ShopTalk Sunday: Binge TV and Project Progress

Extreme Summer, 2022 Edition is slowly moving towards conclusion.  Nowhere near fast enough for us, though. Our kitchen was attacked by ants this week.  Elaine came over to the office sputtering “Hoards of ants have invaded the kitchen!”  Sure enough, yes they had.  However, hardly the end of the world.  Essentially, they were along the … Read More

The Wave Count We Hope is Wrong

There is a chance now, that within a year, stock prices will have fallen to half of present levels – and maybe lower.  The pieces are just now sliding into place.  But, when you consider some of the data – and the flow of world events – it has become an undeniable possibility. This isn’t … Read More

Liar’s Friday: Jobs, Lobs, Gobs, and Slobs

Suppose we have to begin with the employment numbers just out. The official hypelines read like this: (Got your pom-poms and cheerleading clothes on?) “Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 528,000 in July, and the unemployment rate edged down to 3.5 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job growth was widespread, led … Read More

Dueling Sanctions: The Early Days of WW III

The visit of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan will go down in history, we’re thinking, along with other great historical gaffes.  Like Chamberlain on Appeasement of Hitler.  Sometimes bright people make very bad decisions. The underlying processes leading to conflict have not really changed since World War II.  In WW III, we will see more whiz-bang … Read More


“Oh my God- Another Book” begins the morning with the first chapters of yet-another book I’m thinking about writing.  Well, maybe more than thinking about. This one is all about the coming Digital Dark Age.   The one that follows deteriorating relations with China, Iran, Russia and whoever else holds a grudge.  As they all gang … Read More

Nancy Safe – World Not So Much

Some genuine “old reporter” chill is in order, here.  So much hype and so little hard news, that I think slowing down for a bit of perspective may be useful.  If nothing else, this may your help your blood pressure, right? From the top, then: A few years back, I wrote a wonderfully useful book called … Read More

Out, Rout, and Gout – Joys of Monday

We begin this morning hoping that Joe Biden doesn’t deteriorate further.  As you’ve heard, he’s come down with a Covid relapse.  So, while he’s not exactly out, there’s definitely some “chill pill” going on: Biden tests positive for COVID again. Not only in G.A. Stewart’s work – over at The Age of Desolation website, but … Read More

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