Alt. Investments (2)

We continue looking at the wide range of investments today by looking at tangibles.  After (in part 1) seeing the only real (enduring) wealth is that between your ears.  If there is anything to “souls” and afterlife, then your carry-out from life is in your memories.Even once we’re taken out “paper” investment vehicles, there’s still … Read More

Housing Still Wild

Before the S&P data, a heads up to look at the CNN story about “76 all-cash offers on one home. The housing madness shows no signs of slowing.” Proper foreplay for this morning’s S&P Housing report? “NEW YORK, MARCH 30, 2021: S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic … Read More

It Starts with Coriolis…

You know the moment:  The morning’s “throne work” done, the handle is pressed and the efforts of the morning will soon be flushed away. But the flush is neither instantaneous nor complete in itself. No.  There is a pause as the flapper valve just opens.  In its advance, the water in the tank flows downward.  … Read More

Markets: Short Week, Contraindications

Might as well buy a Lotto ticket, if you think you can make a quick buck in this pig of a market.  The reasons are obvious, yet hidden from the public. The Lying Fed? It has been painfully obvious for years that most of the so-called economic gains in America were the effects of pernicious money-printing by … Read More

Dogwood’s Are Out

On the way up to the greenhouse, looking out of the guest rooms, and down  in the deep woods. Personally, I never understood the fascination with dogwoods.  Yeah – pretty when they bloom and all.  But so are tomatoes.  And those turn into something edible. On the other hand, people get real excited about this time … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: New Life for Used Power Tools

Does Ure want a new top-of-the-line PowerMatic or Laguna, or StopSaw to whip out cabinets and have on hand when G2 gets here (eventually) and puts on his “house-building on the off-shift” pants? But, to tell you the truth, at age 72 even a “convicted tool-slut” (in the Court of Wifely Opinions, no less!), it’s hard for me … Read More

From “The War Student’s Notebook”

Main item today, one that could pop from China, the Middle East, and/or Ukraine.  Sure, we will also do more of that *(boring) making money stuff.  But war.,..sheesh!  Impacts everything.  So, we get a bit exercised when risks build… We will pick up our next episode of “Alt. Investments” this coming week.  That’s a touchstone … Read More

SatGourmet: Speed-Eating and Chili Bowls

Our (markets are closed, can’t focus on money all the time) pastimes come into play from market close Friday  until  the “Return to Greed Mountain” Monday. And, since Spring sprung this past week, our gustatory inquisition this weekend involves Heat and how it relates to Spice. Heat & Spice:  Observations Personal Data:  Seattle, where Ure (and … Read More

Trade, Personal Income, and a Reader Note

Let’s get the Reader Note out of the way first. If you l0ok at the menu (top of page) you will see some new little “v’s” which indicate they are now pull-down menus.  I’ve moved a number of things around and added a few things to help “navigating the mind of George” a little more … Read More

Jobs, GDP and Corporate Profits

That Exponential Trend we were talking about in the Peoplenomics report Wednesday is coming along:  Sometimes we just get lucky, lol.  Dow futures were down 140 early and the S&P was down 17 and change. All this as the NY Times biz section reports Signs the Economy Might Be Overheating.  Like the Fed hiding money-printing data … Read More

Alt. Investments (1)

It’s not ALL about money.  Oftentimes, you can both invest and get some real pleasure out of experiences, people, and things.  Useful to think about, several times per year, we look at some unconventional ways to retain some personal earnings. While some of these will have tax consequences, they will also offer an incredibly high … Read More

Downdraft Pending?

With the early futures down 125 points, in advance of economic data, it’s not hard to imagine any number of reasons why the US stock markets shouldn’t have a face-plant pending. A few things coming to mind – a checklist of sorts: 10 people are dead in another rampage shooting.  This time out west of Boulder.  … Read More

Failing Narratives, Powell Speaks, CFNAI

As a “generalizer” I don’t look at the world the same as most folks.  Views around here are somewhat reminiscent of Ron Popeil’s superb products.  “Slices, dices, and so much more…”  (Did someone say “But wait, there’s more!” off mic?) High-level generalizing begins with lining up your data sources.  This morning, for example, I used … Read More

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