BTC Breaks Under $19,000 – Personal Income Fairytale

I told you so! Here’s what we posted Monday: We already know this all ends badly. The reason is simple:  The Wave 1 down whacked BTC from the $61,411 range (November around when stocks peaked, too) down to around $35,070 January 22. thousand.   Rounding-off (because of insufficient coffee to deal with decimals) call it a … Read More

“Second Sight,” Apnea, and DNA (Part 2)

Dreams, probability clouds, and sleep apnea is not the most mainstream economics and stock trading discussion you’ll run into, today. But it’s been an interesting journey following up on the many research forks apparent in our last discussion on point.  Which was Prophecy, Cardiac Insufficiency, and Hypoxia. Today, we’ll be looking into additional data and … Read More

Troubled Tuesday: BRICs Thrown, Trade, and Elliott

Remember the movie, Jaws?  Where that dandy theme rumbles as you can almost see the mega shark?  Cue that up on the hi-fi because, brothers and sisters, the world has changed overnight. BRICs Thrown in WW III Specifically, the World (and drivers for WW III) became clear a couple of days ago when the story … Read More

Somewhat Durable – as Ukraine Prospects Dim

The Economic Outlook around here hasn’t drifted much over the weekend.  The reasonably projected future forecast here seems to look like: A slow onset of higher inflation that will crater the economy beginning in Q3 and dragging into 2023 which is likely to become recognized as a Depression by the middle of next year. A … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Prepping Disaster – Field Day

Famine is coming. Yeah, sure, Roe, Wade, demonstrations, hype.  Have fun with that. The larger reality is there’s no caloric payoff to any of it and damn few people will have noticed the recent Newsweek story Gathering Storm of Famine Looms Over Many Nations. What Preppers Miss Most preppers I know have never done a … Read More

Vacation Uncertainty

So much for deserving a break today.  While summer should be time for picnics, trips, time with friends and family, a good deal of that has been blown up this year by bad policy, good court decisions, and angry people. Oh yeah, gas prices, too. We wonder “What is America coming to?” with good reason:  … Read More

Roe Versus Revenue

Maybe this morning’s column – and the ensuing Roe V. Wade overturned decision – was too long-winded for Sound-Byte News Consumers. Allow me to summarize the Deal Points.  1. The Government Already Owns your Body. Roe v. Wade was, in a middle-of-the-road reading – correcting an unconstitutional foray of the government into a personal healthcare … Read More

American Suckerfish – News-Whipping Idiots

We don’t really have much in the way of expectations for this pig of a market going into the weekend.  The Dollar hadn’t moved much overnight, but suckers galore and “Buy the Dips” is often a sign of a Charlatan’s Convention.  Dow  was +220 an hour to the open. Our focus this morning is on the U.S. … Read More

Market Dart Toss – Trouble by Fall

Fall begins this year on Thursday, September 22nd. We’re already planning ahead. In my humble view of things, we’ll be dam lucky if the market is anywhere near present levels by then.  It’s not like markets won’t decline; we’re at the point of only quibbling over the slope of decline. Here’s how our Aggregate Index is … Read More

The Fall of Babel 2.0

While our rise as a technical society has exceeded past efforts, over time it seems destined to fail.  Not everything is ultimately extensible.  Limits to resources is a hard thing for the bacteria in the agar dish to accept. In this morning’s discussion (other than the ChartPack and a few news items weighing on Future) … Read More

Hype Alert! Day After “Teenth” Psycho Rally

This morning, markets are poised to experience what’s fairly labeled a massive “relief rally.” Because – at least for now – the embargo set on Kaliningrad by the West has not suckered Vlad Putin into a strategic mistake involving “canned sunshine.” That said, perhaps a “Whew – Some holiday, huh?” rally is in order. The … Read More

Bitcoin Decline for Idiots – Why Teenth?

The U.S. markets are closed in observance of a democrat give-away to federal workers’ event.  I think that’s the polite way of putting it. Older (meaning wiser) heads will remember that it was not until 1971 that America had a national origin holiday.  That was when Columbus day (which sounds pretty White to us, though … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: BTC Note, Power Carving & A Course in Magick

A Sunday Financial note:  the price of Bitcoin dropped to $17,986.50 overnight as the digital tulip wilt continues in the summer heat. Because the stock market is locked in a decline mirroring the 1929 -1933 collapse to a high level, we therefore anticipate a continuing decline before a washout in a week or several. Problem … Read More

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