ShopTalk: Visual Cueing Theory – Mode of Place

It was time to take a walk around the yard Saturday.  Besides the obvious (put in seeds, lay out bug killers and a round of weed n feed) there were a number of “signage” projects that showed as needing work. Visual Cueing Theory When comes to designing a space, you will have a progressively cooler – … Read More

Forensic Economics: The Dogs of History

Once again, the daily news flow provides some interesting insights into the cyclical nature of human behavior and the emerging Digital World Order (DWO).  In ways that may be useful when looking at macro crowd-level behaviors among humans. Perhaps even more interesting, from the perspective of historical rhyming, is the tax decisions this week which … Read More

SatGourmet: Time, Temperature, and Beer Search

We don’t have a guest menu to kick around today, so we’re going to talk about the tricky relationships between time, temperature, and how these things (in turn) impact taste. Today with go over simple Magic Number baking and roasting. Where’s the Beef? Every few weeks – when they are in stock in the premium … Read More

Markets on the High Board: Replay 1929 – or 1998?

Those of us judging Long Wave Economics are ready with the flip-number boards as the market heads toward what we’d reckon – at first blush – to be at least a retest of the Thursday lows. After that, it’s anyone’s guess, although we sure like the look of a modest rally for at least a … Read More

Are We the ONLY Ones Who Called It?

From this morning’s column on UrbanSurvival: “The conventional wisdom is that the markets rise – lots of times – during the first week to 10-days of a month.  Because that’s when the “fresh money” comes into the market. Flip side of this (so we mentioned to our Peoplenomics subscribers a long time back) is that quite … Read More

Rent’s Revenge – Jobs Data – BlizTex E.R. Blowback

Since this is nominally  a website about common-sense economics, we will start there before moving on to Emergency Room Adventures and this morning’s latest flash-in-the-pan data on Jobs. Month End? The conventional wisdom is that the markets rise – lots of times – during the first week to 10-days of a month.  Because that’s when the … Read More

Can “They” Pull It Out?

“They” being the PowersThatBe in the financial universe.  Main focus is on the ChartPack this morning.  Sure, we were entertained by the J. Powell “fed-speak” but the focus on jobs is likely to be a problem since jobs in America will come at the expense (largely) of jobs elsewhere in the world.  Think Asia. We … Read More

Housing Holds – Long in the Tooth?

The good news is the Housing report from Case-Shiller is pretty good: S&P CORELOGIC CASE-SHILLER INDEX REPORTS: 10.4% ANNUAL HOME PRICE GAIN TO END 2020 YEAR-OVER-YEAR The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, reported a 10.4% annual gain in December, up from 9.5% in the previous … Read More

Edging Toward “De-Bubbling”

[Reader Note:  Refresh this page at 8:15 AM for Housing data.] We first began to notice this “possible De-Bubbling”  recently in our Aggregate Index charts.  There is a major pause (reverting to “normal?”) going on  in several domains of finance. Cryptos:  Dreams and Demons We have a couple of reasons to be offering (again!) our … Read More

Markets Set to Falter? Modern Bag-Holders

As our Peoplenomics readers have known for a good while, there has been a small – but larger-than-zero – chance the stock market would end its meteoric rise (on Made-UP-Money) around the President’s weekend. So far, that has evidenced itself by a slow-motion, rolling-top in our Aggregate Index work. While this doesn’t mean “The End” is … Read More

ShopTalk: Disaster Redesign and Estimating

There is an old saying – beneficially learned growing up in a racially homogenous community – among Chinese:  Crisis is often accompanied by opportunity. In fact, though I don’t remember the characters for it,  they are similar.  Now, in the wake of the BlizTex21, is a good time to remember this linkage. There are steps … Read More

Fixing the World in 3 Deft Moves

A broad look at America’s energy future this morning.  We think a week during which people were in the dark – by the millions – is a pretty good time to relight the discussion about energy. We considered a discussion of how this week was very much like a Grid Hard Down scenario, but thought … Read More

SatGourmet: Let Us Eat…Cake!

Snow should melt a bit more, today. And in celebration, Looking Outside the Box steps into the kitchen with a lesson in post-storm attitude adjusting! “Now that the powers on .. relax and have some yellow cake Cake 1 yellow cake mix 4 eggs 4 ounces butter 1/2 cup vegetable oil 11 ounces mandarin oranges drained … Read More

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