2020 Takeaways (There are Nine of ’em)

“With all your getting, get Wisdom & Understanding.” Forbes uses a spin off along these lines.  The original is found in Proverbs 7: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” That was a tall order to fill in 2020.  But there are a lot of useful takeaways.  … Read More

From Liberty to Nanny State

Are there limits to taxation?  As we wrap up what has been a good year (in terms of taxes) the prospects for the period ahead are troubling indeed. We jump into a discussion of the “right role of government” after our final ChartPack for 2020 and some headlines worth mentioning.  Including a pile of economic … Read More

Housing Screams Higher

Printing Press On? Why Not? Even though the U.S. Money supply is up over 20% for the year, normalcy bias will prevent most people from caring because their home prices have been rocking-it. Just out: NEW YORK, DECEMBER 29, 2020 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller … Read More

Caracas on the Potomac: MUM’s the Word

Free money for all!  Call Dial-a-Pork in D.C. and get yours today!   “From a Foreign country, you say?  Screw these Americans – sure we got money for you, too!  ‘Mericans don’t matter!” Year End Number Flashes As we’re about to put another year in the can, some truly astounding reality-check numbers to roll with.  Which … Read More

Trumps Kicks the Can

Signs a Lame “Relief” Bill President Trump last night did the unexpected:  he signed the new CV-19/budget and relief bill which – while doing little for CV-19 – manages to be a goldmine for foreign aid and special interests along with keeping government open through September. This is the $600 check version.  The House is … Read More

ShopTalk 2021: Tools Extend Life!

Almost 72, Planning Still Works Happy Aging Zone?  There is a delightful balancing place most of us can find, with a little effort.  It comes down to three concepts we’ve covered on Peoplenomics and here this year.  For those who missed, these concepts revolve to form a “balanced life.” It’s marvelous to have/be-in  a relationship … Read More

Questions that Linger

A Nashville explosion – was it an attack on the web or something else? All a bit strange, as we see it.  But this and charts as we take up time from down time and ponder the week ahead… More for Subscribers   ||| Not a Subscriber? SUBSCRIBE NOW! |||   Subscriber Help Center

Merry, Etc.

From our house to yours – a very merry and cheery. This is a good day to keep your emotional guard up, though.  The play on human emotions doesn’t take time off.  Though, at times it should. First three Christmas Day points of life in the Outback? Right at dawn, the sound of a heavy … Read More

Shortened Trading – 3 Day Risk?

Stocks Close at 1 PM, Bonds 2 Dow futures were up about 55 points with 2-hours to the open. Today’s limited hours trading may offer a few insights into how investors are feeling, since we are headed into 3+ days of no trading. What could go wrong? President Trump may wait until to let some … Read More

Another Congressional Screw Job

Absolutely terrible what’s in the “stimulus” package – money for illegals and “gender programs” in foreign countries?  Seriously…WTF? The VAST majority of which has  nothing  to do with Covid. Shame on Congress – Throw ’em ALL out in 2022. Click for the Trump video low-down on how we’re still being hosed by the Swamp. Now … Read More

A Psychological Stocking-Stuffer

What’s true of money is you “Can’t take it with you.”  But some things you can.  And so in a well-balanced life of making and having, holidays bring a great opportunity for self-reflection and improvement. In my drive to understand people more clearly, this morning’s report may be useful in better understanding people.  Important stuff, … Read More

Conspiracy Christmas

Christmas? It Ain’t the Same Sure.  Every year is different.  But, gotta tell you, there’s a certain amount of stress that’s come along with this one.  Take this couple in Boulder, CO last night.  Can’t see it?  (Hint: Masks!) (We also notice this photo op is for “kids” not grown-ups.  But the one of the left … Read More

A “Free-Money” Free-Fall!

Joe – With a Side of Toast “When the printing Stops, the Rally Stops.” After being down 700, Dow futures were only down 432 at “click-time” today. Arguably, I’ve been writing about politics for more than 50-years now.  And, if there’s one tried-and-true lesson from all those elections – and the corporate politics observed from the … Read More

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