Rally Here, Turkey Coma, Scream Box 101

Let’s begin with news and markets – to work up a good appetite, right?

As we told you in advance, expect a rally Wednesday and what shows up?  Yes, that’s right – the reason the Bearish Mister sits on his keester.

The BIG wave count is in yellow.  Next level is white.  Then Green. got it?

As of the close before Turkey, our outlook was still (for the small yellow letters):

As you can see, we just overshot the 50 percent retracement levels and the next higher level is now a (common) .618 Fibonacci retracement.  Which implies a 600-point continuation of rally in our market Aggregate work.

However, 50 percent bounces are common, too, so yes, we could turn hard down into Wave 3 (3)(i) any time.  Or we can see the “running of the Bears” continue.

No one knows for sure and certain how this will play out – which is what makes investing so similar to gambling in a poorly rigged casino.  Bonds keep more bid after less hawkish Fed minutes.  About 3-weeks out from an expected 1/2 percent increase but if that changes due to a left field event, then we’re poised to collapse in III 3 (3)(i) down.  Which is often the most damaging wave.

Early Survey of Headlines

The Associated Press takes action on UKR reporting:  AP fires journalist behind ‘Russian missile’ story.  Meantime, the war goes on with the Biden War Partyh sending in more materiel: Russia Launches 78 Missiles, Ukraine Hits 4 Russian Positions In East, US Sends More HIMARS Missiles.

So, run on peace and prosperity and deliver war and Hunter?  And you wonder why people don’t trust corporate propaganda media?  CBS verifies Hunter Biden laptop, becoming latest news outlet to pivot after dismissing scandal in 2020.  Why so late?

So sorry we beat you, now get back to work Department:  Foxconn Apologizes After Workers Revolt At World’s Largest iPhone Factory.

Pharma gouge?  FDA Approves World’s Most Expensive Drug at $3.5 Million Per Dose to Treat Hemophilia.

Never before seen Dept:

The hell it does dept: Best Thanksgiving side dishes: Mashed potatoes beats out stuffing on list of Americans’ favorites – Study Finds

Flock of Seagulls Turkeys

(Flock of Seagulls is here)

Cooking: It is all about caring and careful menu credit card preparation.

You see, Elaine is smiling because she didn’t have to lift a finger to make Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Just turn Mr. Ure loose on the Internet where I eventually landed on the Kroger’s website.

There (*and at many other stores with delis) you can order a pre-cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Order, show up on “game day” (Wednesday when half of humanity was in checkout lines) and you’ll pay about $80 for a 10-pound fully pre-cooked Butterball with all the fixins.

This is handed over by the deli staff with instructions to carry it by the bottom and then walked through the self-checkout line at the store.  Whole thing took about five minutes.

Although everything but the turkey could be done in the microwave, we opted to preheat the oven to 350 and (leaving the pizza stone in) there was plenty of thermal mass to hold the temp when I dropped it to 325 and let everything sit for just under an hour.

I spent the ensuing hour overdoing the red wine a bit.  Elaine had her Wicked Orchard hard cider.  We watched our consigliere consume coffee throughout.

Truth is, Elaine didn’t get off quite Scott-free.  It fell to Princess Nimblefingers  to debone the turkey cadaver which will comprise tomorrow’s gastronomical adventure.  Yes, that’s right – the annual S.S.T. sandwich edition.

ATR (Around the Ranch)

Pouring down rain today.  Which leaves us pondering “The Hobby Shop” workstation, the electronics bench, or playing with 3D printing projects, there are two really enjoyable other projects on the guest projects list.

Our Choice is “Scream Box 101.”

I’ve told you about this before.  You employ a soundtrack and “sound sweeten” otherwise normal events.  See https://youtu.be/mgAf71Ilgbg for the famous SeaTac Airport gurgling fountain.

Now, see the Amazon Black Friday deal on scream boxes. $19-each.

We are focused on the (fake) parrot who hangs out in the rafters of the Trader Vic’s (tiki) themed dining room here.  We’ll likely load a series of different “room mood” tracks into the scream box for this:  Maybe a Martin Denny clip from Quiet Village, along with a 20 to 30 second snag of the Gilligan’s Island theme. 

Now imagine sitting down on the throne for the (ahem) morning’s business.  In process, you reach behind and flush.  Now, what manner of creative sound could you install in a scream box for that moment?  Explosions?  Large belch? A wholly out of context Biden remark?  Jack Sparrow line?

You see, it’s the presence of multiple sensory inputs that transforms a simple visual into an experience.  Can anyone even imagine a Disney Haunted House without the soundtrack?  All readily done at home.

Provided that:

  1. You have a scream box (motion triggered MP3 player)
  2. You read our article on snagging YT sound using Audacity.  Go back and read UrbanSurvival ShopTalk Sunday: Pirate Radio and Audio Workflows
  3. You have a *(preferably sick) sense of humor.

There are all kinds of things you can do with one of these.  You’re limited only by your creative muse and the sensibilities of your partner/parole officer.

Who needs Meta or Hollywood?  You have every right to create and live in your own serious alternate reality – right at home!

Ever see on Youtube the people who have recreated their homes like the interior of the Star Trek setting?

Z’at cool, or what?

UrbanSurvival readers are cut of this “different cloth.”  All the money in the world can’t by “cool factor” or just an absurd amount of FUN!!!!

Here… Go get some landscaping ideas, while Ure at it:

Or you can work on a serious home Tiki Bar for the interior:

Coming Attractions

Moron the morrow; write when you get rich,


ShopTalk Sunday: Pirate Radio and Audio Workflows

The past couple of Sunday’s we have covered how to build a really nice sound conditioned room for your home listening enjoyment.  And last weekend, we got into the nuts and bolts of getting a computer equipped with a DAW and learning a bit about that side of things.

Today, we will talk about owning continuous programming and what can be done with such systems.  Including – yes – pirate radio.

The HUGE Disclaimer

Before we get into the Pirate Radio discussion, however, it’s worth your time to study up on what is in the FCC regs about low power Part 15 devices and what Carrier Current radio systems are all about.

Suitable backgrounder material is here: Low Power Radio – General Information | Federal Communications Commission (fcc.gov)

As you look over the rules, realize that “pirate radio” means different audience potential, depending on?  *(Location, location, location.)  I’m virtually certain that when I fire up a (Part 15 compliant) FM station in our studio it will not get to anyone’s home except our own.  In fact, the FCC limits don’t even get all the way out our driveway, let alone down to the county road (1,500 feet away).

On the other hand, a very weak FM stereo signal gets from the studio here out to the shop building (about 65-feet line of sight) to an old Sony stereo we had on the sailboat a million years ago.  My music, to fit my mood, in my shop.  Yep, that works, it’s legal and not too hard to set up.  Point to point deal that doesn’t tie up a computer in the shop and I don’t need to bribe Alexa for $9 a month to hear…

On the other hand, if you live in a crowded apartment building – in high density urban settings, a 200-foot “ball of radio” might give coverage into dozens of apartments.  Depending on whether the building contractors put the place up with foil or kraft paper faced wall insulation…

If you ignore the Commissions limits, you put yourself at risk.

Now, having said that, in the event the federal government becomes disabled and unable to function?  Well, Brave New World time.  Which is about the only condition where one of those 5 to 7-watt FM transmitters you can buy on eBay might ever become useful.

But, as we know from watching revolutions in faraway lands, media outlets are the electronic high ground.  In a real end of the world situation?  You will want stealth and not be rocking out on Pirate Radio.


There IS a perfectly legal (and enjoyable) by-product of setting up many of the basics of a Pirate Radio station:  You can inexpensively (read: free or close to it) way to build your own customizable playlists with time, temperature, and even news and jingles, if you want.

So, our focus is not on getting you to buy a transmitter off Amazon (like this one).  It is getting 24/7 music in the kind of rotation that makes you happy.

Let’s Begin with “Radio Lingo”

We begin by envisioning a perfect hour of radio programming.  We will assume a modest library of songs which will be divided into several categories.

  • Hit-bound new releases.  Stuff that’s just out, has “buzz” and people are talk about and humming already.
  • Top 10:  These are established hits.
  • Top 20:  Still solid and fun to listen to.
  • Top 40:  These are in the #20-#40 list
  • Recurrents:  #41 down to #100
  • Oldies:  Stuff you’re sick of hearing (Hey Jude comes to mind). But there was a time when…

You’re OBVIOUSLY too important to be a radio station program director (who do very little actual work, by the way).  So just be guided by the Billboard Hot 100 – Billboard Magazine. They are more visionaries for a “sound”.

Now you have a “play list” that can be organized the way you like.


Radio programming is all about fitting the right music into a playlist to attract the biggest number of valuable listeners.  Sure, sure, K-9 Kid Power Radio sounded cute, but in reality, it’s the 18-49 is the demographic with money.

During his career as program director at KFRC, Les Garland was rumored to have told a young reporter who interviewed for a news job there in 1972, or so, that the secret to running a great radio station was not “giving people what they need” or, for that matter, “giving people what they wanted.”  Nope.

In his considered opinion, the art of programming was “Giving people what they thought they were getting.

Deeply Zen? Garland was the glue that held KFRC (and a lot of other stations) together in the 70’s.

How this relates to the home studio?

Well, you have to get clear on “What it is you think you’re getting.”

What would YOUR radio station sound like?

There was a time when waking up to Arthur Brown’s Fire at full volume, or the Stone’s Start Me Up was the ideal way to awaken.  Within sight of being 74, my wake-up protocol has, shall we say, evolved a bit.

Dayparting at one point meant no “Guess Who” before 10 AM.  Go figure.

Radio Station Software

If you don’t want to build a “radio station” – and you just want to segue (seg-way) – roll one tune after another, load up Windows Media Player and have fun.

BUT if you want to program a bit, you’ll need a software platform to help you along.

A REASONABLE starting point is Zara Radio which comes in several versions.

Start with their download page and roll into ZaraRadio 1.6.2 for Windows. Download the user manual, too.  We won’t get too deeply into the nuts and bolts here.

But, here’s a high-level workflow for you:

  • Download and install the software.
  • Open and under options make sure you have routed sound from your computer sound card (line out) out to the transmitter of your choice.
  • Optionally, along the way, you can insert a limiter/compressor:
  • Set the limiter/compressor so that the FM low power unit doesn’t sound any different (loudness) than a commercial FM station nearby.  That will get you in the ballpark.
  • Now you’ll begin adding music.  Selecting from play lists over on the left side…
  • you will insert into the playlist.  It will then pop up in the right (ready for air) panel like so:
  • Next in your workflow will be adding some jingles.  Most people arrange these by tempo (F/S would be a “fast to slow” transition., for example):


Did Dr. Ure say “Jingles? (And not reference the Andy Devine character?  “Who?” Tell me you’re old enough to remember The Adventures of Wild Bill Hicok with his sidekick Andy Devine playing Jingles P. Jones?)

Yes – stay with me here – Jingles.  Radio Jingles.

Try to remember your favorite station jingle and see if they are on Youtube.  This is why we taught you how to use your DAW (Audacity) first.  So, you could capture jingles from Youtube and edit them down to something useable on your “dream station” build on the non-commercial Zara Radio platform.

Here are some (Garland era) KFRC jingles: KFRC 610 San Francisco – KFRC Drake Jingles – Late 1960s – YouTube.  One of my favorites is at 1:11.

Another one that’s easy to extract is Radio Jingles | Sky Radio | autumn 2021 – YouTube.

All of these have enough pad so you can edit them into useful MP3s in Audigy.

With Christmas coming, adding the keyword Christmas to a jingle search in YT will find goodies like SKY RADIO – XMAS Jingles (2019) – YouTube.

And you might want to have some Christmas ads, perhaps?  Coca Cola Christmas commercial 2010 HD (Full advert) – YouTube or maybe the 1997 Coca Cola Christmas 1997 USA 60 – YouTube.

Or maybe a little stronger beverage? This Bud’s for You Extended Version – YouTube

Point is, read the Zara manual and you’ll get a ton of additional ideas on what to add to your “personal radio station.”

Psst.  Want to add a time stream? WWV Simulator (mcodes.org)

Got a news site streaming in, too?  Live Stream News Radio | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn

Workflows are Everything

Zara is a dandy radio-automation tool to fire your own studio everywhere sound system.  So, you can even listen in the car in your driveway.  But now that you have this studio, you can do so much more.  Like podcasts,

You may find you’ll need more capacity for jingles and sound effects for “bits” – and today you can even pick up tools that mimic the old N.A.B. style cartridge machines for playing commercials, jingles, and other short content.  See Black Cat Systems and PlayIt System’s CartWall.

Only thing that’s missing (since you have now built an automated radio station?

Oh, you could start up an internet music stream, but be warned once the sounds leave your home, better look into music licensing rights from ASCAP and BMI.

Piping music into the shop?  No sweat.  My music, radio never leaves our property.  Setting up a low power station in a busy apartment area?  Well, gets interesting.  Streaming radio, though?  Lots and lots of pitfalls can get you.  And when comes to Low Power FM, the FCC is all about measurement, performance, and compliance.  Which spells time and money.

But if the end of the world shows up, you now know what it will take to get that laptop studio scaled into being a post-apocalyptic shortwave powerhouse, to save the few survivors on the rock, huh?

Write when your ears stop ringing,