Prepping: Depression-Proof Hobbies

It’s the time of year when we should spend some time focusing on the important things in life…like having fun!!!  Christmas is coming, but what is the “right” kind of present? The theory is that people need “time to re-create.”  So, the notion of “re-creation” which drops the hyphen to become recreation. Since a lot … Read more

Prepping: The Third “Axiom of Work”

“Axioms of Work?” “You really going to write from Work to Sous Vide cooking?”  Uh, sure!  Read on… In the event you missed it, one of the joys of UrbanSurvival is our elevating art of algorithmic thinking.  In other words, since we are busily doing exactly what the Bible (and other religious texts) prohibit (making … Read more

Coping: The 5th Annual “Turkey Leftovers” Column

By request from last Thanksgiving – only this time in advance so you can have everything on hand this year… Back in 2013. we share the best turkey leftovers recipe  we’ve ever found.  Our Ode to 13 Coins’ SST Sandwich column from 2013.  I don’t remember if Gale, the daytime bartender at the ‘Coin’s place … Read more

Coping: With How Religions Evolved?

Did religions spontaneously arise from starving tribes establishing regular nutrition and was the Voice of God merely an indication of the breakdown of bicameralism on the way to home sapiens sapiens (or home deluxe)?

Coping: With Holiday Comfort Food

Food:  We have arrived at the most calorie-laden of yearly events, at last.  So this morning I wanted to share some things that will make you drool and wonder why is it Elaine still weighs what see did in high school. We can divide this into four parts:  Breakfasts, Lunches, Cocktails, and Dinners.  Sized for … Read more

Coping: Going “Partly Vegan”

Yeah, sure, the Thanksgiving turkey was amazing.  But then again, so was the “turkey hangover.”  We’re just not used to eating that kind of rich food around here. Until Thanksgiving, we have both been in really good shape – and while we eat meat, it’s generally not processed and it’s generally not including much wheat … Read more

Coping: The $215 Loaf of Bread Adventure

My late father started baking bread when he was in his 60’s, so it’s now time for me to again get serious about taking up a family tradition.  Something that fits with fall. I’m going to make another $215 dollar loaf of bread this weekend. I know….how can you spend $215 on a single loaf … Read more