6.0: California Wakeup Call – Woo: Digital Dark Age Dawns

Although initial reports had pegged the overnight California earthquake at 6.7, the reviewed event still came in at 6.0 up along the Nevada border region: Also called the Antelope Valley area, this is well east of Elk Grove, Napa, and the other towns east of the Bay area.  Still, it is a useful reminder that the mountains are on the move; just slower than most of us follow. Will this morning’s quake trigger more to …

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Woke: America’s Cultural Revolution?

Zooming out from daily headlines, a major shift becomes apparent.  Are societies worldwide “entraining” because of the Internet?  Or, are we experiencing a kind of contained revolution of the sort due to cycles work their magic around this point in American history? Fascinating topic to ponder:  Is “woke” more like the Cultural Revolution’s Red Guards than anyone is openly admitting?  Toward what end, then? After some headlines and the ChartPack, of course! More for Subscribers …

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Questions that Linger

A Nashville explosion – was it an attack on the web or something else? All a bit strange, as we see it.  But this and charts as we take up time from down time and ponder the week ahead… More for Subscribers   ||| Not a Subscriber? SUBSCRIBE NOW! |||   Subscriber Help Center