A Light Crown Project Progress Report

We continue out backroom lab work on one of the most exciting segments of science in a long time, namely the growing interest (and positive results) being recorded  by photo biomodulation.

While we covered some of the work in our October 8 report, there is a lot more to report and the use of light to retard the onset of dementia, fight age-related macular degeneration, or simply reduce the ravages of time with anti-aging properties, this morning’s report is much longer than usual (5,200 words on topic) but I think you’ll agree once we wonder through the data and experimental science, there’s reason to be very hip to what’s coming.

Not to mention that understanding some of the science may dramatically alter your investment performance…

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George Ure
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13 thoughts on “A Light Crown Project Progress Report”

  1. photo biomodulation: I remember reading a medical newsletter in the 90’s that reported on Russian research using light. I don’t remember what spectrum of light was used. The Russians were having success eliminating serious, infectious diseases by circulating a patient’s blood through a glass tube exposed to light. Again, I don’t recall the details, but the results were amazing as there was no trace of the infection in the patient after the treatment.

  2. People go through such great efforts to try never getting old and dealing with all the associated problems. Staying anywhere near healthy in a world that is totally polluted — and with governments that do nothing but lie and pass laws to assure a useless and almost poison food supply – use GMO, irradiation and horrible chemical containers, etc. Makes it easy to think that your life may be shortened. AH — but that’s the thing — when you pass 70 like me, you may begin to realize that no matter how many health products and efforts you go through YOUR TIME IS SHORT and instead of preparing for stupid things here on this stupid planet you ought to be looking to your real (and NOT religious)coming future. And ONE thing you should all learn and know — We are all made of energy and law number 1 in physics — ENERGY CAN NEITHER BE CREATED NOR DESTROYED — so each and every one will go on –somewhere – somehow — since our futures here are doubtful at best — but the one we have coming after this short life is for sure and positive — so why not prepare and study for that? And I mean study of real facts and scientific and provable truths — not made up religious beliefs . It is possible to learn and experience the amazing things that exist in this universe once you get away from all the BELIEFS of all kinds that people carry around with them. But then again — how can you learn anything when your mind is already full of all the things you already “KNOW AND BELIEVE” ? after all – you have the whole world all figured out and know exactly how to fix this government — and all the economies in the world, don’t you? But you don’t know a dam thing about your real future or how existence and the universe really work. You only know hollow ‘scientific theories’ that cannot be proven at all (mostly because they are wrong!) or outrageous and totally silly “BELIEFS” that the religions of the world spread around liberally so as to maintain control and strip the population of their few dollars. The real truth about this world is available — and one can experience and see it all for themselves — but only after they realize that beliefs of all kinds (especially theirs) are neither necessary nor correct — the universe is open and right in front of us — and the truths of existence are right in front of us but they can only be seen when all the beliefs that currently control your life are eliminated! Oh yeah — then you still need to find the right teacher or information to point you in the right direction. After that — and on your own — you will see the future unfold as it should. I am always open to talk to and explain more to anyone who asks.

    • Seems you are not a subscriber because there was a large section in the report in working both sides of the dream-state. Tools where we find ’em…

      • Sorry — and you are correct again — I am not a subscriber an am sure I miss a lot of great stuff because of that. Some things we do not get to do by choice. Thanks for what I do get however. And best of luck to you.

  3. George, you may have seen this – Stuart Hameroff – talking about quantum light processes being at the center of consciousness:


    Seems to me there is a lot of connectivity to your work, especially since quantum processes are being found in all kinds functions of nature that previously were thought to be too warm to allow it.

  4. here is something else for your consideration. About thirty to forty years ago, Faber Birren wrote a book, “Color and the Human Response”, which gave examples of how a room or space’s color/s affect humans emotionally. There was a case of intake cells in a police station being painted “baby girl pink” which resulted in violent people becoming docile after being confined therein for a short amount of time.

  5. Hi George,

    I do believe “Mellow Yellow” was by Donovan, though it’s been a long time.

    That said, this was a GREAT REPORT! Thanks. I’ve been dabbling around with light spectrum in everyday life and of course, I live in the sky compared to E. Texas. Light affects me greatly, and I’ll be doing my own investigations as time permits, with both light and other neural interventions. I’d personally start with just one wavelength at a time, though you may have better inner guidance. I’ve been following some of the same literature as that which you mentioned. Lots to digest here and there’s never enough time, but I appreciate the effort. If you ever have bleeding edge info or wish collaboration, I’m fine with signing an NDA. I care for the state of the art and my personal access to it far more than fame, credit and other rewards.

  6. Hey just checked your weather 27 deg nice ! God dam global warming ! Its 45 deg here in west covina so cal at 10:20 pm merry christmas your the man !

  7. Watch it you might overload and short circuit your brain, Like kid’s experienced watching Japanese cartoons and having epileptic type seizures. As Sherlyn wrote above, (The Russians were having success eliminating serious, infectious diseases by circulating a patient’s blood through a glass tube exposed to light.)The same as putting out a glass jar of water in sun light it purifies it. As noted in some survival preparedness books

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