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A lot of people have asked about George Ure, his bio, and how the UrbanSurvival website was born. Oh, and who’s the lady, lucky dog!

From the beginning, then…

How many people’s first stock trade was a convertible, subordinated debenture? Who helped invent radio data broadcasting of software in 1982?  He’s that guy.

George Ure is an expert in many fields.  Here are a few of them:  Turning around companies, optimizing sales processes, flying airplanes, electronics & communications systems expert, radio station news director, and college president.

He has managed companies in broadcasting, education, transportation, and electronics.  He also made a conscious decision to take another path, leaving the corporate world to develop an off-grid capable home and lifestyle away from large population centers.

He has been actively managing his own portfolio for decades, having begun as a stock trader in 1971. In addition to investing in hard assets, living and working in the Cayman Islands for several years, George has a good sense of balance between money and life.

His education includes a BA and MBA, plus he has been an instructor in broadcast journalism.  He developed a financial modeling system for airline management, and designed computer software to manage colleges.  George has also written several ebooks.

Peoplenomics delivers his hard-earned experience and thinking.

There aren’t too many people who can build a house,  but George has.  Being “hands-on” his articles at times cross the boundary between personal finance and woodworking and the joys of homesteading.  To him, it’s all cost/benefit balance; in finance and in life.

George is married to Elaine Peterson and they live in what they affectionately call the “Outback” of East Texas. They have nine grown children and are grandparents.

Why Peoplenomics Content is not Free

Peoplenomics is the serious content that is not shared freely via our UrbanSurvival.com website.

There are several reasons why we charge a modest access fee:

1.  To help offset the cost of operating our web properties.

2.  There’s a saying that people often don’t respect free advice – even if it is extremely valuable information.

3.  Time is money.  This project is a 15-year investment of time. There is an extensive library of past reports.

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George & Elaine