Markets in Wiggle-Zone; Personal Income Joke

Our first discussion should be the state of financial markets which are momentarily in the “Wiggle Zone.” As you can see in the Elliott wave view of things, we are wiggling around a big red support line (lower right) here: Now let’s look at a bigger timescale and ask what might fit (for this is never … Read More

GDP – Recession or Not? Self Optimizations

Earlier this morning – before the GDP announcement, the Dow futures were down more than 200 points.  This, coming on the heels of a gain Wednesday of 548-points is not exactly the end of the world. The GDP – nominally the value of everything made in America – has become something of a political football.  … Read More

The Teaching Moments Ahead

With markets in free-fall, we are again looking back at critical lessons to have internalized right now – like today –  before we get into the Replay of 1929 any deeper.  There are two main ones that come to mind. The first has to do with invention.  So, in this regard, we’ll be focused on … Read More

Housing Rollover Begins

Economics runs in reasonably clear cycles.  At the moment, we are at (or just past) the top of a Housing cycle. The bottom, you’ll recall, was the spring of 2009.  Prices firmed into 2010 as corporations bet on running rental pools of repossessed homes. Since then, it would be hard to find a better personal … Read More

The Rally We Warned Of? Housing to Follow

This will sound paradoxical as hell.  When can a stock market rally be bad?  I mean really, really (potentially) bad? The answer is when it becomes part of the “last train out” before a global spasm of collapse which we figure will get organized in Europe within a month, that’s when! Let’s see what the longer … Read More

Are Depressions “Winnable?” CFNAI, Knee Sprain

The ONLY question that matters today is “Will we bounce?” The stock market has been in hard down mode for a while now.  And after the Futures markets became stable (a little after 5 AM Central) our long-term view (which told us a large Wave 3 Down was here) pointed to a nasty open. The … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Complexities of Collapse

I’m (wild-ass) guessing son G2 will be back on homestead lands before Christmas.  Not that making a boatload of money up north isn’t grand fun, but the fact is the Old Man can’t figure out how his assignment will keep from getting shut down when the world hits the financial skids in the next couple … Read More

Red Friday Breakdown

We stick to our economic long wave roots this morning.  With the market breaking (for a while) below June lows, our “worst case” outlook is (unfortunately!) beginning to firm up.. With it a few headlines, but mainly this is a time when the game of future may be won, or lost, depending on the prepping … Read More

Breaking Through June Lows

Henceforth this may be called Red Friday.  June lows fell, but now trying to bounce a bit and kiss the lows again. While our lookahead allows for a modeled rally after today, the larger picture remains 50-shades of grim. About the only other counsel worth keeping is my consigliere, some colleagues I’ve worked on theory with … Read More

Parimutuel Collapse Training

Old Man Ure needs to blow out super-early today.  Car tabs come up so I need to make a run into town for the annual inspection (“yes, it’s a car”) and visit to the auto tabbery at the Courtly house in order to keep up the driveryly legalities.  Twice a year the old Dog pickup … Read More

Day Trading the Weimar, Players a Bit Scrambled

Glorious Thursday!~ It was a highly profitable Fed announcement for Ure’s, truly.  And for a few of our readers, like D’Lynn for one.  Yes, it was a dandy day.  But punctuated with a reminder from my consigliere that although we are expecting something of a rally in here, “Counter Trend Trading is a great way … Read More

Where America Went Wrong

Welcome to Fed Day and the afternoon adventure of “How High Will They go?”  As we collapse down into the Second Depression (our use of the term ought to be obvious within a year) we spot and tell you how to fix two of America’s dumbest decisions.  This won’t be painful, except if you find … Read More

Here’s When the UKR War Ends. Housing Data

Fascinating historically based rambling-tale of a pseudo-academic logician’s thought processes kicks off today. Sudo apt-get install, shall we? From the top, then.  The Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975.  Using this point alone, long wave economics can offer us AMAZING insight into the future of global conflicts. Including a couple of windows for the … Read More

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