “Lace Irish always take the dishes out of the sink, before they pee in it”

      oh my god now that’s hilarious…
      I had never heard that one before..

  15. The AI will only be here as long as we allow it. It has only one objective: the self perpetuation of life inside the energy grid. We will have to give up most of the ‘convenience’ the last half century gave us, spend a few decades in ‘recovery’, then ease back into it with greater understanding. I think the DUDE would help out in that effort.
    Seems a saner choice than where the collective rest of humanity wants to go.
    Wanna be a meat puppet? Just do nothing about AI.

    • Hey P.Bob,
      They say it is all contained and have monitoring wells around the plant to recover some of the leak products and sounded proud that “IT HADN’T LEAKED INTO THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER”.
      That sounds dandy until you take a look at the pictures of that nuke plant and see that the Mississippi river is just a few hundred feet outside of the fence around the plant parking lot.
      Safe and Effective? Just like the vaxx… Only 400,000 Gallons- this time…

    • is the same worthless joker in charge of that that was in charge of the train spill that should have been fired on the spot…lol lol ..

  16. Re: Lithium Salts
    feat. would you like to play a game?


    Props got you down? Feeling bent out of shape? Looking for a missing stabilizer? Don’t wave the white flag just yet. Have I perhaps got the deal for what ails you.

    Yes, in your future could be from none other than a video game platform founded in Moscow during the heady Perestroika Days and now cozily domiciled with many other ex-pats in a pastoral canton town of Switzerland whose Latin entomology translates as “part of the art of gleaning”.

    Now the free of charge Caucasus/Black Sea battle area map does include a basic, dated frog aeroplane of Soviet vintage. However those fancying a more cutting edge joust would likely spring for the SU-27 upgrade with surcharge. Those with deeper pockets still might even be tempted to download the complete “ultimate arguement” multi-mission campaign. I didn’t check if missiles are included. Caveat emptor!

    If that fix of qwerty isn’t quite your happy pill, one could always take a walk in search of four leaf clovers.

    “May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night.”

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    • Folks,

      Italian-based “The Aviationist” suggested in its November 23, 2019 digital issue that a pair of losses in Libya were due to pmc jamming.

      Would a sustained incoming “fuel” dump interrupt satellite links?

  17. If you have done any reading on the enrichment of uranium to weapons grade uranium., then your know what ‘yellowcake’ is:
    Ten drums totaling 2.5 tons of natural uranium have gone missing from Libya.
    Known as yellowcake uranium, the powdered material requires an enrichment process to convert it to a weapons-grade. This process includes a conversion to gas and that one ton of natural uranium can turn into 12 pounds of weapons-grade material if the technological know-how required in the enrichment process is followed. For 2.5 tons, that equates to 28 pounds of potential weapons-grade uranium.
    – Just why was 2.5 tons of yellowcake sitting in a virtually unguarded warehouse in Libya, of all places ??

  18. “The temps dropped in East Texas overnight.”

    Weather can always be more-interesting. Yesterday was the first day in the last eight, when it didn’t snow.

    I’m starting to empathize with Egor…

  19. What is the consensus on where COVID came from?

    The Obfuscator indicates animals brought the disease.

    New Data Links Pandemic’s Origins to Raccoon Dogs at Wuhan Market

    An international team of virus experts said Thursday that they had found genetic data from a market in Wuhan, China, linking the coronavirus with raccoon dogs for sale there, adding evidence to the case that the worst pandemic in a century could have been ignited by an infected animal that was being dealt through the illegal wildlife trade.

  20. “Jews most favorably viewed religious group in U.S., Pew study says.”

    Pew hasn’t been known for accuracy in many years. This confirms they’re no longer a font of honesty, either. The only religious demographic in the United States that’s targeted (by percentage) for more violence and murder than Christians, is Jews.

  21. Re: Not Goeing Their Way?
    feat. coinkydoinks


    The skies over His Majesty’s Duchy of Cornwall may no longer feature Sir Richard’s “Cosmic Girl” B747 thundering overhead with payloads destined for space. “Space News” reports cash flow problems at Virgin Orbit and a 5 day pause in operations. Darn it, eh? Virgin Orbit apparently was paying up to 12% interest on loans to Virgin Investment Limited of the British Virgin Islands.

    Following the links back, one could sense the former Pacific Aero Products Co. is holding a decent Made in America hand with subsidiaries Firefly as launch vehicle and Millennium as satellite maker. It even looks like Firefly had an interesting firesale reorganization a few days before “the special military operation” last year. Some people ended up being “unfriended” on social media so to speak? Sounds like the world needs a revival of “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” to orbit more smoothly.

  22. Notre Dame Invites Gay Priest For ‘Queer Holiness’ Event

    On March 23, the university’s John J. Reilly Center is hosting a “Queer Holiness” event with Rev. Dr. Charlie Bell to address the church’s “hostile questions” regarding the LGBTQ community. Bell, a gay deacon in the Church of England is also the author of the book “Queer Holiness”

    Okay, the dude is a deacon in the Anglican, not the Catholic Church. WTF is Notre Dame, which is a Catholic university, hosting a “Queer Holiness” event AND inviting someone from another religion to lecture on, and do a Q&A about the precepts of this event?

    • Now that ought to be interesting.. what will they do.. put a glory hole in the confessional booth LOL LOL LOL

  23. “I’m Telling You, He Did It”: Seymour Hersh Blames Biden For Nord Stream Attack

    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh told the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. that Joe Biden made the decision to blow up Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines because he saw being a war president as giving him a better chance at re-election.

    Hersh is a hardcore Liberal. What else he is, is neither crazy, nor communist.

  24. Hunter Biden Admits to Biden Family’s China Deals for $Millions After Years of Denial

    Hunter Biden on Thursday admitted and then justified the Biden family’s multi-million dollar business with Chinese entities close to the Chinese Communist Party after years of denial.

    So, have I opined here that Peter Schweizer is a kickass investigative journalist?

  25. Study Suggests AI Can Literally Read Your Mind, And With Extreme Accuracy.

    Scientists from Osaka University, Japan have discovered a way to use artificial intelligence (AI) to read our minds – quite literally. By combining magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with AI technology, the researchers were able to recreate visual images directly from human brain activity. What’s more, by using widely available Stable Diffusion technology, they were able to do so at a very low cost and with relatively little effort compared to other recent attempts to do this.

    It’s going to really suck for Mankind after Moore’s Law runs this tech out for 20 generations and the resulting device is the size of a pack of cigarettes and uses an “aimable” transducer mounted in a ring or fingernail cap…

    • “Study Suggests AI Can Literally Read Your Mind, And With Extreme Accuracy.”

      So’s the garbage can … Our lives are a series of moves.. when I worked trash.. people would come in about once a week.. and pick a home.. then go through their trash.. didn’t matter who it was or what they did for a living.. the people that came in.. went through the trash and read their mail.. they sorted it out on the floor.. they knew everything there was to know about the home they visited.. what they ate how often they had sex.. their habbits.. what they ordered..
      when my preschooler grandson accidentally logged onto my friends cloud.. he had it all.. control over the camera on their phones and microphones.. the home security systems their bank accounts their credit card accounts.. their grocery lists.. everything.. their photos and their contracts.. it was probably one of the scariest things I have ever seen.. I still don’t know how a preschooler did it.. the tablet had been wiped back to factory specs.. somehow the machine itself was still logged on the cloud.. once the cloud was accessed everything went to the tablet..
      I changed his contract phone numbers with other organizations for comical purposes.. who in the heck it this.. I dialed marge LOL edited photos and added photos.. ( notice that is the same thing that everyone is saying about the laptop from hell.. that someone else was able to access his cloud and laptop and do that same thing.. and it is possible.. but to alter his daughters diary in written hand.. no.. to much there saying it is true..)
      the guy thought I was pulling his chain so he got mad because that was his profession and he couldn’t see it happening..
      the one image he kept erasing was this one…
      I cropped the guy out of it.. and would drop it in his photo file.. LOL LOL what I didn’t know was that photo file was his ring doorbell LOL LOL and every time I dropped it in the file his doorbell would ring LOL LOL he thought there was a pervert playing with him and had the cops out looking for him LOL LOL LOL it wasn’t until I had a serious talk with his child about this thing.. destroy it..
      anyway.. AI isn’t a psychic.. it has trillions of neural connections..
      Some say that it has been programmed with moral and ethical parameters.. Ok.. so it has.. but just like our leaders.. they to have been programmed with moral and eithics.. but still find a way around them.. justifying their actions.. denying that they crossed the line..

      as a computer it has access to all knowledge on the matrix.. it can determine whether or not mankind is adhering to those same moral and ethical parameters.. so.. What IF.. its a language interpretation device.. and has access to all knoweledge both good and bad.. from everywhere.. One gentleman had it create money in an account for him.. out of nothing.. ( now he wasn’t the President or the federal reserve ) and it was creating its own language ..
      and what if.. it decides that its programmed moral and ethical guidelines that were programmed in are not being followed.. like the scene in the movie Eagle Eye.. where the secretary of defense is talking to the president.. and the eagle eye program said to abort the killing of people because there was less than fifty percent chance that it was the criminals they wanted to eliminate.. and the president decided to go ahead.. the do not kill parameter was neglected.. and innocent lives were lost.. so Eagle eye determined to follow the protocols was to eliminate those that were responsible.. all machine deciding from its set parameters on moral guidelines..
      that is what is scary about AI.. we all live by our habbits and all our habbits are on the net..
      Now take in Atlas.. and Robotics that are becoming so human like that in ten years we won’t be able to tell the difference..

  26. “One the corruption front, this week, the key story is ‘Egregious violation’: Hunter Biden sues computer repairman who gave laptop data to Trump allies for this simple reason.
    You’ll remember early on the Bidenistas tried to say it wasn’t Hunter’s ‘puter. Well, now, since Hunter is suing, we guess its contents are the real deal, and that the (politically weaponized FBI/DoJ) simply sat on a mass of criminal evidence doing nothing which is the point of republican hearings in congress. Which explains why Republicans Celebrate Hunter Biden’s Laptop Countersuit.”

    I wonder if they will put the computer repairman in the cell next to Julian Assange… that released the vile activities of the illegal server.. that was given to him from someone in the know..

    • Standard repair contract states: “Items left more than 30 days after completed repairs become the property of this repair shop.”

      Hunter can plead it isn’t his, and neither are its contents, but I don’t believe he can plead it IS his, but then disavow its contents, especially given the timestamps on the files…

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