We Can All Relax Now – Server Move is Done

Took only 4 1/2 hours.  Peoplenomics is on a new server, but till the DNS changes settle down, maybe 48 hours, there could be some net-induced janky. Moved all the subscriber data, was a SQL-slinger, the data move was flawless with another hat tip to my pal Gaye  for having a faster (and less prone … Read More

Depression Like No Other

Reader Note:  We will be moving to a new server farm today.  So from noon (CDT) today until I’m done (take it any way you will) the Peoplenomics website may have a few unreachable moments… We’re not leaving.  Just rearranging the digital furniture. Report now? A twisted tale of future studies, dream worlds, and computers … Read More

Markets Play “Tug-a-Bug” – A Reader Advisory

Reader Advisory First:  Peoplenomics.com will be doing a site move from noon Saturday to [whenever we get things perfect].  So please expect some delays as the change of DNS takes time to meander around the web.  Thanks! Facts Matter, Actually It has been pretty clear to us that a boatload of “commercials” may be selling … Read More

Gears, GDP, Filers and a Side of Quake

Our Discussion of Mental Plug-Ins is more useful, but since the quake is more likely to come up in watercooler talk, here’s the quake map from the 8.2 off Alaska overnight.  Screen snag shows this is far away from Anchorage and over a ridge of mountains from Bristol Bay. Made headlines around the world, such … Read More

Slowing Down Aging – Mental Tricks

Another chapter in the next book “Packing to Die:  The Suitcase between your Ears…” Today, we will look for those easy to use tools that can not only keep you “thinking young” but – special bonus here – if you ever have to do time in solitary confinement – you can actually look forward to … Read More

Housing on the Brink?

I mentioned in this morning’s column that housing starts were collapsing in a federal report out Monday. However, there’s no real clarity on where that’s coming from:  Could have been the spike in lumber prices (since passed) or it could be the change in demand from declining birth rates, or maybe something as simple as … Read More

China Drops, Housing Shortly

We considered the headline “Hong Kong Woes Slow as Schmoe’s Doze…” but figured it would be too much for this hour.  Instead:  Hang Seng Sunk is closer to it. If you flip over to the ^HSI chart on Yahoo (here) and click onto the 1-month view, you’ll see why we’re a little nervous:  The 29,261 … Read More

Markets Pause for Data, Woo-Woo Research

Whew!  Week is off to a weird start – since most of this morning is Adventures in Wo0-Woo. 90-minutes to the opening, the Dow was down over 100 but that’s totally understandable.  No one really knows what the f**k is going on, anymore.  Americans’ optimism about country’s direction over next year drops nearly 20 points … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Runaway 2 by 4 Tool Storage

Although the “news” has mainly devolved into butt-covering liberals trying to cover-up the return of Covid 19 on their watch, and glossing over the data on vaccinated people getting Delta, there’s little else to keep the creative mind engaged. Short of mental “office pools” on when the market’s next “recognition moment nosebleed” will begin.  Until … Read More

Edging Toward Re-Lock

10-days ago we canceled upcoming visitors to our home. Damn it – the data wins again.  This morning, another survey of where things are. Then we’ll review a few headlines then straight into the ChartPack which promises an exciting week ahead. More for Subscribers ||| Missing out? SUBSCRIBE NOW! ||| Subscriber Help Center

Market Hype: Higher Open – Close is What Matters

Another morning in the land of Shills and Shrills opens with Ure all set to take on another over-scheduled day.  What happened to the notion of retirement?  I swear, if someone would offer a fair price for UrbanSurvival, I’d retire to a low profile twice-weekly Peoplenomics report and spend more time puttering in the shop. … Read More

Too Much “Slow” as Shortages Grow

The Sovietization of America is not just chronicled in Mark Levin’s new book American Marxism, but it’s becoming evident in two spectacular ways.  First is the democrats reversing course on masking.  Slow Joe is now backed into a corner, medically:  Do the right thing (like Trump did) or do the political thing.  This as hospitalizations are the highest in … Read More

Guidestones Calculus

With markets in turmoil, a pause for reflection on the Georgia Guide Stones paradox may be useful. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re way behind the curve. Even if you have, though, they may not be “front of mind.”  There’s a lot to be learned from them, of course.  But almost nothing is known … Read More

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