Future: Seeing Nonapparent Indicators

Universe is speaking to us all the time.  Thing is?  People don’t listen.  Which is why things “go Gomorrah” every now and then.  But you know it’s coming.  I know it’s coming.  The signs are everywhere.

But they are often in beautiful and subtle arrangements. Like this L.A. Weekly story: Why is Drudge Report Black and White? We Investigate Matt’s DrudgeReport.com…

If you read the article, come to find out, Drudge has ventured into monochromist territory, before.  “Historic times” was mentioned in a previous.

If you’ve read our favorite “Ready? Set?” book, “The Hungry Years: America in an Age of Crisis, 1929-1939” the move to black and white perhaps would be more obvious.

Near as we can figure it, Drudge (or whoever owns it) is merely channeling a future.  Which might be simple, stark, and anything BUT colorful.

Change is in the air, beyond RGB, pantones and CMYK.

Follies du News

As the week wraps up, we think even a fool can begin to see the short list of major life-changing events that are coming to pass.

With government like this, a windmill and an armadillo.

Apes that Never Learn

Government is not to be measured by the common-sense application of brain cells.  Crooks have us honest people out-gunned, out-financed, and out-elected, anymore. Corporations have subsumed government. Precisely back-asswards.

We are all – at some level – held civilian hostages by our nuclear governments world-wide. Which in turn are pulling off money heists in the name of war.  Simple.

If you follow our Comments Section – where a lot of breaking news shows up – reader Hank out on the Big Island turned us on to this “coming attraction” Thursday: Russian ‘intelligence gathering ship’ off the Hawaii coast being monitored by US Coast Guard.

And – fellow nuke hostage – we trust you saw where Putin ally warns NATO of nuclear war if Russia is defeated in Ukraine?

This comes as the West tries to forestall the onset of economic collapse.  One of the most reliable “avoidance levers” to pull is a major war.

The idiots who pull the Marionette in Chief’s strings have no business working on policies that threaten global ignition of WW III. A NATO attack on the Crimea, and particularly the Russian warm water port of Sevastopol, will result in a near-certain nuclear response.  We have previously shared an idea which 8 American major cities will be sacrificed by demonic blood sport players holding office or power.

Take, for example, Germany is anxious for economic stimulus as Handelsblatt: German companies are ready to ship to Ukraine 100 Leopard 2 and Challenger 1.  Gee, golly, looks like U.S. Death Merchants will have to be satisfied selling fighters to Greece (F-35s) and Turkey (F-16s). Big money and a huge resource war coming there.

The Federation of American Scientists reports NATO and Russia Exercises Rattle Nuclear Swords Amid Ukraine War. Should be good for Ambien and Lunesta sales as we continue “sleepwalking to war.”

Mark Your Calendar: On January 24, 2023 at 10 a.m. EST, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists will make the 2023 Doomsday Clock announcement. Learn more.

Wrong Number:  T-Mobile investigating data breach affecting 37 million accounts. Seeing why we use prepaid burners, yet?

For Whom the Axe Swings: Amazon and MSFT earlier this week.  Now,  Google is laying off around 12,000 workers as tech giants continue to slash jobs. Read CEO Sundar Pichai’s email to staff.

Implosion of the Crypto Con:  Crypto Giant Genesis Files For Bankruptcy As Casualties Mount After FTX Collapse. Seriously?  You can’t be surprised, can you?  BTC is under $21,000 at clicktime.

CTM (Crap That Matters)

Getting Justice is not happening in Courts the way it should: Florida judge fines Trump and his lawyer $938,000 for ‘completely frivolous’ lawsuit.  Maybe to hizzoner, but what about US?  Two observations that matter.  First is the judge’s actions are reprehensive and appear to be punitive on their face.  Courts have been monetized as weapons against humans.  Second point: Democrat Slick Willie Clinton appointed the judge in this case.  See how the dots connect?

Monitoring leftist embedded racism in schools is critical, we think.  Florida Bars AP Course in African American Studies.  Any comparable offerings for European American or Asian American Studies?  No?  Didn’t think so…

Around the Ranch

Pricks:  I may have used the word too often.  Because a REAL one – a bunch, actually – showed up here.  Elaine got up for some personal recycling in the wee-hours. Hearing an odd noise outside, she spied a porcupine on the BBQ deck.  And all this time, we thought they only roamed city, county, state, and federal offices…the pricks are after us all.

Prayers:  The head of our Houston Bureau is in for surgery Monday.  A kindly/warm thought for her successful surgery and quick recovery would be very much appreciated. I’d go into a lot of specifics but there’s the HIPAA laws and too many lawyers in the world.

Pussycats:  We are slowly recovering from our recent loss of Zeus the cat.  His understudy replacements (Sam and Sylvia) are still rather standoffish, as feral cats will be.  Sam (the Siamese) is taking food a few feet inside the house now.  Sylvia slept last night on the heated pet mat. They are a “cat couple” and are often seen “team hunting.” It was 33F overnight here.

Prophylaxis:  Elaine’s teeth were perfect as we both had dental cleanings Thursday.  I have a small cavity under a filling which will be addressed in coming weeks. We look at dentistry as having its own economic system: 15-fillings will buy you a good used Lexus. Fillings under cavities get you bumped up to a 4-series, or better.

Personal Health:  Next time you go to the dentist, Ure’s simple (not medical advice) Covid reduction plan?  Get the dentist to use nitrous. Even for cleanings. Expect a few bucks more on the bill.  Thing is, this ensures airflow from across the room instead of higher density close-in “air share” with the hygienist or doc.

Party Time?  Our dentist’s oldest son is out of college and got a first-class computer programming gig up in Colorado, somewhere.  Coming home, the son tried to explain to dad what a UTO vacation plan is.  “Unlimited Time Off” is a big selling feature in s/w gigs – you just go take time off to do things as the spirit moves you.  But, our common-sense doc’s going “So, can I take, like, ALL of 2024 off under this kind of plan?

Personal Performance: We obviously don’t know the right people in HR: I seem to have signed up for the UWP (unlimited work plan).  So, I’m scheduling some “re-education camp time for myself, because I don’t understand it either.  I’m a walking HR nightmare whose preferred pronoun is “God.”  An equal opportunity offender.

Prescience of People:  Remember what I projected yesterday?

A word from my “onboard audience.”  They think the market will drop today (Thursday), but perhaps turn up a bit late into the close.  A good rally is sensed early Friday as possible but fading toward the Friday close.  The big declines are still ahead, they murmur.  Which is pretty damn rude of ’em.

Came out exactly so.  The commercials ran the Dow down in the  Friday preopen, but the broader mix was up.  Looks like the idea is to sucker a few more bears in, which we figure will be eaten for lunch in a likely rally.

With little economic news, it’s likely to be a quiet options expiration.  We sat out the money printing short side Thursday due to the dental work. Nitrous and day trading is right there with alcohol and gasoline on the stupid scale.

Prices and Projects: Off to buy lumber.  Prices are firming and it’s time to lay in supplies before the retailer’s jack things up later this spring.

Write when someone gets rich,


A Word from “Mr. I Told You So” – Housing data

How long ago did I tell you?  We are likely in a large Wave 3 down now.  Hold that thought.  Couple of hot economic numbers to deal with before we go deep.

Breaking: Housing Data

Or should we call it “partly broken?”

Key part:

Building Permits
Privately?owned housing units authorized by building permits in December were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of
1,330,000. This is 1.6 percent below the revised November rate of 1,351,000 and is 29.9 percent below the December 2021 rate
of 1,896,000. S

While we’re at it, a side order of hashed Philly Fed outlook, with that?

“Current Indicators Remain Weak

The diffusion index for current general activity rose from a revised reading of -13.7 in December to -8.9 in January (see Chart 1), its fifth consecutive negative reading and seventh negative reading in the past eight months.* More than 33 percent of the firms reported declines in activity, exceeding the 24 percent that reported increases. The current new orders index rose 11 points but remained negative at -10.9, and the current shipments index climbed 12 points to 11.1 after turning negative in December. Nearly 30 percent of the firms indicated increases in shipments compared with 19 percent that indicated decreases.”

After yesterday, don’t look surprised at the market preopen being down.

Now to the Point

Why, I even went so far as to warn that we could imagine a “Big Yellow 3” back in October of last year. Here we is.

Wave 3(2) Over? Personal Income and ECI.  Sadly, we were EARLY on the completion of Wave 2, but swing and day trading is much for “Vegas-like” than long-term (read: boring) position trading.

With the fall from the nearby overhead resistance trend (declining green line below here) we can now see a case where the long-held expectation of a 30-40 percent decline from present levels could be along by, oh, the Fourth of July.

So, to wrap it up, we are still LIKELY in the Big 3 Down.  And the yellow 3 down began with what might be more formally written as 3 (1) down (*the large white 1 down to early October).  Then we did the LIKELY 3 (2) up (*the big white 2 lower right) and we have now (as of yesterday) probably done the 3 (3) (i) down (small green 1 down), a suitable rally 3 (3) (ii) which could put us at 3 (3) (iii) down which is I THINK where we are now.

In other words, we are now out on the quicksand area where the Bears (let’s just say it was a green Wednesday around here) have their way with the Bulls.  Love markets that are strongly trending.

What’s Going Wrong

If you don’t have a list of a dozen reasons, you need some remedial schooling and a Wall Street Journal subscription.  We have more problems than you can shake a stick at.

Not the least of which is WW III which the Biden administration is sleep-walking into.

Ah, we could wax on for a good long while on point.  But we are only the tiniest of media pipsqueaks.  And we do understand collapsing ROI.

American Distraction Day

Debt Ceiling hits today. U.S. gov’t touches debt limit amid standoff between Republicans and Democrats.

We are not in the least surprised.  And we figure at the two or three week mark into the insanity the “sit on Social Security, military and federal worker retirement checks card” will be played.

Here in Texas, we have enough cattle that bullshit is fairly predictable.

The News Compactor

New Zealand steps back from being a totalitarian state. Sort of. New Zealand Totalitarian Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Announces She Will Resign and Step Down on Sunday.  We have many readers there and they remind us that this is the woman who called “free speech” a “weapon of war” at the United Nations.  Again, Texas and stockyards is noted. Sane people don’t “do war.”

The flip side, good policies but with some personality flaws: Donald Trump preparing return to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram this month. We’re still trying to figure out why CNN wasn’t at Biden’s Corvette Show like happened at Mar-a-Lago…

The problem with liars is you can never tell when they’re telling the truth.  Here’s a fine example story:  George Santos denies taking $3,000 intended for disabled veteran’s dying dog.

Is there a doctor in the house?  Dr. Martens Shares Dive After Profit Warning – MarketWatch.

Cue up “Another One Bites the Dust” for me?  Crypto lender Genesis weighs up bankruptcy amid bruising liquidity crunch.  “...And another one bites, and another one bites…”

Crypto Apologists please note:  While we are entertained by the notion of some post-democracy role cited for cryptos, the reality of real-time-crime money just keeps being supported by the data.  Two examples of Ure’s long-held “Don’t do it!” are seen in Bitzlato owner arrested & charged by DOJ over illicit funds (paymentexpert.com) and oh, my: US nabs China-based Russian crypto boss over alleged money laundering.  If you think owning crypto is a drive toward freedom, remember in the previous depression, gold and silver was seized by the FedGov.  And in this one, made-up money will likely be seized (or directly outlawed) as well.  If you can’t see that, remedial financial history is in order.  Might we suggest a book like “MILLENNIAL APOCALYP$E: Why You and Other Millennials Are Tracking Toward Financial Disaster and How You Can Avoid It”?

And there goes another country coming to its senses!~ French crypto firms to mandatorily seek authorisation – ThePaypers

ATR: Digital Scrying 101

Before I head off into another day of being the High Priest of Living Below Your Means, a word, or three, about scrying.

To scry, is defined as “…foretell the future using a crystal ball or other reflective object or surface. “a mirror used for scrying”

Which we obviously don’t do, since we are biomass farmers, not mystics.  Still, however, we can use computers and digital inputs in much the same way.  It’s less messy than Nostradamus’ oil pot.  (Which reminds me I have to ask G.A. Stewart one of these days to do a big write-up for our Peoplenomics side on all the nuance of technique used by Nosty in seeing ahead.)

To attain, and get some sense of future, all you need to do is read a news item and then ask yourself some basic questions:  (Example story in brackets)

  • Knock-on:  “Will this story cause or trigger something?” [Ukraine-Russia]
  • Escalation: “Will this story escalate or deprecate?” [Debt Ceiling]
  • Reaction:  “Who does this story impact and how will they react?” [Climate change]
  • Urgency:  “At what speed will this story lead into the future?” [Covid]
  • Identification:  “Will this story appeal to a subgroup or tribe, and what are their interests?” [Reparations]
  • Propagation: Do the media controllers (rich pricks) want this item to grow in the public mindset they manage, or would then just as soon see it dropped from the public discourse? [Trump vs. Desantis]
  • Monetizations:  “Who’s going to make money?  Who’s going to lose?”[Crypto]

One of the nicest things anyone has asked me in a long time was when George Noory wondered on Coast-to-Coast-AM recently words to the effect “How did you learn to think like you do?”

The answer – and a long-delayed thank you to George (for the Dec. 26th visit) for asking – is (I will try to keep this short) that most people have “high internal noise floors.”

It’s like static on the radio.  Takes a while to get all those “pre-programmed voices in mind to shut up.  Hard work, but over time you discover “self-talk” is not really yours so much as it has been fed into you by others.  Parents, teachers, friends, people you look up to, and so forth.  Anyone you remember has imprinted your thinking.

[Another book is swirling around in my head this morning:  “Managing the Voices Within.”]

My “style of thinking” (as it were) is it’s the result of telling internal voices to shut up and listen.  Sure, you will still have all that embedded “programming” available for recall, but it’s a matter of imposing some will power, self-discipline, and forcing all the voices to stop interrupting when listening.

Try it sometime: Imagine you are an interviewer of the next three people you meet.  Ask them questions, hear what they tell you, then ask logical follow-on questions that are prompted by what you’ve just been told.

When you do this (and being a long-time reporter/anchor was key) it becomes the “art of interviewing.”  Once you really get into the habit of actively interviewing everyone you encounter, you’ll be amazed at how clear the world becomes. That’s why Noory is a damn good interviewer.  He listens to his guests and then asks the questions people in his audience would ask, if they could.  Joe Rogan – same thing, a few saltier word choices.

Actively question everything.  Life is about discovery, not tripping. Every assumption you make, every ad you hear or see, every book or email you study, and every voice you hear in your head: conduct them like a symphony of learning.

Eventually, something changes.  You deemphasize judgement and roll into an interviewer/moderator role.  Seekerhood.

What happens is that the voices in your head become almost like a studio audience.  You are the moderator/interviewer.  And there is ALWAYS an important NEXT QUESTION to ask on the path to Deep Understanding.

Don’t mean to ramble, but this is analogous to the Activex or COM layer in computing.  We all have a database and tons of relative data to share.  But if there’s “noisy code running” you miss the HDR experience of life.

Then simple questions emerge:  “Why should I give you MY money?”

Notice when you listen-talk to people, too.  Are they interrupting?  Voices are screaming in their heads?  Are they asking follow-up questions?  Or selling you someone else’s ideas?  If they drop into “selling something,” are they really paying attention to you or just going through the motions because they’re working a monetization or soldier-gathering operation?

Makes getting out in the world (now and then) a lot more interesting.  Turns every event into a “classroom session.”  And people do respond.  They can tell when you’re genuinely interested in them.  And that matters deeply to all humans.

A word from my “onboard audience.”  They think the market will drop today, but perhaps turn up a bit late into the close.  A good rally is sensed early Friday as possible but fading toward the Friday close.  The big declines are still ahead, they murmur.  Which is pretty damn rude of ’em.

Your voices may speak a different future. But the aggregate quantum observer consensus will be the most likely future when it gets here.  The really bad future is still out there a ways.

Write when you get rich,