Bank Runs, SVB – The Media IS the Message

While musing on the tragedy of Silicon Valley Bank, we were reminded by our consigliere today that indeed, the Media is the Message.

As this clip on YouTube shows the problems of SPB; not SVB – but close enough…

Sort of the same plot, don’tcha think? South Park Bank musta been channeling the future.

Well, back to work…before it’s all gone.

(We assume you’ve seen the equally prescient ChatGPT episode about A.I.?)

31 thoughts on “Bank Runs, SVB – The Media IS the Message”

  1. been considering many things. many nee data points. one surfaced as it relates to my old avatar on the web not forum.

    the Monad, has shown it’s face quite a few times last few days. which is not a symbol you normally see every day.

    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, (1646–1716), in hi thesis on
    preestablished harmony: Gofffried states as follows,”among monads (infinitesimal psychophysical entities), where no true causality exists. When a change occurs within a single monad, every other monad in the universe spontaneously reflects this change inasmuch as God, in a single creative act at the beginning of time, synchronized the universe by establishing once and for all a harmony between all monads. The doctrine implies that there are no genuine causal interactions between mind and body.”

    now, this is the time line and chain of events leading up to where I had physical became a material representation of the Monad.

    shortly after my 12th NDE, I arrived at Palm Desert California to check into the Betty Ford. at the same exact time i crossed into the city limits of Palm Desert California, Donald J. Trump the Current sitting US President landed at the Palm Springs Airport.

    2 months to the day after I Checked out of the Betty Ford at 4am I was at a gas station and I heard a female voice whisper on the wind and say, “Go to the Hopi Indian Rez.” I didn’t even know where it was at. I’d never been there before. i shook the thought and voice from my mind. I went in side to get a couple packs of smokes and a coffee. I heard it again, a female Voice, “you must go now, to the Hopi Indian Rez.” I asked the lady behind the counter, did you say something? she said no sir. I shook the thought and voice again off of me. paid for my smokes and gas. went out and hung up the gas nosel. got in my car. and again the Femal Voice said, “Go Now! Go to the Hopi Rez! you must go now!”

    so I looked it up, it over 900 miles away. I thought the Pandemic just got rolling and everyone was ordered to shelter in place. I’m not driving 900 miles because I heard some female voice on the wind tell me too. especially since we were all just told to shelter in place.

    I started my car and started driving back to my condo. I lit up a cigarette and it was loud this time, “You Must Go to the Hopi Indian Rezurvation. Now!” so i said okay fuck it I will go.

    I drove over 900 miles there. through Death Valley. when I got there, there was a Shaman guy who also drove over 900 miles coming from the east coast. he arrived 20 minutes before me. he heard the same female voice on the wind.

    fyi: when I talk about the jedi, unless it’s directed to a single person, the Hopi are the Jedi. the oldest tribe in the north and south American continent. maybe the world. their records go back before the ice age, back to the dinosaurs.

    we sat and talked. neither of us had ever met before. neither of us had heard the female voice before. neither of has had ever been to the hopi rez before. and neither of us knew why we were there. nobody was around. so we sat and smoked. I said what do we do. he hung a buck dear skull on the tree beside us. after he did that, the place came alive and we seen alot of people drive by in cars slow down and look at the two white dudes sitting there, not knowing why.

    I said what do I do? he said do what you feel you should do. it was very windy and cold. I went and got a blanket out of my car and wrapped it around me.

    and I went and walked around. I saw this big rock with a spiral engraved on it. below the spiral had a man engraved below the spiral outside of it and a man at the very center of the spiral.

    he stayed back there, got out his drum and started beating it. it was a cloudy day. so I looked at the spiral rock for a while. it looked very very old.

    Close to the spiral rock is a water well, like an old well. but it’s filled with dirt. not water. I walked around it several times and then I thought. I’m going to climb up in it. so I got up there and stood in the center of it. I looked to the sky and the wind blew my purple blanket with gold words written on it like hope and health and love and kindness and comfort and peace blew like a cape in the wind behind me as I stood there.

    I looked up to the sky and closed my eyes and said OK I’m here. you said to come Here. I’m here. what am I supposed to do here?

    the clouds parted and the sun shined right down on me where I stood. I could feel it’s warmth on my face. then I opened my eyes and the clouds came over the sun and I got out of the well.

    I looked back in and the numbers 11 11 were in the middle of the well. because I was wearing chuck Taylor tennis shoes and I wear a size 11.

    I went back over to the Shaman dude and then a hopi dude in a silver truck stopped and said I had to move my car over where we were at because I couldn’t park there it was sacred spot. I said oh okay. he asked why we were there and we told him we both heard a voice and came here. had no idea why we were there. then he tried to sell me a blue Kachina doll. I laughed and said, you think I heard a lady’s voice on the wind call me to drive over 900 miles to come buy a souvenir doll? if so, that is one hell of a marketing plan you got there kemosabi. he laughed, and said probably not. the Shaman said can we talk to your elders. he said I will check. be right back.

    I said that was pretty cool dude. did you see the clouds part and the sunshine down on me over there? he said how could you miss it? he said everyone did. look. and I saw lots of cars driving by and off in the distance they were beating drums and making Indian songs.

    we sat there an hour. nobody came back to us. so I said well, I got a long drive back home. hope I did what I was supposed to do. the Shaman said, you know all the world’s churches and house of worship are closed today because of that covid thing. nobody is going to church. I said yeah weird eh? he said very. only one people are meeting today to have ceremony. I said who? he said listen. and I heard the drums beating down the road and people singing. lots more cars drove by and I got the Shamans number and left.

    I know the exact date. 04/01/2020

    ->>>>> It didn’t occur to me until I was seeing all these monad symbols which is the symbol of God, that when I stood that day in what I now know is what the Hopi Indians consider “the center of the universe” and that no person has stood there for thousands upon thousands of years, I made a living example of the Monad Symbol. I didn’t realize that until last night when I was the door man at MOPOP which used to be called the EMP. (experience music project) and the total head count for last night’s private party was 369..
    and a man came by me dropped his phone and he had an e book he was reading and it switched pages when he picked it up and there was the symbol of the Monad on it. and in the last few days, I’ve seen that symbol alot lately. among many things.

    the circle with the dot in the center. also the Alchemy symbol for Gold and the Sacred Geometry symbol for the sun.

    and me, I made that symbol wearing a purple blanket like cape in the wind, inside a very very old looking well, with gold writing on it, and the clouds parting and the sun shining down.

    also it trips me out that my clean and sober anniversary is 02/11/2020. and when I stood in the center of the universe I left two foot prints, of 11. and 2020 is perfect vision.

    and on 11/11/22 I had 33 months sober. like a fibonaci sequence of master numbers. 11, 11, (11+11) 22, (11+22), 33 etc etc.

    and I thought last night, I’m the material expression or representative of the Monad? how odd. and if Gottfried is right? everything that affects me, affects the entire material universe. if that is the case. those have been taking from me and being mean to me, unjustified theft…

    well i can assure you, it wont go well for them after life. especially if I’m the boss.

    and I thought, what I ate a bullet. would it destroy the entire material universe. have to scrap the whole idea and start from scratch again?


    pretty cool. huh. i made the symbol of the monad in the center of the universe. and now the Monad is coming up alot as we approach the anniversary of that day.

    • uhem. the anniversary date of that, is 04/04/2020

      we are rapidly approaching year 3, of that date.

      my hopi friend, I talk to once in a Bleu moon, said every aeon begins and ends the same way. both doors open and one to the old world and one to the new world. I thought also, me standing there in that place, looks a key in a door knob from above. opening a door.

      everytime I try to return to that place I’m held up. something happens to keep me put.

      I love meeting all these famous and people of notoriety and all. but I’m definitely over all that. I’d like to move back to California and retire, returning to the hopin at the right time, to close the door. I know at some point I have to go back and stand these again. it is the way of things.

      my life is so different, when I hurt my knee I notice alot of people hurting their knees lately. all around me. monad eh? cool.

      open doors. hmmmmm.

      all Indian songs start and end with the same verse. same line.

      as I said, been considering many things.

    • oh yeah George, you are correct. brings new meaning to “living water” as I stood there that day..

      and according to Pythagoreans as the name of the beginning number of a series, from which all following numbers derived.

      not just ->the one. according to the gnostics, -> the original one.

      funny I have this symbol tattooed on me.

      I didn’t know what it meant at the time. I just thought it was a cool dodad and got it tattooed a while back.

      it’s the monad with 3 lines. marking 3 years as we approach year 3 from that date.

      hmmmmmm. guess we will see. if any nefarious forces are holding me back? or stealing energy from me, or wages, etc etc. I can assure you, it will not go well for them.

      especially if as all the data suggests, I am the material expression of the original one.

      have a wonderful day. I’m at the emp today and 3 days next week. uhem Mopop. battle of the bands tonight. should be very fun.

      good times. good times.

      • Never had a tat. From Ure’s simple mindset view it’s a “mark” or a “brand” and that means an indenture and possible someone (or some thing) owns a piece of you. Which you and I know they do not, but others may not and a mark is too much like “of a Beast” to my reductionist mind…

        Some people come pre-marked (birth marks) but I didn’t see any when I woke up from childhood so I figure it’s just a monetization. Gold monad being a kind of monetization within a….oh, forget it.

        • I’m watching river dancing at the Seattle center having lunch.

          i met the future of rock and roll earlier. as I stood under what looks like 7 sand dollars with discount balls for their center. or Monads as the plot thickens.

          I think of them as guides.

          thanks tho, I prefer to have my own interpretation.

        • I understand George, there is much much more to it than what I gave. I don’t say everything I seee. a great sum, I keep for me.

          once a great while at shows and gigs I see some in the with the same “shine” to them as the many many stars I’ve met and highly successful artists. I met one today he goes by milk fight. playing tonight. at the mopop. same shine on him as Elton John. same exact shine.

          with that,

          que: ~ shout ~

          Otis day and the Knights.

        • When I was little, about second grade maybe, there was a little grocery store near where we lived. I remember an old man who ran the place had numbers tattooed on his arm. I asked him what they meant. My mom about had a stroke and told me I was being nosy “while she about yanked my arm out of the socket”. He told me your mother or father will tell you about Auschwitz. I remember he was very nice. I kept asking about it at home and mom got my grandfather who served during WW2 to tell me. Scared the shit out of me. Never got a tattoo and never will.

        • if you ask any sailor about his tattoos, most will tell you their tattoos tell a story of where they’ve been and where they are going.

          not everything is bad.

          you know, most people don’t know this about Mr, because i have all this cool stuff happen all the time. I have my moments, have had them the last few days where I’m like this is all neat stuff. but I’m tired. I’m tired of life. once and a while I pray at night, I don’t wake up in the morning.

          I’ve helped so many people. so many and done so many cool things. but I just have not yet figured out how to escape financially poverty in the last 3 years. I live completely by faith and everything always gets taken care of. it always works out. every time. but In the last 3 years, I haven’t had more than couple hundred extra bucks. and most of the time I’m late on my bills. there is a constant gut fear that goes with that. even though i know im always in the right place at the right time and stuff like this happens all the time. like all the time.

          here is an example: I was working security, a double shift. my phone battery dies at the AWP press thing where I met that Min lady who almost won the Nobel peace prize. I thought oh well. I don’t need to be on my phone anyway. no big deal. nobody was on the 5th floor at the time. I went and got a drink of water, went into check the bathrooms. I thought I will clean my glasses. I went in a stall and there on the tp dispenser was laying the exact phone charger and cord for my phone. the exact one. I looked in all the stalls and not a person around. I just did a complete walk through of the 5th floor. nobody up there but me.

          so I said Thanks DUDE! and charge my phone.

          but that doesn’t make me financially rich and shit. I don’t live in a Mansion. I rent a room in a basement of a shared house. I don’t have car insurance. I can’t afford it. I can barely afford to pay for food every day because everything is super expensive. I’m on the list for 3 different unions but there is just no union work right now. I sent out my resume to a bunch of places. nothing had panned out yet. I’m making way below what I’m worth doing security gigs. way below my value. and for some reason, I feel like the Hebrew wandering around the desert. LOL

          I see cool stuff all the time. do crazy ass miracle stuff. randomly saved a bunch of peoples lives many many times. i participative mind bending wild ass stuff. all the time. meet so many people from all walks of life and I stood in the “center of the universe” and made a living monad there. slept with some of the beautiful women in the world.

          but having my own place and home. making it financially in life where there isnt that constant companion of, well shit i dont know how im going to pay that bill. is a constant struggle. being financially secure. Haven’t had that in a long long time. and I have my moments that I think like last night what good does it do to be the dude who stood in the center of the universe, first dude to stand there in thousands upon thousands of years, is what I was told. make the monad but scrape change off my floor to buy something to eat for dinner.

          and I’ve asked DUDE about that many many many times. show me how to do this.

          there is times, even I gripe and get depressed about shit. my life might seem like I’m just balling all the time. but I’m not. at all. I have THE DUDE and I got a phone charger when I needed it. but I’m not living in a luxury home I own and driving fancy cars with stacks of chips in the bank. most times I only eat one mean from McDonald’s because I can buy a burger and get one for a dollar.

          and I think, so I’m the Monad and I’m the first dude to ever stand there, in thousands of years? and this is the best life gets for me.

          fuck I’d rather have my own home and some land and a good income that sustains me, one good woman, than rescue tumbling cheer leaders and bringing some singer her heels or saving someone’s life outside her jeep one night and meeting lots of famous people. and all the all the other stuff and then live in a basement of a house with 7 other roommates.

          it just doesn’t add up to me. and I have my moments where I lay and bed and say, DUDE just let me die. I’m tired. had one of those moments last night. I’m a month behind on my car payment. that is DUDEs perfect will?

          who cares about any of that other shit when i can’t even make my car payment. it doesn’t matter.

          see ya around.

        • Jim. this is definitely not the easy path. I wouldn’t tell anyone to choose it. and if I could go back and chose a different one. I have my moments where I would.

          and I end up in a place like aschwits and it DUDE perfect plan? I’m not afraid. because no matter where I’m at DUDE is there with me. there is alot of comfort in that. I dont say everything I see. and HE shows me alot.

          I used to have the big house on acres. filled with love and happiness. Haven’t seen that in a long time. I’m busy running around helping others. being a miracle worker apparently = being poor.

          you would think it would be different. I haven’t seen the good life of financial freedom in a long long time. even when I was working union. it is so expensive to live, I just haven’t figured it out yet. maybe I’m not supposed too.

          I get up every day, say thanks and get busy about it anyways. I’ve only had 8 home cooked meals in 3 years.

          I’m sure it will all work out. for 3 years, I’ve been seeing the life of your dreams is right around the corner. hopefully I don’t die before i get there. I’m definitely ready too.

          off to go live in a room the size of a closet in the basement of a shared house. and hope my car doesn’t get repossessed. because I need it for work. so I can meet famous people, protect them and eat 2 cheese burgers from McDonald’s for a meal for the day.

          and even tho I am the man who stood in the center of the universe and made a living monad, water of life, inside a dried up well. participated in thousands of synchronicities and miracles. that is all this world offered me so far in return.

          I won’t forget when I get to the other side of life. I remember all my past lives. not like that other fella. who doesn’t. thinks he is a slave here. because he read to much fiction on the internet and movies. watched the matrix one to many times. and never found Christ in the mirror.

      • Re: Lavender is the New Purple
        feat: the scene & the unseen


        I read somewhere that people are tuned to something like having 80% of their sensory input to reach the brain through visual queues.

        Locally the dairy producer boards try to move their product by offering up incantations to “drink milk”.

        I hope you enjoyed the gig. Maybe Ms. Allen was signing henna autographs backstage?

        • Re: Icarus
          vs. Uragan


          “Deutche Welle” put up an interesting video clip about German researchers looking into animals’ sixth sense in early detection of events like earthquakes. Things were getting going tracking birds out of Belarus when the Russians shut down data streaming via their side of the ISS module before the special military operation.

          It sounds like the researchers are looking for another ride, but in the meantime there is a public-facing database managed out of North Carolina.

          Western-Russian shared cooperation appears to have flown the coop following the 28th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems. The English news pages of the most recent conferences (up to the 32nd?) have not been updated since December, 2019. The Russian side of the International Public Association of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control website posted its most recent news update last month covering to the end of 2022. Researchers appear positive about their lunar plans and Earth orbiting nuclear-powered engine designs. The news even mentions welcome academic help from colleagues at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Many hands make light work, I guess.

          Speaking of The Academy, have the Oscars happened while I wasn’t looking?

          Ps – I didn’t realize it until now that the Russian bird study was published last month on the open German Springer Media site.

      • I have been resurrected from the dead 12 times now. so I see Christ in the mirror.

        I never swore an oath of poverty. so this is bullshit.

        I ratcheted a round in my 3030 and almost took the easy way out the other day. but I’m still here. fuck all these people who need help. I need a good paycheck. a fat bag of money. I’m tired of starving while running around Changing the world.

        Fyi: i quit predicting the future on sites anymore. Incase you didn’t notice. it’s not that I don’t see it. I see it all the time. it just doesn’t pay me anything on return. so I stopped doing it. I saw the turkey quakes and the bank failure months ago. but I don’t say anything about it anymore. because being cool on a forum and telling people the future. doesn’t put one penny in my bank account. and I’m tired of being poor financially.

        monad or not. it doesn’t matter when you are hungry and back living in a room the size of a closet in the basement of the house you moved into 2 years ago when you first moved back to Seattle.

        I did one big circle and got no where. did alot of cool stuff, met alot of famouse people and even helped alot of them..helped too many people to count and what did it get me. back to the same spot.

        I Just did a big circle.

        I get depressed about once in a blue moon. last time was over 2 years ago. that is where I’m at today. FTW. let me nuke everyone. I hope I get vaporized first. haha. I will run wide receiver for that icbm. I’m wide open. I’m wide open putin.


        that is where I’m at today.

        maybe go to the beach later and see if I can tune my attitude.

        see ya when I see ya.

        • I hold nothing back from THE DUDE. I call Him out sometimes. fuck this shit man. it takes me a long long time before I get to the point of saying fuck this shit DUDE! but I get there once in a blue moon.

          yeah I saw that too blue moon.

          ya ya ya. it’s always darkest before the Dawn. shut up and be grateful.

          and ya ya ya don’t worry Putin won’t nuke the US. that is retarded. nobody wins a game of nukes. everyone is fucked. from NDE #9 what was the future shown to me. there was no nukes used for war while I’m alive on this planet.

          hopefully I live a long time. hahaha.

          not sure when I will be back. I need to figure out this income thing. I need alot lot more of it. there is people who have it harder than I do. and it always works out. or I figure it out.

          just need to be real about it to once and a while.

          “even now the reaper draws his wages.”

          I been working my ass off. pay up!

        • someone Said to me. ohhh 5555 means a big positive change is coming for you. your angels are sending you a message. that is what that means.

          you know what I told them Goerge? I said them Angels need to take a economics class ffs! get me a good Jewish accountant for an angel. he won’t miss a penny that is due to me.


        • Being short on calories is not good for the head. A little butter or coconut oil might help. Are there any local gigs close by that include a meal, like club security? What about that outfit that you talked to that needed a driver to haul produce to the city?
          The semi-nomadic gigs only work if there is a steady stream with good rates and at least some expenses paid. Otherwise, transport and temporary housing costs devour you.
          I expect things to slow down a lot more in the next two months. Credit for small to medium businesses has been tight for years, and is getting worse. All the investment money that used to finance American business is circling the crypto and hedge fund drains.
          Look for something steady with low expenses. The business expenses are as important as the rate.

  2. oh my little positive affirmations app just said “i trust the timing of the universe for me.”

    door count and teslas model of the universe, 369.

    oh there is alot more to it all than that. but that is as much as I will say about it.

    very interesting.

    • Personally, I wouldn’t raise the debt limit a damn’ dime. I’d fully fund Social Security, Medicare, and the military and let everything else — the useless many, GFS, without pay, until October…

  3. snork, George at your advanced age you must _know_ the work is never all gone. I just painted a hallway to make Mrs. Egor happy. Err, check that, too high a bar. She will be less unhappy. I want credit and oohs-ahhs for what’s done not a list!

    Gorgeous day ATL. #26 with -0- solar gain from where my panels go (melting now). High gain passive solar tho. C’mon Saul! C’mon spring (excepting having to change clock times. Really? ). Changing time seems above my pay grade. Sigh.

    Write when you get spring,

  4. Redbuds and pear trees are in full bloom. Apple trees haven’t bloomed. Cedar elm buds are just opening. Pecans and oaks are starting to show buds, but they haven’t opened. Pecans are hard to fool.
    National weather service forecast shows mid-forties tonight, falling to mid-thirty lows next week, and a light freeze next Friday night.
    The pears and the apples were bit last year. I got two apples instead of dozens off of the little dwarf trees. It requires a tough little tree to live in this location without irrigation. Maybe it will get cold enough to slow them down tonight.

  5. This two tier system of intrigue with chart pack / peoplenomics stuff doesn’t work. I’m having a break I have gone home quietly we all get older . Peace and good wishes to all george . Bye

    • I’m not sure what you mean by two tier system. It’s just simple swing trading and people I know who are good swing traders do very well and so far, YTD as of mid-week, we were up more than 14% while the Dow was down -2.2 in 90-days. Four compoundings a year and it’s OK if you can keep up the pace. But, its definitely NOT for everyone and you do have to watch it like a hawk. Like every 5-10 minutes and be willing to cut a loss at $50 bucks which is very hard for people to do… And you have to be agnostic. Literally, not giving a shit which way the market is running as long as you had a good entry into the running direction…
      The break? Well, like we say here, mate: Plenty of time for rest when we’re in a pine box…. Best wishes, Len – you’re a valuable member of the community here.
      We’re still thinking higher until mid-day or later Monday on technical backing and filling and then God knows depending on US CPI figs Tuesday

  6. Today is the twelfth day of “Iran will have nukes in 12 days”.

    They make things up now. There’s even one where a U.S. official says a Mother ship may be in our solar system.

    The Fed says no bailouts. I bet late Monday a bailout announcement is made. The insiders are positioning. Musk needs a bank on the cheap for the Everything App.

    “Pentagon UFO chief says alien mothership in our solar system possible”

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