“Old People” Money

You can’t take it with you, but you don’t want to squander it, either.    So this morning, driven in part by my getting a 12-lead EKG prior to an upcoming hernia operation, we will look at how to win playing the “Old People” Money Game when age creeps into the upper double-digits. There are a … Read More

PBG: Performance-Based Government

Reader Note:  Check back at 8:15 or so for the Housing report. Since there has been so much press lately about the alt.left and far.left crazies (like AoC with her ‘borrowed from Canada’ New Green Deal) how about we come up with something a bit more far-reaching and positive? By the way, Swing-state households would … Read More

Murder Cycle *(Again) + Another 1929 Marker

It is an exceptionally (exponentially) busy week or two, so our morning reports will be (perhaps) shorter and more direct. We begin, sadly, with another mass murder.  This time in Gilroy, California which is south of the South Bay.  32- miles, where this weekend was the “Garlic Festival.” Three people attending the festival, including a … Read More

Where’s My “ViseGrips?” Rats Are Now Racist?

GMAFB:  The lefties and the the shambles of co-conspiring media are thrilled this Sunday that Donald Trump has referred to Baltimore, MD as a “rat infested mess.”   Wherever there are people (and the more tightly-packed) the more of problem rats pose. Yeah, they carry disease and Ebola is about to go global in our read … Read More

Prepping: Red-Neck Engineering 101

People in the South, near as I’ve discovered, don’t know exactly where the term “red-neck” came from.  But, at least in this part of Texas, to be a “red-neck” is right up with being a coon-ass from Loozy-anna. It’s more honor than insult.  Means you know a little something about self-reliance. Oh, sure, maybe escape … Read More

Reader note:

This sounds like a “dog ate my homework” but we really did have a dandy article planned and ready for this morning called Prepping:  Red-Neck Engineering… Sol come back tomorrow and I will post it on Sunday morning instead.  Damn curious that it disappeared on my, though…  Even stranger, the graphics are where they should … Read More

“Centralized Manufacturing Must Die…”

The revolution we forecast in 2005 with the appearance of desktop 3D printers is now here.  Open source 3D has gone very mainstream. We just waiting for the killer app (print files) that will make it all a must-have. Today, a look back at some of our work from the period and review how that … Read More

Worry? GDP and Velocity Problem

Ure’s three biggest worries?  Velocity at M2, the Fed decision next week, pending hernia operation.  Yeah, in about that order. Before we pull-apart this morning’s GDP report, let’s kick-it for a sec. and talk ask “What does it all mean?” Velocity at M2 is essentially the GPD divided my M2 Money.  At latest “official” calculation, … Read More

Mueller and Markets: Deception is Rampant

Durable goods and trade in a sec.  Something to get off my chest first. We actually know people off to the left of Texas who got up early (like 5 AM) in order to watch the coverage of the Mueller “event” staged, near as we can figure,  to keep the American public distracted and divided. … Read More

Organizing a Serious Workshop

Many people have “special interest’ workspaces.  But what if you have lots of interests?  Why, in no time at all, you will find all of your space – home, garage, all of it – eaten-up by a plethora of tools. Late summer is a good time of year to spend some quality “shop time” on … Read More

The Blow-Off Begins? 1929 Chart Says Yes!

It’s a conditional  “Yes” – and while this is normally the kind of thing that we save for our  Peoplenomics.com subscribers, the reason UrbanSurvival is here is so a large following can track (and grade) our thinking on economic matters.  Even if we differ on the politics of free lunches and what-not. A bit of background … Read More

Trump Border Creds Tank; CFNAI Data

Breaking Data First:  The Chicago Fed National Acitivity Report (CFNAI) is hot off the printer: “The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) ticked up to –0.02 in June from –0.03 in May. One of the four broad categories of indicators that make up the index increased from May, and two of the four categories made … Read More

A Modest Economic Conspiracy Theory

We’re not big on conspiracy theories, except when we find one supported by the data!  It’s not simple to explain how we got there, but you may see, as I certainly did, the clear shadow of a “hidden hand” behind society-wide market moves. The problem – even more complex than the data sets – is … Read More

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