American Spendgasm – Wars

I’m not sure if spendgasm is a word, but it sure as hell ought to be one. This was the weekend of Black Friday sales and today, we’re already $95 into Cyber Monday deals on Amazon and the sun’s not even up, yet.  Black Friday shoppers spend record amount online, Adobe says.

We will be talking a lot, in coming weeks about the concept of Personal Arks.  In keeping, our spending has been of the (more or less) practical sort.  A small air conditioner for the lean-to greenhouse.  Moving the swamp cooler for then up to the 10 X 12 greenhouse.

And, we have a workable “food flow” sketched out to allow us to start plants in a couple of tabletop hydroponic units and migrate them (after hardening out next spring) into dirt and 30-DWC plant sites.  Our thinking is food will become a more important skill than, oh, finance sooner, or later.

We are also on the front end of changing up batteries around here (to run the diesel heater in the greenhouse and power the crank-up ham radio tower).  AGMs have been good, but with prices  coming down, the higher spec LifePO4 lithium batteries are becoming cost competitive.

Well, mostly competitive.  You don’t want to cheap-out on the chargers for these or cycle like will collapse.  Another point is their cold weather performance sucks, so if we were in a northern tier state, we’d wait for the chemistry to get better.  On the other hand, old men like me appreciate the weight of the new tech – which is much less than lead chemistry cells.

Still, it’s all money – and there’s never enough of that.  It comes like a chess game, this life:   Make a little money, figure out the best move on the board, spend, install, rinse and repeat.  We just wish someone had explained that to us when we were young.  Got the savings lectures, the thrift and Depression-era stories, the “See if you still want it next week…”

All the parent stuff our folks were programmed to pass on. In a world stuffed with 8-billion competitors, the spending and lifestyle selection processes become a lot more important – more chess like in how moves are played.

Sizing the Week

Early stock market futures were pointing to a weak, if not lower open.  We did a study a while back that hinted if the market opens lower than the previous close, then the odds of a down day by the afternoon close pending go up to like 70 percent, or somewhere in that range.  Doesn’t mean we will drop, because the early futures are a poker game – at best.

We don’t offer financial advice.  What’s more, we don’t use single indices (like the Dow or S&P, NASDAQ, and whoever brought the pizza) because that might (in some distant galaxy) constitute infringing.  And lawyers are expert at (if nothing else) making up grounds to sue people.  Which is why 25-years ago, we cobbled up an equal-dollar meta-index which we use on the Peoplenomics side of the house.

As of this morning, this index – designed to help us lose money more efficiently day-trading, lol – was flashing a warning sign if you look at the (iv) on the upper right side of this chart.

For the life of me, I haven’t been able to figure out why more people don’t invent obvious approaches to markets like this because they make so damn much sense when you think about them.

The chart is what I call a differential moving average analysis. Which you can think of this way:

  • People have two kinds of memory (STM – short-term memory and LTM – long-term memory).
  • So does the market (which is comprised of people).
  • When people are less confident (as reflected in prices) over the more recent 2 days than they were in the most recent two-weeks, then  the market  may head down.
  • In fact, to these old damaged eyes, it works the other way, too.  When the market is getting more confident the 2-day average will scream higher.  That’s when to be bullish.

We even went so far recently (on Peoplenomics) to turn the distance between moving averages into a simple trading indicator. (People who get Peoplenomics pay $40/year to learn past this point.) But let’s just say there is a mood swing in markets to be distilled from 2-day money memory compared with 2-week money memory.

As the gap pauses (and is likely to reverse this week) then we decline.  Normally, we’d expect that to stop (or pause for a spell) at one of our trend lines.

We don’t advise people, though. Our “live fire exercises” with real money have been up 40 percent for the year. Or, like now, only up a single digit percentage for the year. It’s my observation that a lot of (erudite) academics are great on finance theory, but they can’t trade their way out of a paper bag. Because theory is easy. Booking real losses is another thing, entirely.

Bitcoin and crypto cons continue. Happy talk deluxe as Bitcoin (BTC) Price Creates Six Bullish Candlesticks in a Row (  Well, except BTC dropped under $37,000 this morning. And with Dow futures down 60 with more than an hour to the open, we’re thinking down, not up.  But that’s from a guy who paid thousands recently for real-life theory testing.

Mood Drivers and Dreams

Our visiting consigliere has been a great sounding board for some of our crackpot ideas. Since they mirror many of his own. Including that news drives moods, moods drive markets, markets drive prices (plus or minus the offshore Fed proxies, lol). Such that in the end, it’s like Franz Kafka meets Rube Goldberg and they argue math concept applications in their insane worlds.

There are, of course, occasional glimmers of sanity.  Like the G.A. Stewart piece on dreams at The Age of Desolation dotcom website.

Stu has a hell of a month – and then he had a vivid dream which he describes in the piece The Devil Came Down.  Especially the part where he talks about the role of forgiveness in Life.

Forgiveness can be tough in the Waking World, especially with people who are out to do you harm. And there are a lot of people out there with no moral conscience and ready to harm others.

Yet, there was Stu, faced with the choice of forgiving the Devil…hell of a good adventure and it’s own kind of revelation. Almost “Andy-like.”

Dreams over Holiday periods are not uncommon.  Maybe it’s the pressure release from the rigors of workaday world. I explained an intense dream in Saturday’s Peoplenomics report, too, in a piece about Fateball.

I won’t go into it too deeply, except to mention that game was “played in a big department store…like Macy’s…” which, if you’ve ever been there, must be 6 or 7 stories of everything.

My personal revelation (which took until Sunday to figure out) was that the Macy’s-like setting was really about (you’ll love this…) What’s IN STORE.

I’ll reread Stu’s dreamscape a few more times and see if there’s any more worth commenting on. Future leaks, though.

In my own overnight dream (world) Elaine and I were just wrapping up a long-term project and were returning to a New York-type town on the east coast of a very unfamiliar planet.

That Stu has a kind of rewards and promotion NYC dream strikes me as more than slightly odd.  But such is the world of lucid dreams and the nature of Truths beyond waking understanding.

I expect we will both be thinking about New York in coming weeks.  Especially because Fateball was likely about “What’s in store” and the Devil is where?  All very ethereal and yet very trans-reality real at the same time.

Meanwhile: Back in the Timeline

Lynch Mob Moods are still around.  Remember the George Floyd case? Where a “verdict” was rendered in a courthouse under siege? Railroaded Derek Chauvin’s foes are out for his blood in prison and his case (

Dueling propaganda reports out of UkraineUkraine Destroys Three Russian Tank Battalions in a Single Week: Kyiv (  But the cost of Ukraine is rippling out into the EU as Emergency economic and political crisis in Germany: 60 billion hole in the economy due to Ukraine – Scenarios for early elections – WarNews247. Also in-theater, we got to wondering if the weather weapons are out and in use as More than half a million people left without power in Crimea, Russia and Ukraine after huge storm.

As for Turkey, in a critical swing role for now: Turkey faces scrutiny as exports to Russia surge, fueling concerns of sanctions evasion | Euronews. Near as we can figure it, this scrutiny is a lever trying to force Turkey to green light Sweden joining the NATO family.  Right on cue: NATO Chief Says Time Has Come For Turkey To Let Sweden Join As Soon As Possible” (  Don’t bet on it.  Erdogan is playing both sides against the middle.

South of there and down the front: Syria says Israeli strikes put Damascus airport out of service – as it happened | Israel-Hamas war .

Next stop is Lebanon: Where UN troops are keeping an eye out: Israel-Lebanon border: The Irish troops watching Israel’s hidden conflict.

Hostage Releases continued over the weekend. But don’t hold your breath for more, yet: Israel and Hamas look open to extending cease-fire – Los Angeles Times ( Meanwhile, the Gaza seizure is blowing back on America as Suspect arrested in shooting of 3 Palestinian students near University of Vermont.

Worth Knowing

We noticed that Slo Joe is skipping a pending climate deal off somewhere.  Maybe – seems to us – a little more warming wouldn’t be a bad thing.  Other than while we sit on our thumbs and twirl, China is outgrowing us and overpowering us, to boot.

But the reason for our sentiments is that there’s been a Chilling discovery reveals what wiped out humans in Europe a million years ago – Study Finds.  Hint: It wasn’t warming.

Around the Ranch: New Antenna Up

Look, up in the sky!”  Our new, modified OCFD ham radio antenna.  Center at about 55 feet and the ends around 70, or 80.  First tests were promising, but the lower antenna (old one) is still giving better signal reports out west of us.  This is a follow-up to ShopTalk Sunday which, oh, maybe went off a little too geekily into ham radio this weekend.

More testing today as work/writing time permits.

Ahead today:  Housing sales report at 10 AM (est) and Dallas Fed Manufacturing mid-morning.

Case-Shiller Housing tomorrow and GDP and Trade figures Wednesday.  With the end of the month at hand, we normally expect at least one day with a 200-400-point decline but that’s just historical contexting…

Write when you get rich,

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64 thoughts on “American Spendgasm – Wars”

  1. “We just wish someone had explained that to us when we were young. Got the savings lectures, the thrift and Depression-era stories, the “See if you still want it next week…”

    my father tried!!!
    We tried!!!
    I am sure everyone here recognizes the scenario that our parents and we shared with our children.
    the once a month kitchen table spread.. the kids sitting around the table a stack of bills. the notebook a pencil and the checkbook.. or like us a pile of cash.. the bills sorted out to necessities.. loans … wants.. savings..
    for us money would go into an envelope for each expense.
    then in the end the discussion.. how important is that will it benefit ..
    then the calendar… loans and loan rates. pay off one then slide that payment onto the next loan.. who has the loans .do they allow creative pay schedule? like my bank.. I can split the payment or make an excess payment without penalty.. an amortization schedule..most would be shocked to know that maybe five dollars a month goes to the loan itself. one place that brags low payments only a penny goes to the actual loan.
    splitting a loan and making an extra five bucks will actually pay off a loan in half the time..
    I was to poor to get one of those free money loans.. mine all hovered 20 percent interest short term balloon loans. couldnt buy a pre made home i had to build my own…..paid off two homes that way.. I have one grand daughter making 12 an hour. 4 kids the father ran out on them not paying a dime towards their care.. he has a business and they can’t make him pay support. her rent is 2 grand a month.. she just asked me how I did it..she’s considering building her own like I did.. easy and hard at the same time and two of the kids are toddlers..phew big job.. im to old to build it for her and the price of raw and infrastructure are beyond belief..

    • what’s funny is if she could get a spot with sewer water electric.. I could reach out to my friends in TED to bring up engineering students.. the problem us similar to those in sanfrancisco.. a repairable dump here is a hundred grand or a thousand a month. materials for a stick home has gone down but still sitting around 80.. for materials .. making rammed earth is cheap enough .. and my idea of using ICF forms would work but it can’t be where stringent code is.. going out digging in a ceptic system would be 25 etc..

    • Can you help the grand daughter start a business?

      The easiest/non-formal education gig I can think of is processing home medical tests. Convince folks they need their blood tested for pH or heavy metals and they’ll pay.

      Stuff like cleaning offices/homes is easier with a lower barrier to entry cost but the labor competition is usually immigrants who command lower wages. So instead of housecleaning it could be more lucrative to organize non-English speaking immigrants into house cleaning teams.

      • Starting a business was something I had thought but the costs were to high…. So far her aunt and I have been helping as much as we can to keep her head above water.. at one point she was given an eviction notice.. had no food and her utilities were all to be disconnected.. her husband bought a package of 12 diapers for six took quite a bit to get this changed.. where she’s working has some benefits and she’s an assistant manager.. and has been really flexible due to illnesses etc. I have had a few hard times but nothing like she was facing.. at one point she was going to move into a camper with 4 little kids..if I had known before I would have had her and the kids move in here.. we had two bedrooms that I let two homeless guys one missing a limb moved into..I totally would have had her and the kids move in. before we got it turned around..I was going to have the camper park here and hooked up to least then they only would need a place to sleep other than that they would have the house.
        because the ex husband has a business there are very few options for support.
        I’ve actually seen this with an ex co-worker whose husband had a corporate salary of 4 mil a year she made 5 dollars an hour at the time and 3 kids..because of the tax code his income looked smaller than hers and he went after support from her at 5 dollars an hour.. I never learned how that turned out.
        my guess is it was similar to how my grand daughters has..
        it is what it is.. A dump sells for a hundred grand.. so her best bet is get further out in the sticks for work long hours like I did

  2. G
    Bee feeling bad for GA ,Stu the Cockatoo nu at the Zoo, Stewart.

    Da boy needs some backup muscle, some protection from evil malefactors (weak ass cowards/losers&clowns).
    Spoken several times regards trying 2 level up and what one experiences as they progress..

    Once you start or can See “them” – they See and will react to You. My 1st experience involved a dark entity hanging out on large, over the highway, big green Sign. It was large and roundish – and I KNEW it was a “darkling” , several days later, again driving into office one morning, 4 lanes each way, I noticed a tractor-trailer Tire bouncing and flying at highspeed towards Me from opposing direction of traffic. As time froze – with flying Tire seemly suspended in mid air, my still small voice said “Dont Move!” . I didnt, tire bounced down right in front of my Camry, and took out the left front (driverside) on the bounce Up and over my car. Called my customer who I was scheduled to meet with and told about the worst day of my life. He (Asian) responded no _ _ _, it is the luckiest day of Ure life. As usual he was correct.

    So anyways – You should havesome protection, some muscle, when U go swimming in the Source soup with Maneaters. ABC is rule of life – Always Be Closing, if not familiar with Opens and Closes, never mind just think to Ureselve “I am Closed”.

    The following is not Religious, nor does it belong to any one religion. It is POWER, it is Protection from the “unseen” scheisse (that like to throw truck tires at the spiritually awakening).

    Repeat Out loud 3 Times (like a charm);

    “I Invoke The Light of The Christ Within Me”

    Is Christ really short for the Kiristi (Male Planner) = Osiris/Enki-Ea ? Thin so Bubbalouey, thin so.


    • Well, I’m protected. I’ve been doing this dance since 2009. But I think I’m tiring them out; many thanks for the advice.

      And thank you George for the kind words. I told you, I think we are going to the same night school. However, I’m thinking that I should have taken the pottery class or basket weaving instead of the honors classes.

      • Good luck with your new residence. Trying to relocate into suburban or rural areas is tough in the current real estate environment. My neighbors still have cattle, but there are apartments going up in all directions from me. There will be a real supermarket within peddling distance, and a safe riding route to it within 6 months. Urban sprawl.
        I am well within 100 miles of a major metro area, and downwind from the midwest killing fields. Wind direction is the luck of the draw.
        I listen to what G____ and his readers post, but the only real major adjustment I have made in a decade is going from a long commute to a telecommute, and that was largely by happenstance. But I am working, and I am paying attention. Economics is going to dictate minimalist solutions. What is the minimum adjustment I can make to increase safety from the scenarios I am hearing? Gamma rays just don’t seem to be conducive to minimalist solutions.

        • How do you think the people with cattle on their place are going to be affected by Prop. 1 that just passed? Based on the wording of it I have little faith that it will protect Ag interests but I’m glad it passed.

  3. The lesser of two evils is going to be close this round.

    Nikki Haley wants us to have the universal Internet ID.

    Trump mulling deploying the military into the lands.

    Trump hints at expanded role for the military within the US. A legacy law gives him few guardrails

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Campaigning in Iowa this year, Donald Trump said he was prevented during his presidency from using the military to quell violence in primarily Democratic cities and states.

    • Translation .. Nimarata Randhawa – sikh indian posing as zionist christian 4 her jewish masters.

      -“Globo homo wants to have moar CONTROL over their slaves/goyim”.

      fixed it 4 ya.

  4. I wonder if Stu can get me a piece of this action?

    “I have bets with my coworkers that we will never make it to November 2024. If anything, the facility will be shutdown with the rest of the United States by the Summer of 2024 in a Soviet-style 1991 collapse. Only this will be much worse.”

    • I am with you BIC….those in power don’t want to hive it up very easy. I cannot see how the upside down plane of the USA can survive.. im the spring we wo t be able to even come close to paying the interest owed to china. so what will they do ..will it be similar to Swiss getting rid of debt by just erasing the bonds.. we are on what five or six war fronts now.. this could go ugly in a heartbeat.. our strategic reserves have been eliminated and millions of people have come into the usa.. no matter which way you look at the clown train it’s ugly..

    • Spot on BIC. But there really is a plan out there. Adapt now or join the crowd.

      Blockchain is the first financial asset to be invented since the intorduction of the Bond by the BoE in 1694. A generational qealth opportunity is upon us. Choose wisely as 99% of it will be adopted by the system. BTC, XRP have legal clarityas not being a security in US.

      Not Advice, do your own homework.

    • In such a situation, how does real estate ownership resolve? Most assets are not titled, and even titled vehicles can be asset stripped, but real estate(royal estate) is subject to the whims of whatever wields governmental power! I don’t know the answer, and am pondering this as I’m about to part with a significant chunk of change for real estate taxes.


      • I’ve asked this question time and time again to those that might have a clue and would also entertain the concept of a crash only to have them just shrug their shoulders and pass on the question. So what happens when everyone is in the same boat, the currency is being devalued at an unprecedented rate, the banks have refused to pass money amongst themselves and may even be in the throws of instituting CBDCs? Certainly all economic activity will cease for a time – and far surpassing the stillness that happened during Covid. Could you buy groceries or fuel for your car? Do the taxing entities think for even a minute that they’d become owners of vast tracts of land and houses throughout the country? I think that our county has made provisions to accept PMs as a form of payment. Personally I think many of those people who think they’d be able to get away with confiscation of property with simple paper would find themselves becoming Christmas ornaments on trees and lamp posts at a very non-Christmassy time of year. Working for a tax assessor would become a very dangerous job.

      • you have a birth certificate, it is a title of ownership
        ure the property, not the owner. the yr 1999 marked an end of a contract.
        my wondering is this,,, but who would have knowledge and ability and desire to follow up?
        remember Trump going to the Queen and Pope,,, was it over ownership, is some peoples view
        interesting video 1hr 21min, reminds me a lot of William Cooper’s talks,,, admiralty law and masons
        I have only watched half this morning and will watch the rest this eve
        Dr. Jan Halper-Hays was my source for this vid by
        Sgt Robert ??? , I missed hearing his name at the beginning

        • obd – you got the nut !

          It’ll be better than a box of CrackerJacks, once U crack that bitch open.

          #’s matter..What “NUMBER : was new speaker Johnson introduced as ?

          timing be tricky..never seem to get it exactly right, so going with positive vibes and thinking “soonly” . But 1st must make it look like orange gollum of greatness has “exited” the bldg…


  5. I had a dream a couple of nights ago… I was in what was apparently my home, it was raining outside and I’m in the living room, there is no furniture, but there is a fireplace.

    The windows had no blinds or curtains, and people were staring in and looking down at the floor… I’m wondering what are they looking at… then I see a giant snake slithering toward me, all of a sudden he sinks his fangs into my shoe, but they didn’t penetrate into my foot. He wouldn’t let go, and then… I woke up.

    • There is no place to hide and something is coming after you. Others can see it happening to you but can’t help you or won’t help you.

      So you can walk on the snake with your other foot and hope he will let go, or find a way to befriend him.

  6. So you can still change the length of your Obsessive Compulsive Freaking Dipole, correct? I ask because of randomocity.

    When I put up mine (now about 230ft long, abt 17′ high at each end and 15′ in the middle (now supported by a stick of my bamboo), I stopped and had a couple drinks at the very end of the work (and the antenna) and went inside to check the frequency it was good at on 160. (I’d spent a couple years of off and on lazy work clearing a long stretch in the woods.)

    It was way in to the broadcast band. I cut off a little and checked again. Small movement. I mentioned I had a couple drinks. I just looked at all the wire I had measured out but was evidently too long and, measuring nothing, cut off a big mess of it.

    Well you guessed, it was right around 3520 or so just what I wanted. And later, it made a nice picture like the one you had, on my little analyzer

    I guess I’m drone-ing on here. What was my point? I guess just reminding you about taking off or putting on more wire, I’m sure you thought of that.

    As I’ve mentioned before, it works well, and is on a 900ft ridge in the Blue Ridge Mt.

  7. “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

    1 Peter 5:8
    New International Version

  8. I have to admit, Stu.., that you have me a bit confused:
    “It is going to get very bad within the next few months and certainly by the Spring of 2024.” and – “…, by the Summer of 2024 in a Soviet-style 1991 collapse. Only this will be much worse.”
    Yet there you are moving into a new house in the city just blocks from your gym and looking to get the band back together. Doesn’t appear that you are very concerned with what you have stated with all your research on Nostradamus and what is predicted to happen.
    As a firm believer in all your years of work., shouldn’t you be selling-out, packing-up and “heading for the hills”., or, are you saying., that there is no point and this your: “Waiting For God” moment?
    Or.., is it me and have I missed something along the way ?
    Just a bit confused.

    • I am 67 and I have worked at a high priority target for 26-years. This is a 6-minute target.

      We have a joke where I work; you run and get the beer, I’ll setup the chase lounge chairs. If I see that elephant walk, I’ll toast you and yours, and pray for the best.

      If I can bug-out, I’ll bug-out. I’m responsible only for me.

      Otherwise, I’m going down with the ship buddy.

      To survive, it’s bare-minimum of building what George has built.

      If you are serious about survival, you should move south of the border immediately.

      Unfortunately, I believe American Ex-pats are going to have a hard time in the future world.

      And that’s just the way it shakes in the Empire.

      • Actually.. I believe that the Amish and the colonies..especially the ones that live primitive lifestyles.. will be the ones that if they live through it.. will survive.. the fastest way to get knocked out of the system is move where Mark or C lives.. they will just be a shadow on the sidewalk.. a cliff drawing.. want to be funny about it make sure you see the elephant coming put up your middle finger so it will be engraved for eternity ..
        the rest will be legends around the campfires.. just about everyone I know that is a prepper preps with the idea that modern conveniences that we all take for granted will still be here.. I don’t prep to surviveI prep in CASE I survive.. I put notes on how something works.. and how to rebuild it using the things you have around you..
        one look at the covid shut down is enough.. people were pulling knives and fighting over toilet paper.. none of them knew how to make paper.. how many Deckles do you have hanging in the garage.. I have two one at eight by twelve one that is thirty six inches long and five inches wide.. ( toilet paper ) I also have the form to make a DATS solar cooker.. really easy to make and was a great project for the kids..
        Go to green power science to buy the reflective material.. or a parabol etc.. Dan and Denise are super nice young kids..
        If you have any questions at all.. don’t hesitate to ask dan or denise..
        Need to build a small hay bale house… easy.. how many have a baler..
        It is nice to have the chain saws.. or the log splitter.. but seriously.. if this goes south.. you have to be able to do it all by hand to..

    • d’Lynn,

      I think the problem is that Stu has to get out of his crumbling apartment right away.

      He wrote:
      “I was trying to get out of the city, but I need to move now.”

  9. “Lynch Mob Moods are still around. Remember the George Floyd case? Where a “verdict” was rendered in a courthouse under siege? Railroaded Derek Chauvin’s foes are out for his blood in prison and his case (”

    I read he had succumbed to his injuries…
    playing the stock reminds me of when my brother had an acquaintance of his starting a new company. the stock was a couple bucks a share.. he told me to get some..I had 2500.00
    no one would do the trade..they would say get a hundred of your friends to come up with the same amount and they would do it.. a friend of mine and I were the only two the trade never was the meantime the stock in this man’s small company went ballistic and Microsoft is a household name..
    my friend went off playing the markets after that..called me wanting me to get into day he did a day trade.. called to tell me he made 65,000 eating eggs and toast.. then he didn’t call..three years later his son called me to have a talk with his dad..he lost his farm his home and his retirement.. they had to move in with the kids..similar to playing the slots.. you have to have a disposable amount to gamble it away..
    seeing things in the news..I see the USA being sucked into..with let’s go to war bribem in charge and everyone we rely on for absolutely everything.. all they have to do is close the spigot of progress just a little bit to have us spiraling out of control..we deploy much more to who knows where now and the core is left unprotected. I don’t see how this can end any where near central range of hell..
    I have seen the economic death spiral ip close and personal abs this has all the earmarks of an economic death spiral..

      • thanks Ray.. yeah I have a friend whose parents had a business in was destroyed they thought insurance would pay..nope.. now the area is so crime filled that you can’t hardly drive through the neighborhood..
        on top of that now there are a lot of illegal refugees moving into the neighborhood and crime is through the roof.. even in escaping their countries they brought the very things they opposed in their countries with them ..there’s a lot we don’t hear about.. I was told that one young woman was attacked raped and robbed and when the police came even though they were told who it was and the perpetrater was in sight the officers just took the statement and left..
        there are neighborhoods that Caucasians cannot even walk down..i believe it was Stanford that did a random study on this by sending in different ethics into various neighborhoods to see how it was..they had to rescue the Caucasian kids from several neighborhoods..

    • This is very similar to an addendum to the Deagel 2025 report at one time. The USA is not flexible in the case of adversity and is essentially a brittle economy. If everything goes right, we’re super efficient, but when it does not, we have zero in reserve. Less efficient economies tend to have far more flexibility. In 2020, the stores were bare and there was a ridiculous rush to buy toilet paper, as if that’s the only way to clean one’s ass. Yes, it’s convenient, but there’s more to life than convenience.

      We don’t have an American running the show, and it seems that we’re doing everything we can to give away the store. The only American that seemed to care about our country from his position at the top is now being sanctioned in every possible way to prevent him winning the presidency again.

    • Closures are in specific States. Was in bank mgrs ofc yesterday getting an Intl Wire sent out to my bank (personal acct) in Belize. Brought up the branch closure news – nothing in Pennsyltucky..lot out West- Cali. Seems majority branchs in my geographic area are down to 1 teller and 1 window attendant.

      First rumblings of the coming “break up” of the continental USA ?
      Firearms Season (Deer) just opened hear in Pennsyltucky..”sorry Officer, that IRS agent looked like a Deer, what with his unkempt hair and frightened look in his eyes” “should have been wearing Orange, dumbass.”

      See Ireland for clues as to what happens when entire country feels like they are under attack and being targeted by their government.

      Got Guillotines and Swinging Gibbets ?

    • phew ..that’s the truth..I was going to run into one of my favorite stores this morning to get some Xmas had to close. they didn’t make enough to pay rent

  10. I know people love cats…. here’s a cat article and it makes good sense. Would you run up to an Opossum or Porcupine and start pretending it’s a house pet? Feral cats aren’t house pets either. Madeline is lucky she didn’t contract the virus.

    How one rabid kitten triggered intensive effort to contain deadly virus

    “At first, Madeline Wahl thought her new kitten was having a bad reaction to medication for ringworm. After each dose, he would shake his head and flail his legs.

    She and her husband, Rich, had brought the kitten to their house in a historic neighborhood in Omaha after a friend found the stray meowing in her driveway. About 5 weeks old and barely two pounds, the cuddly black-and-white animal looked like he was wearing a tuxedo. The Wahls named him Stanley.

    But, within two days, Stanley stopped eating and developed seizures…..”

  11. ‘read the Black Friday article.

    Anecdotally on BF I saw the old, “Select sizes discounted” for an item I wanted on a website. The size I wanted wasn’t discounted so I patiently waited until today to see a CM discount. Same today, “Select sizes discounted”, no CM discount.

    I chatted with the company and they voluntarily created a 20% off coupon for me so there is a discount on other sizes.

    I’ve chatted with companies in the past asking for unadvertised sale coupons and sometimes it works.

  12. duuuuude,

    i was going to file bankruptsy. i paid off 39 negative items since i got divorced. i had this thing where i gave someone s car. they never changed the title of the registration. they got in a car accident and did a shit load of damage.

    a few weeks back i get pulled over for having a head light out. the cop says your license is suspended and your Cdl is revoked in washington state.

    im like what the fuck? so i call them and the insurance company that had to foot the bill for that car i gave someone who needed help badly, was homeless went after me for the damage. because the car was srill registered to me. and until i set up a payment plan my license was suspended and my cdl revoked. fuck.

    so i been praying about it. alot alot. bending THE DUDE ear. like you want me to do all these things now what the actual fuck DUDE? All HE said back was, “Its handled Andy.”

    i said im out of faith God! HE said, “Its taken care of.” and felt peace.

    and i need my CDl and my license. i really dont make shit for a living financially. spiritually im a gazillioare. but finacially im scraping by like everyone else. and im grateful because alot of people have it worse. alot worse.

    i spend most of my time investing in God and understanding and wisdom.

    and i have an amazing life. but im not sitting on millions of dollars. everything i own besides my little humble volkswagon fits in 2 suit cases. i dont own a house or anything fancy.

    im not like all these rich fellas in the comment section. lol

    so i call them today and say okay im ready to set up some payment arrangement as long as it doesnt kill me financially or im just going to file bankruptsy and call it good.

    the lady says oh, your accident was paid in full last week. here is the confirmation number. call the dol on friday your CDL and license should be good. i said uhhh what???? she said yeah it was paid off last week. i said who paid it? she said i cant give you that information. but someone called and paid it in full.

    she said, yep,
    you are all paid off. have a merry christmas!

    so, whoever called and paid a shit load of money off on a car accident for a car i gave to a homeless woman with kids, and she never changed the registration or title then wrecked it?

    thank you!

    i sure appreciate it.

  13. i dont know what to think. i didnt tell anyone but THE DUDE and my roomates. i dont know how that happend.


    i dont know how anyone would even know to do that. i guess i have an angel looking out for me too. i said are you sure? im ready to just file bankruptsy, drive over to jackson hole, shake the dirt from my sandles and drive out in the woods and rachet a round in my pistol and off myself. hahaha. it so hard now days to get a head. i been working my ass off and scraping by.

    she said yes sir! you are paid in full.

    that is a big chunk of money.


    definently a helocopter moment.

    • Interesting turn of events from negative to positive. Nice.
      Before that turn, I was thinking of the old saying…

      “No good deed goes unpunished.”

      • there is the test to see how bad ya want it, right before it all falls into place.

        every man and woman of great worth, value and deed faces this right before the breakthrough.

        im not sure if you ever read my old website. george and a few others will remember this big lesson.

        a week before Christmas in 2020, i was an unemployed “Writer and Content Creator.” i had my own website George helped me tremendously get it up and running.

        the things i was writting were changing the world.

        2 weeks before Christmas my unemployment got messed up. 3 days before Christmas all i had to my name left was $20 and a quater tank of gas on my car that was 3 months behind in payments, had vald tires on it and 4 cans of soup. i was living in the basement of a run down house in spokane washington.

        a fella called me and asked me for a ride from the quest casino in spokane. im thinking fuck man. im down to $20 and a quater tank of gas to my name.

        so i thought okay, why the hell not. i will go down there and give ya a ride. i drive down there in a hemi v8 in the snow on bald tires.

        i go down there and cant find the guy anywhere. as im walking out i stop at a slot machine look at it and said ahhh fuck it and stick my last $20 in it. i pressed the button and won $400 first spin. whoohoo!

        i hit the max bet button spun it again and hit a $2700 jackpot.

        the lady comes over and keys the machine takes my info and says you still have $418 on a ticket in there to play while i get your money.

        i said ok im going to play those machines behind me. i figured if i spent the $418 as soon as she got there id bounce with the $2700 cash.

        i stuck my ticket in the other machine and pressed max bet and it hit another jackpot for $11,000.

        the lady comes back and pays me out. then says wow. okay i will go get your money for that jackpot. i saif great. im going to those other machines over there. meet me there. as soon as ya get back im leaving.

        i go to another bank with my $414 ticket. hit max bet andspin. and hit another $7200 jackpot. whoohoo!

        all in all I hit 6 jackpots in an hour and a half.

        in an hour and a half i went from my unemployments messed up, im 3 car payments behind, i have 4 cans of soup, $20 to my name and bald tires on a car with a quater tank. im litterally running a website on a walmart track phone and recording podcasts and youtube videos in my car on the blue tooth speaker system. to having over $27,000 cash in my pocket an hour and a half later.

        all 3 days before Christmas.

        i cashed out after the 6th jackpot and i got a security escort to my car.

        i went to the gas station filled my car and i drove around Spokane Washington on bald tires in my car, in the snow blaring Christmas music with my windows down and gave every single homeless person i saw flying a sign at the stop light a brand new crisp $100 bill for 3 hours. every single person i gave a brand new $100 bill to i said God Bless you and keep you.

        by the time i got home i still had over $25,000 cash.

        in the span of a hour and a half every single problem i had was resolved.

        all my debts were paid, we had one hell of a Great Christmas, i got brand new wheels and Journey Onward.

        its a very very valuable life lesson i learned. i share it on my old website.

    • Great uplifting story Andy!
      I always protect myself by sending the car’s title transfer form to the state using registered mail as prove the car is no longer my property.
      Lucky because I have had two sold vehicles that the new buyer never changed the title – one purchaser racked up hundreds of dollars in unpaid parking ticket fines.
      Second car was in a nasty accident 3 years after I sold it.

    • first.. Everyone stumbles and falls and could use a hand reason I am a Seahawks fan.. they play hard but if in a play they play hard but if they knock someone down out goes the hand to hive them a hand up..
      one thing I learned and try to live by through the years is do it with anonymity..
      kids.. if your child comes for help in a loan. know that you are the absolute last person that they will turn to for embarassing and the last thing the person wants is someoneholding somethingover their head reminding them about the time. .. the odds are that they will not pay you back.. it’s a gift get over it and move on..
      if your going to help a homeless person by giving them a car. there is a reason they were homeless.. I gave a young single mother a car earlier .her ex cut her wiring harness took lug nuts off etc. but when I gave it to her I did the title change for her..

  14. Forgiveness is a path where compassion is a stop along the way.

    When you see ugliness that’s what you get. When you see beauty that’s what you get.

    If you always want and come from a place of scarcity or lack, that is what you will have. You will never have enough, insatiable, and become the windigo. When you see abundance all around that is what you have.

    Sharing and generosity, giving, will make you richer.

    I am rich, so I am.

    • thank you.

      one story before i go. you know ive met so many people along my journey. from homeless beggars to the dutchess of spain. ive at 2 mcdonalds cheese burgers for $5 to lobster on yachts. ive road up in the elevator with Elon Musk and saw joan jet in her braw and panties in her dressing room. she still looks hot at her age.

      ive lived in the desert, the beach and the mountains. seen millions upon millions of faces and shows and so many beautiful sunsets and sun rises.

      ive drove uber for a little while once and picked up a tibettan monk from the aiport flying in from tibet. went with him and ate dinner rice and meditated for 4 hours in a Monistary and ive ate lunch with the Ceo of Chase Bank and the second highest female producer on wall street.

      ive hung out with bumble bees, roses, Big Bucks, monarch butterflies, Moose, road runners and gekos.

      and ive gotten relationship advise on the phone about my ex that was in playboy with George Ure and his wife while riding the monorail to go work back stage at The Who concert. haha.

      there was this fella. probably the financially Richest Fella ive ever met. I asked him how much is your empire worth? He said Its so much i dont even know anymore. i have peoppe manage it for me. He said i asked the Jewish Accountants i hired to keeo trak of it once, How Much Money do i have? They replied you have more money than God.

      you would never know by looking at him. he drove a newer truck, wore bib overalls, cowboy boots and a fancy watch. i was so niave at the time i didnt know they even made $400,000 watches. i was blown away that they made watches that cost that much.

      one day i went over to his house. he had 12 books cover facing down, pointing out like an star, fanned. like on hands on a clock making a circle

      each book had a paper over the back so ya couldnt see what each book was.

      i said what is this. he said this is the greatest gift i can give you. you have to choose for yourself.

      he said im dying and all you have shown me is you cared about me, generosity, giving and kindness.

      so he said, This is the Greatest Gift i can give you before i die. someone when i was your age gave me the same gift and it forever changed my life.

      i went to the books. i looked at them. he said choose two books. the two books you choose are yours to keep. after you choose your two books, you cant look at the others. you can only look at the two books you choose. close your eyes take a deep breath and let your intuition choose which two are yours.

      once you pick, all the power of persons book you choose will be yours and will set you on your path.

      you can always not choose. but this is the greatest gift i can give you. no amount of money i have compares to this gift.

      so i closed my eyes. i took a couple deep breaths. i opened them and he said when you are ready. pick your book and turn it over. only turn your two books over leave the rest face down.

      so i picked two books. i turned the first one over and it was Ronald Regans Auto Biography. the fella said, Ahhhh the great communicator! excellent Choice!

      i chose my second book and turned it over. Billy Grahm Auto Biography. The Fella said, A Great and Rightouse Man of Faith.

      then he said take them and put them in your car. so i did. when i came back he grabbed my habd said something under his breath and when he was done he said so be it.

      i looked at the table and said what about the other books? noticing they were not there anymore. he said the other 10 books were left face down. its symbolic of them bowing in honor to the ones you chose. after you took the 2 books and made them yours by placing them in your property, your car, they were removed as to not stand in your way. when you leave, the two books you chose? the great men you chose? their power, all their strenghths will be at your side until, and move within you and with you until one day, your own book will enter the circle with the great men who present.

      but first lets have some coffee, a smoke and sit by the pool.

      hope you a very merry christmas Mr Truth.

      Thank you!

  15. i know who it was.

    i got a message that said, “did you get your confirmation number?” i said wow, i havent talked to you in years. yes i did! she said thank you for saving my life that day and all the days of life ive had since. Have a very Merry Christmas!”

    i looked. she works there. i saved her life 8 years ago.

    that is the first time anyone has ever did something for me in return for saving their life.

    with that,

    Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say
    On a bright Hawaiian Christmas day
    That’s the island greeting that we send to you
    From the land where palm trees swaaaaaay……

    until we meet again.

    much love

  16. Air Force warns troops to avoid pro-Trump ‘patriot’ rally

    United States military leadership at the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota recently sent service members a text message warning them that their “continued service” could be in jeopardy if they attended a local rally featuring a speaker from an organization that has historically been supportive of former President Donald Trump.

    The text message to Minot Air Force Base personnel, which was obtained by Fox News, stated, “Leaders, please exercise caution if downtown this weekend.”

    The text message cautioned any base personnel who were thinking of going into town while the event was taking place last Friday to “be careful” and “reach out for any concerns.”

    The event mentioned by Air Force leadership was the “Dakota Patriot Rally,” which took place at the state fairgrounds in Minot. Leadership warned Air Force members that some of the people attending the rally “could be confrontational to military members.” The text message also warned military members that the featured guest speaker would be from Turning Point Action, which leadership claimed was an “alt-right organization.”

    In the text message sent to the Air Force base’s service members, leadership warned “participation with groups such as Turning Point Action could jeopardize their continued service in the U.S. military.”

  17. most certainly this all is the work of THE DUDE. HE put all that together. God, the maker of all things put that together. its been so long since something like that happened for me. i forgot what that feels like. im always so focused on doing for others and helping them, i forget what its like to feel that. been a few years since something of that magnitude has been about me. feels good. i feel seen.

    im always so filled with Joy helping others and struggling to figure out my own stuff inbetween, i forget, i too need miravles for me.


    have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  18. LifePo4.. Weize 24 volt 200 AH.. 4.8KWH per $999… i have 16 of these.. they are all solid. Knock off the tax refund.. and you can have a great upgrade cheap. cold weather is not that bad. we installed peltier junction heaters/coolers (polarity dependent) on each battery to heat and chill the battery a bit depending on the season. In bulk, the peltier chips are pretty cheap nowadays.. this battery has the cold protection circuit too… take care…

  19. a comment from a zerohedge article:

    And 2023 will be the year not 2024. December 15th 2023 to be exact, which is the date that Swiss bank UBS has to come up with 149 trillion Pounds. The fact that it can not will start the dominos falling, and is the reason precious metal paper prices are shooting up now due to Insiders in the know, just as they did with the latest bank crisis with Silver State etc, and is the reason Israel orchestrated the Hamas attack on itself to make the nuclear false flag Globalist attack on the USA seem like it was made by the non satanic cult members presently under attack, and to draw attention away from the actual reason tptb had to do it and to create a reason for mass compliance – because their fraudulent criminal satanic financial system can had been kicked to the end of the road. Also the U.S. Marine Corp Annual Ball that falls on that date has been cancelled for the first time ever in history. They knew the date the derivative money was due and what the consequences would be – they’re not stupid, and you don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist to figure them out. CBDC Agenda 2030 is their endgame. That’s three weeks from now. ~The End~

  20. “But the reason for our sentiments is that there’s been a Chilling discovery reveals what wiped out humans in Europe a million years ago – Study Finds.”

    Heat makes humans uncomfortable — cold kills.

    When the average daytime summer temperature in France was 103.8°F, a thousand years (or so) ago, dozens of people died yearly from heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and other heat-related issues. During the “little ice age” of the late 15th to 19th Century, thousands perished in the cold, every year…

  21. i mean im super rich in other ways. i have millions upon millions of true stories about particpating in miracles for others. i see things most of the world is completely blind too. like calling that big buck out of the darkness.

    i never am without a car, a job, good food, or a warm comfy bed. there is never a shortage of beautiful women to sleep with and i always have coffee, cigerettes. i get 60 job offers a year all over the place, all the time, people are offering me work. i never look for work. ever. im a hundred times more physically stronger than 99% of the men my age. i can do things physically that most men half my age cant do in physical strength.

    and im internially physically healthy as a fit teen athelete. i only get sick once every 5 years of so.

    ive experianced somethings that are so mind bending wooo that it pop the brain on most people.

    and ive logged more time in prayer, contemplation and meditaton than most people log watching TV.

    i live a life by faith alone. and if i had the power to buy a house and pay off all my financial stuff. i would. if i had the money, id buy a brand new 3/4 ton Dodge Cummings truck. or one of them srt 392 Rubicon Jeeps. i like those alot. i want one. i just dont have the means, yet. but i will at some point.

    idk. i dont know if i have it in me to make another leep of faith. im tired. i been on the travel gig for a lonnnnng time. im ready to find a place and settle down. i have my moments when i lay my head on my pillow at night where i think, i hope im done helping fix things, if i dont wake up in the morning, im good. thank you. hahaha.

    but today is a new day and God aint done with me yet. 9 degrees on the mountain. dreaming about some place warm.

    i was asked what do ya want for christmas Andy?

    i said 6.2 Million dollars and a girlfriend whose kiss feels like home made peach ice cream on sunburn lips.

    and it was so.


    gotta get after it, cowboy up!

  22. this aint an easy path. i have people tell me all the time. im jelouse of your life. they have no idea how hard it is to just leep out there and not have any evidence but complete faith that everything is going to be provided. they have houses and stuff and life and all that security and saftey.

    i make leaps of faith. in God not stuff and jobs. in God i trust.

    its a hard thing to..

    to just give away everything you own but what will fit i 2 suit cases to go see what God has better for ya. put it in gear, rip off the rear view mirror and throw it out the window, light up a smoke and put on some tunes and head to places you have no idea what awaits ya.

    but its been very very rewarding.

  23. The resources you two expend to extend the comfort/convenience of your (useless eater) lives is mind boggling.

    If you have 100 times more shit than some illegal who works 12 hours a day to support his family, did you work 100 times harder to get it?

    These folks, and all Americans slipping into poverty, are noticing, and they aren’t about to starve while you accumulate more shit.

    Just sayin’

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