Week of Destiny?

We’ve never seen charts like the ones this weekend in more than 50-years of financial writing. Everything lines up for the period from Monday out to two weeks from Wednesday. What will happen is anyone’s guess. But we focus heavily on the charts today because they offer a lot to think about. So, sit down, … Read more

Retail, Euro Banks, Russia

Delightful email from back-up consigliere out in Century City overnight.  Sizing up the Thursday market action “Just vacuuming up the sucker money.  Dow erases 500 point loss, surges into huge gain in rollercoaster day..” With a link to Wall Street rollercoaster: Dow erases 500 point loss, surges into huge gain. Running out the Bears to run, anyone? … Read more

HOT CPI – New Social Security Hike Locked Today

Hard not to be in a festive mood: This is the Good Side of Inflation reports! This is the day we told you was coming – the day when not only do Consumer Prices come out (yuck, right?) but also the day the new – higher – Social Security Payments lock-in. As we told you … Read more

Recession? No – Try Depression Next

I thought a reader was playing with me.  When I opened the suggested link: Stock futures fall after the Nasdaq Composite closes at a 2-year low. Not like this wasn’t obviously in the works, already.  Especially since we have been forecasting a sub-30-thousand reading in our Aggregate Index work for months and months. We’ll update … Read more

Ben’s Prize, Vlad’s Payback, & Musk’s Designs

One looking for a path into the uncertain future can’t be sure of just what to make out of today’s roll of headlines.  Some news is hopeful, yet others not so much. Let’s begin on the positive side. Ben’s Prize Former Fed boss Ben Bernanke has shared the Nobel Prize in Economics this year.  Not … Read more

Pass Out the Nukes – Greasy Joe Stuff

Oh my God, what a grand Thursday it is.  Ure’s back from the Big Bad Ugly Rally we warned was coming and is ready to open a can of whup-ass on some Bulls. See, the thing is, there is very little in the headlines supporting anything near the “Build Back Better” fairytale. Walk with me. Challenger … Read more

Market’s Worse than 1929: Shows Axial Symmetries

Sometimes I feel like a damned politician.  In fact, it’s been said (by Coleman Cox in the previous Depression) that “Writer’s aren’t supposed to have money, unless they be writers of checks.”~ 1931 in “As I See It.” This is not the first time I’ve partly missed the gangplank but got the right boat.  I … Read more