Book: “Packing to Die” Continues

Latest installment of my book this morning deals with a process called  Destructuring.  Up to page 71 today.  Where it fits in the process of “filling the suitcase between your ears” is worth a few minutes of your time. First though, a ton of data to wade through including (besides headlines) the new ADP Jobs … Read More

Housing Data – and the “Hot Cities” Mystery

Just out from Case-Shiller, S&P/CoreLogic – fresh housing data: “YEAR-OVER-YEAR The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, reported a 14.6% annual gain in April, up from 13.3% in the previous month. The 10-City Composite annual increase came in at 14.4%, up from 12.9% in the previous … Read More

Are Commodities Telling Us the Future?

Ahead of this morning’s Housing report (which we will post about 8:15 Central time) I found myself pondering the lack of useful headlines and wondering more about Future. Not that headlines aren’t revealing a few things: Yes, it was hot in the Pacific Northwest yesterday and it will be hot – maybe hotter – today.  ‘Crazy hot’: … Read More

Heat, Fires, Monsoons, and Markets

Seattle, Portland, and the backside of the Cascade range are all looking at busting records today.  We’ve penciled in “Sweattle” and “Portnix” as new city names better suited. Mainly Arizona but with a contender in New Mexico, massively huge fires are still running away.  Among Arizona fires, the Telegraph fire is 180,756 Acres, while the … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Ham Field Day, Fire Risks

Ham Radio’s annual Field Day will wrap up today. Rather than doing a “project in the shop” this weekend, there are some very important planning and prepping things to talk about.   Radio communication skills is one.  The other is reducing the risk of fire during hot weather. If  the Web Goes Down… As mentioned, I was … Read More

America’s Thousands of Heroes

The heat is on in the West this weekend and into next week.  So a few words about the people who are (and will be) heroes of the heat to begin with this morning. Then a few headlines and our ChartPack. This weekend is ham radio’s Field Day so I will be spending 2 PM … Read More

Trading Box Fills, Absolute Equality, Lumber $$$

Let’s begin with a “freebie” for you.  Made possible by those $40/year high-rollers who subscribe to our Peoplenomics newsletter. We use an Aggregate View of markets to reveal what the real money flows are telling us.  This arose from my frustration when – in the wake of the NASDAQ blow-down as the Internet Bubble popped 2000-2003 … Read More

UFO Report: Spectral Data Matters

We’ll get to this morning’s dollop of daily data droppings in a second. But first thing up is an important reader “heads-up” on how to read the pending UFO report. Consider yourself having dropped into Ure’s Old Man Lab in the woods for a “quickie briefing” on trans-dimensional Physics.  Which is what the report is all about, whether … Read More

“Packing to Die” – The Book Continues

Connecting to Energy. Amped without trying is on the table this morning. Life as a Film School, too. Along with F-Stops and Tapestries unfolding through Life.  As our preview of my book “Packing to Die: Suitcase Between your Ears” continues. Of course, before we begin, we’ll size up the week’s  bounce (which looks to be … Read More

Government Hiding Money Figures – Scamming Us??!!!

Used to be that if you wanted to get a bead on how the economic future of America was holding up, you could jump over to the U.S. Treasury website that offered (updated often) the U.S. Public Debt to the Penny. No more. If you go to that site these days, you’ll be politely informed: … Read More

It’s Nov. 12, 1930, CFNAI Out, Space-Time Woo-Woo?

We do some mighty strange stuff around here.  One of which – and we’ve been updating at least weekly since the Internet bubble suffered a blow-out in 2001-2003 – is comparing the present day to the last major collapse.  In our work, we’re going into this week (equivalent to Nov. 12, 1930)  from here: As you … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Summer Shop Tips, Renovations

(This is the post that “blew up” UrbanSurvival last weekend.  We can’t be sure, but this was the last thing I posted; rewritten from memory…) Summer Shop Tips The weather here has been into the 90s now for a couple of weeks.  With it, the amount of time spent in the shop, not to mention the … Read More

Work of the Universe?

Besides a stock market with a “case of the wobblies” much else in moving now.  Although only notes, it will give you ideas on how – in a sense – the world might be seen as “almost ready to wrap up…” Before this, some headlines, too.  All of which makes for a brainful of speculation.  … Read More

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