Time to Spin Off the West?

Socialism’s darlings on the West Coast are starting to find their future is dimming quickly. Today, we consider latest Housing numbers – where the declines are clearest in financial terms.  But, even beyond this, the ancillary data supports the notion of moving “Back East.” Toss in a barrel full of liberal Constitutional abandonment and excess … Read More

Housing Prices

Case-Shiller/ S&P Corelogic press releases are missing in action.  Either that, or we have landcd on the bad media list, somehow. So instead of some reasoned analysis, make due with the CNBC story here. Home price declines may be over, S&P Case-Shiller says. Problem for the market:  This just SCREAMS to us that a minimum … Read More

“Jellyfish” McCarthy, An Anti-Aging Report

Not exactly a busy weekend.  Sure, the word is a budget deal has been cut, but for now, we’re just waiting to see how the reviews will go on the hill where the Cast of Clowns II takes over.  Where prospects are uncertain.  Debt-Limit Deal Sets Up Tough Battle for Passage in Congress. We are … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Anti-Alz. Light Assembly, Stacked Projects

Sorry to report the anti-Alzheimer’s light project (designed to flick at 40 Hz to potentially improve cognition) didn’t get completely finished this week.  Too little time and too much else going on. But we did make a good start on assembly, so let’s go from there. We begin with the pile of parts.  (See last … Read More

Enjoy It While You Can

A blow-off high at the market close Friday could face disappointment this coming week.  Not only is there a Fed meeting on June 13-14,, but we also have recent less-than-stellar news about inflation. In all, while we admit to – even plan for – a continuing market rise for another two months, the late July … Read More

String of Data, PsychoSummer’s Here, Side of Woo-Woo

OK, line ’em up! We begin with a slug of reports of modest importance today.  Let’s start with the Durable Goods because this is as much bellwether of future, as anything: It’s an OK report in that it doesn’t look like a recession before lunch. About the same time, here comes the International Trade report … Read More

GDP, CFNAI, Minutes, Holiday Maker-Mania

I guess we should get the economics of life out of the way first.  This being Thursday, the new unemployment filings are out: What matters most to us, here lately, is the state-drilldown into UI filings: GDP is holding up but remember when inflation is running “officially” in 5+ percent range, we get a lot … Read More

The “Solution to Social Media”

Graceful engineering ideas time – something to FWD to Elon Musk? – as we consider the Surgeon General’s concerns on Social and propose radical solutions. This is as discussion about the Magic Bullet that could save Twitter  for Musk and turn it to a “best of class” concern, again. No, it’s not turning off your … Read More

Hunter Cover, Markets Await Budget, Pre-Hol Tasking Memo

Party Before Work, we believe.  So before jumping brain-first into the news flow, it’s focus on the fun that we (supposedly) buy with all our hard work in Life: Pre-Hol(iday) Tasking Memo is a simple concept.  We are 3 1/2-days out (no one will really work after lunch on a holiday weekend Friday, right?) from … Read More

Flying America into a Crash, Woo-Woo, 3D Afterthoughts

Maybe one more uptick to go this week before things get “interesting.” See, there are many parts to the game of Musical Chairs – subtext “the Blame Game” – being played now: The GOP budget no-go-ciators are trying to unwind the Buy’ed Em madness hamstringing of America’s energy independence.  The dim’s are going-along with the … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: An Anti-Alzheimer’s Experimental Build

Yes, we are going to build something (first of 2 parts today) but there is a TON of important background to wrap-around before heading into the shop. So, from the beginning…NONE OF THIS IS MEDICAL ADVICE. You are reading ravings of a crazy man – pure and simple – right? We have, over the years, … Read More

How High? How Long?

A Quest for Answers. Markets this week closed above a critical “trading box” so it means its time to start penciling out more inflection points ahead.  As we figure it now, without a Chinese move on Taiwan or the (eventual) escalation of to tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine (besides depleted uranium which will poison their … Read More

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