Righty-Tighty, Lefty-Luca, Lobbying the Fed

Brevity makes another failed comeback attempt. As we are now in the best “working weather” of the year in East Texas.  With the opening of the deer season just ahead, a week of fence line work, posting “No Hunting” signs and purple no-hunting paint looms.  Fortunately, today and tomorrow look to be almost “economic news-free” … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: A 3D Workflow Example

I thought it would be fun to roll through an example of how a simple workflow process can be used to tackle almost any home handy-bastard project. Project Planning A number of projects were underway here this week, but they all have something in common:  They each went through a planning process where as much … Read More

The Electric Future Quandary

Just 10-days to Elections and 26-days until the other turkeys show up.  And while we enter the solar shortage period of winter in the northern hemisphere, it’s a dandy time to look at energy prospects. You see, a reader did some quickie calculations – that I haven’t been able to fault – which looks at … Read More

Think it’s a “Real Rally”? Fed Dumps in Trillions

Like the NY Fed pumping 2.183 TRILLION in Repos out the door today to 99 bigger than little people players? I don’t expect honesty or a refund on short losses. But enforcement against trading firms that show inconsistent quotes to retail traders would be nice. How much will they dump in Monday when this POS … Read More

Wave 3(2) Over? Personal Income and ECI

While the Dow was up to the task of pimping out the “Hyperinflation vs. the Fed” narrative Thursday, the remainder of the market is less so. Consider – at the outset our view that since the November 8, 2021 high, the market did a major (1) down and more recently (costing me thousands) we had the … Read More

GDP and the Bidenvilles (Democrat Homeless Camps

Two stories have our eye as the sun makes another rerun.  One is the Gross Domestic Product.  And since we have had two consecutive quarters of declines, we’re in a Recession.  Which the National Bureau of Economic Research doesn’t want to admit to, since they argue the metric is wrong.   (“When you don’t like the … Read More

Electrical Readiness

When there is talk of nukes flashing off, the one critical vulnerability you will already need to have hedged is electricity.  People don’t generally consider how utterly reliant the world is on electricity. Even more so in the past five-years, or so, as the iniquitous “wall warts” have become the USB charging ports on damn … Read More

A Backward Take on Housing – Decel II

The Case Shiller Housing report is out.  Just remember as you read this press release that it’s for completed home sales.  Homes are often on the market a month, or two.  Can it be a month to get funding, closing data, inspections, and title called up?  See it myself.  So, when you read this, remember … Read More

Tuesday’s Pending: Housing, Dirty Bomb, Fed Ahead

Reader note: We will have a second posting at 8:20 AM CDT (or earlier) when the Case-Shiller/S&P/CoreLogic Housing data posts. Do a click-back then. “Nukes Ahoy!” We continue in awe of the parochial, corporate-controlled, lamestream media in the over-run remnants of America.  While normalcy bias was running full blast – aiding and abetting the stock … Read More

War Bluffers?

Updated 10:35 am U.S. Central Time:  Ukraine media is now reporting its forces have retaken 90 settlements in the Kherson region.  Shortly after, the Russians reported began lobbing S-300 miles into Kupyanks, according to state media. One less worry in Ukraine:  Where will war reconstruction money come from?  The answer: EBRD to commit up to … Read More

Scatter Plot Monday – CFNAI – Housing Looms

Near as we can figure it, there’s no more sensible way to consider the week ahead than to close your eyes (have your computer or phone read the column to you) and imagine the GlobalSit (“h” optional) as a scatter plot.  We’re all over the place save two reasonably firm data points. The CFNAI Out … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Pirate Radio and Audio Workflows

The past couple of Sunday’s we have covered how to build a really nice sound conditioned room for your home listening enjoyment.  And last weekend, we got into the nuts and bolts of getting a computer equipped with a DAW and learning a bit about that side of things. Today, we will talk about owning continuous programming … Read More

The Money Comes from Someplace

Wherein we look at a nearly 800-point increase in the Dow and wonder “WTF?”  There was no driving news, the Fed will still meet and raise rates. The Davos crowd is still pressing for its Global Reset to scam World Government into being.  AND we still see gasoline prices rising this week. While “down here … Read More

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