Wind – Plus How the FedGov and Fed Takes America’s Money

Big topic on the ham bands this morning (hi to the 3785 group) is the big wind up in Colorado.  Winds hitting 100 miles an hour – along with wind-driven wildfires – are all being hotly discussed. If you lack the license, antenna, and means to talk to locals, try stories like Colorado cities evacuated … Read More

How Manipulation Lays Out – A Class on Greed

School’s in session!  This has been a most remarkable year for the stock market. Or has it? Most people, understand, are woefully ignorant of the role of the Money Supply in determining the prevailing prices paid in markets.  This is true whether you’re talking House, stocks, digital/cryptos, or the price of lumber. To wind up the … Read More

The Q2BA Addendum

Quest to Beat Aging was well-received, but incomplete, in subscriber views.  So, this morning, another 30-pages of what’s really turning into something of a “manual on aging well – and slowly.“ First up, though, a lot of fresh economic data to paw through on this holiday-abbreviated week. Which will be followed by the ChartPack where … Read More

Hot Housing or Printers Ink? 9.67% Deflation Case

October’s Case-Shiller, S&P/CoreLogic Housing report headlines a 19.1% year-on-year bump in housing prices. YEAR-OVER-YEAR The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, reported a 19.1% annual gain in October, down from 19.7% in the previous month. The 10- City Composite annual increase came in at 17.1%, down … Read More

Dear Drooling “Investor” – Crypto War Year Ahead

Let there be no question that I am what society would call a “crackpot.”  Doesn’t mean we’re wrong, however. That’s because – in the social-media-fired land of “Me-too’s” – rational thought – backed by Data – is no longer respected.  We’re living in a “loudest voice craps game” in a digital dark alley.  Where even the … Read More

Holiday Marketing, Boxing Monday, Outing Santa

We’re not at all fond of having Holidays fall on weekends. In fact, we don’t like the world’s Calendar system one damn bit.  Because – at a minimum – it doesn’t take the celestial timekeepers into account. See, there are two natural “clocks” that would make more sense, they’re the moon’s roughly 28-day spin and … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: The Christmas Room (Part 1)

Ah.  the Joy of the Season.  Time to get hammered. What’s an old geezer to do when markets are closed, the kids are too busy, and there’s only so much idle chit-chat you can do on the 75-meter breakfast nets in the morning? Why, you get a wild hare idea to build something.  In the … Read More

2022: War Year?

Odds are rising the “hot word” of 2022 will be “NSNW.”  As if Covid 19 was not enough of a context scapegoat for financial markets, the odds are seen growing that the “next step” along the path will be war. Possibly of the NSNW sort. Interventionist Capitalism’s run may be ending sooner than we think:  … Read More

Wall Street’s Lump of Coal

Troops are massing, a bioweapon continues its harvest, real incomes are falling compared to the Nation’s monetary base expansion, and we have sold-off most of our energy independence, not to mention the means to become self-sufficient. All while, America’s Fifth Column has been nurtured by know-nothings in social media while border jumpers soar to new records, … Read More

Psycho-Merica: No Reality Under the ’21 Tree

Merry What-mess? Durable Goods, new Jobless filing, and Personal Income Tales.  All better than coal (and more “climate-friendly” for the wokees). I know — how dare some old writer/columnist offer insights into the eggnog and fentanyl festivities.  But yes, seems to be how things look over here on the long end of the timeline. We … Read More

Quest to Beat Aging

We offer our Christmas 2021 ebook on anti-aging experiments we’ve been conducting.  Think of this as the “personal live-fire drill” as time marches on. At 4o+ pages, this is one of our longer reports and thus we provide it as bot a .PDF and EPUB so you can pop it into your ebook reader or … Read More

Markets: Santa’s Little Bouncer, Nuevo Venezuela Prospects

Monday morning, our pre-open call was that “Market Puke Day is here.”  Sure enough, the Dow dropped 433-points.  On top of losses suffered in previous sessions. With Ipecac Syrup Day over, the market today will pretend the world isn’t going to hell in a hand basket.  The rising of sour bile might be held at bay … Read More

Bidens Porkdoggle Dies – Covid Economy Ahead

Market Puke Day is here.  This MAY be where we draw the line between irrational speculation and irrational media manipulation; we’re standing by for it. Here’s how the Rich Folks Laydown is going down: Bitcoin is ready to drop through the 46,000 level for lower regions. The Dow futures earlier were down nearly 400 points.  … Read More

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