Rare Public Research Request

Something is now bothering me – beyond the recent spin-up of 5G which can cause genetic damage.  *(My pal the Major and a Doc buddy of ours will be doing a presentation at the upcoming Seaside, OR hamfest.)

We know a number of things:

  • U.S. Fed Gov put far more energy than necessary (*or appeared to be dictated by medical science) on getting people to “get the jab.
  • With it’s Mar 22 report, UK weekly Covid surveillance no longer includes death rates after death rates turned higher for people with vaccinations.
  • We also see an almost mindless push by the OBiden administration to drive Russia to use of NSNWs in Ukraine and a larger war in Europe.

Today, I sent members of the “Ure’s brain trust” a “Dear Colleagues letter.  You may find it stimulating to read:

“I was doing some of my “extensible thinking out loud” in the Peoplenomics.com column today.

Then it hit me.  One pretty good answer set to the question [my consigliere] and I have been working:  namely “What’s the big push by the US (neocons) to get a nuclear exchange going in Ukraine?” popped.

Besides the obvious answer:  Russia wants the Dnieper energy deposits and the EU wants another blood donor from their bleed out of middle-class European wealth.

But why the push to theatre-level nukes?

A possible answer came into view as I reviewed in my head the evolution of binary nerve agents.  Work great for some (killing) applications, can be fairly benign in transport and storage.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks:  Are Covid-19 AND theater level nukes in Ukraine actually part of a PLAN?

I mean, taken in concert.

This might account for a lot of nefarious activity in recent years; dead and missing microbiologists, and some odd goings-on in nuclear testing compliance surveillance ranks.

So, imagine, if you will:

Extensible thinking (a hallmark of genuinely smart people, which is who the players are) gets the “population die-off plan” to consider Temporal Dispersion of Binary Eugenics Efforts.

In  other words, 2020 is the vaccination press.  Then, the 2022/2023 plans will involve the likely global increase in background radiation.

What the Data Says

There is not a lot of it but articles like the one following suggest yes, mRNA bio-changes can be “pumped” with low levels of radiation.  5G  is on now AND so now comers time to toss in a handful of low level radionuclides.,  Anyone?


Protein synthesis, or mRNA translation, is one of the most energy-consuming functions in cells. Translation of mRNA into proteins is thus highly regulated by and integrated with upstream and downstream signaling pathways, dependent on various transacting proteins and cis-acting elements within the substrate mRNAs. Under conditions of stress, such as exposure to ionizing radiation, regulatory mechanisms reprogram protein synthesis to translate mRNAs encoding proteins that ensure proper cellular responses. Interestingly, beneficial responses to low-dose radiation exposure, known as radiation hormesis, have been described in several models, but the molecular mechanisms behind this phenomenon are largely unknown. In this review, we explore how differences in cellular responses to high- vs. low-dose ionizing radiation are realized through the modulation of molecular pathways with a particular emphasis on the regulation of mRNA translation control.

URL cite: Ionizing Radiation and Translation Control: A Link to Radiation Hormesis? – PubMed (nih.gov)

Unanswered are which side of the coin is the press FOR nukes coming from?

If for good, it may be a multi-generational genetic preparation for a warmer (3-5 degree C future).  Which might also explain some “managed discrimination” against White populations, who tend to be better at cold tolerance than heat, for example. That would explain why the long-term down-Whiting of American demographics.  Down >25% since 1970 as fraction of population with nary a single congressional vote.  (Clearly, Congress has lost its command presence.)

On the other hand, the motives may be very dark indeed:

Imagine a demand from off-planet Exo’s that “Before we eat your planet, please pull all the weeds (sick or un-strong people) in advance.  Thanks and have some salt handy.”

Or, on another future track, perhaps it’s more along the lines of “With the inbound asteroid coming, we know the planet will only support 500,000 people so we need to die people off before impact and then do a last minute mega migration to survive the species.”

As you see, however:  Just embracing the concept of temporal dispersion of killing materials (temporal population controls) does not answer the question “Who are they planning to save ?  And Who is behind it?  And how to we fuck up their plans – if we even should?  Non-simple stuff.

Just more of that “light-hearted, happy thinking” I must be prone to in advance of Nukraine opening the canned sunshine.


Looking for all the actual data we can get.  We all have opinions and could care less about those.

Click to Comments to toss in any useful data supporting either line of inquiry you care to.  All are welcome.

Earth is a closed system to the plebes.


Shoptalk Sunday: Tractoring, Writing, Twilight Zone

Reader note: 7:12 AM. Bit later than usual with our Sunday Epistle.  But there have been some strangish things afoot here…

Texas Twilight Zone

Yessir, fine Saturday in the outback, until we got to the power outage part at about 4:20 PM lasy night.  Right in the middle of cocktails (champaign or rum) and the scent of baby back ribs coming up to sauce time.

Never did figure out what caused it.  Just that the lights went out.

Eventually – 2-hours on – they came back.  By then we were done and done.

I’d spent about 6-hours of Saturday on the tractor, doing the south field mowing for the spring.  Then using the tractor to move a long-dead Husky-varnished tractor up behind the pantry building where the metalworking (junk pile) which is the source of anything you need for welding and metalworking treachery is sorted by pile.

We crashed about 7 PM.

As usual, I asked in the middle of the night “Alexa what time is it?

No Internet.  Still no internet on the landline side (which is why the satellite link).  Hmmm….

About then, Zeus the Cat wandered into the bedroom.  “Hey Fatso…get me some dry food, you witless old fool!”  Hardly politely meowed.

But I did (as meowed) and coming back through the kitchen, I asked THAT
box what time it was:  “The time is 11:11.

The clock on the stove was reading something completely different, so I reset the stove.  Went back to bed.

Several hours later, Zeus is back in the bedroom telling us he wanted to go outside to check if his pal Sam (*who’s Samantha or Samuel, we haven’t figured that out yet), a feral Siamese with the most crossed-up eyes evers – had come out to play, yet.

“Elaine, what time is it?”

It’s 2:38.”

So, I turned over and was about to doze off while it was Elaine’s turn to let the cat out, which I happened to notice “Hmmm…too much light outside…has my Son left every g.d. light in the shop on? “

With the Internet down, Alexa was offline, but yes, the sky was quickly lighting up but that can’t happen at 2:38 AM unless you’re in Alaska, or something.

Which is how the morning turned into a temporal stew.  Quickly resolved on one of the laptops on the (*still working and connected) spacecoms link.


There went the plans to get up at 4, writing a chapter on my novel, and put up some pictures of the field work done Saturday.

Another time?

But that Gets Us to Tractoring

THE singularly useful power tool if you have more than  a couple of acres to maintain is a tractor.

But not just any tractor.  There are a handful of items on the specifications list to be aware of when you go shopping.  Don”t settle for less!

Life Bucket/Front Loader

Formal construction has it that a “lift bucket” is on a hydraulic arm mounted to a truck.  But, you will often-enough hear them incorrectly named that you can easily spot “precision of language means precision of thought” people pretty easily.

The front loader bucket must meet two important specifications:  It must be at least four feet wide, but no wider than 5-feet on a small farm.  The width of the bucket should be able to carry half a four-foot sheet of plywood (think barn building) and if any wider than 5-feet, you’ll be cursing your “go big” decision if you can’t get it through a gate at anything less than  a straight-ahead 90-degree angle.

The second key spec is it MUST have a bucket lift capacity of NO LESS than 600-pounds.

“Pint’s a pound, the world around.”  So, when you go to move a 55-gallon barrel of water, you’ll be lifting 55 times 8 pounds per gallon.  Call it 440-pounds.  You will, rest assured, still find that even if your bucket could lift 600 pounds when new, hydraulic seals age and as they do, lifting power can decline a bit.  Always to just under what it would be nice to have in a particular crisis.

Water-Filled Tires

In ag-based burbs, like Palestine, Texas, there is always a low-level debate raging in the coffee shops and down at the feed store about the “right” way to fill tractor tires for local work.

The folks pulling field implements will generally go with completely-filled tires because that way, and addition however-many hundreds of pounds of weight ensures maximum pulling ability.

Another third of locals seem to be in the “one-half full” camp.  These people hold that additional water can actually increase slope work safety by putting a few hundred pounds at or below the axel.  I think you can work out that part even without too much more coffee.

The last camp (which I’m in out of laziness, as much as anything) says just keep ’em pumped up to 40 PSI and leave ’em empty.,

This is because when it rains in the South, which to us now is anything south of I-90, If you drive one of those “water-ed up” rigs on soft land, you’ll be making a lifetime supply of deep ruts, the likes of which are seldom discussed in polite company.

Four Wheel Drive, or Two?

Again, something of a trade-off in feed store talk.  I’m in the four-wheel camp and never plan to leave.

On the plus side, four-wheel drive on the grades and muck clay around here is an absolutely necessary option.  The two-wheel drive units can’t pull as much, but they are better on fields in good and dry conditions.

The reason?  When you engage the 4-wheel drive, and go to make a sharp turn, the front wheels are “locked” relative to the rears.  When you turn, therefore, the tires will tend to rip out sod.  Not usually the intent.

The solution is to leave the tractor in 2-wheel drive if appearance matters, and in 4-when you’re working a big field.

Accessories Used Most

  • A Brush-Hog, also called Bush-hog, also called generically a rotary cutter, thrash cutter, and every name in the book of “no-no’s” when they break.  Hard to work on as a one-man project, though I’;ve done it plenty of times.
  • Get two 25-foot lengths of strong chain with hooks and keep them on your rig.  Putting a chain on the back of the cutter, up over the top of the rollover protection cage and then down to the front bucket, gives you a way to use hydraulics to move things around.  If working under have triple redundancy in your blocks and chains.  Equipment falling is a terrible way to die.
  • Box Blade:  This is a squarish contraption used to level-off bumpy land.  This is Eat Texas, for crying o9ut loud, and the Almighty Hisself doesn’t have a way to level things out here…so why bother?  I hooked it up on the 3-point hitch a few times, took a perfectly good high-centered truck track and turned it into two parallel quarter mile mud pies.   Better than a box blade, as I figure it, is just driving on the shoulder.
  • Short Bucket Forks:  Small ones (4-6 inches) are great for general sdirtr work.  Strong as hell, you can back-scratch with the bucket set so they co9ntact ground from straight up – then pull ’em back to easde up that compacted dirt.  Works like a champ.
  • Long Bucket Forks.  These run about $150 a pair at Amazon and will let your front fork carry (*and lift) sheet goods and roofing or decking materials, all day long.

Well, so much for coffee- hour.  Time to click and run.

Nice to have an alarm cat wake-up meow.  Not to trouble-shootize the CenturyLate internet problems on both landlines.  Why is the new Gen4 Echo ball counting time backwards now?  FMTT, never stops, does it?

Write when I wake up,