Pre-Pandemic Housing Data

Before we get into the Housing Data, a word here about the timeframe of the data. We are at the end of March.  The data here is  January sales data. Pandemic impact on housing won’t be evident for some months, yet.  “Data released today for January 2020 show that home prices continue to increase at … Read More

Virus: Personal Trajectory Planning

Back to the “blocking and tackling” of being a prepper in the COVID world. But, a word first about how humans  generally fall into three categories of “time perception” because it really matters.  An understanding of how people hear and how people speak (and therefore think and act) reveals much useful information.  From the top: You’ve met … Read More

CV19: Bracing for “Hell Month”

Reader Note:  We will be posting in section this morning due to heavy weather which will likely take down our satcoms as it rolls through. Why You Should Brace Simply:  In our work the data informs that things could be much, much worse than Dr. Fouci’s much repeated forecast of a COVID-19 death toll of … Read More

Virus Impacts: The Colorado River Paradigm

Sundays I like to that don’t make it into the column during our usual hectic working times around here.    An Historical Markets and Virus View Even if you don’t subscribe to, we still love to share (and get feedback) on our curious views of history, markets, and the ability of humans to form … Read More

Evidence: Cultural Knowledge of Entanglement

After the morning’s “bad news” we’re going for a “time out” and a “useful distraction” to keep from dwelling on the growing pile of problems. Covid cases in the US are now well-over 100,000 and there are whispers it could be worse than the Spanish Flu of 1918.  The markets are interesting, sure.  So is … Read More

Peak COVID, Peak Disruption, Stock Bottom

Time to play another exciting round of  “COVID Peak Calling!!!” And who is our first contestant this morning?  Why it’s… “Coronavirus could kill 81,000 in U.S., subside in June -Washington University analysis.” We’re not buying it, but it’s not a bad estimate, by any stretch.  The problem is what happens in India, Africa, and South … Read More


Well, the good news.  We MAY get an “ADVANCED TAX REFUND” from the government…but let’s first credit the fellow in our Comment Section for finding this buried in the bowels of this Bill: I am no lawyer but pulled this from a copy of the bill. Starts on page 144 of 883. Very difficult to … Read More

WHAT Did They Pass? Did We Just Get Scammed? – Again?

Super-short column this morning because I have been trying to find the text of what the Senate passed last night.  What I found so far? NO CASH PAYMENTS:  At TAX CREDIT A YEAR FROM NEXT MONTH!!!   (Ever hear the term “absolute horse-shit???) Here’s the problem:  When I read through the “big-deal bill” passed by … Read More

What to Spend Your Assets On

There is lot more to this discussion than “money” in the digital/fiat sense. There are assets like “length of expected Life” and “How much to spend to get how smart?”  Those are metrics that always matter.  Money just moves up to the “top of the pile” because it is the most visible layer in human … Read More

Cases Climb, Market to Rally(?), Planting Day

We have a lot of “moving pieces” going on around here.  Market futures point to a big rally in stocks, the cases keep climbing and there’s big doings in the greenhouse today:  This is “planting day…” Disinfect Your Surfaces! Report out this morning (based on cruise ship follow-up) suggests CV19 can remain active on surfaces … Read More

CV19: 5.75% to Go? – And “CV19 as a Passover Rhyme?”

A good night’s sleep and I wake up with interesting things to consider in the day ahead.  And so began this morning’s adventures in “Spreadsheet Land.” In my (crazy, nutcase, Wildman in the Woods) view, we may slow the descent of markets with the Fed move this morning.  And it would be a lovely “Rhyme … Read More

COVID-19: The Space Ship Problem

Don’t look now, but there are huge things going on that most people are not tying together.  Since it’s the weekend – and you may not feel like going to work tomorrow, let’s do some “intelligent speculating,” shall we? The timing of the COVID outbreak is extremely interesting when taken with a dose of UAP.  … Read More

Self-Check, Spread Data & Some Useful Advise

Two Posts this morning – as my fingers wake up.  This being the first of said duo… No shortage of things to talk about (so we will):  Before we roll up sleeves, though, a number of stops on the morning inspection report of our local conditions.  Some is amusing, others less so.  For example…. Septic … Read More

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