Trump Indicted, Personal Income, Cost of Honesty

American Justice no longer works. It leaks.  And the indictment reports about Donald Trump speak directly to this point. If you’re just onboarding, the NY Post  reported Donald Trump indicted in Stormy Daniels hush money probe by Manhattan grand jury. Other media have some differences in the charges.  The Post is over two dozen, CNN … Read More

Rallying On: GDP and U.I. Filings

Say, there’s a symbiotic relationship for you.  Let’s roll the Gross Domestic Product out first.  Because you have already suspected what the real agenda of higher prices has been. Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 2.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2022 (table 1), according to the “third” estimate released … Read More

Our Next “Mad Scientist” Project

Old Man Labs here is planning another project. This one gets into the realms of the really weird.  But trust me, it will sound like fun (interesting?) when I walk you through it. For those who haven’t been around as long as this site – which will be 25-years in September (basis web domain) … Read More

There Goes Housing – Slowly, Though

Latest Case-Shiller/S&P report just out: “Data released today for January 2023 show that the trend of declining home price gains continued across the United States with declining prices reported in the San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, and Seattle markets. YEAR-OVER-YEAR The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census … Read More

Housing Ahead, Fresh Data Drops, World of Crazies

I’ve been up since 1 AM today, working on our “next big thing” over on the Peoplenomics side.  This report will be available for subscribers tomorrow morning.  Beside some neat “science of consciousness” work we’ll present the anatomy of a day trade which “bought lunch” for us Monday. Housing data will be out at 8 … Read More

Hype in Mire Monday – Sketchy Week Ahead?

Why, looking at the early futures (Dow +200) you’d think that the skies were about to part and the rally into the close Friday might continue. ‘fraid not. But, the good news for old day traders is that the markets always “swing” so there’s usually a lunch money trade, or two, lying around.  Still, it’s … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: 3D Printer Blunder, Spring Workout

Ah, the Country Life.  Yessir, if you live in the Big City, it’s a dream.  Why, just imagine! Eating fresh food out of your own garden.  Pure country air.  No traffic noises. Low stress.  Ultimately relaxing and rewarding…. Well, no.  Not exactly. During our ShopTalk Sunday adventures will tell you the upside – and the downsides … Read More

Rethink: Time vs. Price

No question, Price is the big factor in day trading.  But when comes to Futuring, prepping, and staying the hell out of harm’s way, time signals in the market are where it’s at. Paradoxically, higher price prediction confidence rises, the lower time confidence drops.  This incestuous relationship buggers up everything from military intelligence assessments to … Read More

April Collapse Odds Climbing – Ports Disaster Unfolds

Earth Time Piling Up:  A large cluster of bad ju-ju is presenting its leading edge, just now.  We see it across many of our “Seven Systems/Domains” model and it seems the next 60-days will be key to our future. Regardless of your partisan leanings (*they’re mainly a marketing division, anyway) the list of existential challenges … Read More

Rhymecast: Echoes of Locarno – Powell Saves Weimar II

Hard to make sense of the world through press off ejaculate “pressers” which artfully pick and choose morality to suit agitprop goals. However, through the lenses of history and economics, a pattern begins to fill in. And so, as near as we can figure it, the Weimar (II) has been saved by Powell as the … Read More

Immortality: The Investment Problem

Life Extension has a hard limit defined by personal income over time. Wife Elaine nailed it at breakfast Monday when she said “You can’t have one without the Other.” Life extension mainly costs money and investments usually cost time. Today, we’ll look at this balancing problem.  And begin to draw an odd kind of outlook … Read More

A Terrible Trend – Sinking the Lifeboats

The rally that stopped us out after a modest bear side short Monday continued into the market close.  And the hell of it is?  It’s likely to continue today. OK – fine.  Rallies happen.  And we did tell Peoplenomics subscribers on Saturday that: “Our favored view is higher Monday and Tuesday with Fed errors (raising anyway) … Read More

Collapse: “Noisy Thief Week”

There is a saying in technical analysis:  “You can have Price, or you can have Time.  But you can’t have them both, together.” I’ve been trading stocks since 1971, and even with more than half a century of investing, picking both time and price has been a vexation.  Yes, we know the world will end in … Read More

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