Bitcoin and Other Turkey Table Talk

Since we haven’t been invited over to your place for Thanksgiving, we will be spending most of the day in the studio here working on the “time machine” project.  A bit of “personal woo” on that in a second.

Since you won’t have Elaine or me sitting around to prompt you, here’s a short list of conversation kicker-offer’s for the Thursday table.  (Sure, print it out and bring it along…)

  • “I think, Bitcoin will collapse in 2020.”

I don’t know if you noticed it, but this weekend it was down into the $6,800 range.  Although it has clawed it’s wave (barely) over $7,000 earlier today, it sure has the look of a soon-to-complete “dead cat bounce.”

  • “I think the market is due for a decline of 5% before going to the end of the run in either January (mid month) 2020 or in the May 2020 range…”

You can see why this isn’t just cockamamie ramblings here:

Those other lines include the 17 day moving average, the 50, and the 85-day average.  The latter being the shortest one, middle-right.

Dow futures were up about 73 when checked earlier.  We will know shortly how much gasoline the NY Fed Repo Depot will throw into the Blow Off Top.

On to the table planning:

  • “The plot to oust Trump will last forever…”

Yeah… latest “shocker” is Emails reveal effort to find justification for Ukraine military aid freeze. Well, except for one thing:  It’s the President’s Job to conduct foreign policy and except for a little executive maneuvering – which all execs in the real world have – who gives a rat’s bottom?

There’s a Deep State in the State Department and the blue bloods who are better than we peons have staged a successful coup that’s been running America on Autopilot and look what it’s gotten us!

  • “Climate change is crap.”

We were (when temps really did go up) in a Modern Maximum.  However, we’re now in a Modern Minimum.  And you better pray that the Sun heats up, or we will all be eating Soylent Green.  Supporting data in Millions of holiday travelers facing weather warnings, though not one of the fund-raising climateer;s will be able to connect the dots.  Just too obvious, I ‘spose.

  • “We’re doing Instant Thanksgiving this year…”

Sure.  Who cares for the two or three days a year when processed food sneaks into the house?  Got a 12 pound “freezer to oven” turkey ready.  Frozen whole kernel corn.  Stove Top Turkey stuffing.  And for dessert?  Whatever looks good on streaming.

  • “I bet you didn’t know the GOP got its beginning as an abolitionist party…”

My (our really) consigliere explained over cocktails Saturday that the main supporter of the GOP in its formative stage (1800’s) was the railroads.   What people don’t realize is that railroads brought in huge numbers of immigrants (Irish and Chinese and other groups) and they wanted to ensure they would blend into a harmonious country.  Oh, sure, and keep those 10-mile wide rights of way that ensured rail fortunes…

These are just a few “table topics” – if you’d like to add to this list, there’s a million of them…so post a comment.

Stuff and Such

Just because we have short columns this week doesn’t mean we’re any less oblivious than usual to “real life.”

If the smell of turkey and stuffing doesn’t set off “the munchies” check Marijuana Business Daily Marijuana reform legislation.   They also have a podcast over here.  (We also wondered about their site’s “cookie policy” – because in that line of business you just know what our cookies would have in them…)

Another day, another hat. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg enters 2020 presidential race.  His age may work against him, though I’d bet on Mike over Bernie in the next senior marathon – which this promises to be.  Fittingly, the good part of the NY Times, their Biz section’s DealBook: Will It Be Billionaire vs. Billionaire in the 2020 Election?

Life in a “worker’s paradise:” Moscow Deputy Asks Putin to Block Homeless Shelter.

Shades of long-ago Seattle car dealer Dick Balch, we see how Elon Musk Tweets That Tesla Already Has 200,000 Cybertruck Orders—Breakable ‘Armor Glass’ and All.

Whose name on the checks?  Since both offer brokerage accounts with checking….Charles Schwab to buy TD Ameritrade for $26 billion.

Got your VDA’s fired up? Virtual Digital Assistant Use Cases Expand in the Enterprise Sector, Driving Software Revenue to $8.9 Billion in 2025, According to Tractica.

Around The Ranch, Some Woo

History, economic long waves, and installing the delay-line for the audio-based “time busting” experiments today.  Where to begin?

Consigliere and I changed out two carbs on power equipment Sunday and got about half the leaves off the yard.  Lawyers don’t seem to get enough “shop time.”  Not sure if he can claim mastery of Poulan carbs for continuing ed credits with the Bar, though it’d be nice.

Already this morning we’ve been discussing the similarities between Trump’s use of Tweets and the Roosevelt fire-side chats.  Both “jumped over the MSM” and resulted in press hatred.

Had a nice email from the world’s top expert in sound recording/sampling.  (Hint: Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 and Garritan World Instruments) and he was kind enough to pass on a couple of additional “reality bending” sources I hadn’t seen yet…

The woo part?  Well, it’s like this in my life rather often:  I will spend some amount of time in research, getting parts, and all that and yet there’s just  something in the gut that says “Time is not right, yet…”

Then (almost like signs and portents) a curiously-timed (sync-wink, perhaps) from the Universe says “OK.  NOW the time is auspicious… ”  And so, the email arrival today and additional research ideas, it was easily taken as an indication of “auspiciousness” of the plan…so we move forward…

But, like an army, we move on our stomachs…so off to chow and then into what lurks for Monday.  Bailey’s & cinnamon French toast with a slab of center cut bacon….we suffer greatly here in the woods.

Fed Repo Depot only laid on $68-billion in the one days, so not too much bubbly, at least just yet…

Write when you get rich,

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33 thoughts on “Bitcoin and Other Turkey Table Talk”

  1. I apologize to George and the rest of the peanuts in the gallery for this. But speaking of Bitcoin, we are T-minus 13 months and counting until John McAfee eats his own dick on national television if Bitcoins are not worth at least $500,000 each by the end of 2020. Thankfully, Mr. McAfee has well over a year to start getting limbered up.

    • “John McAfee eats his own dick”

      Married man with kids ..I am sure……taking YOGA lessons at the YMCA

      any male in the USA knows that after you get married there are definite changes in store for you….
      there will come a day where you have had a hard day at work.. the wife has had a hard day at work and was up all night with a child with an ear ache.. he comes home and snuggles up real close to the honey.. and says.. babe.. why don’t you do that thing you do that drives me wild..
      which is where she says.. You know they are giving YOGA lessons at the Y…
      Yoga.. YES.. because if you want to do that thing you enjoy so much.. your gonna have to learn how to do it yourself.. LOL LOL LOL LOL

      that is why you always marry not for love but your friend.. The love flames dwindles in time.. but in a friendship they know all about you your faults pluss’s and minuses and still accepts you for yourself..

    • he said he would find a surgeon who could just remove a little cell off at a time and john would eat it . if it came down to that , like every magician ,the trick lies somewhere in the he would still have his membership in his member for the rest of his life while remembering how he ate his way out of that bet . lol

  2. Happy turkey week to everyone.

    Not that I think anyone missed me, but my recent silence has been because the missus and I have been in the process of relocating our household halfway across the country for the past week +. I expect the movers to arrive with our household goods either today or tomorrow. So, needless to say, that our free time has been non-existent and will continue along that trend through Turkey Day. I’m going back to work today to take a break!

    I suspect that world events have and will continue to unfold as scripted, George will continue his excellent efforts here and that the “M Squad” (Mike, Mark, etc) will continue their efforts on behalf of our global masters.

    My last note is that for those of us on diets should, on Turkey Day, consider one of my loose rules of living….everything in moderation, including moderation.

  3. “There’s a Deep State in the State Department”

    could it be.. that there maybe had been some money filtering going on… deep state.. we already know they will destroy any country and their population that says no to them… using the resources of someone else or the country they are destroying..the profits from such an endeavor could be emense .. could the Trump witch trials be because he is getting to close to uncovering corruption at the top levels of govt. exposing them to everyone.
    we already know how fast material vanishes once they decide to cover up vast corruption by major members with ultimate power…. what an interesting concept..

    Boneapetits on your thanksgiving meal.. We cut out thanksgiving dinner this year.. usually the big meal we have costs between three and six hundred dollars give or take.. to cut costs we decided to have oven roasted chicken and no one is invited..

      • Thanks Joe.. may your thanks giving be full of love laughter and friendship.. Eat plenty and enjoy the comfort of those you love around you..

        As Danielle Duckery once wrote….“Thanksgiving is a time to give, a time to love, and a time to reflect on the things that matter most in life.”

        May everyone of you.. have a very blessed Holiday..

  4. Wow George. Bitcoin, Climate Change and Tesla all in one post today. Let’s see how many passionate regulars that post here you end up triggering.

  5. Friday my much better half was searching for everything
    bagel seasoning. So we stopped at Walmart by Purdue.
    Going in the main hall was a large one-way gate with a woman
    to buzz you in. I asked her what it was for.
    She said it was to keep people from grabbing stuff and running
    out the door.
    So if it is this bad now, what is the future ?

  6. George

    “spending most of the day in the studio here working on the “time machine” project.”

    Have you figured out how to power your time machine once it arrives in a different time?

    If it carries it’s own power source could that source be drained or extinguished by the process of time travel outside of the normal time stream?

    You could end up with a one way trip if Nature does not allow for your power source to carry through time. Could that also apply to biologacal systems?

    • We will make that Zeuss’ problem. No humans go it in…just some test equipment… If we can move time and/or light speeds, then we will move on to the next level, lol…

  7. CJ, I know little about the future of bitcoin, I am with George and have written about it here…it’s not Climate Change, it’s about Air Quality Plain and Simple!

    And…Elon Musk is right…pre-orders on that truck are off the charts. Yes, it’s not your normal looking truck and that is why people are excited… I like people and companies that are always trying to change the paradigm. It seems 200,000 people feel the same way. Musk lives by the same mantra that I do… If you live in the past, you’ll have no chance to better the future. This is why I just can’t come to grips with Trump. His own slogan is a testament to mediocrity, stupidity and falsehoods. MAGA is about dialing back, isolation, separation, condemnation and not moving forward.

    Speaking of falsehoods, I also want to give holiday thanks to Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth of Sunday night football for telling the truth and putting to rest the lies that Fox News and other idiotic conservatives like to report about the demise of San Francisco. This is still without a doubt the nation’s and one of the world’s most beautiful, most economically robust and technologically superior cities.. Al Michaels said so many times. Of course, living in the state, he comes here a lot, so he knows the truth. It’s the humyuks that never make it out of their County that like to throw shade on our picturesque region. They only know what they know…and it seems like it ain’t much. I’d be happy to be anybody’s tour guide and show you myself.

    BTW, Niners gave local boy Aaron Rogers a horrible coming home party and the worst game stats of his career. Defense! SF, the city of Champions this decade (3 World Series championships, 3 NBA titles, one Super Bowl and 1 Stanley cup final appearance) are trying to add to the list of winners. They played like the best team in NFL right now. Sorry, but I am a huge sports fan and come from a family of athletes, so when local teams do well…I get overly excited.

    • M,

      I agree about breaking away from current designs.

      The pre-ordering of trucks is a free “option” using a credit card. Reserve a truck, if they start moving like hot cakes, buy the truck or sell your option.

      If the truck doesn’t move, ask for a refund. Zero cost.

    • Mark, Fox News competes in a free and open market. People are free to choose to watch or not watch them. With that in mind, Fox News is the number one rated cable news network and the number one basic cable channel. They have 4 of the top 5 and 7 of the top 10 cable news shows. I submit to you that if they are as you claim so full of lies, deceit and propaganda, they would be hemoraging viewership and their shows much lower rated, like CNN, whose highest rated show is Chris Cuomo in the mid twenties. Also, what exactly is Fox News’ motivation to target and defame San Fransico again? But we get it, you were in marketing for several years before moving into the high end Bay Area real estate market. Your livliehood depends on keeping up that Bay Area Brand. Can’t have less than positive reporting on your brand now can we?
      As for Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth, they were guests of the city. Do you really expect me to believe they would say anything bad about their hosts? They always have something wonderful to say about whatever city they are in to cover a game.
      But please, you are certainly welcome to take your victory lap from the Monday Night Game. The 49ers walloped Green Bay, no question.

      • Fox is number One because they are the only conservative network. They have no competition in that area. That said…They have fewer viewers and audience rating of the combo of MSNBC and CNN which have 2.569 million viewers in prime time and Fox has 2.431 million viewers according the the latest ratings. Add NBC/ABC and CBS to that and Fox gets crushed. .

    • Garoppolo is pretty good. Notice one thing he (and Brissett at Indy) learned from Tom Brady is that damn’ 1.2 second drop, which makes ’em nearly impossible to sack?

      If they can keep their defense intact, they have a shot. Garoppolo is still on his “honeymoon” — opposing DCs haven’t figured him out. Once they do, he’ll have to become great for SF to even win its division. They beat the Packers, not by outscoring them, but by shutting Rogers down and causing a panic. Next game will be interesting. I might even watch a little of it (doubtful.) Payton and Brees won’t panic…

      • The Ravens are the biggest challenge next week. Their defense is as good as the. Niners and Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson is the real deal. Should be a great game!

      • Duh! Shows I don’t follow the NFL as much as I did before they became politicized. Ravens will win, but they won’t break 45.

        I’m not convinced Jackson is for real, and if he convinces me, I may start believing he’s a cyborg. Bear in-mind he’s still on his “honeymoon,” too.

  8. Speaking of T-Day convo.

    Have you posters heard of “Poshmark” – buy and sell used fashion.

    I’ll post two commercials below.

    The first ad proclaims a “Deal of a lifetime”. The buyer bought a pair of shoes that retail over $700.00 for $100.00.

    In the second ad, a seller brags about making $5,000 “in the last month” selling her used clothes.

    In the first ad we learned that the return on a $700.00 item is $100.00. (14% MSRP).

    Using their ratio, to recapture 5 grand at 14% MSRP return mentioned in the second commercial, the seller had to sell around $35,000 worth of used clothing.

    About Poshmark TV Commercial, ‘The Deal of a Lifetime’

    Karis says she got the deal of a lifetime on Poshmark when she found a pair of barely-worn Louboutin heels for $100 — she would have paid over $700 for them in a store!

    About Poshmark TV Commercial, ‘Vanessa’

    Vanessa has made over $5,000 in the last month using Poshmark.

  9. ““Climate change is crap.””

    My tack this year is to ask the Gorical of Al lemmings whether carbon dioxide is a problem, then educate them to the fact that it is nearly to the point where plants will begin asphyxiating, and should be more than 10x higher than it is, if flora (and fauna, since we can’t survive without the oxygen plants exhale, which they can’t exhale, unless they have sufficient carbon dioxide to inhale) is to survive.

    Maybe logic will work, where data has failed…

      • They’re not a wall, Hank. They are religious fanatics.

        Perhaps if I don’t dis or denigrate their religion in any way, I may be able to score a “left-field” point: CO2 is ~.005% of the atmosphere — a density of from 50ppm to 170ppm depending on where it’s measured. The botanical ideal is for it to be between 2325 and 2389ppm. This is the point at which greenery is happiest, greenest, most-prolific WRT both growth and reproduction, and the point at which it produces the most oxygen.

        I’m thinkin’ my lead-in will be to ask if they’d like to run a marathon on top of Mt. McKinley (NB: it’s now, Mt. Denali), before I tell them that is what every bush, tree, and blade of grass on Earth is doing now…

    • Silly question Ray…..

      In consideration to my hydroponics…I had beautiful plants but very little fruit.. a million blossums..
      The chemistry looked good..

      Do you have any ideas on what I was doing wrong?

      I barely got twenty pounds of potatoes where my normal crop is around three hundred..

      • Just a guess… It appears you had a breeding issue, either poor pollination, or you were growing sexed plants and didn’t have both sexes readily available.

    • I’m convinced that we need to be measuring O2 levels rather than CO2 levels. Everything we do uses free oxygen and combines it with something – usually carbon. If we sequester the carbon, we’re sequestering the oxygen! Part of the problem is that to be meaningful, we need to measure O2 to more significant figures than CO2.

      I agree that especially in view of the current global cooling trend, a higher level of CO2 is in the best interest of the world. High CO2 will cause people to feel winded and breathe deeply, low CO2 will cause them to just keel over and die if they have no oxygen. The body responds to CO2 at the neural level, not O2. Plants certainly need CO2 to grow and make both sugars and oxygen. I won’t speak to the ideal levels, but apparently there was much more CO2 free in the atmosphere back in the days of the dinosaurs.

      • NM Mike-

        I am in total agreement with your comments.

        I remember reading years ago (no longer on the internet) that when the dinosaurs were here, the CO2 levels were about 7,200 ppm and the O2 levels were about 50% higher than the present at 32% (20.9% today).

        The very small increases in CO2 to about 400 ppm is already resulting in the greening of the deserts.

      • Besides the fact it is a way to instill a global tax and global control on everyone who breathes or owns live animals, the other thing the climate crooks and their bought-off “scientists” (not defined as “people of integrity who believe in the scientific method” but instead, defined as “people who prostitute themselves to the highest bidder”) won’t tell anyone is: The planet is happiest when the nitrogen:oxygen ratio is lower than it is now, and that ratio changes for the good with the addition of carbon dioxide. In fact, a very small change in CO2 creates a significant change in the N:O ratio, and a significant increase in the percentage of free oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere.

  10. I just got a nice gift.. my reading list for today was originally going to be the lightkeepers by abbey geni and the death of Rex Nhongo by .. then an old acquaintance stopped by for coffee.. academic type teaches etc.. anyway he says you just have to read this book..its sort of like the hab theory a science facticion book. Now I’m not really into fiction just periodically ( even though I read the crap congress puts out pure fiction there).. it looks interesting and entertaining wont take long to slip through it it’s only a couple hundred pages.. the title is the empire beneath the ice by Stephen Quayle..
    I haven’t read it before but have read a considerable amount of the history of what it is about.. so it should be entertaining none the less..

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