A “Big Moves” Trading Indicator

There is always opportunity in the midst of chaos, even with our Aggregate Trading indicator.  We used it to spot in advance the big move which would come later in the session.

And we took snapshots of how it evolved over time. Very useful indicator.

This morning, we discussion not only this useful tool, but also how the Aggregate Indicator is dowsing the way ahead for us.

After a few news items about the possible fulfillment of Nostradamus prophesies and the twice-weekly ChartPack.

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69 thoughts on “A “Big Moves” Trading Indicator”

  1. My phase 1 UPS / Solar equipment project is up and running. I was expecting a half to a full day of commissioning effort; I plugged in cables, turned on the power, checked the configuration, and had it running in 20 minutes. The charger has a wattmeter on the front panel. It turns out my little 6 Cu-Ft DC freezer uses 65 watts or less when it is running (in a cool garage). I’m still running the freezer off of a small AC-to-DC power supply, which using a hand-on-top thermal efficiency measurement, feels cold and efficient. I have read suggestions it is best to keep some load on my model inverter, and that it may be more efficient than the available DC outputs, anyway.
    I have three layers of surge protection on the AC power to the charger, plus an ultra-fast surge trap plugged into the inverter output. I’m a little hesitant to put a conventional surge protector on the inverter output. Loads are close by with relatively short cables. Solar comes later.
    From the sound of it, both the inverter and battery modules (which have active electronics) may have fans, so covering with a solid cover doesn’t look like a good idea. My mesh attenuator fabric is in route, but it may be a bit short. The prefab cables stick out quite a bit. I may put another roll on order. There are other places I can see my using that material, to cover other electronics in service. Aluminum foil, dry bags and metal containers work for electronics not in service. Make a habit of keeping portable electronics items not being used in dry bags as a minimum. Digikey stocks the Dry-Shield 3400 bags.

  2. Thanks for the fee side Urb Surv, and comments section.. & wealth of info “cooking” on the west Texas outback stovetop. From insightful, experiential engineering probs, cooking skills, survival skills to good old fashioned advice/techniques learned from depression era babies. Best part is imagining the different characters on the boards..ornery, psycho, grouchy, intense, kind, dark, and clueless.
    The broker report on Russian business impact potential read as pure propaganda, wouldnt have expected anything less from a left coast media whore. GIGO

    The “butterflys wings” beat an intense rhythm yesterday, as Ukey missle slammed into Cargil grain ship in port …”only commodities”. WTF do these people eat? air? sunlight? H3? Got Protein ?

    No doubt now – Ure will be getting his 3-fer, the pain the kraine/nato, followed soonly; israhell/turkey/sa/uae vs Iran,Iraq,Syria,Yemin, Lebanon, Tie one On/Yo fat Kim
    Got Iodine?

  3. Was discussing the Ukraine situation this morning and made a Freudian slip; was saying they have been led down the primrose path and promised to become a NATO company.

  4. An excellent column today as usual George. Non-subscribers don’t know what they are missing.

    As far as taking advice from a broker about geopolitical issues, I would rather listen to Zeus. I am sure he will tell you everything is puuurfect. I remember mine did, until the bottom fell out of the market.

    Look forward to Warhammer updates. He makes sense.

    • “I would rather listen to Zeus.”

      I feel the same way When I see them on television.. I don’t even want to listen to the crap that comes out of their mouth’s.. In my opinion Brandon has been in politics so long and with a suspected cognitive issue and no practical experiences except polititics and all the extra corricular activities that he and the family indulge in…. I doubt he would know what he is even talking about.. although you can tell he is having an OH SHIZT moments over what is going on.. because none of this should have ever happened.. they all let greed make their decisions…. when it dawns on him that his bully tactics just didn’t work and he has made sure that the USA will never be the leader of the pact again..”But then we have known this..

      it is evident in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s greatest poem that Faust lost the liberty of his soul when he said to the passing moment: “Stay, thou art so fair.” And our liberty, too, is endangered if we pause for the passing moment, if we rest on our achievements, if we resist the pace of progress. For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”

      When assessed by body language experts.. it sounds like a phone ringing when they put a bell to deceptive. Even with all the global dramma.. Congress is eerily silent and on district work period and no one is willing to follow the studies done that they asked for heck I am willing to bet that similar to the bills they vote on.. no one read them…. so seriously how would they know what is in the what couple thousand pages of a study..my biggest question is.. isn’t there ANYONE IS IN THE DRIVERS SEAT as the idiots take us over the cliff.. .. I am betting that even hilda that has been trying to spin that all of this and all of the failed activities is DJT’s fault is furious time… for an extended hug there LOL…..
      Will the DOJ hide the new rounds of activities that have been brought up lately from what I read they sure are trying. But heck.. why even worry about addressing it if we are bound and determined to take the chance of having a global nuclear war.. If they take it that far then we are all dead.. well 4/5 of us at least…. more than likely.. that pant suit is made out of Teflon burnt cheese wouldn’t even stick anyway..

      • You may both get your wish about listening to Zeus.

        Spied a couple of pieces of paper near his nap spot in the living room next to the couch.
        One was a SAG/AFTRA application and the other was an RTNDA application. I told him I wouldn’t sign either.

        Then he hit me up for application fees, instead.

        I told him the going rate around here is free money, only as long as you do your chores. Just like G2.

        That rate is $10 a mouse.

        Last month he had zero income and no skills.

        Told him he should be a TV newsbastard and it looks like he took it to heart.

  5. From my humble perspective, the hype seems to be bigger than the war it’s self between Russia and the Ukraine. (No disrespect to those fighting and dying, intended.)

    Turning off the volume and just watching what is presented by any media, doesn’t show very much. No embedded reporters. No battles of size and almost guessing there’s some green screen going on. Ukrainian people casually walking the sidewalks while Russian soldier swiftly pass them on their way to Zelenski. No fear, no surrenders seen.

    But, turn up the volume and you hear that all hell is breaking loose (somewhere) and street fighters are putting up one hell of a fight … somewhere. And huge things are happening – that no one can confirm.

    Am I missing something ??

    I haven’t turned on the “news” today. Kinda lost interest in all this last night.

    • Now remember, this is the MSM that brought you the covid scam. So, saying that they are reporting anything of truth is a huge stretch. By the way, the old Soviet Newspaper rag was named ‘truth’ – in Russian, ‘Pravda’. For the MSM, there is no ‘Truth’ in News and no News in ‘Truth.’

  6. We see most Western Institutions are corrupted.

    The same corruption happened to NATO. NATO leaders speak eloquently and wear sharp suits but… they were proved to be paper tigers. That’s the danger that was exposed for us regular folk.

    Did you see when the Ukrainian leadership was conscripting the 18-60 y/o staff.

    Would you sit in your house and try to convince your family to go defend Trump in Mar-a-largo or the de Blasio daughter in New York? Maybe even go yourself. People will do it.

    Barron and Chara (de Blasio) can protect themselves.

    The only thing left for the Ukraine is “We will not forgot” ribbons like Hong Kong received a quarter century ago.

    I think new vehicles are slipping away. In addition to ‘market adjustment’ price increases the local GM/F dealers want customers to pay (or finance) the vehicle before taking delivery.

    Man stunned when GM dealer says pay for Yukon weeks before possession or lose it

    “”Ordered a new vehicle. The vehicle hasn’t arrived yet and the dealership wants me to either pay cash or get a loan on the vehicle without taking possession of it,” the man wrote on Facebook, adding that the dealership was “threatening to sell the vehicle to someone else” if he didn’t.

    The man said he had already been waiting months after placing a $500 deposit with the dealership, Todd Wenzel Buick GMC of Davison. ”


    Looks like G was right. When China starts stacking troops against Taiwan the trade war will end the U.S.A.

    • ” When China starts stacking troops against Taiwan the trade war will end the U.S.A.”

      It won’t “end the USA,” it will only “end the USA as we now know it…”

      • ” it will only “end the USA as we now know it…”

        exactly.. I think we can already see how this is happening at the grocery store..
        not sure what was done with the maintenance of the site.. but I can leave comments again LOL..

      • “this is happening at the grocery store..”

        So what do you think is happening?

        One possibility is the depletion of resources.

        Another might be financial. I posted the article where car dealers want the car paid in full by the customer before delivery. Car dealers don’t want to carry inventory on their books. We are being led to believe cars are moving as fast as they can be built. They see risk.

    • Possibly the new treaty between China and Russia where they promise to assist each other for the best for the world.

      • @ Bob

        Nothing new — don’t worry about it.

        @ Eleanor

        “they promise to assist each other for the best for the world.”

        NOT for the World, for their nuovo political aspirations.

        Russia is a capitalist autocracy; China is a communist autocracy. Their rulers are essentially dictatorial emperors.

        Try to never forget: We have the best system of government/governance that’s ever been created. It is far superior to anything either Russia or China have come up with at any time during their long, illustrious histories. The fact it is wholesale-abused by the bâtards in D.C. is not a reflection on our government itself, but of the moral weakness of those who govern.

      • “The fact it is wholesale-abused by the bâtards in D.C. is not a reflection on our government itself, but of the moral weakness of those who govern.”

        AMEN @ Ray…. AMEN

  7. I found local sources for entheogens; Ayahuasca, peyote, psilocybin mushrooms.

    Enthogens were decriminalized in Ann Arbor, MI (9/20) and Detroit MI (11/21) and are now sold out of store fronts. Last year, 9/21, Ann Arbor held their first Psychedelic Fest.

    I have no hope of convincing a local group to “let’s try something really out of the box tonight”.

    Another great use for the shared VR world.

    • The more I get into the book “The Immortality Key” by Brian Muraresku the more I think/realize how much we’ve lost from the pre-Christian world that morphed into Christianity. Was the original sacrament Yeshua instituted really a hallucinogenic spiked wine? We’ve lost so much in the past 2000 years.

      • Somewhere in my attic I have this in paperback. Quite sacrilegious for true believers but raises many questions and postulates a number of answers.
        You would likely find it interesting as I did.

        Al B.

      • I came to the conclusion long before this that just about everything in Christianity is sacrilegious when compared to original intent. I’m trying to remember if it was a verse in the Bible or one of the Founding Fathers that said the scriptures were good for instruction, admonition and other means of keeping people on the “straight and narrow” but after the Council at Nicaea all bets are off as to what is historically accurate. I think The Second Coming is real, though, and we will all become aware of what is true and what is not – perhaps within most of our lifetimes here on George’s comments section. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • I’m allergic to mold. My one experience with peyote mushrooms was a painful experience. I wanted to go to the emergency room but my boyfriend and other person just laughed hysterically at me. I broke up with him that day. Beware of moldy mushrooms.

    • I did some work with Ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon some years ago – I recommend it, but if you do the real deal, prepare to shit yourself for 3 days straight. It can be harsh on the system – BUT – the gifts keep on coming after you ingest it. I assure you, it’s not a one and done experience like getting drunk. The long term after effects are very profound!

  8. I’m not in the market, & scroll through the charts, but I consider Peoplenomics content gold, and money well spent. I use a browser without add blockers to read both your sites, because every little bit helps support your content.
    With both the left and right banging the war drums, your content offers a reasoned approach for those who will listen.
    Thanks to you and the fine people who contribute to these sites.

    • “With both the left and right banging the war drums, your content offers a reasoned approach for those who will listen.”

      Our real problem with this, A.G., is aside from this site, there are only about 20 people in CONUS who’re not suffering from “hearing loss…”

  9. Renewed my annual membership today, George. My appreciations for the years of interesting, informative entertaining reading you provide. This week may be the telling point between the “failed 5th” view vs. the “extended 4th”, which might have completed last week. If the latter, then it’s off to the races for a new ATH this year ahead. Then comes boom doom, afterwards.

  10. There are some floating rumors that Pootie may be sick or crazy or both.
    In a “nothing left to lose” scenario, it MAY seem logical to throw a distracting bone at third parties to chew upon and stay OUT of the action.

    The U.S.S. Liberty, an American elint ship, was accidentally attacked by Israel during the 1967 war. Did they just do it to keep us deaf and at a respectful distance? Horrible thing, that accusation. I don’t know; but it is an interesting strategy concept, speaking generally.

    Cybering our water and electrical systems would certainly be a large and urgent distraction. The tit for tat escalating exchange down that road leads to much unpleasantness.

    Perhaps we will see a military coup, relieving Pootie of command before the world is engulfed in fire. Not impossible — BUT! If so, they better do it good the first time — there will be no second shot at it.

    (I hear the U’s are doing better against the R’s than anyone expected. Funny how Dedication and light tactics beat ponderous but plodding heavyweight irresistible monstrosities in some things. See: Vietnam, The Sandbox, or Concord Bridge for more on this.)

    Maybe Pootie took too big a bite…

    • “There are some floating rumors that Pootie may be sick or crazy or both.”

      I feel safe in postulating that Putin is not crazy.

      However, with that said, I’ve begun to wonder if he’s suffering from an intractable, terminal ailment.

      Unless there’s something really insidious going on in Ukraine which we don’t (and won’t) know about, I can think of no reason for Russia to do a hard invasion… Now if Putin is dying and wishes to establish a legacy before he checks out, that might explain it. Our reputed labs, releasing a fatal bug to swirl across Russia is the only other reasonable explanation that I, lacking more information, can come up with right now…

  11. Subscribed yesterday. Glad I did great content.

    Starting to think Russian army is not as advanced as I had be lead to believe. They don’t seem to like to fight at night. They don’t have the logistics and support. Lack of control of air space. They also not using their best equipment saw some older model tanks.

    • thanks for subscribing!

      Yeah… I’ve been pondering this, as well. Are they really soft, out of practice, and not as highly skilled? But that brings the follow-on ponder: Would they be more anxious to push the red nuke button if losing? Sadly, that would make angry logical sense. (*I seen a few losers over the years. Desperation and testosterone is an explosive mix.)

      Or is this a classic chess move: Open with lower value troops (analogous in chess to a couple of pawns) instead of going for the “mate in 7” game because your enemy would anticipate that? Give ’em some pawns, build up undo confidence. Then WHAM : two bishops and the queen. Mate in 3.

      • I like the tactic, but I won’t buy into it unless Warhammer can find out from his previous associates that the Russian Army has made a whole bunch of cross-division and inter-division transfers (Russia’s army is conscripts, and most are probably not terribly interested in dying in Ukraine.) If I were a Field Marshal and could get this “walking fodder” all into the same few divisions, I could see putting them in 60yo transport trucks and committing them to an early insertion…

      • It seems Martin Armstrong agrees…

        QUESTION: Why is Putin Holding Back?

        ANSWER: It does not appear that Putin has sent in his hard-core troops. Only about 30% were sent into Ukraine. Nato has warned that if there is an attack on a NATO country, then they must respond. This seems to be a concern as to why he has committed so few troops to Ukraine why the major forces stand ready on the borders. Lost in all of this is the fact that Putin has also made a direct threat to Europe that if Sweden and Finland join NATO there will be “detrimental military and political consequences.” He has NOT committed the strategic forces to Ukraine so all the gloating by the Western Press seems to be fools trying to impress idiots. Russia & China combined will defeat the West. Someone needs to be muzzled.


      • As a Russian soldier…That would piss me off. Starting with low tech puts front line Russian soldiers at risk. Body counts would be higher and as reported by Ukrainian Defense minister…ARE HIGHER. There are reports of Russian soldiers leaving their tanks and going to local restaurants to grab a bite to eat. Doesn’t seem like they are into it. Read deep into Substack articles and many Russian soldiers feel conflicted. They are attacking their own they feel. Many Russians have family in the Ukraine. The revolt within Russia is growing as well. Although local police have been asked to arrest anyone who protests the war, this is only emboldening the protestors. As those numbers of protestors grow, the police will be forced to retreat and the power will belong to the people of Russia for the first time in a long time.

      • seems to be MIS-info every where, what is really going on?


        I have seen other reversed photos used as if they were current, when in fact many images are old file photos or videos.
        I suspect that the majority of Ukranians just want to be rid of their CIA installed puppets [like the fuckers we have in DC], ask Bribems, if he can remember.
        Trump had a good speech last night at CPAC

      • @ Mark

        “They are attacking their own they feel. Many Russians have family in the Ukraine. ”

        That’s just it. This is a civil war between a mother country and a renegade territory. Equate it to our Revolutionary War (which some Brit history teachers still refer to as “The War of the Revolt”) and its easy to “root for” Ukraine; equate it to the American Civil War and it’s easy to “root for” Russia. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. BOTH principal combatants ARE fighting family.

        “The revolt within Russia is growing as well…

        …As those numbers of protestors grow, the police will be forced to retreat and the power will belong to the people of Russia for the first time in a long time.”

        Um, no. The police will not retreat. What will happen is their intensity will increase to maintain superiority over the protesters. Do you honestly believe when the wall fell, the Soviet Union also tore down the barracks at all those Siberian salt mines?

        If an American cop fails to perform at a street demonstration or riot, he’s given a desk. If a cop in an autocracy fails to perform, he’s given a bullet. Hell, a Chinese loan company failed last fall and Xi had its board of directors shot…

    • Maybe Russia isn’t fighting at night for better visuals (during the day) of targets instead of making mistakes killing civilians?

      I don’t think anyone wants to make this a massacre or a humanitarian crisis.

    • That’s not my view as a Marine Corps officer in my ‘other life.’ To me, they are moving swiftly, and like Sun Tzu, they are hitting command and control and moving very quickly in spurts. Evade large troop concentrations and cut them off. They don’t need top of the line tanks to take on the Ukrainian Army. From my point of view, The Ukrainian Army is folding and seems to have just melted away as most of them are conscripts and why would they fight for a western puppet like Zelensky?

      This is not a long war or occupation. Putin will secure the east, destroy the Uke army, and above all, ensure that NATO does not try to rebuild a presence in Ukraine. Don’t pay attention to the MSM – they are the people who brought you the reporting on so called covid.

      • “why would they fight for a western puppet like Zelensky”

        Poroshenko was our bitch, Zelensky was not, nor was he corrupt. With most of the Ukrainian oligarchy running the country, it is entirely possible he has been corrupted, but I haven’t the data to make that call.

        The call I CAN make: As for why they’d fight, Zelensky picked up an AK and donned a helmet and flac-jacket and announced he wasn’t going anywhere. THAT is how you both build a following, and gain the respect of someone like Vlad Putin.

    • The Russians are phoning it in. The end game is justifying the big boomers. Today’s news might be enough…

  12. Yeah George there is a discrepancy about how many Russians have been killed, this uk article also claims those stats posted by Mark (from his broker), those stats aren’t front page everywhere though…


    The uk express’ Werewolves of London might be seen watching the sky, while drinkin’ a Pina Colada at Trader Vik’s (Emeryville one of only 3 U.S. T Vik location:)

    You can diy your own T Vik’s, George, with more decorations, mixes/dressings, sorry no military cargo planes overhead though!

    ‘I went home with the waitress, the way I always do
    How was I to know, she was with the Russians, too?’

    from ‘Lawyers Guns and Money’ lyrics, Warren Zevon

    ‘I saw a werewolf drinkin’ a piña colada at Trader Vic’s
    His hair was perfect ‘ from Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon

  13. nearly time to roll bobby out ? maybe george will do it !!! yep age old question . product of our enviroment or genetic. definitely genetic . once a hard moose always a hard moose

  14. They could be holding back to limit the number of civilian casualties since this war is televised around the World but if things aren’t put to a halt quickly that hope will fade. I’m sure there is a huge amount of knowledge coming out of the use of all the Russian war materials on display that our military is soaking up in the mean time. I can’t see the Ukrain worthy of a nuke, though, unless we’re talking false flag here. There are several nations’ navies present in the area.

    • ” I’m sure there is a huge amount of knowledge coming out of the use of all the Russian war materials on display”

      I doubt it.

      They studied the hell out of our maneuvers and tactics, and also our toys, during our sandbox adventures. It is ludicrous to assume Russia’s Army isn’t at least to the point we were, at the onset of the Iraq War, both from a tech and from a tactical standpoint. If they are not demonstrating advanced tech & tactics, it is because they don’t feel they need to either use it, or tell us they have it.

  15. and futher moosey if things are so fing good tell all your mates to stop shorting gold . you wanna big move mate .. go on have the guts stop shorting . no psyops there , fact

  16. whats the problem for your mates to stop shorting gold ? got none ? all tungsten ? make vlad and chinee rich ? all hat thats a texas saying in it . please try games on those $40 sheep

  17. Although I agree with your analysis and prediction for coming market moves, it should be duly noted, war is historically bullish for markets. We have to make/purchase a lot of stuff for war… Perhaps that’s why we rallied. The “buy the invasion” crowd stepped in.

    Historically, war (like real pandemics) also usually occurs at market bottoms, not where we are.

    Since I know you and I are right about where this market is headed, the reasons why may be found out later to be different. Naturally, I’m suspect of what I hear on news.

    • Leonard,

      Run this though your geiger counter. The president of Ukraine is talking about negotiating with Russians assisted by mediation of Belarus near the Pripyat River/Belarus border according to the BBC. The report doesn’t mention that’s in the midst of the Chernobyl exclusion zone and allegedly now under Russian control.

  18. I’m mad as hell and won’t take it anymore.

    That western powers elect to have Ukraine save itself is no surprise. Ditto I prefer Germans and Poles go the the head of the Nato Red Line (though I expect American kids will do the heavy lifting if ever. Let’s not.

    Meanwhile, it’s hard to swallow shutting Keystone which would have brought >800k barrels/day to our refineries at the same time we buy 600k b/d from the Russians. Can’t we quit doing business with those who would do us harm?

    Do you know any commodity traders? Despite being in the financial industry I’m unaware of how bids and purchases are consummated in the digital age. In the pits if Russian oil posted for sale and there was no bid? Let’s do that.

    If nothing else we ‘Mericans are great buyers of product. Why oh why don’t we use our buying power as a cudgel and/or shield. It makes no sense to buy from our adversaries let lone enemies. Let’s stop on Monday at the open.

    We now return you to your regular programming.

    • With Russia excluded from the Swift system, I don’t see how they will be exporting much of anything to the West.

  19. Back there Trump did say “Trade War”then the supply chain collapsed.

    It looks like the West declared economic war. Credit may dry-up.

    U.S., UK, Europe, Canada to block Russian access to SWIFT – statement

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States, Britain, Europe and Canada on Saturday moved to block Russia’s access to the SWIFT international payment system as part of another round of sanctions against Moscow as it continues its assault against Ukraine.

  20. The Russia/Ukraine conflict has students of prophecy pointing to another book, Ezekiel, in addition to Revelations. Chapter 38 is the one that describes the army of Gog, Peras, Cush, etc. (tribes of the period – around 7 B.C. – whose various locations are commonly mapped to locations in modern Russia, Iran, Turkey and Africa) deciding to make a run on Israel.

    Specifically, “In distant years you will swoop down on the land of Israel, that will be lying in peace after the return of its people from many lands…..This will happen in the distant future – in the latter years of history. I will bring you against my land, and my holiness will be vindicated in your terrible destruction before their eyes.” In other words, Gog loses.

    Some argue that the names in Ezekiel may refer to symbolic rather than specific entities. If Putin’s forces decide to make a turn to the south, the literal interpretation becomes more likely. Until recently, there was no compelling reason why Russia would want to move against Israel – then the offshore natural gas find happened, bringing the possibility of competition with Russia’s gas supply to Europe. We now have both opportunity and motive. An attack on Israel would neatly fit into Russia’s business model.

  21. Guys and guyettes,
    Don’t you see? All of our brilliant analysis and speculation has been WRONG.
    Putin is fighting what is essentially a crusade to settle a centuries-old feud between two sects of the Eastern Othodox (and nominally Christian) religion.
    The Russian Orthodox leaders have been blowing in his ear, telling him that God’s on his side and immortality awaits (not sure they can find 72 virgins though).
    That’s why his behavior is wacky – he’s another religious nut job.
    Put away your modern military theories and war games. With both sides thinking Gott Mit Uns, we’re in for along, hard slog.
    I wonder which side He’s really on? You know, being the Prince of Peace and all.

  22. Politics under the Umbrella of The Asset-Debt Macroeconomy

    Reagan laural wreaths to the fighters in Ukraine …

    Late 1980’s, early 1990’s newly created opinion news has too long manipulated and skewed the viewpoints for many good Americans who were previously informed by real newscasters: Walter Conkrite, Harry Reasoner, Howard K. Smith, Huntley and Brinkley. and Dan Rather. The oldtimers, among us, know that these newscasters, who emulated Edward R. Murrow, did not inject their viewpoint into news reporting. Was why opinion news created? It was, in particular, created to influence the masses come voting time. Why is America so divided at this point? Opinion News. Is opinion news fake news? Absolutely, without a doubt – left and right. Did Ronald Reagan, an actor and entertainer (or his political campaign) coin the term ‘MAGA’ ‘Make America Great Again’? Unequivocally, he or his political campaign did. Did president Reagan do that exctly that; was he the chief coordinator responsible for taking down the Evil Empire? Yes he was. Any question of Reagan’s greatness as a presidential representative for the United States should be viewed in the context of his speech to British parliament in 1982: https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=aaplw&ei=UTF-8&p=reagon++british+parliament#id=1&vid=4f9445a45420e7919c9819eda8441ea1&action=click. If this speech before our former boss doesn’t make you feel good about being a citizen under the written principles of the US constitution, nothing will.

    Currently there is an autocratic fellow advocating ‘MARA’: Make Russia Great Again. Those who support him cannot support at the same time support Reagan’s idealogy of freedom based on the US constitution. They cannot support Reagon’s MAGA and Reagon’s conception of American democracy.

    Turn off cable news. Watch ABC, CBS, or NBC news – maybe not as clean as the early 1950’s Murrow’s news but still within 1/4-1/2 sigma of the truth – not the exagerrated six sigma truth deviation of the left and right cable news networks that has so divided the closer commonality that has long glued together America strength.

    Reagan laural wreaths to the fighters in Ukraine … fighting for the right for self-governance.

  23. Hear ye, Hear ye,

    Mr. Putin’s Twitter account remains active! Hmmm, by coincidence the commencement of the Ukraine invasion matched up with this year’s 100th anniversary of the annual “Defender of the Fatherland Day” in Russia. It was a national holiday.

    Days after cessation of the Emergency Act in part against alleged fundraising insurrectionists, Mr. Trudeau is matching dollar for dollar donations to the Canadian Red Cross for Ukraine relief. One hopes Azov Battalion elements will not benefit from the good intentions of donors.

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