The Fall of Babel 2.0

While our rise as a technical society has exceeded past efforts, over time it seems destined to fail.  Not everything is ultimately extensible.  Limits to resources is a hard thing for the bacteria in the agar dish to accept.

In this morning’s discussion (other than the ChartPack and a few news items weighing on Future) we’ll explore that continuum of human thinking which is circumscribed by religious fables, education, and then the well-monetized attachment of symbols.

From here Life changes a bit.  For not only are we “processes of doing things” collectors, but we are also the “template pickers.”

A role which defines the future and makes serious human folly semi-predictable.

We’ll start with a few headlines to make the case..

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Prophecy, Cardiac Insufficiency, and Hypoxia

My latest adventures in the world of medicine – like a recent nuclear treadmill test – have lit a series of interesting linkages.  This morning we raise some fascinating questions about prophesy, the role of hypoxia, and then wonder is sleep apnea exists to “pave the way” into our personal future.

This may seem like woo-woo but it’s really more “science behind the woo-woo” stuff.

A few headlines and the morning ChartPack get us into a summer weekend mood.

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