Prepping: Project Big Ears

OK, serious preppers:  Time to pay attention because George’s Radio School is now in session. At this point, a number of ham radio operators will look at the antenna to the right and proclaim they know all about it and then skip on to the next article. In point of fact, however, real DX (dx … Read More

Our Longwave View Firms

Back to the “meat and potatoes” this morning as we focus on what we think lies ahead based on wave counts, news flows, channel development, international money flows, and where we are in the economic longwave. Also, a long extract from my new book that comes out on Monday…. A few headlines as warm up, … Read More

Prepping: And Optimized Sod House

Don’t tell my wife about today’s column.  She’d probably think I’ve flipped out.  But, then again, she’s not an “over-think the problem” kind of person.  I am… When we look at prepping – step way back from the problem – we need to begin asking at every turn “What could go wrong?” We know, for … Read More

Circus! Circus! America Appalled, Jellyfish Party Waivers

Everyone run from street!  America is nuts! We have new-found respect for Senator Lindsey Graham, who pretty-much nailed it in his questioning of judge Brett Kavanaugh in the wake of the Christine Ford testimony at the “Sink-the-Kavanaugh Circus” on Thursday: We have to concur with Graham.  The whole process has been a joke. But the … Read More

America “Circufied”

Take me to the Circus – I feel the need to get Circufied! Even before the third-grade theatrics begin to unravel before the Fools on the Hill, we have already drawn the one conclusion that matters-greatly. The market is in a potential “bottom falling out” scenario.    Even if you don’t subscribe to our Peoplenomics newsletter … Read More

Real Secrets of Anti-Aging

Yeah, I know:  “What does this have to do with long wave economics?” Well, EVERTHING.  Since not only is there the fine print of live that says “Must Be Present to Win” – but there’s also the matter of planning when, how, and in what asset classes to deploy your hard-earned game points. So, this … Read More

Prepping: The “Holistic Systems” Approach

Fall is a great time to review your personal prepping – and to add additional depth to your preparedness skills. One of the most important thinking-tools is developing a holistic approach. The easiest way to explain this is to begin with my Seven Major Systems of life. Food Shelter Energy Communications Transportation Environment Finance Each … Read More

Prepping: Homestead Internet: Plain and Pain

This  may be one of those articles to “click and save” especially if it has dawned on you that at some point, the global economic house of cards/system will crash and living in a city could become problematic. Of course, if/when that happens, the availability of Internet access might also become (how you say?) sketchy… … Read More

Housing Gains Chill

Hot off the press (release): NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices. Data released today for July 2018 shows that home prices continued their rise across the country over the last 12 months. YEAR-OVER-YEAR … Read More

Eerie Calm at the Webolution Barricades

Peoplenomics Subscribers Only: See the trading study invitation here. Rats Rustle, Rumors Ripple… Laughable ain’t it?  “Ar, ar, ar, ar….”  We’re (ar) laughing at the utter predictability of it all.  In the center ring of the National Circus (Circi?) Monday: Brett Kavanaugh won’t be intimidated. Senator Ted Cruz was heckled out of dinner by Webolutionaries. … Read More

Subscribers Only: Frontiers of Trading

We have an interesting opportunity for subscribers to pass along. One of my colleagues is doing some experimental forecasting and is looking for traders who are interested in  being involved. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center

National Stupid Week

Reader Note:  Our local CenturyLink techs came through and we have enjoyed working internet again for most of the weekend.  The last I’ll mention of it.  Until next time… Circus Poster Monday Imagine you have been given the task of making up a “circus poster” for this week.  What would you put on it? See … Read More

Prepping: Are You A “Buyer” or “Maker?”

Here’s one of those questions in Education that also applies broadly to Life, but also in spades to the idea of prepping. Ask yourself (honestly):  Are you a buyer or a maker? Elaine and I were talking about this recently because we have from friends who are “stuck” in their life because (to put it … Read More

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