Just When You Thought…

…It was strange enough?  Nope. A number of lookahead items on our threat board have us considering just how crazy this spring could become. Due to the Easter weekend, we will keep it very real because in our 18 charts today, there’s a future coming into focus. More for Subscribers ||| Missing out?  SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! ||| Subscriber Help Center

Fluff Filter Friday – Omni George

Good Friday, is it?  Well, it depends who you ask.  And the biggest problem is keeping a clear head when news flows are off-point and distorted. Use the News – from You Out One of those precious moments of clarity showed up at the liquor store Thursday.  Elaine and I were on our way back … Read More

Wall St. Casino Closed Friday – The Profit Ponder

OK, this may go off in the Peoplenomics direction, but even if you don’t play the stock market for the occasional cheeseburger, what happens over the next four days will be really interesting. Predictable Pressers – Today’s Primer On the surface, and we will run through these quickly, there are certain “news events” that are discounted … Read More

Stats & Consequences

“Time to play the exciting world-wide financial game sensation!”  Why, I can almost see the television and streaming ads now: “The Great Reset is becoming visible in the headlines…who will be the first to see it?” As usual, our “first things section” will lay out how the Big Swindle – and de-wealthing” of the Commoners … Read More

Housing Outs It! Inflation Ho!

The latest CPI report makes the interesting assertion that Housing costs in the past year were up (month-on-month) by 5.7 percent.  While overall, thanks to a few items going lower, the YoY data showed Consumer prices up 3.2 percent from February 2023 to February 2024. Lo and behold, brethren, here we see how that 5.7 … Read More

Bridge, Bounce, and Housing

Well, the Simon and Garfunkel song doesn’t apply today.  You do remember their classic hit Bridge over Troubled Waters, right?  Well, in Maryland today we have the slip side of that: Trouble over Bridged Waters – where a containership smashed an important bridge. Cargo ship hits Baltimore’s Key Bridge, bringing it down. At least 7 … Read More

Short Pays Off, CFNAI, Pope Dope, and an Eastwood Moment

Yeah, there’s a lot to cover this morning, but it was looking (earlier) like that “wild-eyed” short position I loaded up on Friday at the close would pay off with a couple of loaded cheeseburgers in the Lunch Money Day Trading Account (LMDTA). No, I don’t always win, but I also don’t always lose.  This … Read More

Weekend Shorting Notes

First question is: Is it brave or crazy?  With the markets bumping along at logically over-bought levels, it’s tempting to buy a short and “play for time.” But this is riskier than it might appear.  Although we’ve been known to do it from time-to-time. Backing up these observations will be a dozen and a half … Read More

40K Dow on the Futurescope

Rally in a Box Canyon of rates. Yeah, you remember the old Westerns, right?  Where the one cowboy rides (lost) into a dead-end and is set-upon by the baddies? That’s where we are financially. We had the “cheap dose of deflation” to pretend to work out systemic malinvestment. But now, with the public debt continuing … Read More

Cheeseburger Inflation, Ure on Injured Reserve List

19-cent economics up for breakfast today. This is a dandy-to-grand follow-on to our Peoplenomics report of Wednesday.  Wherein “Ure’s Inflation” defined “locally observable Inflation” as much more highly correlated to the Reality/Ground Truth than the put-up numbers from financial shysters.  Which includes (sadly) the People’s government. Prices Don’t Go UP – Money Goes Down Inflation … Read More

Fed Decision: Meh

Not much to say about it. The Fed held. Says still sees three cuts this year. Chairman will sound off but the markets are on a jag now. We hold to the idea that the Fed is now in the position of, in some sense, paying higher rates to itself by holding too high, too … Read More

Would You Invest in America?

It may seem an odd question, at least in some sense: Since we are all “investors” every time we pay taxes.  But what is seldom asked – and there’s no one really advocating – directly for shareholders – is the simple question: “What are we getting for our money today and how does that compare … Read More

The Tuesday Gambler Report, SKOMOL Progress

Four seminal events in small investing that you may not be aware of, so a quick review is in order ahead of the Housing Starts report: Investing is gambling.   Samuelson at MIT got to the idea that on any day, odds of the market going one way, or the other, were about the same.  Background … Read More

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