An Urgent Update: Friday’s “Time Slip”

I wasn’t going to post this on the ‘free side’ as it was part of today’s double-issue of  Peoplenomics.  But, now that three people have also noticed that “time wasn’t working like usual” on Friday afternoon, this is one you maybe want to poll your friends about:  Did they notice any ‘time oddities’ Friday? Here’s … Read More

American Values: The Real Meaning of Labor Day

Since we are getting a “long weekend” seems right to me that we pause for a few minutes and consider  why this is a day off. A speech long-ago, by the late senator and Lyndon Johnson’s VP  Hubert Humphrey summed it up pretty well. It’s worth a listen.  A man from an earlier America – … Read More

Ten Questions That Really Matter Before Labor Day

1. Does Dorian Jump? That is the big questions everyone in Florida is asking.  Here’s the latest projection for our cone-heads: Elaine and I have cancelled plans to go wind surfing Lake Okachobee this weekend.  Gotta slow down when you get older,.. you know…we’ll leave those kind of things to the “Likes-deficient” on FB. As … Read More

Comey Skates: Teflon Jim?

Crime and punishment move over!  Political expediency is the New Order of the Swamp.  This as the US Department of Justice Inspector General report on the highly political conduct of former FBI director James Comey is just out.  (Hint:  Agencies don’t waste 83-pages to say “not guilty of anything”)  Here are the conclusions – I … Read More

Trade and Rumors of Trade: Are We Being Scammed?

First thing out of the rack this morning I popped open the futures market and our Aggregate Index Daily view of things, including our “red line” indicator.  Here’s what it looked like: Based on what I saw, the “rumors of trade” had hyped the market to the point where two important things MIGHT happen. First, … Read More

Bigger than the Trade War

What could be bigger, right? You may not like the answer. BecauseTrump walks the footsteps of Herbert Hoover, or so the world markets now worry.  Rates are again falling.  There’s a sense that history is on the precipice… right on the brink. And so we are. Toss-in the problems of Hong Kong and the fall … Read More

Housing Flatlines – Sort of…

Been  a good ride, but seems to be rolling over in our read of the S&P Housing Data just out:  When they don’t lead a press release with the “change” slug, it means to read carefully! NEW YORK, AUGUST 27, 2019 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic … Read More

Two-Part Tuesday: Dot Connecting

As we await the Case-Shiller Housing report in a few minutes (come back for that, right?) most of the news flow today is mild and boring.  As it should be just ahead of a long holiday weekend.  So much so that we will ultra-compress our thoughts because you’re probably busy stacking chips and beer ahead … Read More

Bounce! Dose of Data and Trouble Past Trade

The early futures today were where we were expecting them following the late-week decline last week.  While we won’t give away the whole enchilada, our view Saturday was… “…the market would rally Monday and then a Turnaround Tuesday and then…” Which sure seems like the same shoe-size.  Except, while we were looking for some kind … Read More

The Sunday Think: Does Food Drive Language?

Yes, it’s True.  I usually go through my “work day” with what passes as a “daily think.” Normally, it’s something that no one else seems to have looked into, so I begin to ask a lot of questions. For example, since I had a hernia operation 12-days ago, that set of contemplation got me on … Read More

A Non-Numeric Mathematics Lesson

Today’s report may read like something out of a sci-fi book. But, I assure you it’s real.  Today we’ll be walking through an extremely odd  “teaching dream” I experienced Thursday morning in one of my “other lives.” “Other Lives? AYFKM” I warned you of the sci-fi angle, right?  If you haven’t read my book Psychocartography: … Read More

American Values Class: Ike on the “Military Industrial Complex”

Tomorrow, our deep “Sunday Think:  Does Food Influence Language.” Today, as a little grist for the mental mill, we offer the farewell address of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Because he was the first president in U.S. history to size-up the growing threat of a “military-industrial” complex.  A cup of coffee and ready for 16-minutes worth? … Read More

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