Broken Country Fix-It Plans

Why. our headline today almost sounds like one of our ShopTalk Sunday reports, doesn’t it?  Except the task at hand is much larger:  How do we still “save America” and continue the rational assent of the Western World? The task is mighty daunting:  We’re going into a risky war-kindling weekend in the Winds of War … Read More

Housing Report: Dates Matter

Case-Shiller, S&P, CoreLogic Housing report is just out.  And like we told you, be ready for useful data, but from a little way back on the calendar because it takes so long for sales to close and deals to be done. “NEW YORK, AUGUST 30, 2022: S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) today released the … Read More

Holiday Rally Pressure – Home Sales Data Ahead

Reader note:  We will post the Case-Shiller housing data about 8:15 – so more to come today. We are back into the pre-holiday mindset now, what with the start of the Labor Day weekend just ahead. Yet the period is not without concerns:  Taiwan will experience some of the better military invasion tides of the … Read More

Reliving 1929: Scariest Chart – Ever!

We’ll get right to the chart our subscribers see updated twice a week. This is based on work we have doggedly pursued since 2000 when the Internet Bubble was imploding.  After which, a funny thing happened.  The stock-sellers on Wall Street simply glossed over $5-7 TRILLION in losses.  The bait-and-switchers began talking about “blue chips” … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Ham Antenna Mystery, Winter Preps

Ever have one of those “little things go wrong” that turns into a massive time-sink?  One such “quick fix” bit me on the behind this week and as soon as this morning’s column is done, I’ll be back after it. Ham Antenna School I won’t try to explain the ARRL’s Antenna Handbook – because honestly, most 4-year … Read More

Listening for the Tumblers

Trying to “crack the safe” in the investment world, are you?  Years ago, an outfit that made saw-sharpening and locksmithing gear, Foley-Belsaw – had a dandy locksmithing course. Turned out, it was a lot more feel and less touch than cartoons had made it seem to a young feller. Point is, in really unlocking investments, … Read More

Transitory Madness: Trade and Dim Prospects

C.O.M.S.   (Crazy old man story – a nice wrap-up of the week.) Elaine and I watched a marvelous doc on Netflix last night about “How Cat’s Think.”  Well worth Ure’s time. Especially because Elaine calls me The Dog (all men really are dogs, after all).  And I call her The Cat (lithe, graceful, slinky and quiet…).  … Read More

Game Point Rally, GDP Omen, 2-Face Kids, Biden Lies Again

Not going to spend a lot of time on flowery wordsmithing today.  Instead, how about a little more direct – in Ure face – analysis? Game Point Rally As we postulated, Tuesday was the beginning of the market turn around.  However, the turn did not hold, so after climbing about a hundred Dow points during … Read More

Outlook from the ’29 Replay Model

Odds appear to be increasing that we are entering the larger Wave 3 down in markets.  Not that we won’t rally first; of course we will. But consider where our Aggregate Index work was on November 8, 2021:  41,953.86 .  Based on the close Tuesday, it had rallied from a low of 30,870.04 June 16th … Read More

Turnaround Tuesday? Half Off by Christmas

My consigliere called Monday.  Up scouting the slopes at Beaver Creek in Colorado.  Forgot to ask if he was wearing a gray Fedora with a black band. The reason for the call?  Most people – when you give them a set of numbers, and ask for a chart, will promptly open Excel and build a chart.  Others … Read More

Multi-War (WW III): Gold Going, Winds of War, CFNAI

We call it the Muli-War.  A War Over Everything.  WOE. It’s clicking into place even now.  No longer merely a World War (now passe!) the Multi-War extends into cyberspace, food and water supplies, space, and even the partialverse. Social Media’s in on it…hell, everything is in play. Everyone is winning and losing – all in … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Knowledge Preservation, Prepping

Good news – and bad – about those couple of old, tired, worn-out laptops here.  The good news is they are all screaming fast. Linux does that. The bad is they have forced me to look again – somewhat realistically – at the odds of the Internet going down within the next three years. As … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Egg Cartons and Solvent Selection

Last weekend’s column – the part about the Chinese sailboat build?  Well, that led to me mixing up another batch of Durham’s Rock-Hard Water Putty.  And that – in turn – had sent me sneaking into the kitchen. Elaine and I have very different ideas on recycling certain food containers.  She looks at everything as a … Read More

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