A Macroprudential Paradox

Every time a Bubble arises, supporters of the “new paradigm” argue that somehow “This time it’s different.“    The data says it hasn’t been different yet. One of these days that may be true.  However, we have come up with a method by which similarities may become clear between non-equivalent markets with wide temporal separation. Which … Read More

Easy Money Friday – Options 101

Welcome to Options Friday.  The Index options expired at the higher close than where we go today. So, the way this works is Big Playahs Sell Index Options at the high Thursday.  Say an S&P 500 option to make it easy.  The price was based on the S&P close of 4,283.74.  Today, the futures indicate … Read More

How “News” Became Crooked

35-pages of my latest book (on Collapse Capable Electronics Operators) can be quickly trained up in “Event of an Actual Emergency.” In this week’s partial release of the book are sections on HUMINT (HUman INTelligence) techniques as well as SIGINT (SIGnals INTelligence). This section has a very short, very worthwhile explanation of how American news … Read More


Short for “Operations Tempo” it’s the kind of thing military commanders coordinate.  One flank moves at a certain speed while another moves at something else.  Between, an enemy is “herded” into a disadvantageous position. In markets, there is an OPTEMPO, as well. Sometimes sector moves are fast, or at other times, painfully slow. This morning … Read More

Doomsday Week? Fresh Econ Data

Know what time it is? The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists labeled the beginning of this year as “100-seconds to Midnight.”  At which time, turn off the lights, and settle into the remnant’s struggle to pick ourselves up again in a few thousand years. The truly paranoid think the president is already in hiding and … Read More

Statistical Dating and Markets – Turn Week? Empire State

“So, this guy is walking down the street and turns into a market…”  That’s where our “philosophy of trading” discussion picks up this morning. With Ure taking a look back at something he quietly pioneered long before meeting Elaine. Statistical Dating (& Investing) This is really key to internalizing our crackpot theory of Aggregate market … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Fall Garden Time!

Too busy with doctor appointments this week (checkups and a cardiologist follow up) to get much done in the Shop or Hobby Shop this week.  And it looks like things will be in go-slow mode since the next few weekends will be “Setting up for Fall” events. #1: Plant Fall Garden Fall into winter garden … Read More

The Bad News – and Worse

Two stories headline our Saturday morning thinking:  Our previously “unthinkably bad Elliott Count has been validated.  And some comments from a retired senior Air Force contributor shine an embarrassing Light of Truth on crooked political assassination efforts. Either one is bad.  Combined, they can be taken as a sure sign of more troubles and stress … Read More

Import/Export Numbers, Terminal BTCs, Futuring Humans

Right out of the chute this morning, we have to take a look at the new import and export prices report.  They show a nearly remarkable change in our position as the world’s leading grifter. The U.S. dollar – while down from near parity with the Euro a couple of weeks back – is still very … Read More

Social Security to Jump? Producer Prices

According to the new inflation numbers out this week, the inflation rate was “unchanged” in the latest reporting period.  (Month on month.) Not according to our grocery bills – and I expect yours, either.  In fact, inflation mainly moderated at the gas pumps.  Which, in turn was only because of some short-term relief from taxes … Read More

CCEO Training

Let’s start with Collapse-Capable Electronics Operator training and why it’s a different cut of cloth than a ham radio operator.  Nothing against hams – finest people in the world. And I’m an Extra Class (AC7X) who’s been “Banging brass” for 60-some years, now. Everyone can benefit from a ham license – no Morse code required … Read More

America’s “Third World Slide” – Faster Now!

The Corporate-Government alliances now ruling three major global factions in the world continued to chalk up power Monday.   As we reported to our Peoplenomics.com subscribers, part of what’s going on is China has it out for Donald Trump.  The reason is simply that China had a plan to subsume America and Donald Trump stirred things up … Read More

Peaceful Monday – Take the Day Off

It’s going to be quiet today – at least in theory – until we get to Wednesday morning which has the Consumer Price Index (BOHICA) due. Of course, expect much gnashing of teeth and political yammer-speak, but it’s of no consequence.  The Fed doesn’t meet till the second half of September and the geo-economic-political landscape … Read More

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