Slow-Speed Social Collapse (1)

Faster than Rome, Slower than Venezuela.  Maybe.  A 20-year colleague in the study of long wave economics has been corresponding with me as we continue to consider how what has been ‘marketed’ as anti-fragile complex society may in fact just be a society unfamiliar with the nature of non-linear systems. Don’t worry; we won’t be … Read More

Saturday Woo-Woo: Automatic Writing

A fair amount has been written about the woo-woo topic called (variously)  automatic writing and  channeled writings.  Until last week, I’d never given it a whirl. But, life is short, so with the usual “purity of intent” I sat down at the keyboard to see what would “fall out” of unsupervised fingers; uncensored by conscious … Read More

Hey Democrats! AYFKM???? Digital Mob Rule?

WhoTF do the democrats think they are dealing with? The American People DO NOT PAY TAXES TO SUPPORT ILLEGALS. OMG…this NY Post headline says sums up the antics of this clown posse of tone-deaf SJW lefties:  “Trump slams Dems for backing health care for undocumented immigrants.”  And amen and NSS. Look:  This is a financial … Read More

Woo-Woo Meets the Market

All I can say this morning is “Wow!” Before I tell you the latest bits of woo-woo, some background (mainly for new readers). I am heavily involved in dream work.  In 2008, I started the  National Dream Center which Chris McCleary has expanded-upon and furthered in part with chief Nostracodeus programmer Grady’s help.  It’s given … Read More

"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch. 8)

Energy is the ‘new money.’ If you went looking for a ‘new kind of magic’ it would be hard to beat energy.  Almost doesn’t matter where it comes from, either. You see, when  you invest in “energy” you are investing in a physical good that can make fertilizer, drive cars, power boasts and planes and … Read More

Housing Ready to ‘Roll Over?’

Hot off the press release: NEW YORK, JUNE 25, 2019 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices. Data released today for April 2019 shows that the rate of home price increases across the U.S. has continued to slow. The … Read More

Housing Data, National Idiot Festival

We get to take it easy this morning because there is a Case Shiller Housing report due out shortly,, so check back for that at 8:15 Central. The ‘National Idiot Festival’ is well described by  The Hill’s “Press: Democrats form circular firing squad.”  That’s not the national press – they’re for anyone but Trump.  No, … Read More

World’s “News Shortage” Continues

We have lamented since the horrible 2016 election “coverage” (spoilage) and the subsequent attempted Deep State/ Media Coup, that the main problem ahead for America was that we have too many news channels, and frankly, a dearth of good analysis.  Which I get out of bed every morning at 5 AM to work on… One … Read More

A Novel Theory of Telepathy

What?  Not exactly our usual (meat & potatoes) economic fare, for sure.  But, this week thanks to my writing up of a woo-woo piece for Urban (next weekend)  and talking to Chris McCleary, who took on the National Dream Center project that I founded back in 2008, we are moving the ball slowly downfield toward … Read More

Prepping: UrbanSurvival’s Kit Checklist

There are a dozen, or more, “kits” that we have around because we are so far from “civilization.”  In our case, that’s a town of 20,000 and almost a half-hour drive, at that. As a result, we are more than “preppers” in the conventional sense; we are almost our own little shopping center. That said, … Read More

An Iran Trumpdate

In a series of tweets in the past few minutes, president Trump explained why the attack on Iran did not happen last night.  As he Tweeted here: “On Monday they shot down an unmanned drone flying in International Waters. We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, … Read More

Iran Attack “Pulled-Back” or Another T-Bash?

We find ourselves asking a very interesting question today, with headlines like “Trump Ordered Attack – Then Pulled Back!” which we’ve tracked back to a NY Times story  “Trump Approves Strikes on Iran, but Then Abruptly Pulls Back.” In our (cynical) view, this looks like another swipe at the presidency by the too-liberal, too-anti-Trump, too-open-border  NY … Read More

Brief Hyperinflation Dropping By?

People tend to despise our simple approach to economics.  Makes people crazy that the Obvious isn’t really, oh, you know… obvious. Notwithstanding, we are seeing some data suggesting that farmers will be having a tough time meeting ag needs because of the cold, wet spring in the Midwest.  When this happens, food prices will zoom … Read More

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