Ah…Fan Mail!

I don’t usually mention fan mail (maybe because I seldom receive it) but an email from Peoplenomics subscriber by the name of  “Lou” about this weekend’s discussion of socioeconomic displacement shock was just too good not to share…

Dear Mr. Ure,

The Aug 10th Peoplenomics is one of the best Peoplenomics I’ve ever read.  Displacement Shock X:  NLO is a superb analysis of the current economic situation and what to expect in the future.  It’s a Brave New World out there and it’s accelerating.  One person’s optimization is another’s Black Swan and discontinuities are lurking at every corner in the future.  How many people truly understand the environment we’re in or even have an inkling?  Some of the 1% do.  Peoplenomics subscribers do too.  That is way cool.

That’s some mighty fine rightin from Teaxas I’ve just read.   I appreciate your hard work.  You da Renaissance Man!

Dum vivimus, vivamus!

I have to admit, I like writing “deep-thinking” pieces like this one.  Writing the morning columns Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday is technically easy enough, but with an intended publication time of 7:55AM local, not to mention breaking news many mornings, it’s not possible to really step back and explore the deeper implications of the change point we’re now in.

This coming Wednesday I’m giving Peoplenomics readers a “Kondratiev Crash Checklist” to go through before we get to the predictable fall crisis window from early/mid October through mid November.  For non-subscribers it will be on Amazon for 99-cents and it’s a blend of long wave economics rap and part checklists and what to plan for.  

It’s a more economics version of the ebook Gaye of www.backdoorsurvival.com and I wrote which you should read, if you haven’t, because much of what shapes up this fall can be addressed through taking a strategic view now to avoid messy tactical problems later:

More tomorrow at our usual time…have a wonderful (what’s left of the) weekend.