“Maker Frontiers” for 2021

Ready Or Not… It’s almost here.  2021 looms. With a little free time on holiday weekends, it’s useful to turn off most of the hype-crazy mainstream media.  Instead, try doing a “personal performance audit.”  Designed to answer key questions.  Like? “Did I have a Plan this year?” In the unlikely event you did, “Did you …

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Small Shops, Large Shops

How BIG is Enough? Did I ever show you my electronics bench?  Total Train Wreck:  (Fully functional, just looks like hell…) It’s ALL there.  Desoldering machine, microscope for SMT parts, even a spetroscope for LED color checking.  Thing is, I never get around to keeping it clean and organized.  Project overlap.  Phones ring.  Martini time …

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Shop to It: Tool Slut Sunday

The Best (& Worst) Boss is? US! One of the treasures of being raised in a “firefighter family” is that everyone “worked on the off-shift.”  Sure, a lot of union jobs in the 50’s and 60’s were paying  enough that one person working in a household could “get by.” But fire, police, and other first …

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Dear Vets: Thank You

No matter which side of the aisle: And paradoxically…recommended by a Canadian. Maybe they have better memories, eh?

Server Heaven?

We had a weird error on the Internet today.  Our site here went down (“server crash”) but the strange part was that when it crashed, there is a program we run for added speed which does caching. At the time of the server crash, the ‘snapshot’ taken was a link to Kitco – and now …

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