Precipitous Monday – Inky Markets

In traditional economics, money was defined generally as a “storehouse of value.”  Yet, to even the least-informed, this linkage has been mostly shit-canned. The problem is one of runaway leverage. Once upon a financial fairytale, the story was sold far and wide that America was using a fractional reserve currency.  In other words, when a dollar was printed, if could be re-lent as many as seven or eight times.  Thus, printing more money advanced the money supply. …

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Inflection Point Weekend

Rather than an in-depth outlook on a general lifestyle and economic issue, we’re focused this weekend worrisome charts for markets next week.

Reality Checks Friday: All-Time-Hype, Covid-AIDS?

Since Urban is (nominally) a long wave economics site – which gets wildly off-track because its writer-in-chief is seriously ADHD – we will try to keep things in order by starting with some “economic reality.” All-Time-Hype We continue to sit with market’s poised for a monstrous collapse in coming weeks based on our Aggregate Markets work.  Yes, the Dow and the S&P are off into la-la land.  But that’s because the Easy Money Fed has (essentially) made-up over $8.6 …

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All-Time-Highs OR All-Time-Hype?

“The Moment Before Touch” is where markets, Life, and petty dictator mandates have us waking today.  As the future of Taiwan continues sketchy and as (we pointed out on PN yesterday) the SoCal ports last month moved 6 PERCENT LESS CARGO than a year-ago.  Evidence to our simple minds that shortages (like not really vaccines) are most likely a monetization because Everything’s a Business Model.   For a different view: Larry Kudlow: Economic message on supply chain …

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Time for a SBR?

That’s a “Science-Based Religion” plugin?  An add-on for religions (and political parties).  Which only sounds crazy until you consider the increasing levels of interpersonal warfare underway in digital realms. Humans are – to a large degree – stimulus mirrors. If you have institutions that hate and people swim in that polluted space all day, of course their behavior will mirror to cope in that environment. If religions – along with education, media, and politics – …

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