Rare Public Research Request

Something is now bothering me – beyond the recent spin-up of 5G which can cause genetic damage.  *(My pal the Major and a Doc buddy of ours will be doing a presentation at the upcoming Seaside, OR hamfest.) We know a number of things: U.S. Fed Gov put far more energy than necessary (*or appeared to … Read More

A REAL Victory Lap

Not only was our forecast of a “1,000 points down Week” mighty close… But it hints at what’s to come.  We are now looking at some models that could very well foretell key financial bits of the future. And, while we’re doing that, some comment on the Biden administration’s latest overthrow the Constitution attempt.  While … Read More

Personal Income Fairytales, Market Sliding Ahead of Fed?

Only a couple of items on the list this morning (as having redeeming social value and economic exploits open to all:  The story about Personal Income and (nicely dovetailing) the Employment Cost Index. A couple of data-backed axioms about money first, though: You can only spend it once. The US dollar is debt-saturated.  What cost … Read More

Georgtradamus: Half-Wit, Half-Right

We will get to the GDP fairytale in a minute.  First? You may remember our headline from Monday.  In which we yammered something about this having the potential to be a “Thousand Point Down Week.” I’m sure quite a few readers were thinking “Doom porn BS.”  Yet, as of this morning, here’s how things are … Read More

Testimony of Product Tester 1078

Sometimes, it’s hard to write directly about “what the data says.”  Because, many times, people will not accept ‘raw data.’ Our socialization programs us to think a certain way.  It’s hard to “bug out” of the dominant social paradigm. Occasionally, though, bugouts happen – not due to any special onboard biasing. It can arise because … Read More

Fresh Housing Data

Just out: “Data released today for February 2022 show that home prices continue to increase across the U.S. YEAR-OVER-YEAR The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, reported a 19.8% annual gain in February, up from 19.1% in the previous month. The 10-City Composite annual increase came … Read More

Pounce the Bounce? Referential Linkages, Durables

My, ain’t this a hoot?  Market dropped nearly a thousand Dow points Friday yet managed to put in a bounce Monday going into the close.  As I explained in the Monday column; “A rally on Housing data tomorrow, for example, is possible.  But by Thursday, someone will cite the time lag in that data set … Read More

Market: Down a Thousand Week? CFNAI

After the “quickie visit” to the ER last Thursday night, I decided to kick it a bit and put more brain cells on trading. Looks to me like the market ahead is in a position to really “lose it.” For a couple of decades, I’ve been using an Aggregate Index – trying to wrap my … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Prime Working Weather

A friend of George, II’s was down for a week.  You know how that goes, what trying to be the “good host” and all.  When in the “useful parent mode” I don’t wake people up until they get up on their own accord.  But, let me tell you something, oh my God, can people sleep. … Read More

The Hollow Victory Lap

The market tracked brilliantly (down) to our expectations this week.  However, the “Bernanke Paradox” is still driving. Down more than 900 points Friday the Dow decline is unlikely to delay an expected rate hike at the Fed’s upcoming meeting. This morning, a few notes on how the charts – using our Aggregate Index approach – … Read More

Market Slides to 3 Down – Ure’s ER Visit

Don’t look now, but markets are getting into some really hairy straits. While there had been hope earlier in the week that a rally would grab hold and save the day, hopes were dashed Thursday when the market blew down 368 Dow points and more than 65 on the S&P. It just wasn’t a good … Read More

Rally On plus A Trump Rehash and Bash

Hype School Reunion time! While we await this weekend’s “Easter War” window – and having our fill of how the Great Schism of 1054 may still be feeding forward into daily news events now – we have plenty of time to consider ongoing monetization’s of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). As you will read in a … Read More

Two Alternatives to Social Media

George went domain name shopping this week because two pretty good ideas have come along, and subscribers get a first look.  It all comes as a spontaneous answer to a problem vexing all of us:  What productive something can replace social media? This is not an entirely wasted effort, though it will take some marketing … Read More

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