American Psyche Break – Markets Missing Facts

A Key Insight Into Trump

finally get it!  I understand Donald Trump.  But don’t get your hopes up.  It’s probably too late to matter.

My insight comes from 70+ years of personal experience.  Constantly working on myself to improve.  It’s because of this, all the pieces finally “clicked into place” today as reports of Trump’s behavior and condition were flowing by.

It was truly an “I get it!” moment.  So chill for a minute as “George Plays a Jung Freud” because this has everything to do with America’s future.

The Deep Background Readings

Several books that come to mind.  One, I can’t even remember the exactly name of it, was about something the author called “Family Olympics.”  The book came out in the early 1970’s, so this goes back a long ways…

It’s how in families – when children are in their formative years in loving and supportive families – there’s an ongoing series of “events.”  As in Olympics.

In these settings, where everything is viewed (by loving parents) as a contest, it’s one of the ways that the drive is coded into children to strivde for personal success (in all things, not just business) is encouraged.

OK – hold that thought.

The “break” (or missing element may be closer to it) in these “family games” is that there’s little emphasis on confrontation.

Here’s the key:  This is where a young child learns the contextualizing  of Truth.

A personal shortcoming confession here:  I can think of times in my own past where I have shaded the truth a bit  in order spare other people’s feelings.  Over time, deep introspection, and self-learning, I joined the “Truth in Your Face” (at all costs) camp.  When one is young (like under 50) Truth is not particularly welcome.

“Pretty Lies” I think is how Joni Mitchell wrote it.  Children, being insecure, craving affection, and positive strokes really WANT parents to shade things to spare them pain.  Children don’t value Truth highly enough.

The Big Bad Ugly Truth is that if you don’t spare people pain, you won’t have too many friends. At least, that’s the fear when young.

Now:  What if you never outgrew that? What happens when the pattern of “little lies”  is never challenged?  How does that work out in adulthood?

Paradoxically:  Successfully.  The whole-hog, always “game-on” and narcissism may be then viewed as a denial mechanism.  Compensatory behavior for a soft, gooey middle.  That’s how Truth transforms.

Which is how a hyper business man, for example, might lie to a spouse while cheating – it’s all to save the spouse pain. But, at the same time seek fulfillment.   Because likely, the one fooling around wasn’t getting “what they wanted” at home.

Now comes the loop:  They can’t ask — for fear of causing pain, or suffering personal rejection — which risks their relationship – for what they really want.  From here, events go spiraling.

Which Has What to Do With Trump?

Not seeing it,. yet?   This is where it gets interesting.  

The big “clicking” for me came reading the headline “News Analysis: A history of falsehoods comes back to haunt the COVID-stricken president.

The pattern is there, now, clear as day.

Did Trump ever fool around?  Seems likely.  But would he deny it, so as to avoid hurting feelings and putting relationships at risk? Pay for a friendly divorce? I wouldn’t bet against it.  Relationships matter deeply.

That’s the “good news” – such as it is:  This reflects a very warm and caring person.  Just one who doesn’t like to lose friends, standing, and sources of Love.  (Who does, right?)  But he’s still going to do what HE wants.

As a result, Trump then became very generous to others (as in giving money anonymously to first responders in New York).  Light shading (like a #4 HB pencil) of Jekyll and Hyde…but without the violence.  More like an internal dialog, argument, and “balancing act.”  With compensatory behavior.)

His Relationships Went, Anyway

Sparing people’s feelings is a slippery moral slope.  And Trump, by all accounts is on it.   Slip-sliding away. 

When I read a story like Politico’s “How Mark Meadows Became the White House’s Unreliable Source” the take-out is  it’s “just another collateral damage report.” It demonstrates AGAIN that one “little lie” leads to a “bigger one” and this (don’t look surprised) leads to an even bigger one.

Arranging the Lies by Size 

We really can’t do that.  There are simply too many.  There’s a kind of juvenile “arrested development” being confronted now by Trump.

We can’t be sure – now – how much to chalk up to fear of hurting feelings or whether there aren’t examples of a bad boy, not wanting to get caught and face punishment.  We will defer to future history on that.

What we can do it look at actions that speak louder than words:

Sounds about right. Yet it’s likely not just the White House, but the man himself who is in crisis now. 

Trump has to confront not only a lifetime accumulation of “not wanting to hurt feelings” as a strategy, but also pulling through a potentially life-threatening illness.  That’s a lot of baggage to unpack all at once – especially in the middle of a political campaign culminating in less than a month.

But I’m not the only one to see it.  Go read the report casting “Donald Trump ‘worried’ and ‘less assured’ as he battles Covid-19, body language guru says.

What Trump has going for him?  Melania.  Supportive children.  And a whole lot of people praying for him…a third of the country, anyway.

Yet still: Trump lets the tweets fly from inside Walter Reed hospital.  He’ll have timem to work through the insights and move ahead with personal change, but not until the election is done.

Classic Good vs. Evil Study?

One more want to look at events, before I take down my “George the Psycho Shrink” sign for the day.

At a global, macro level, the world gets what it chooses.  Good is off choosing one future while evil is off choosing another.  Both are seeking self-gratification and ends.

We figure this to be a dandy time watch the classic Battle Between Good and Evil play out.  We have people praying for Trump, but we also know there are lots of people intending him toward defeat, and death with hatred.

Individually – and as a whole world – we become what we intend and what we choose.  The voting at the psycho-spiritual level is going on right now.

The coming period will be revelatory at the global mass consciousness level.  An eye on the Princeton Global Consciousness Project may be in order.  Extreme order may briefly appear in seeming chaos. And visa versa.

Meanwhile, if you and I can see the crisis mounting, so can other countries not founded on the same quality foundations as our.  Interesting times ahead, indeed. Flash point watch has been set.

Impacting everyone: Like the Florida man who requested mail-in ballot for dead wife: ‘I feel like I haven’t done anything wrong’.  No, of course not…. Isn’t it really America that has “issues”?

Next Patient?

Stock market is still sick.  Total denial – buying the rumors, perhaps?  One minor news item today is the Purchasing report due 15-minutes into the session.

Hour to the open Dow futures up 200 points.  And I’m the Pope.  Does this mean the market expects Joe Biden won’t be so bad, after all?  What does the DSM-5 say about denial?

Or, is it just money – printed up at never-before-seen rates – has to go somewhere?  How many UHD TV’s do you need?  And is it really worth working two jobs to buy another car or motorcycle payment?  We are drowning in things, still empty in our souls.

Therefore, Life Marches On

Stupidly?  Incomprehensibly? Sure.

Supreme Court hearings are moving forward, despite COVID-19 diagnoses for senators, says this report.  We expect legal challenges will block, but wait!  Could we have a Justice hearing her own case?  Naw…dragons don’t swallow their tails…yet we love the notion.

Speaking of the Dragon: TikTok hired a former Chinese diplomat to run its unit deciding what gets banned, report says, while claiming to be free of influence from Beijing.

The useless out of DC never stops.  Our poster child today?  “Nancy Pelosi says progress is being made on more US stimulus, and tells airlines ‘don’t fire people’.”

If Nancy were more honest, though no worries there, she would have said “We’re STILL not going to do anything Trump could take credit for…and when it comes – because we are $27 trillion in debt – it will have to be less than you were hoping for.  And yeah, I don’t have any money to buy airlines, but let’s talk about nationalizing them after the election, shall we?”  Remember where you heard it first.

Tropical Depression / Storm Gamma is, as we voiced concerns about this weekend, turning to the north and may head for Texas.  If it does, we’ll give you a Gamma-Gamma ding-dong. (Oo-Ee-Oo-Ah-Ah, Ting-Tang, Walla-Walla, Bing-Bang…) (google it, lol)

And if you’re still waiting for war?  You call tell it’s Monday when Armenia, Azerbaijan Clashes Resume Over Separatist Region.

Maybe things will made more sense tomorrow. Thenn again…

Write when you get rich,

94 thoughts on “American Psyche Break – Markets Missing Facts”

  1. Aren’t we nationalizing many businesses on the downlow right now? I mean the Fed is buying company bonds and ETFs. Won’t this give them even more power over business decisions? I mean what a racket, I can print money made up out of no where, and then use that money to buy assets from the market. Even if those assets are over priced at the moment, the money was just made up so even paying a premium means nothing. Another huge transfer of power and influence to the ruling classes.

    Of course we will have politicians want to nationalize industries. We already have that with medical care. When you pay most of the bills, you control the industry. Soon with food becoming more expensive there will be even bigger calls for standard income payments to even broader parts of the population. I think I saw last week 30% of all income to people comes from government sources. Imagine people yet still complain that we are a capitalistic economy. I honestly cannot imagine being beholden to another entity (that blow around the with political winds) for my day to day needs.

    • “the money was just made up so even paying a premium means nothing.”

      Exactly Joe.. and how they convinced the world that the Emperors new clothes scenario was real still baffles the shizt out of me LOL… but the world bought it.. we need the new clothes to survive.. and we use it daily..
      which makes me wonder.. to work out the future of the emperors new clothes.. do they just hit the clear button and start over.. for all the number crunchers.. do they just toss out the old set of numbers.. how do you proceed.. is your savings just gone in a click of the clear button.. we read things like they aren’t going to print money or make coins because the cost of the raw materials will not be valued as much as the illusion of the value printed on the bill.. so what is the future of do you overcome the short comings of what is going on

  2. Repent U lawless, commie, brain dead libs&mark –

    for POPE Biggusdikus has Declared this October as AYFKM Month.

    No need for pliers, vice grips or impact drills- going to be good ole “Slack Jawed/Boogie Eyed Times.

    ..on the way to 30k, dont look now, coot be “making hay”..haters.

  3. I hate to throw cold water on your idea George but if what you are saying were true Trumps enemy’s would have used against him long ago they have real shrinks to consult with and they would not have gone through the crap they have to try and do a coup-d’atat on a sitting President! Trump is a salty sailor no ands ifs or buts about it and he offends a lot of people with what he says but at this time in our nation he is what we need! There is so much garbage out there please don’t add to it.

  4. George,
    I partially agree what you say except that Trump DOES NOT have one ounce of kindness in his body. It’s always about him. That’s how he grew up. He had an extremely dysfunctional upbringing. His father Fred was sort of a monster. His mother had mental issues and many sicknesses. Donald was just his fathers puppet. Fred pulled the strings and Donny entertained the crowds.

    Again, read Mary Trumps book…it explains the whole family dynamics. She is his niece and the book is corroborated by Trumps own sister, the honorable Judge Marianne Trump. She is on tape. Then listen to Bob Woodward’s tapes and read his book. Trump only cares about Trump. His little motorcade to wave at his “fans” outside Walter Reed yesterday was a selfish act of narcissism that put secret service agents that were forced to be in the car with him in danger of being exposed and is against the rules of all quarantine protocol on this virus.

    The man is unfit to be President.

    • Grossly irresponsible. Health care workers in contact with a corona patient wear scads of PPE. Even full air suits. Locking up SS agents in a car with him mandates they isolate for 10-14 days, that’s if they don’t get sick.

      Plus, (working backwards the time line), Trump got his first positive wednesday morning. Then proceeded to go to various events all day long. Didn’t come clean until Hope’s case was announced.

      Nope. Trump cares about no one except himself.

    • Mark,

      If everyone in the car had their masks on, why should they be worried about contracting the virus? Not to mention the agents likely fall in the .001% chance of fatality risk range? And masks mitigate chance of infection when both parties are wearing them by what factor? At least he wasn’t going mask-less to the hair salon, rules for thee but not for me! Guess the doctors and nurses shouldn’t be exposing themselves to other positive patients either, mask or no mask!

      Can you think of any other politicians that are self serving (isn’t this an oxymoron)? Maybe one with a net worth north of $50,000,000 on a salary of $175,000 annually? Talk about a great return on investment!

      • You’re more upset about nancy getting her hair washed without a mask then you are about trump lying to the face of every single american and downplaying the importance of masking even though trump knew the truth. Trump lied about the dangers of covid and people went maskless because of it.

    • Lovely day to be pulling pure unadulterated BS out of Ure ass, ehh Smokey?

      WTH are “rules of all quarantine protocol” ?? There are No RULES of Quarantine/ Protocol.

      Once again – cant keep Ure mind out from behind the Dumpster…Look on the bright side – you might still get some of your donation $$$ “clawback” from the Clinton Fd..eventually.

      President Camela Harris and a Rutabega – We could look forward to truly glorious 4 years of SUCK.

    • The only bit i cannot endorse is the “Unfit to be President” at the end because i am not a US
      citizen and that is not my place. But otherwise correct. The dysfunctional childhood is spot on. I
      can personally relate to that as i am sure can many others.
      And George, i cannot lie, the statement “Did Trump ever fool around? Seems likely” is very lame. Of course he” fooled” around, and on a grand scale. The evidence for that is overwhelming.
      Mary Trumps book is worth a read for incite on his personal dysfunction.

    • ” Trump DOES NOT have one ounce of kindness in his body. ”

      You are sort of right Mark.. but then that is the description of everyone.. we look out for our self interests first.. but then DJT has a great retention level for his companies.. those that work for him feel he is personally accessible.. he demands loyalty at all costs.. no one goes home hungry..super great benefit packages almost as good or better than those enjoyed by federal workers.. so to say he doesn’t have an ounce of kindness in his body is misleading..
      I remember a story where a jewish family that had a child that needed emergency medical treatment was able to use his private jet to get the child to the doctors and then paid for the bills associated with it.. other employee’s that were in dire straits had similar things happen.. all under the wire..along with other incidences where someone needed more than they could possibly handle and he saved the day.. even with his big egotistical persona and his bragging narcassistic personality He also has proven to have a big heart as well.
      Now I have a tendency to lend a hand up more than the average and I have nothing in comparison to the vast majority but I help where i can and do what I can.. and I never do the good deeds so that the person knows who it is that gave them the hand up because I don’t want to be drawn into the drama of their lives.. I have enough drama in my own life to deal with.. ( there have been a few times it was unavoidable though)
      So my question is.. your a person that has dragged his way to the top.. have you done as much as DT.. have you stepped in to one of your employee’s lives to save the day?
      to say he has no heart you have to view ones own actions that follow along the same line of the person you are condemning. so have you noticed the mail boy or janitor of one of your big companies is having a tough go of it and stepped in anonymously to lend a hand. Saved little timmy by getting him the life saving surgery or medical treatments needed.. give out a box of food to someone who is hungry..
      Which is what gets me about those that hate trump.. why .. a well known news caster said that during in inauguration ball he went around thanking those that worked it and was asking their opinions.. I seen him excuse his presence as he walked past a housekeeping staff..

    • “I partially agree what you say except that Trump DOES NOT have one ounce of kindness in his body. ”

      Geeze Mark.. I never knew you were as generous as DT.. how many houses have you bought for needy veterans. Paid off mortgages to save a family home. sent sick children to get medical treatment then paid their bills.. helped employee’s with necessities on the sly.. or just given them money to help out..

  5. George you have had a few to many drinks. Trump don’t give a shit about anything or anyone but only himself and never has if you look at his background, and as for his miracle recovery from the virus its just one more of his ploys to play upon the sympathy of the people.He’s corrupt as they come.been that way all his life screwing people over putting many small business’s into bankruptcy rather then paying them what was what you are doing is taking a big pile of dog shit and covering it with rose pedals and calling it a rose which don’t fly at all,!!!!

  6. You all talk constantly in terms of emotion about Trump. You don’t know why the left “hates” him so much. Why does everyone “hate” him?

    You all seem to have forgotten that he’s presently in the role of a politician. Typically we like or dislike the platform and/or policies, but it really never goes to the emotion. But this is where you guys come off of the rails. You LOVE and admire this guy and you’re perplexed that others don’t. It’s so obvious to you and so automatic that you’ve even coined a term to help you try to understand the feelings of the rest of us, Trump derangement syndrome. Because in your mind, the feeling of fondness and love for Trump is so all consuming that you can understand no reason for not feeling that way short of a mental illness.

    You love him, the man.

    There is no way that a rational, law abiding person could support an individual who’s an obvious con man, liar, cheat, philanderer and scofflaw with decades of proof. He says on the one hand that he loves the country but on the other, wouldn’t defend it in military service. He says that he wants to make it great and brags about rebuilding the military, but it wasn’t rebuilt with a dime of his money. He and his family were barred from ever running a charity again for scamming money from it. He settled on the lawsuit for a fraudulent University scheme that ripped off hundreds if not thousands. He’s paid off playmates and porn stars all while being married and lied about it on his taxes. And the list goes on and on.

    Since your a man who’s trying to make sense of the nonsensical, as a man in your 70’s, contorting into a pretzel to try to justify the inane, self absorbed and destructive actions of another old man must be love. Blinded by love.

    But why? Why have you and your ilk invested your lifelong principals and morals into an obvious Svengali? I’m not sure that we’ll know anytime soon. But this has to have the psychology departments in every University in the world working overtime.

      • Mangcoyote,
        I think you got it all mixed up. Morally corrupt, would be the guy who pays off porn stars, pals with Jeffrey Epstein, cheats on his wives, lies to everyone, cheats on his taxes, cheats on his Charities, frauds students at his Trump University and endangers staff and his own Secret Service, who now have to quarantine for 14 days because of his Boobness, just because he wants his ego boosted.

        Biden and Harris are cherubic angels/saints and godlike compared to the Satan in Chief we have right now. That’s just fact!

      • “Quick: Name 10 BIG THINGS congress has fixed….”


        Name Ten things that Congress has done on their own at any time LOL LOL LOL except wipe their House… LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL and scratch their senate LOL LOL LOL….
        Its a figure head.. anyone that has paid any attention at all in the last forty years realizes that They don’t do anything without the approval of the puppeteers.. they don’t write the bills will give you a great argument on why they won’t read them and have stalled on anything that has an emotional vote getting appeal. they use them then table them till the next election.. border control, abortion are just a couple..
        its split up enough so that you will never see a non corrupted Congress.. there is ample time to persuade the newbies with gifts and cash donations.. what was it a Sales team leader told me that had a team of lobbyists in DC… I have to know in a few seconds whether or not I just lay it in front of them to sign.. wine them dine them and get them laid or I make sure the proper funds are transferred to them or their family members.

      • ” guy who pays off porn stars”

        LOL LOL jeeze Mark.. I can tell you she is no porn star.. LOL and he overpaid.. LOL LOL LOL.. and if you want a little you pay a little doesn’t matter if you are married or single a truck driver or just a lonely old man or a busy young man to busy to get in a serious relationship..
        I think they need to make that a legal trade.. you will never stop people from wanting or having sex.. our advertisement agencies know this the film industries know this.. it is the oldest profession of all that is why one in five college girls are seeking sugar daddies..
        He wasn’t the one that overpaid her either..

        • You raise an interesting point: If dems (in the main) support legalizing “sex work” how come they have a problem when someone jumped ahead of ’em?
          Well, like that well-known hooker organization in the Bay Area (COYOTE) told me in the mid 70’s “Cast Off Your Old Tired Ethics” at least their screwing offered some public benefit…

    • TJ,
      Best reply/post of the year. It’s good to see that there are more and more people speaking out. Trump is a man with more “cons‘ (Con Man, Convict, Contradictory, Controversial, Condescending, Conspicuous, Conspirator, Contentious, Confused, Conniver) than anyone on planet earth. Now…he has met his match and is now Contagious.

      In addition to his fraudulent “university”, “charities” and such, Let’s not forget that Trump screwed over thousands of contractors, workers, suppliers, and the very people that helped build whatever he has left with bankruptcy protection…which was just a ruse to keep his pockets lined at the expense of others.

      At every turn, Trump leaves a huge scar on every deal he tries to make. And he did not do it with money he earned. In the end, this man inherited nearly $500 million. After 30 years of daddy’s “gift” , he is barely worth more than that. You and I could have put that into a simple IRA with zero contributions and at 5% annual interest be Worth over $2 billion. Like his niece and sister have said on just about every news program in the world…Donald Trump was and is a failed businessman…propped up by only his own fake news he produces, directs and airs.

    • Well thank you for the information on the “Trump derranged syndrome”. I don’t believe I have it but from how you speak points to a different conclusion.
      Emotions aside, had he lost, would we have been better off with HC? Will we be better off with Harris-biden?
      I voted for him and I am not in love with him. I just don’t see that I have a choice.
      All men are liars and cheats to some extent. If we practice hard we can forsake doing it habitually but we are what we are.
      So emotions aside, who is the better choice? Lesser of two evils? Blessings

      • You may have well been in better shape had Clinton won. The shape of things to come would have been made very clear, and in turn allowed for a champion with real moral gravitas and an actual plan to turn things around to have arisen with a motivated base in support.

      • “You may have well been in better shape had Clinton won.”

        Damit Simon.. I had coffee squirt out my nose when I read that.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

    • “You all seem to have forgotten that he’s presently in the role of a politician. Typically we like or dislike the platform and/or policies, but it really never goes to the emotion. But this is where you guys come off of the rails. You LOVE and admire this guy and you’re perplexed that others don’t. It’s so obvious to you and so automatic that you’ve even coined a term to help you try to understand the feelings of the rest of us, RACISM. Because in your mind, the feeling of fondness and love for OBAMA is so all consuming that you can understand no reason for not feeling that way short of RACISM.”

      Here you go, I made a few edits that could possibly help you understand what you look like to the other side if you were capable of self reflection. Keep beating that straw man right winger, I’m sure he totally has it coming.

      • I neither love are admire President Trump it is just obvious to me that he is a safer bit then the molester for the socialist party.

      • “You LOVE and admire this guy and you’re perplexed that others don’t. ”

        I don’t necessarily admire him.. and I don’t have any feelings one way or another about how others feel about him..
        He has gotten more done for the people than any other president in my lifetime.. he is arrogant, Narcissistic, he has a mean mouth and and is easy to get a rise out of.. but he is a good negotiator, gets things done.. he is smart and he has conviction..
        His faults are all out on the table right up front…

        Of the Two JB well .. when his son was being investigated for corruption and he was being investigated for misuse of his position and power to help his son.. he used that power to bury the issues.. nothing has been done about any of it..
        In his fifty years he has a poor record of doing anything more than collecting the checks..

        In a choice of two the best that america has to offer for the highest position in our country.. ( congress is really the ones that do the deeds ) which would you prefer.. someone that maybe an arrogant Azz that has a history of doing what he says and working for the people.. or someone that has collected checks from the people for fifty years without accomplishing anything.. who used his position and power to bury a serious allegation , whether or not its true or false doesn’t make any difference.. he had it buried..
        to me that spells someone that is pretty shifty in nature and is openly deceitful I personally will accept the faults of the arrogant one and let him do his job..
        not to mention he got more done all while more money was being spent by the democratic party to discredit him than was spent sending a man to the moon..
        with those kind of funds the congress could have put that money to good use and did something useful.. like fix bridges, work on fixing our broken healthcare system, fixing necessary infrastructure.. that is a misuse of the peoples money and the needs of a nation if you ask me..

    • “There is no way that a rational, law abiding person could support an individual who’s an obvious con man, liar, cheat, philanderer and scofflaw with decades of proof. ”

      you just gave the definition of a career politician TJ lol…yet we continue to vote in the same ones election after election and then give them perks so great that no one else has anything that can closely compare to them..

    • “Why does everyone “hate” him?”

      I get the same impression TJ… when an old school reporter said once that until DJT ran for president ran for office.. she hadn’t heard any bad things about him.. just the opposite..
      Stories about how he would go out and buy veterans homes for them and their families anonymously.. or his other random acts of Kindness..
      He once told Oprah I think that he would never consider the idea of running for president unless it got so bad that he had to.. I think he is just trying to help in any way he can.

      the Trump haters.. that are well off can’t even begin to give any examples that are remotely similar to what he has done or accomplished.. when has anyone given a house away just because someone needed one and not knowing who did it.. or when has anyone sent a plane to take a sick child to a medical center and then paid for the bill… to save a childs life.. he has many faults like all of us.. but he has a heart filled with more gold than his penthouse.. a quote from liz

      “As an entertainment journalist (Liz Crokin), I’ve had the opportunity to cover
      Trump for over a decade, and in all my years covering him I’ve never
      heard anything negative about the man until he announced he was
      running for president. Keep in mind, I got paid a lot of money to dig up dirt on celebrities like Trump for a living so a scandalous story on the
      famous billionaire could’ve potentially sold a lot of magazines and
      would’ve been a Huge feather in my cap.

      Instead, I found that he doesn’t drink alcohol or do drugs, he’s a
      hardworking businessman.

      On top of that, he’s one of the most generous celebrities in the world
      with a heart filled with more gold than his $100 million New York

      from trump news.. on his accomplishments..

      • So is everything you write with respect to the POTUS. I wish you would refrain from all your brain puke, at least on this forum. You and everyone like you in california deserve what’s coming to you, fershur. No blessings.

  7. Everybody’s so quick to appoint themselves judge and jury over a man that has selfishly given his salary every year and has the worst job he ever had. What’s he get out of this? Didn’t he lose a lot of money since he took the job? Are his policies that bad that we want/need the Harris administration? Please someone help me see what I am missing. I never liked DJT, but as a president under the current circumstances and times, I think we could do a lot worse. No? Had Hillary won, would we be better off now? Seriously, I don’t understand the “never Trump” stance. Can anyone, even Mark enlighten me? Asshole or not, didn’t he do any good? Or is it just me that prospered under his administration? Blessings

  8. I, for one, understood your message this morning and I think he’s going to bust his ass to prove to everyone that he saved America. Whether it’s for his super ego is not as important as the subsequent benefit to our nation. That’s the bottom line.

    • That’s EXACTLY my point, Hal. I think his personality and temperament (family Olympics) is “I’ll show them…” And then he does.
      Not saying he will win, or lose. People are oftentimes driving to make an inference or decide to project when I do my dead-level best to distill 70 years of experience – 50 in news and business – down to a sensible context.
      I understand the haters and the lovers – but when comes down to it, I’d put my analysis on pare with most of what’s been passed off at professional judgments – because those can be (and are) bought and paid for….

      • George…Where do you get this dumb idea of Family Olympics? His family was a complete mess. Trump has only one personality and it’s a huge disorder.

        • Jesus Mark, I don’t just make this shit up. (I’m an old-school non-fake news guy!) I don’t think it’s dumb at all and I would not have mentioned it, if I thought it was! Took me a while to dig up source for you. But, it bears exactly on Trump’s behavior:

          “OVERCOMING FEAR OF SUCCESS” by Martha Friedman (Psychiatry, New York Medical College)
          From Kirkus Reviews Nov. 10, 1980
          “There may be such a thing as fear of success, but Martha Friedman (Psychiatry, New York Medical College) doesn’t succeed in demonstrating that it’s unrelated to fear of failure; too many of the cases cited imply failure as the flip side. For example, as the classic Oedipus triangle is formulated (and Friedman is, by and large, a Freudian), the child fears success in attaining the parent of the opposite sex because of the second parent’s prospective anger: “”winning thus means losing.”” What, consequently, is the child’s fear: one of success in loving parent number one, or one of failure in dealing with parent number two? Still, Friedman has a background in family therapy, and she does have some points to make: in the “”family Olympics,”” sibling competition may pave the way for fear of success in later life (because of guilt about outdoing brother or sister, for example); or negative criticism may weigh so heavily that we feel undeserving of success. Friedman creditably avoids definitions of success based on money or position; she is more concerned with the internals of “”getting to do what you really want to do in your work life and in your love life, doing it very well, and feeling good about yourself doing it.”” For those who are concerned with self-sabotaging behavior, then, a look at some of the sources of their quandary–fear of being exposed as a fraud, or of having to “”pay”” for anything good that happens–and a possible attitude changer.”

          Inspect the dynamics and learn the present-day behaviors.

  9. As an observer from Canada, to hear people say it’s all about Trump himself, fails the observance test. His ex wives still work with him, and Trump trusts them to run his holdings. Does that sound like bitter wives who hate the Trump, or something more family.
    Never trust the propaganda observance of the Communist News Network CNN or the Marxist/Socialist News Broadcasting Corporation, MSNBC. Be wise like a Fox.

  10. Mark and TJ are showing their TDS sydrome, that tells me everything is going in the right direction. They are like weather vanes announcing the coming Storm,,rage, rage on .
    they cry,,I celebrate,,,Neither one of them dare touch on the true issue of HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND CHILD TORTURE AND SACRIFICE. neither of them are worth listening to because their hatred of Trump blinds them to the full reality and step around or ignore true crimes and sins to helpless children,,do not forget Epstein Island
    Benedict Mark Arnold, is your name on one of the sealed indictments? Were you not in Guatemala helping the migrant caravans? Are ya scared bro?
    Black Lawbreakers Matter? Not to me, skin hair or eye color does not matter. What you say and what you do,,MATTERS
    I keep a mental note of how the feelings flow on this reader response section and it leans heavily to support our current President,,Cheers

    • adreno chrome drug of the hollywood elites
      It is a business,, Black Market drugs , greedy bastards keep track so they can count their beans

      Funny thing is google’s chrome and its adreno program,,what on Earth,,in your face
      TDS people ignore that Biden gave Obama a childs bracklet with pizza and hotdog symbols on it,,child porn/sacrifice symbols,,thats the kind of stuff Mark and TJ dance around like it is not there

  11. George, Love? Please. I cannot imagine any commander-in-chief, not even one as stupid as Bush 2, being so callously indifferent to the safety of his own men — just to go on a PR joyride like that around Walter Reed. Best, Mike.

  12. You and your readers have left an important part out of Donald’s resume’ – it says “ACTOR.” In your face but you just don’t get it. George, you’re still trying to be relevant after all these years. All the best!

  13. I find it interesting how many are bashing at today’s column, G. I used to love to read Mike Shedlock’s blog/postings (Mish) about US economy and such, but his posting as more about how bad Trump is, and his readers echo this. It’s reads circular to me anymore,and I have a hard time bothering to look at the site anymore, as I know there is very little there to inform me now; It’s just bad gossip and/or news. I see you trying very hard to balance the bad and good, and maybe even attempting to get people to see different perspectives of this political pony show, but–similar to Mish’s commenters– I’m seeing the same people consistently posting “you’re wrong–I’m right and why aren’t you listening to me?!” and how bad Trump is for the US. The pony show became a bad case of beating a dead horse, you know? I’m not certain some of them really realize just how hard it is to be in that particular position. I can’t imagine trying to make a far reaching decision that impacts millions of people right NOW. I have enough on MY plate just keeping my teens from bad decision making, keeping all creditors happily paid up till next month, and the homestead from falling apart from crappy Chinese parts breaking everyday. I’m fine with being the small fish in th is pond, but I often wonder how badly the naysayers would crack shouldering the POTUS responsibilities?

    Personally, I’m inclined to vote third party, Jo. Not that it’ll matter. From every indication that I’ve seen, heard, and can *feel* from others, it won’t matter who actually takes the position in November. Extremism will use the opportunity to raze and destroy anything or anyone in their path, and will solemnly announce they had to do it, to make their point. I plan to avoid the nearby cities for most of November, or even to the end of the year. The Far Left like to drag shit out as long as they can, imo. They’ll kill the city economy and then cry about it later. They always do. (Sorry for the really long post.)

    • You left out the war between cities and rural – we got the food and they have software updates…but we’ll have more on Peoplenomics Wed on that score.
      Balance, thoughtful, weighing? Modeling, probing, test fitting?
      Not in the world of hate and preconceptions (imprinted on the fools by media toads).
      But thank you for a thoughtful take.

      • “Not in the world of hate and preconceptions (imprinted on the fools by media toads).”

        As Mark Twain once said: “I you don’t read the news. you’re uninformed. If you do read the news, you’re misinformed…”

      • Yo George, Off topic but always relevant, when I was refabbing an old house I need to rip a 2×4 to shim out a wall. Borrowed a Sears radial arm saw ,very similar to the one you recently purchased. During the ripping process the blade grabbed that 2X4 and shot it into the shed wall, penetrating through sheet rock, insulation and barnwood sheathing. Last time I ever used that possessed machine. All ripping now done on a band saw. Please respect that radial arm saw….I now prefer hand tools. Keep the faith….

  14. “I joined the “Truth in Your Face” (at all costs) camp. When one is young (like under 50) Truth is not particularly welcome.”

    Truth is never welcome unless discovered by yourself! Truth vs. perception is too often confused, IMHO. This coming from +20 years more experience. Take care everyone!

  15. I find it interesting to view the goings on through the lens of H1N1 mortality versus Covid. Forget cases – look at mortality.

    It’s also interesting to accept as fact that China did the release intentionally, and then rewind and play the recent history out.

    Try those on, and watch a lot of happenings begin to make sense. Is it coincidence that this is rolling out post-Covid? Do people have enough common sense remaining to connect these large dots?

    It’s a tough job being President of the free world. EVERYBODY across the planet gets to play armchair quarterback – where the rewind button works and the facts are all ‘known’ after the events. I imagine very few, if any, of the commentariat here would survive the microscope this man has been under (going on 6 years). Many of us have some familial skeletons and freaks in our trees – Trump is no different. Very few presidents have enjoyed broad approval, with the exceptions of war presidents, yet this man continues to do so.

    People may not like Trump because he will always be a brash NYC business tycoon. He has always tried to get the better end of any deal, which of us would not?

    I’ll go back to what someone said earlier – why on Earth would this man, wealthy enough to retire and do nothing but golf and play, have decided to run for president? Ego is simply not enough reason to endure the scathing wall of shit that has been thrown at him – how many of you would bear what this man has borne WHEN YOU SIMPLY DID NOT HAVE TO?

    He has an agenda, but it is nothing as simplistic as dying with the title of ‘President’. If it were ego, would he be working as hard as he has for a SECOND HELPING of the shitshow?

    He is a very atypical President – review the last 6 we had previous and look at what this man has done in spite of…and I don’t even like him…

    • Om2 I could not have said it better. I never liked him, yet he is the best we’ve had for as long as I can remember. I can’t understand why people don’t see that, and instead, they keep looking at his morning shit to guage him on. Blessings

      • “I can’t understand why people don’t see that”

        It is because they have lost the ability to see.

    • First off… I don’t vote. In the ‘Dem-machine’ state I live in it is a worthless task. Hawaii will send Dem electors no matter what. I agree with OM2 about Trump…. why would anyone subject themselves to the political abuse he has endured? I do like Trump because he is a political outsider, not beholden to big money PACs, and not shaking down foreign countries for family gain (like Biden) or ‘pay-to-play’ like the Clinton foundation. I like what he is doing to expose and at least TRY to clean up ‘the swamp’ of the District of Corruption. What I find shocking is the level of blatant corruption, sedition, and outright TREASON the left wingers will resort to in their hatred of Trump because he stands against all of them. And in true revolutionary fashion, they accuse Trump of all the things they themselves do.

    • Oilman, you speak wisely! You’ve spurred up a rant! Trump is precisely the president America ‘needs’ during this turbulent time of tremendous, vicious and partisan social unrest. Competing, selfish interests who are hellbent on transforming E Pluribus Unum’ into ‘Unum de Multis,’ risk tearing the world’s longest lived democratic republic asunder. As Captain of this lumbering ‘ship of state,’ Trump holds a steady rudder amidst the chaotic, churning sea of politics – domestic and international. Graceful? No. Polite? Hell no. In your face? yep. Successful? Until Covid-19 was unleashed, remarkably so. And certain forces could not accept that success. But Trump the man was literally protested from the day he took his oath of office – remember the women’s march on D.C.? The liberals and our ‘bought and paid for’ media have been unrelentingly opposed to every move that Trump makes. Yet he soldiers on. I don’t even want to venture a guess on who or what is driving those opposed to Trump. But they picked 77 year old (78 on inauguration day) Joe ‘Biden-my-time’ career politician to oppose Trump with a progressive socialist as his running mate. Sleepy, Creepy Joe is no Donald Trump. In fact, in 47 years of elected office he’s never been anyone that matters. And sure, Trump’s had affairs. Why isn’t that a campaign issue? Because Joe had affair with his ex-friend’s wife, a woman who is now Biden’s current wife, yet Biden preaches about decency and dignity. If Biden is elected, the Democratic party has put into place the perfect puppet president. At least with Trump we know who and what we are getting – good luck with that if Biden takes the Oval Office.

      • Warhammer,
        I feel sorry for those who can’t think for themselves. You are just repeating Fox talking points. As far as in your face. There’s in your face to prove a point and there is in your face because he knows nada about Nada and is distracting and deflecting to not sound stupid. The latter is Trump and every one of his ex cabinet members And advisors that he once called his dream team have said he is unfit and have either written books about it or contributed taped interviews and gone on the speaker circuit talking about Trumps lack of brainpower.

        As far as Trump and his words and action…Listen, learn, analyze and then react. After that very simple process, if you still think Trump is the POTUS we need right now…the next step formyou is To check in, get analyzed, and strap it on.(the straight jacket that is)

      • “I feel sorry for those who can’t think for themselves.”

        Mark, lose the self-pity.

        You base your opinions on the opinions of others. That is not, in any way, “thinking for yourself.”

        I would humbly suggest you at least try to base them on accomplished fact.

    • “It’s also interesting to accept as fact that China did the release intentionally, ”

      DID THEY ?

      Or was this just a setup.. during the past three us years, there was billions spent trying to get Trump out of office.. approximately every three months there seemed to be a different global emergency where we could have been involved militarily..
      After covid. These chance happenings all seemed to have settled down..

    • Watched him on the first campaign trail, in one of those early speeches he asked essentially the same question As you posit oilman. Then Trump answered , he was doing it for the legacy he leaves his children, If nothing was done to get rid of the graft in the US and get the country back on track, his children’s inheritance would be worthless. Irony. For all of us. Lets hope for the sake of US all he pulls it off.

  16. Reality in USA 2010 – Comey looks for all the world to be GUILTY of Sedition & Treason just to name the biggies.

    This how Clintons get away with MURDER – Comey’s Daughter is/was the Atty in Charge the Jeffery Epstien case,not the Trump or Barr,- No,the Southern Dist of NYC

    But the Shit gets deeper – right “blueboyz” Comey’s Son -In -Law in the Lawyer in Charge of the Maxwell case – how convenient, no?

    Lying Scum is , as Lying Scum Does..

  17. Wow, you really hit a nerve today George.

    If anyone is looking for a summary of the Trump name calling we’ve heard here, maybe they can play this and then we can get down to the business of what he has accomplished for the country in 3 1/2years that Biden didn’t in 47.

    Where’s the Tylenol?

  18. If a dem candidate third wife was a nude model immigrant with a heavy eastern european accent republicans would have made sure that the dem’s candidacy was ended. or imagine if trump released his taxes and biden refused to release his. then of course the access hollywood tape, the tax cheating, the financial fraud, the foreign debt, illegal payoffs to porn stars, colluding with russia, steering gov business to his private business, lying about covid, the list is endless.

    trump is a bad person. he has bad character and only cares what’s good for trump. he really is rotten to the core. he’s a caricature of every sleazy salesman who ever existed.

  19. Divine Providence, or there’s something bigger than the Supreme Court:

    (let me comment on the coincidental facts; the virus was spread at a nomination hearing for Barrett, where at least 200 people were gathered, These are the educated and moneyed elite, who also lacked the class (Ginsburg’s dying wish was for the nomination to happen AFTER the election) and concern for their fellow man (by not wearing a mask).

    photo of the ceremony:

    Amy Barrett had the virus this summer (and should have known better than to go to a public gathering where mask wearing was not enforced – who wants a judge that is so nonchalant and callous about human life, and the burdening healthcare costs dumped on the common American that she is so out of touch with?), and lacks the class to wait till after the election, as her deceased predecessor wished, it (or Ginsburg) will haunt her & everyone forever:

    Merrick Garland was kicked to the curb:

    My thanks to the fellow UrbSurver who mentioned ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ (where money and power won’t save you from the plague) awhile ago (was it ‘n’?)

    • MotRD&DP –

      You mention “She” who is personally RESPONSIBLE for the SLAUGHTER/MURDER of Millions of INNOCENT Human LIVES -INFANTS in the same breath as divine providence, jesus and the bible ??!

      She who WROTE about normalizing PEDOPHILIA – and put forth efforts to mainstream that abhorrent,subhuman behavior ??

      The only place that EVIL P.O.S. is gonna haunt is lower reaches of Sheol .

      • Not to overly word-hound here, but providence is not the right word.
        It’s PROVENANCE from the French provenir which means to come forth, as from source, as in divine…

    • That Supreme Court seat didn’t belong to Ginsburg, it belongs to the American people. Assuming she actually said what is claimed, the seat was not hers to bequeath. The same principle applied to Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, those positions belong to America, not their place holders or the party from which they hail. That’s truly putting party before country.

    • What’s your face, this is from your Newsweek link, the headlines do Not match the contents inside but yet you bad mouth the lady for what? It states,,even though they are NOT spreading Covid-19 v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Quote

      The data that the CDC has collected to date shows that a person who has had and recovered from COVID-19 may have low levels of virus in their bodies for up to 3 months after diagnosis, according to the federal agency.

      “This means that if the person who has recovered from COVID-19 is retested within 3 months of initial infection, they may continue to have a positive test result, even though they are not spreading COVID-19,” according to the CDC’s website on precautions for adults with the virus.

      According to the center, there have been no confirmed reports to date of a person being reinfected with COVID-19 within three months of initial infection..Quote end

      Ginsburg’s dying wish doesn’t mean jack sh!t,, she should have retired while the 44 was in office, they erred,they thought the fix was in ,Hilldog would win and the ginsburg would retire giving Killary the choice of who to nominate,,they/you LOST that bet,pay up time, now we the winners get Amy, and you losers get to whine,,want some cheese

      Better yet,,Trump has/had China virus, now he is free, 10,,or 9 more days, then he can be a CDC certified non-spreader according to CDC guide lines,,
      and Oh ya you did not have control of the senate during the Garland nomination, ya lost that one also
      Remember this,,I did NOT vote for Trump in 2016, just did not vote, I had lost hope for our corrupted government, but now we have a swamp drainer,, he has earned my vote for 2020 and I am just one of MILLIONS who have come over to support him,,prayers have been answered , liberal tears water my garden, ya I got a real garden, got to go finish pickin taters(reds)
      Warhammer, thank you

  20. Sick beyond belief. Stay short everything . You should have wacked more on last night . Stay strong disciplined

  21. After reading these comments (many anti-Trump) let’s look at it this way:

    Both individuals are corrupt to the core and unsuitable for office.

    The question then becomes, how have you personally been impacted over the last four years and how will you be if Candidate A or B wins?

    For me personally, it’s really simple. Biden’s tax plan will obliterate me, especially living in CA, and especially if he jacks taxes back up without giving us back the state tax deduction from Federal Trump took away. Add payroll taxes, capital gains, etc… and the noose around my neck gets ever so tighter…

    Yes, it’s selfish to look at it from a single-issue voter perspective, but I really see no other way. Those who have bigger issues effecting them personally aside from money should just go in that direction. There is no “what’s best for the country”. Both suck.

  22. Awesome volleys back and forth today. I keep waiting for a Pickett’s Charge equivalent exchange to develop but neither side has moved too far from behind (or in a few cases from under) their rock.
    Keep up that awesome partisan work; by November 3 you will all be out in the middle of the road trying to beat each other’s brains out with brickbats after you run out of ammo, while the CCP & the Euro monarchists ( I wish I had a trendy acronym for the royal b*ttheads) sit back laughing their @sses off at the primitive ‘merican school yard bullies laying in the streets.
    None of this is worth the cost. All of you are compromised by professional third party pysch manipulation. F’em all. Vote early, then use the power switch to reclaim your lives and your sanity. Or at least crawl back under your rock until mid-November.
    If any of you had your feelings hurt, or want to challenge my rant, then first, you did understand me correctly, and second, fu2 in advance.
    Oh, and have a blessed day, and try not to provoke an assault by elderly people with canes.

  23. Today Our clueless President tweets…

    “I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!“

    That’s easy for him to say. He has free healthcare, access to drugs that we will never have the chance to acquire, the nations top Physicians and hospital. He says “don’t let it dominate your life”, but it dominated his life for at least 3 days and maybe more. While the rest of America struggles with healthcare costs, with no plans by this administration to make it better, he tweets this crap

    And those drugs he is taking were not invented under his administration. Remdesivir Has been around since 2009…but don’t tell him that. That was when Obama was President. He might have refused it. REGN-CoV-2 Is produced in Limerick, Ireland and Dexamethasone has been around since 1961…ooops Donny…another Democrat’s administration. As far as feeling better than he did 20 years ago…wait till the drugs wear off.

  24. global .. communist bastards with flash cars , big mansions , gold , heaps of debt and deflation .. eh dago dalio and mick moriarty love a good story to line their pockets .. lying creeps everywhere , old gold bulls turning in their graves .. don’t worry a few of us are still here .. short every sexing thing to death

  25. how goods the creep dalio .. found gold after 25 years thieving everything else .. now ramps it with no morais .. oh of course everything else is cactus might as well ramp what you ripped for 25 years .. dumb sleeze .. gold bull my butt .. they are all champagne socialsts

  26. Let them eat debt. Says theFED . Jerome Antoinette. Yellow dog eh . Spray up some tungsten bars , same density and tell some more lies

  27. LOLZ George from your post ”
    Quick: Name 10 BIG THINGS congress has fixed….”
    1)carbon taxation and credit
    2) carbon futures trading.
    3) suppression of price discovery
    on precious metals.
    4) suppression of price discovery
    on bitcoin. (For the time being).
    5) the backing of the federal
    reserve note with oil. (See
    Roman Salt)
    5) Federal Universal Service Fees.
    6) corporate tax incentives for
    deconstructing factories and
    rebuilding them off shore
    7) illegal immigration and the
    attendant social services illegals
    receive from approved
    companies while visiting the US
    all paid for with tax $(a
    shame those companies cant be
    audited for family ties to pols?
    Maybe thats how they get the
    8) mandating electric carriage
    fees, separated from energy
    supply fees, remember when a
    kWhr was just that? Nothing
    9) mandating the option to
    purchase “green energy” vs
    conventionally generated
    energy. That wont be voluntary
    much longer. (Solindra
    10) road tolls, remember when
    sales and property taxes were
    supposed to cover

    So , I guess you can say there are many things that congress has fixed, and it would seem that someone who signs an executive order the abolish 3 regulations for every one new regulation that comes online during his tenure in office would break a lot of things that have been “fixed” for quite sometime. MAGA. What an omelette we are making!

  28. might be time to go out the side door .. I can see everything is a waste of time to point out .. discipline requires isolation when everybody is so educated and right .. anyway wish everybody good things and thanks George for your patience .

  29. Heya George,

    Nurse working at a forensic psychiatric hospital checking in with you. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was a basis for my nursing education (BSN). Erickson’s Stages of Development (have also been referenced by peeps here. I have used both to analyze patients, but political candidates are really odd creatures. The rule of thumb for people who work in psych is that, unless we can interact face-to-face, an accurate diagnosis is not possible. What President Trump does privately would be more important that the appearance that he presents publicly.

    Before I became a nurse, I was married to a forensic psychiatrist. When I spoke about anything psych, I swear his eyes would roll around like a Vegas slot machine the day after Social Security checks hit the bank. After he died in 2009, I went to nursing school. Well, here I am rolling my eyes at all the armchair “therapists.”

    People, being, well, “people,” do not develop in a linear manner. We flit between levels and stages as life develops. At his age (and your’s…LOL), you should be nearing the top of the self-actualization peak and in the stage of Ego Integrity versus Despair. You appear to be on target. You do accurately portray Trump’s position on Maslow’s pyramid as being in the area of trying to fulfill psychological needs. From your analysis, Trump is still dealing with issues that Erickson’s model predicts would be handled in earlier stages, Identity vs. Role Confusion, Intimacy vs. Isolation, and Generativity vs. Stagnation. Trump has embraced a public appearance of family, legacy and intimacy. Inferring that this is true privately may not be accurate.

    On the other hand, we have Mr. Biden who has had a couple aneurysms surgically repaired in 1988. He was told by his doctors that he might not be the same after the surgery. His behaviors have been worsening. Dr. Siegal, while a FoxNews talking head, is still a physician and has perspective I am inclined, as a nurse, to examine favorably.
    “Also a matter of public record, former VP Biden has atrial fibrillation, which is an irregular heartbeat. He’s on blood thinners for that. A major study called the Swiss Atrial Fibrillation Study came out about a year ago. Over 1,200 people studied. They found three percent per year, even if people were on blood thinners, ended up having silent strokes. And guess how silent strokes present — they present usually with cognitive impairment with faltering, with inability to think clearly.”4

    Mr. Biden also has habit of groping women of all ages. I do not believe that he is a predator, I believe that this is another symptom of brain damage, specifically frontotemporal dementia. His behaviors were noticeable early on and have been getting worse over the years. Whether the symptoms are caused by damage from the surgery or a secondary disease process, the outcome is the same: I don’t believe that he is capable of running the country. And I have absolutely no desire to see Kamala Harris in the White House. I see her as “Hillary-lite.” I do believe that the DNC is using Mr. Biden as a placeholder to get a female of color in the Oval Office chair. She is not proven in the public arena and has made questionable decisions on California’s political stage.

    Painting someone as “Satan in Chief” is also not accurate. It is more indicative of the writer’s emotionally labile state than the subject’s true nature. Steve Hollander said it best: “I voted for him and I am not in love with him. I just don’t see that I have a choice. All men are liars and cheats to some extent. If we practice hard we can forsake doing it habitually but we are what we are. So emotions aside, who is the better choice? Lesser of two evils?”

    Sadly, neither party has good answers for our country. Guess I will be voting for President Trump.


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