An “A.I.” Look at Headlines

Lazy or Innovative?

Oh, the joys of being a cynical old newsman.  You get to watch as the public gets wrapped around the axles of history; believing it matters.

As someone who’s been on “the Quest” for better than 50-years, what never fails to impress are two key facts of Life:  First being that  History if Pre-Ordained.  But, not  totally.  Which is the Second point: Even though pre-ordination is real, so is  Individual Free Will.

Car’s going down the road.  Driver not paying attention.  Truck pulls out.  Not being present mentally, collision occurs.  Let’s call that version 1 of the Many-Worlds-Interpretation (MWI) in quantum mechanics.

Car’s going down the road.  Driver is well-rested, coffee buzz on.  325 millisecond reaction speed of a 22 year old.  Truck pulls out.  Only this time  so close that the accident in unavoidable even if the driver had 200 ms. reactions.  That’s version 2  of the MWI.

Notice how in both cases:  Free will was different but the outcome was the same?

Because there are  just things that  have to happen because ALL of Future rests on them. 

It’s just going around – deep in the emotional Fog of News we are largely unable to appreciate the Almighty Gracefulness of the Grand Design.  But, that’s how it works – here and everywhere in the Universe.  Take it, or leave it.  Bound Future, Illusion of Choice. Because it really, really, doesn’t matter at the most profound levels of existence whether you like it – or not.

As you can tell, I have been deep into my commute lately between “woke” life (a term being actively perverted by stooge people to distract from the Dream Realms that are beginning to leak over into waking states a bit more) and Life in The Realms.  More on the Peoplenomics side tomorrow.  We’ll just offer here that “Life as a Simulation” ain’t far off the mark.  Reality hints we’re more like biologically-based, autonomous sensor packages, than we’d care to admit.

Chase Emotions OR Facts, Then?

Um…this is hard.  Depends what your agenda is in life.

Let’s suppose (with more tomorrow) that I’m not keen on burning personal energy – spirit-energy stuff – on dead-end emotions.

Were this the case, we could run some tools against major news sites and look at today this way:

With this pass through (shared Reality, USA) we can isolate in on:

People are people – nothing more or less, regardless of packaging.  That some focus more on Money results in being able to afford bigger homes.  Yet that pisses off lazy whiners who, in turn,  set up radical chants of “oppression” and whatever.  Any pretext to steal.    Now we’re deep into the quagmire of money-making emotions.

To rip-off of a WWF positioning statement:  “When the Feelings stop, the Monetizing stops.

No chance of that, at least today.  Except here.

Second Pass

…through the data:

OK:  DNI assessment of foreign interference WAS due today, but Intel types are sizing up their careers, alternative job plans, and what would “Buyed ‘Em” do if the report was scrupulously data-based?

Intel community assessment delayed amid dispute over whether China sought to influence 2020 election.”  That fact there’s delay screams “Yes, of course!”  The debate is over soft-peddling the “right narrative.”

Not much of a Friday.

Hack Attack?  Serious!

Trusted sources have evolved two views of the US Nuclear secrets hack.  First view from .mil conbtributor warhammer, a long-time “brother of the oak leaf cluster” with a heaping helping of cyber at his command:

“While it remains to be seen if the National Nuclear Security Administration was indeed successfully hacked, what the sensationalized media isn’t saying is that if hacking actually occurred, it was on the UNCLAS side.  While not trivial due to user data and workplace relationships possibly being compromised or confirmed, no info harmful to the nation or the nuclear deterrent forces can be accessed.

UPDATE:  reading between the lines in this article reinforces that the compromise was on the UNCLAS network side.  Personal, org and ‘connectivity’ info was likely disclosed.

Recall the Office of Personnel Management hack several years back?  That was an UNCLAS network, yet thousands of active and former government personnel had personal info stolen, yours truly included.  We all now have free lifetime credit monitoring from that security debacle.

The big score for the OPM hacker was access to thousands of security investigation Standard Form-86’s (SF-86), which has one’s entire academic, work and relationship history embedded, to include type of relationship, names, addresses, plus passport #, international travel location & dates, and more.  That hack hit the jackpot..

And then:

CNN confirms cyber hack is all Trump’s fault.

What about that massive OPM hack back in Sep 2015 under Obama (and his creepy old VP)? [sound of crickets chirping]=”

My consigliere’s view is even more worrisome. 

He happens to “know people” (as well-connected attorneys will, now and then).  Among his sphere is one of the government officials in the double-digit GS cloud in charge of significant DoD-IT.

He was not impressed.  Let me paraphrase.  “Don’t get me wrong:  the guy is smart and has all the “right papers” and all.  BUT he’s not even in the ballgame with even mid-range hackers.  It has comes down to Government hiring checkboxes instead of high-end computing talent.  The better hackers are capable of “composing who symphonies of hacking code and playing them against US.”

Yep.  The Goverment on our side hires people with digital analogs to “advanced degrees in ethnomusicology” but who can’t even write a useable 30-second radio jingle.  THEN can’t figure out why symphonies we don’t understand are being played against our nuclear (and recently financial) assets.

Assume they know EVERYTHING now…every asset and maybe codes…”

Just f*cking great. Just in time for Taiwan.  Look surprised.

Radioactive Balance Sheet, Anyone?

The U.S. Current Account is just out:

“The U.S. current account deficit widened by $17.2 billion, or 10.6 percent, to $178.5 billion in the third quarter of 2020, according to statistics released by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. The revised second quarter deficit was $161.4 billion. The third quarter deficit was 3.4 percent of current dollar gross domestic product, up from 3.3 percent in the second quarter.

This look like MAGA to you, or more “big developer borrowing mentality?”

Meantime, the Fed’s paper-hanging in the weekly H.6 Money Stocks report look like hell  this:

In our simplistic and childlike view, when you have paper inflation of (pick one) 53.2% or 25.1%, things like Housing and Groceries will go up.  Wages will not move as fast.  And as a result, we will be forced into shorter columns next year as we ramp up gardening to make up “the gap.” (Is he kidding?)

Meanwhile, take the M1 from 3-years ago when Bitcoin hit $19,000 and change and discount the purchasing power of money out and you’ll see that Bitcoin surging past $20,000 is still a “constant dollar Elliott wave 2.”  Or, not.

Still, looks to us  like there’s enough phony-money to justify BTC at $30,000 FRN-wipes.  Real estate ought to go up similar amounts, too.

Which is what marginally hyperinflationary depressions are all about.

They’re hard to see when you’re in ’em – which is why normalcy bias is still rampant and people believe in foolishness at every turn.

Meantime, stocks were  about flat on this quad witching day as we saw stories like Futures Fly To All-Time High On Quad Witching Day sail by…  Everyone’s desperate to be prescient in a world full of blind.

News, Some Useful

This is unthinkable in the U.S. where being a “public figure” means you basically loose many of your rights to privacy.  But over in  kneeler land Meghan Markle, Prince Harry win case over news agency to not publish photos of them or son Archie.

Joe losing it?  Or something more? Joe Biden says he has “great confidence” in Hunter.  So either Joe’s got sway with the Swamp OR he’s lost his grip on Reality more than we feared…

And the Swamp is still jacking us all around on the Stimulus.  NY Times rolling with Markets Waver as Lawmakers Clash Over Stimulus Deal: Live Updates but somehow they avoid calling it a circle-jerk.  Even clown posse would be refreshing.  But no, can’t be critical of The Squid, Peloser, or Schammer.  Might bust up the delusion that a super hero is about to emerge.

Which would be a fricken Marvel.

Stand by for demagogues.

Feline Climate Change?

On the brighter side, maybe there is  climate change after all.  Assistant junior editor (and copy cat)  Zeus has now taken into sleeping in the shower off the master bath.

Time to head over to the house and ask His Mouse-ness if he’d mind if I borrow HIS shower for a while.  Like Rodney Dangerfield used to say “ I can’t get no respect…”

Except at mealtimes.  (When it’s like negotiating with China.  Both want it all  and then some…)

Write when you get rich,

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47 thoughts on “An “A.I.” Look at Headlines”

  1. On the whole hacking thing, the death of meritocracy will mean the death of the country. It’s just a question of how long it takes.

  2. I wake up every morning hoping I’m coming out of a bad dream. No luck.

    Your daily column certainly helps put perspective on things but I have been trying to figure out the global craziness for so long that even Len’s posts are starting to make sense to me.

  3. Murray Rothbard and Harry Browne mentioned inflationary depressions back in the 70’s.I’m hoping that an Arthur Burns will come along to put a stop to this before we go full Weimar.

    • But that possibility, Tom- that no reasonable people exist – is why I have been yelling for years:

      Have no debts!!!!! If we go hyper, everyone is broke. Cept that couple in the woods. With no bills, no repos.

      • The first line of defense against economic collapse is always staying out of debt. But just keep in mind you do have a yearly debt to pay off – the partisan gang protection money you owe in the form of property taxes. Losing a home or vehicles because you can’t pay the property tax seems far-fetched today, but isn’t necessarily so in a consumer hyperinflation credit deflation meltdown scenario. Diversification of investments, and having something physical in hand to barter payment is a second-tier defensive strategy.
        Of course, there is very little way of defense available to victims of state sanctioned eminent domain proceedings. When the state comes for your stuff, don’t expect anyone to stand for you, especially in Texas. And why would someone try to take a trailer in the woods by eminent domain? Answer- ‘Cause that’s what always works.

      • Choices – There’s nothing that paints a target on you faster than being a silent, humble willing victim, without legal counsel.

  4. Ben over at Suspicious 0bservers did a follow-up deeper look on his Galactic Wave news last night that I just found. The wave progression is anything but a straight line one and he touches on the change our solar system members have been in since the 1800s. His daily news update is no less interesting either.

      • You’re welcome to go argue with Ben if you care to rather than throwing articles around. What has always attracted me to Ben’s articles and videos is he has looked at the false anthropomorphism and politicization of the climate change theme and provided ample evidence of it in laymen’s terms and beyond.

      • I agree with Bill. Davidson puts it out there for the majority of people who have difficulty understanding the technical aspects. It’s a good youtube channel to be watching.

    • This kid is very bright. I visit his site too from time to time.
      Also, personal to George….your site is much better with the improvements. Looks great; easy to read, loads quickly, and your content can’t be beat. Now if you could just figure out a way to ban Mark the town clown.

      • Hahahaaaa!! He won’t ban Mark. Mark hasn’t crossed the line of no return yet. I’m tired of this guys constant tirade against the sitting president, as well. I didn’t like alot of what the last handful of presidents did or didn’t do, but I certainly didn’t go around constantly bitching about them. There is grace in keeping it civil, and too many people have forgotten that.

  5. George, the swamp masters are still working that ‘circle’ activity you refered to:

    “Joe losing it? Or something more? Joe Biden says he has “great confidence” in Hunter. So either Joe’s got sway with the Swamp OR he’s lost his grip on Reality more than we feared…”
    George, I’d say now that Joe is el Presidente, he definitely has ‘swamp sway.’ So obvious! Now he can issue an official Pardon to sonny boy and it all goes away.
    EASY PEASY. Nothing left to see here folks, so move along. All cleaned up now…

    • “creepy old vp”?”

      You did notice how CBS was running interference for hunter last night on tv lol..bragging him up and down.. pres elect talking about how swell he was such a great honorable honest and smart man lol
      I got sick to my stomach. The sheer thought of the porn videos he had posted of his 13 year old niece and him..yeah sure you betcha.i could think of a few more words than honorable to describe my view.. but because of all that negative press about his hard drive and him posting all those videos of him with his special friends and the fact that so many people were checking out ole HB doing the nasty with his 13 year old niece on the net after they released the fact that he had posted so many.. pornhub and all the porn sites changed how people can search for them.. they not only took down his site but if you do a search for the videos he had posted it’s all blocked. Only those that saved the information that they had previously released about his personal activities on his hard drive has it..the hard drive has been effectively cleaned, vanished all his activities have been covered up,buried from general view.. MSM is covering it all over sugar Coating his activities..
      Pretty soon you’ll start seeing images of him with children in family friendly images.. maybe even him walking into a church lol

  6. “creepy old vp”? now that’s rich!! thanks for turning the real world upside down into something george orwell would be proud of.

    trump and jeffrey epstein dancing while creeping on young girls.

    the 26 women who accused trump of sexual assault

    trump can wait on turning over his DNA to the woman accusing him of rape if he complies with other discovery

    illegal hush money payoffs to a porn actress that trump cheated on melania with

    trump’s illicit affair with a playboy bunny

    • All of these are really really old news – so where is your Hunter porn outrage?> Trump lost…or haven’t you heard? New perv crew in view. Try to stay up with us…

      • Come in George…Hunter isn’t President and the so called allegations are minuscule compared to those against Trump. Trumps are serious immoral, jail time worthy and creepy sh#t. To even mention Hunter bin the same breath…well…That’s deflection at its finest. If you want to really go after family members, try this on for size. Just released on business insider…
        Jared Kushner helped create a Trump campaign shell company that secretly paid the president’s family members and spent $617 million in reelection cash

      • “Come in George…Hunter isn’t President ”

        I get your point Mark.. a parent doesn’t have control over the actions of their child. Jeffry Dahmer’s parents weren’t cannibal. But As far as the stuff HB published for anyone and everyone to view everywhere..well If the niece had been 16 or 18 then go for it I don’t care what you do for your jollies.. just be very happy that I’m not his father or her grandpa. Even though he may be able to whoop my butt he would definitelyknow I wasn’t happy about what he does for fun..then to publish them for millions of people to watch. From my perspective that’s disgusting,now I don’t know the California point of view on what’s decent and what’s not.
        Where I get nervous about Dad is the fact that they are bragging about his kids conquests and actions.
        As far as the things that suggest criminal activity and shady business dealings on that hard drive. Since none of us know its contents just stories of what is there then that is up to those that know about its content that are investigating it..

      • Pizza? Hold the bacon; vegan, please.

        “Town & Country” had a splashy report of the disgraced “financier’s” homes on both sides of the Atlantic although they couldn’t come up with photos of his alleged pad in the Fuchs 18th Arrondisement, Paris.

        Upon his passing, his French business partner had apparently offered assistance to authorities but then disappeared. According to yesterday’s “Guardian”, he was arrested by French police this past Wednesday.

        The Kiev based model agency the arrestee silent-partnered seems to have supplied a 17 year old Russian supermodel headliner for Kanye West’s YEEZY Season 8 show for Paris Fashion Week this past March. Online reviews appear favorable. One won’t have to search too far online to find the Kim Kardashian glowing report of her 6 year old daughter presenting the rap ditty “What’s that Thing” closing out the fashionista event. The former headquarters of the French Communist Party was apparently rocking.

        We don’t know if the bough broke.

    • ““creepy old vp”? now that’s rich!! thanks for turning the real world upside down into something george orwell would be proud of.”

      The fact that you believe this puppet show is proof that George Orwell was far more right than you’ll ever know. Perhaps you should read his work?

  7. I’ll give credit to those who are actually competent and honest in the national security arena. I just looked at the SF-86, all 136 pages of it! Unless you’re OCD, you’d have no chance of filling it out accurately, especially if you’re over age 18. Most seasoned people have more life events that they’ve forgotten and can’t document than those that they can. I suspect that this form, with no checkmarks for “I don’t remember”, is a colossal impediment to recruiting the best and brightest.

    I decided in my early 20’s that I never wanted a government job. Now I’m reminded of why. The extra money for having a clearance isn’t worth the loss of freedoms and restrictions on lifestyles involved. Besides, who can remember all those dates and people, unless you simply have no life?

    • Bingo, Mike!
      People with no lives and no hyper-computing and cracking skills make it to the mid GS scales. Not on competence in skillset, nor in genius level tactics. But by kissing ass, sucking up, and doing what the guy on the next rung us says.
      As one reader admitted this morning: When meritocracy leaves the building, civilization as we know it, soon follows.

    • Mike, that long form is the ‘modern’ version of the form filled out for the first time. During periodic security clearance updates (now every 6 or 10 years, depending upon clearance level), only changes or new info regarding jobs, addresses, lifestyle, family relationships, legal issues and foreign contacts/travels since the last update must be provided. Trivial, right? Everyone is advised to keep hard copies of their past and current info on file ‘just in case.’ Fortunately, one’s organization has a security office to help with the new or update completion processes. The intent of the investigation process, in part, is to identify individuals who might have a tendency to compromise national security info for self gain. But hey, I went to college in the 70s and I was still granted a clearance, so there goes that theory. The process allows for youthful indiscretion, occasional speeding tickets and missing a couple of bill payments. Uncovering a history of felonies, habitual disregard for authority and/or confidential info and the potential to provide secure data to national adversaries are some of the main reasons for conducting in-depth background investigations. That, and does your past and current lifestyle make you susceptible to coercion and blackmail? Lastly, there may be lie detector tests in one’s future with friends/neighbors/bosses/teachers being interviewed for higher security level positions. The reward? Positions, job titles and accomplishments you can never tell your friends and family about or list on your resume. It’s bad that a pervasive interconnected web of critical resource computers were compromised in the Solarwinds Orion fiasco, and simply unconscionable and quite sad that data on tens of thousands of dedicated folks and their unsuspecting friends & families had their private and very personal data, provided in good faith, vacuumed up by Putin or Xi. I hope that careers were ended over the OPM hack, and definitely so with this most recent Solarwinds Orion cluster f**k.

      “Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.” — Ronald Reagan

      • “I hope that careers were ended over the OPM hack, …”
        Yes, but it should have started with the a-hole(s) that came up with ‘solarwinds123’ as a password, you can’t even activate a TWIC card with that kind of stupidity – it had to be intentional.
        Where’s the Adult Supervision?
        9-11 ‘justified’ the expansion of our “Intelligence Services” the only problem is that the ‘intelligence’ was left behind!

      • I absolutely understand the purpose of the investigations, and agree with the intention. The real problem is for those of us with a somewhat checkered and many faceted past that may wish to contribute. I’m not compulsive about keeping records beyond what’s legally required and I don’t like prying eyes. Having a clearance at any level imposes a serious responsibility, and one that I’m personally very wary of. I respect those who do choose this path and hope that they’re able to meet their obligations to everyone, including themselves and family.

        I’ll stand by what I’ve said: If you want to work in the classified realm, you’d best start as young as possible and be compulsive about documenting your life. Keeping life simple helps. It would seem difficult to impossible to start such a career in your 70’s unless there was an accommodation by the authorities. I certainly don’t remember most of the details required on the first time SF-86, and I doubt most older folks do either.

        Regardless, the security breaches we’re experiencing are serious and need to be handled. We know that China and Russia are in the game, and I’m pretty sure that there are many other players too.

  8. The “hacking” as all the earmarks of BOTH being like the British breaking Germany’s Enigma Code and the US’s breaking of the Japanese Diplomatic and then military codes in WW2 … BUT ALSO … possibly (in WW2 parlance) of being able to get control of Germany’s Tanks when a battle would occur and have them fire at Germans instead of Russians or US tanks!! (ie: get control of OUR weapons systems in the heat of a conflict)

    With everything now computer based, including weapons systems, this Hack is a potential WAR LOSER situation, depending upon how deep the hack has gone and how many self executing programs they have been able to bury into the US computer networks and weapons systems.

    The fact that the US’s internal sleuths NEVER found THIS Hack themselves even though it was there for at least NINE months, it was found by people outside of government, also should raise alarm bells as to if there are earlier Hacks that are in the US government computer systems that have NEVER been discovered to this day.

    Obviously the US Government’s internal IT team is TOTALLY INCOMPETENT at their jobs … but what do you expect from “bureaucrats” who are check box types of people and not creative types?

    A brilliant creative IT type can make 4x or more, often much more, outside of government than inside government, to say nothing about NOT being forced to “conform” to government work dress codes /show up at work times /or conform to a strict hiarchial employment dynamic. Truly creative types do NOT do well in highly structured organizations … and if the the government is anything it IS a highly structured organization, which is going to CHASE AWAY those types who are the most brilliant creative types from the get go.

  9. On the topic of, “Because there are just things that have to happen because ALL of Future rests on them.”

    Now I have free medical because I’m a combat vet and I have Teamsters Medical. The medical insurance one can get in this here Nation.

    You ever pass a kidney stone at 3 am durring a pandemic. I did last night. Very enlightening experience. My buddy took me to the ER last night in Spokan Wa. Thee is 5 hour wait. All suspect Covid partience gert priority. As I’m sitting the waiting room to be seen, vomiting from the pain and say the F word. The Nurse comes out and says I have to be quiet. She they will get to me in less than 5 hours. And I need to quiet down and quit cursing because I’m distrupting the waiting room. And they don’t take kindly to me cussing. So i told her I’m passing a kidney stone, pissing blood and she need to get me in now. She said was calling sucuity because my language and would call the cops for disrupting the peace. I said I’m Calling u Next Tuesday. And everyone in the ER starting aplauding an laughing. Which I didn’t care.

    By the time the cops show up, I’m on the floor in the fetal position with vomit all over me from being in pain. She says arrest that man for distrubing the peace. My buddy had grabbed my 214 out of my car and showed them. The VA hospital is closed in Spokane. Due to lack of staff in the Pandemic. Or I would have went there. The cop says you want me to arrest him for passing a kidney stone??? He is obviously in pain. She said only suspected Covid patients get priority. My buddy said you have a 10 year old kid right there with his mother and he obviously has a broken arm (he later told me the bone sticking out of the kids forearm) and some one comes in with the sniffles because it’s flue season and he has to wait? My friend is puking from the pain. Can you help him? She said, Hospital policy, Covid patience are priority number one. Everone else waits their turn.

    The cops help me back to my car with my buddy, pulls out his own wallet hands my buddy $20 of his own personal money and says, there is a 24 dispensary for weed 3 blocks down the road, go get him something for his pain, put him in a hot bath and hopefully he can pass that stone.

    My buddy says thanks. I don’t need the money I have some. He said well take him home. He said to me, I’m so sorry man! Thanks for serving our country. He turned and told the nurse this is pure Insanity! Its flue season!!!! He says if I come in here with a gun shot wound? I am going to have to wait??? Because I don’t have the sniffles? Are you going to have the cops and arrest me too for being in pain?
    She said, Hospital Policy. Suspected Covid Patients are priority. Everyone else gets in line. I don’t make the policy! But i was told, no exceptions!

    I didn’t get the weed. I passed in the bathroom in the tub on Ibuprofen and tylenol and using my meditation techniques. I have a CDL, so I have Pee tests. So I didnt do the weed.

    A 10 year old kid with his bone sticking out of his forearm, had to wait for 5 hours and could get bumped by anyone with a runny nose. How crazy is that. I’m on the floor vomiting in pain, I got told to wait 5 hours because someone sneezes.

    What a crazy world we live in now.

    Hope to be writing later today.

    • A coworker told me a story about having a kidney stone hung up while working in Saudi. He ended up being airlifted to Germany. The German doctors at the hospital immediately put him on a course of good oral German brew. He passed the stone on the third bottle.

    • “Now I have free medical because I’m a combat vet and I have Teamsters Medical.”

      You should know that whatever is free–is free! I’m certain (that iffen you were that smart) you could have pretended to have the sniffles also. Can you foresee the future, or are they just sniffles? Stay well my son, we need entertainers.

      Btw. “You ever pass a kidney stone at 3 am” Indeed, I did @ home in bed and I’ve experienced this pain myself ;-((.

    • OMG Andy! Crazy is right. As one who once carried a stone for 5 weeks, living on opioids, I know whereof you speak. Here’s the trick to releasing a stone: Magnesium Citrate. Most readily absorbed form of magnesium. It loosens the smooth muscle walls of the plumbing and allows the stone to pass more easily.

      • A warm bath with epsom salts(magnesium sulfate) will do the same. The skin will absorb the magnesium more easily than the gut. Magnesium citrate or orotate is good if you’re not able to do the immersion thing.

  10. I will tell ya what. If you ever practice meditation? And hit the threshold of pain the tyou can launch into the 8 dimension of existence. That pain was as when I had my siactic Neve pain and I swear to God, at one point I could see being of light all around me in my peripheral vision. They looked like shimmering gold light. Like flames but just light. And out the outside the shimmering light they had rainbow of colors just like that vapor ya see on a hot road. They are really tall. And move like in this weird pattern. Like really fast but in a diagnal over forward, side step. Kind alike they are on some weird grid, like chess pieces move. It was very enlightening. Lol. One of them touched me where the pain was and I passed that stone shortly after. Like less than 30 seconds. And they they faded like vapor. It was intense dude. Super intense.

    It’s so weird that Covid patience take priority over passing a kidney stone or a child with a broken arm with the bone sticking out of the skin. So crazy

  11. They looked like how flames dance on a log on a bonfire. Just light. Not fire. No heat. Moved like super fast like on a grid pattern. I think they are always there. We just can’t see them. I never see them before. They reminder me of elves. But just light. Golden light. They have serenity about them, a novelty of nobility for lack of a better word. I never seen anything like them. Even in my NDE’s.

    Any way. Life is good again. I think I need to go back to bed for a while. I’m still pretty sore. Lol and I’m super exhausted from the experience.

    I’m going to try to write soon. I just had alot going on.

  12. Oh, the joys of being a cynical old newsman. You get to watch as the public gets wrapped around the axles of history; believing it matters.”
    And THAT, ‘old broadcaster’, is why I don’t watch TV anymore, after 40 years of working in it.

    On another note, I have a good friend who worked his way up thru DoD contractor ‘hacking’ schools to the top of the MS hacking certifications. He used to work with Ed Snowden. He’s one of the ‘white hats’ doing battle on our side. Without revealing much, I sometime get little humorous tidbits from him. I used to have a security clearance from my Army days, and I know they followed me for years even after I was out.

    But the stunning news today is that the Pentagon has abruptly stopped briefing the Biden transition team. Is something bigger starting to happen??

  13. “53.2% or 25.1%, things like Housing and Groceries will go up. Wages will not move as fast. ”

    Wages are not going up at all..the brick and mortar business has taken a drastic hit from lost sales , many are struggling to hold on at all.especially motels and restaurants, someone I know that was planning a trip through wanted me to check the average for motel was 3-10 customers. Groceries and other necessities are on the rise.unnecessary items are actually on the way down in cost. 60 inch flatscreen for three hundred..
    Entertainment .. I noticed Netflix went up a little bit..but if you break it down that’s 2 cents an hour off of your take home wage..cable roughly ten how many straws will be needed to break the camel’s back..

    “Most seasoned people have more life events that they’ve forgotten and can’t document than those that they can.”

    Heck ask any old person what they had for lol
    My kids use to get me what did you get me for…so every year I would buy a basket with a variety of shampoos and bath salts sponges etc.. lol ( kids give one one they all have to have the equivalent)

    • “What I had for breakfast?” Same thing I had for breakfast almost every day this year. Coffee, more coffee, vitamins, and yogurt with a selection of powdered supplements mixed in.

  14. Professor Ure in your wonderful economic works . How does the S savings get substituted for D exponentially increasing to calculate base GDP ? ie to calculate GDP for sustainable level at say 3 percent annualised with nobody working ? Like living on handouts .

  15. “It has comes down to Government hiring checkboxes instead of high-end computing talent. ”

    Not necessarily. We have hackers/crackers/phreakers as good or better than any other nation in the world. ‘Problem is, they are all on the “offensive team.” I personally know more than one former “black hat” who was offered “the deal” (work for us or spend the rest of your life in prison…)
    If we have an actual “hacker school” at Quantico, it ain’t shit. The real school is the yearly crops of “David Lightmans” who discover IRC and anonymous demigods with plusses or minuses by their nyms, want that kind of respect, and will work for it, irrespective the “potential” their “schools” and “teachers” believe they have. The NSA scoops these dudes up before the alphabets or dot-mils can get their hands on them. When they “retire,” they join or start security companies far away from GS paygrades and teaching jobs…

  16. Extracts from the Oracle of Wikipedia; here we go again:

    In perhaps a most seminal moment in the history of automobiles that no ordinary mortal can buy since Father Divine was afforded the last built Duesenberg chassis, Tesla is on the cusp of entering the S&P. What a delightful holiday week sport for investment fund managers bagging the stock with Aimco canary fodder that arcs across graying skies. Raise the Jolly Roger, drown out the landlubbers with Santa season high tidings bringing the most shiny year-end reports to decorate any festive tree.

    What will become of evicted S&P stock Aimco, Apartment and Investment Management Company? Well, one doubts the founder and former Republican senator will follow Dorothy down the yellow brick road in search of a rainbow at the Lincoln Project. No, chances are he will continue on at the Club for Growth, and the Bradley Foundation, a charitable foundation supporting exceptionalism.

  17. All the boyz out at the yards selling specials in the worst conditions ever. 321 and sheetco offering incredible deals . Chief salesman moriarty is so desperate to get super deals going .

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