Markets Eye Election Trigger

One of the questions that comes up often in our “Comments” section on the UrbanSurvival site is whether Elliott waves are really “useful.” In fairness to people asking, the answer is Yes!  But you need to understand where the “civilian” confusion comes from. This week, I spent some time with my friend Robin Landry who’s … Read More

Coping: The Science Behind Halloween

Not often that we repeat much around here, but Halloween is a very special event.  My personal study of the event is thanks – in large part – to a small government agency that has some very smart people who look at extremely broad contexts when sizing up threats to this great nation.  One of the people … Read More

Housing Data – Spinning the Border

Still UP – Just not as much as the S&P Case-Shiller Housing Data has cooled a bit: “NEW YORK, OCTOBER 30, 2018 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices. Data released today for August 2018 shows that home prices … Read More

Meanwhile, Back at the Casino….

(Thackerville, OK)  With American markets feeling like we were “on the ropes” last week, Elaine and I took of Saturday morning for the Winstar casino/resort an hour north of Dallas.  Our primary mission was work-related.  My long-time friend Robin Landry and I met (dueling laptops, right?) to figure out if this is a small fourth wave … Read More

Prepping: Project Big Ears Part-2

For this to make a lot of sense, you will want to revisit the original September 30, 2018 article Project Big Ears here. The goal of the project, to refresh, is to build a high-performance Beverage Antenna using commonly available parts.  That first article was mostly the theory of what the project was about.  Today, … Read More

Time or Price?

The fun resumes Monday, huh? Markets like this are difficult to trade, especially when this may only be a first wave down.  We have our eye on November 27th as a possible “bad hair day” for markets. This morning, a few ideas about time and price as we roll through the charts and fine-tune our … Read More

Prepping: Armed With Essential Oils

My longtime pal of 42-years, Gaye Levy, is not only a widely-acknowledged “princess of prepping” but she’s also one of the best sources on the Internet when comes to something called “essential oils.” Before we get into the specifics here, a few words about our “co-mingled histories.” In 1972, or so, we both lived in … Read More

Market Crash Windows Discussed

These are not new to our ($40/year) subscribers.  They’ve had these for a couple of weeks now.  But, we’re getting near-enough the “fish or cut bait levels” that it would be rude of us not to post them. Before reading these, you need to understand this is not trading advice but it IS the … Read More

Marchers vs. Markets – War of Distractions

Time for cooler heads – not empty ones – to prevail. I want you to notice something about these “bombings”.  Damn odd, too:  The amateur pipe bomb story has seize the public’s attention, riled markets, and has driven the Central America Invasion off the front pages now, less than two weeks from the important mid-term … Read More

The Global Depression of 2021?

This morning we make a steely-eyed assessment of a global move many Americans are missing:  A new wave down of our Global Index is screaming that what we went through with the January and March wash-outs could be just foreplay. There are a number of tools we apply to come to this notion.  Not the … Read More

Prepping: How to Write Your Book

You ARE going to write one -some day – aren’t you? When you get to be a little older than you are now, the topic of  “Measuring Your Life.”  will matter more – and maybe writing a book is one of those measures.  Sharing of information and lessons of Life is key.  Maybe you’ll write … Read More

As Markets Replay 1929, Break Seen Ahead

The problem:  Could break up – or down. As you may know, this website began as my Master’s capstone back in 1998-1997.  It’s focus was originally Long Wave Economics and how will America cope when the financial crap hits the fan. The “dollar” has less than 4 percent of its 1913 purchasing power left. the … Read More

Fingerprints of the Fed

Honestly, there’s not a hell of a lot to write about this week.  We know the market is going down – and we know the Fed has arranged for a market low to happen around the time of the election. “You what job!  How could you POSSIBLY know that?” Let’s look at some data, shall … Read More

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