A Course in “Nexting”

You see, Life is kinda like that point in checkers where you can move anywhere, but so can your opponent.  In order to win, the key lesson is always being “one jump ahead.” Except, we don’t habitually think in this aggressive, in charge, pro-active mode.  People just react to “whatever” and that’s a shortcut to … Read More

Housing Rolls Along

Perhaps not to trigger the Fed, we found the wording of this morning’s S&P Case-Shiller Housing report interesting: NEW YORK, JANUARY 30, 2024:  S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices. Data released today for November 2023 show that 12 … Read More

Nexus Texas, Housing Looms

[First of a two-part column today: Housing data in the next report about 8:15 Central] We know – from first-hand in-country reports out of places like Costa Rica (where we have intelligent readers) – that someone is loading up South Americans and bringing them to the U.S. border to be part of the Invasion of America. … Read More

Housing, Fed, & Jobs Week, Dream-School

Our sense of the market this week is to be wary for a sell-off before the Fed Meeting results Wednesday. Especially if you have been following the CME Fed tool which is not particularly happy about the odds of a Fed move this week. There’s a ton of data this too, so a double-whammy on the … Read More

Sunday Situation

The once-credible Drudge Report has flipped into the sensationalist column, as we figure it. Headlining that an ARMED TRUCKER CONVOY is headed to the Biden-backed open border. When one takes the time to make a disciplined read of reports, the link off the “ARMED” fearcast leads to the story The MAGA Truckers are Back—And Heading to … Read More

Hints in a Nowcast

We make more money being short the market. But in the short term some NY Fed data out Friday bears a closer look. Which we will do as well as we size up the rest of the economy. I think the bottom line might surprise you. It did us. Then we’ll review the real-life inflation … Read More

Econ: Fairytale Friday, Retrograde Offsets

Fairytales are fun.  Though usually best delivered by a loving parent, not our own government for crying out loud.  But sometimes we don’t have a choice. Call me the Burger King…because here’s today’s Whopper: “Personal income increased $60.0 billion (0.3 percent at a monthly rate) in December. Disposable personal income (DPI)—personal income less personal current taxes—increased … Read More

War, Pragmatism, Data, and Woo-Wood

Most of this was covered on our Peoplenomics subscription side Wednesday, but we are “bleeding over onto the free site” because things are evolving quickly and on multiple “fronts.” War – But When? We have never heard the drums of war beating as loudly as today. Not during the Vietnam conflict, not in Desert Storm, and … Read More

Money Going Somewhere

With Bitcoin scrapping at the $40,000 level, we ponder where all the made-up Covid money will eventually take root.  Some of it has gone into plain-old higher prices, sure.  But the charts are interesting. Another chapter in my latest book Building a Personal Ark is shared, And what morning would be complete without a side … Read More

Hit: “The Double-Top”

I want to take you back a ways. November 8, 2021.  Dow closed at 36,432.22  while the S&P nailed 4,701.70.  Off to the side the NASDAQ rolled up 15,982.36.  Our Aggregate Index ended the day at 41,953.86.  The Yahoo Finance history notched an adjusted price of $67,566.83 that day, as well. Then there was Monday’s … Read More

Paranoid Monday, Anyone?

This is the kind of day when I feel just a bit paranoid about the future.  Things are “stacking up” and if you look very, very closely you can almost make out possible signs and portents of what’s to come. To begin with, the high-roller’s party is over in Cheezerland. Which is another way of saying the Davosians … Read More

Day of Rest? Where?

On my OTHER website where we consolidated the ShopTalk Sunday articles, some fun ham radio-oriented ideas in the first of a multi part series, Goodbye Radio Towers – Hello Drones – Ultra-Make. Upgraded the main computer to Win11 Pro Saturday. Got the new Starlink mesh network rolling, too. The, in the home recording studio, started … Read More

Double Top Monday?

Yes the market roared higher but our charts tell a different tale. One which is oddly different than the mainstream view. Plus we also go on a swing through woo-woo land.  Where adventures in The Realms were teaching us how to poison a real estate foreclosure, about a major city earthquake to come, and a major … Read More

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