Relief Rally Monday – Fear Inflation Data Tomorrow

Kinda hard to get out of bed today.  Calm before the storm (in a sec.). For this morning, markets are back on track for a rally resumption.  One we fear could be curtailed if/when consumer prices come in higher than expected when released tomorrow morning. Then Wednesday, brace yourself for retail sales figures.  Even though the usual suspects will do OK, the Auto Industry has “the Big Hurt on it” because of chip shortages.  And …

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CPI – Plus We Finish the Book

Packing to Die: Suitcase between Your Ears should be on Amazon in a couple of weeks.  This morning the final chapters for subscribers.  Plus we’ll have those “hot off the boat” CPI numbers. On a more worrying front, one of our lawyerly readers has dug out documentation on how CDC has actual contingency  plans to set up camps for the sick and remove people from their homes. Wait!  Conspiracy theory?  Nope.  CDC planning options document …

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Edging Toward Re-Lock

10-days ago we canceled upcoming visitors to our home. Damn it – the data wins again.  This morning, another survey of where things are. Then we’ll review a few headlines then straight into the ChartPack which promises an exciting week ahead. More for Subscribers ||| Missing out? SUBSCRIBE NOW! ||| Subscriber Help Center

Markets: How Far is Down? Social’s for Suckers II

Welcome to the day denial wears off.  Don’t know if you remember last Friday’s column:  “Prepping for Lockdown 2.0 – Markets in Denial?”   With 90-minutes to the open, Dow futures were down 450 points.  Yeah, I know – we were way early on the variant impacts, but that’s how you stay alive today. As we explained for our subscribers Saturday, we’re facing a terrible Elliott Wave problem to sort out this week.  Here’s a …

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Our StratPlan for Lockdown 2.0

Touched on this on UrbanSurvival Friday; today details. We’re walking a fine line between “overdoing it” and prepping for the “worst case” outcome which may be on the horizon. Not without more coffee, a few headlines, and the ChartPack, though.  Especially since the market is to a “make or break line as you’ll see in a moment… More for Subscribers ||| Missing out? SUBSCRIBE NOW! ||| Subscriber Help Center